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Hoi! I have a question, (not to sound rude or anything bUt) when is the next update for "It Takes Two to Tango" gonna be happening :>?

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Hello fellow anon! I wish I had an answer for that…I really don’t know myself ^^; BUT! Just know that it will be happening! I’m trying to get my fics finished by/before december. I am hoping to get chapters out FAST because I’ve taken a long enough break!  (﹡ꑓ ︿ ꑓ`﹡)>c[_]

But, you will have do be patient and hold out for like…a few days? Or maybe till next week because I’ve got an issue with an impatient editor waiting on a book from me  – =͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ (don’t grow up kids!!) 

_( :⁍ 」 )_ siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, so yeah…hang on for either a minimum of a few days or a maximum of a week at the latest. No more or less than that!

- Paiden <3

I keep thinking, ‘yessss, we finally got a new episode of Glee,’ and then I remember that we’re just going to keep getting new episodes of Glee, and new songs and new Kurt and Blaine scenes to rewatch 500 times and new adorable bowties and heart eyes, and I just sigh happily.


「SPECIAL MOVIE SHOW with ZE:A」screening in Japan on the 29th July 2012! The movie was filmed in Nagasaki’s ‘Huis Ten Bosch Resort’ last summer and will be around 30 minutes long. (Huis Ten Bosch is a residential-style resort built after a medieval 17th century Dutch town.)

There will also be a talk show, mini live and games (with gifts for lucky fans).  All attending fans will also receive a special edition limited poster and postcard! There are plans for a dvd of the movie and event to also be released!