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kävin just röökil ja siin rupesin miettii et onks 'sytkäri' lyhenne jostai toisest sanast. vai onks se vaa sytkäri?? en tiiä, kello on 3 yöllä joten ei oikeen ajatukset kulje kunnol :DD

:DDDDmillä nimellä ne oikeesti on kaupassa?? sytytin??


i’ve seen quite a few artists headcanon sans with all sorts of unique looking chompers, so i thought it would be fun to compile a few personal favourites, along with some of my own, into this weird af gif. 

It was a good excuse to practice drawing decent teeth, and for anyone who’s curious, there are 13 sets in total. which is easily way molar than i thought i’d ever draw haha…that was bad, i’m sorry.

there’s some extra stuff under the cut, such as names of the artists i referenced, detailed closeups, etc.

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OHHHHH its so nice to not have to do anything omg I am finally free of the majority of my responsibilities. (Thats a lie but Im being lazy while I can hahah)
But yeah, I also made some sketch busts of my favourite Sans last night! Right is @crowtez ‘s sans and left is @siins ‘s sans. It was fun! :D


Decided to combine two of my passions, Yogscast and Magic: the Gathering! Tried to make the cards feel like the characters as much as possible. All artists included on card.

UPDATE: Added Smiffy and a set symbol

D-D-D-DOUBLE UPDATE: Second batch is here and third is here

Ever wanted an infestation of Nanosound(s) on your computer, generally getting in the way and occasionally throwing your internet browser window away when you’re trying to check your emails? Well now you can!! :O

I’ve not had shemeji’s on my computer in a very very long time, but I fancied a go at something entirely different. This is a very mischievous buddy, I may have tweaked the config files a little bit to make them cause some minor mayhem.

Download LinkHere (This is a zip file and will need extracting using winzip or 7-zip or whatever the hell you use)

If you want the full Flux Buddies experience, Siins made a fabulous Lalna Shemiji a while back which you can find here. Just unzip both downloads and copy the folder with all the Lalna images in it into the folder called “img”

To get shemijis running on a 64-bit system, you will need to download an older version of Java which you can find here, then instead of running the .exe file run the executable Java file instead.