• Girl:ah, yes. Reservoir Dogs. A tale of a diamond heist gone wrong. But is that really all it's about? We can't possibly ignore the underlying homoerotic subtext that Tarantino wove into the storyline. The "Romeo and Juliet"-esque scenes between White and Orange represent a star-crossed-lovers theme. Not to mention how the cop that Blonde brought in his trunk was presented to the men as a sort of sexual prize (accompanied with the sexually charged song 'I Gotcha'). Food for thought.
  • Boy:oh, Reservoir Dogs? Gangsters, swearing, and blood. Love that movie *hits ecig*

superpowers!highschool!5sos au where newstudent!ashton is bored in class and he sees this gorgeous blond boy playing with his pencil so he whispers “hey, what can you do?” and gorgeous blond boy smiles cause he loves showing off his skills “watch,” and ashton looks out the window to see a small cloud forming close to the ground and small drops of rain coming out of it “that’s rad” and luke smiles “what can you?”

“give me your hand,” and blond boy is confused for a second but does as told, and ashton starts tracing his palm and all the way to his wrist and blond boy blushes for a second “your name is luke hemmings, can play the guitar, endless love for penguins, and you’re 18” and luke hemmings smiles cause this new student is cute.

Ok im about to get embarrassing here by over-analyzing stuff but i am in fangirl mode so i can’t HELP IT…

Shawols can be SO proud of this comeback..what i love about it is..They didnt do something really crazy,bazaar or over the top, to the point that if new kpop fans stumbles onto it they would be like..”ooooook um whats the point of this exactly” fans can 100% “get” why we love them so much…i dont have to be embarrassed by liking SHINee and try to  explain that “usually they are not like this” .. they make me PROUD to show ppl OT5…weather someone stumbles into shinees Replay….or View…both their old and new songs are catchy, fun, sexy and unique. they will draw fans with their older stuff as well as their newest releases. They don’t go over the top just to draw attention good or bad…to me this comeback exudes confidence in their brand and confidence in their fans to not expect them to be what they are not…  they do what they do best with their own unique style becasue they know their natural talents of awesome singing, dancing and concept is all they need to gain and keep fans. 

Im so in love..if i was not obsessed with them before….well..