Dashilla ihan semi-hyvä kriittinen postaus yliampuvasta allyrallyingista ja muusta vastaavasta. (Joskin tageissa perseilyä)

Meinasin jo reblogata ja sit huomasin että vittu siihen oli lisätty käytännössä kommenttia jonka vois vaan todeta “miksei köyhät osta lisää rahaa” (me puhutaan ‘muricalaisista, terveydenhuolto ei vittu ole ilmaista ja jotkut ei vittu pysty saamaan sen takia diagnooseja).

Why u gotta do this

+ siin oli vitusti replyissä kaikkee ahasmielistä “Jes!!! Just tän takii tasa-arvosen kohtelun vaatiminen on paskaa!”

korolax asked:

10 & 5

10 - done

5 -  Who/what inspires you?

well, lot of things! some new cool song, that I found, some animals or when I’m walking with friends or alone, when everything is so beautiful!

or may be cartoon or movie

or people

like friends

or some cool artists - sometimes I randomly finding some REALLY cool artists and have momentary inspiration, sometimes it’s just artists whos style ALWAYS give me inspiration

here some of them:













this is probably not them all but I tried  to remember ^^’

Ever wanted an infestation of Nanosound(s) on your computer, generally getting in the way and occasionally throwing your internet browser window away when you’re trying to check your emails? Well now you can!! :O

I’ve not had shemeji’s on my computer in a very very long time, but I fancied a go at something entirely different. This is a very mischievous buddy, I may have tweaked the config files a little bit to make them cause some minor mayhem.

Download LinkHere (This is a zip file and will need extracting using winzip or 7-zip or whatever the hell you use)

If you want the full Flux Buddies experience, Siins made a fabulous Lalna Shemiji a while back which you can find here. Just unzip both downloads and copy the folder with all the Lalna images in it into the folder called “img”

To get shemijis running on a 64-bit system, you will need to download an older version of Java which you can find here, then instead of running the .exe file run the executable Java file instead.