siin adonai


I was inspired by Tish’s Bob hair animation and watching 3 season’s of Sailor Moon. >.>

Siin is taking off a piece of jewelry from her right ear, a jeweled ear cuff, that keeps the physical illusion of her looking and feeling like a human. With her taking it off she transforms back to her original form, a demon. Though in this shot she is without her forehead jewel for it was ripped from her via side story.


The Demon Goddess Uoe, pronounced “Uu-oh

Commission, complete :)

edit: added the full body

Some description provided by the commissioner on this character.

Age: Three Million Years Old. 

Alignment: Chaotic Evil with lawful tendencies. 

Species: }Drakaina{, subspecies }Echidna{. She is a Goddess gifted with the all seeing eye, and harbors symbiotic and parasitic properties. 

Occupation: The Goddess of the Kingdom of Lust, and Guardian Force of the Sidonay Bloodline. 

So I was reading more manga of BASTARD!! and I finished watching Season 2 of RuPaul’s drag queen race and I was inspired to see Siin as a man.



Yeah ok, and I was doing some research and some studying, and sketched this out. It’s a real quick one. I’ll do some more refining later. BUT I WAS LIKE LOLOLOLOL SIIN AS A DUDDEE.

I was inspired by Dark Schneider obviously and drag queens haha