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  • Girl: ah, yes. Reservoir Dogs. A tale of a diamond heist gone wrong. But is that really all it's about? We can't possibly ignore the underlying homoerotic subtext that Tarantino wove into the storyline. The "Romeo and Juliet"-esque scenes between White and Orange represent a star-crossed-lovers theme. Not to mention how the cop that Blonde brought in his trunk was presented to the men as a sort of sexual prize (accompanied with the sexually charged song 'I Gotcha'). Food for thought.
  • Boy: oh, Reservoir Dogs? Gangsters, swearing, and blood. Love that movie *hits ecig*

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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Episode 3 Initial Impressions.

The stream kept freezing for me so I missed a fair bit of what happened, but here is what I thought about the episode based on no subtitles.

  • There is nothing I don’t love about Xiao.
  • Stinger’s going to be just as needlessly and annoyingly antagonistic as Taiga from Ex-Aid is, isn’t he? *siiiiiiiigh* I’ll reserve judgement until I see subs, but him attacking the team did not impress me.
  • Why does Japan seem to think that Orange is the perfect colour for Edgelords? Akira, Bud, and now Stinger.
  • That being said, his fights, voyager, and the special effects on his tail were all amazing, and I really hope it isn’t long until he joins the team in earnest.
  • Champ getting a focus episode is never a bad thing.
  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Lucky actually seemed to be a decent character in this episode!
  • Even when I couldn’t understand the dialogue, Raptor is shaping up to be one of my favorite rangers in this series.
  • I love that Kyurenoh is trying out different limb combinations!
  • It looks like we may get an explanation as to what the Kyutama actually are!
  • It looks like Eridron might get some characterization outside of being the strong ruthless guy!
  • Final “YOSSHA LUCKY!!” count: 6. I’m pretty sure. And I am counting Lucky’s gemini clone in on that.

So while I’m not the biggest fan of rangers (or kamen riders) fighting amongst themselves, this looks like another great episode! Can’t wait to see it with subs!


Tomita! The grin! The hair!

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Patriots didnt deserve to win, theyre CHEATERS. They probably deflated the balls again

Sigh. Siiiiiiiigh. 

Lemme just. Alright. First, are you an Atlanta fan? Because if you are, I am very sorry that you guys lost, it sucks, but it’s not because the Patriots cheated, because, you know, they didn’t. The most controversial story was that Brady was wrongfully suspended. And what did he do? Came back and won the fucking Super Bowl. 

Deflategate was a fucking joke that was laughed out of court and it made Goodell look like the fucking clown he is. It was debunked by actual science so hard that no one in the actual NFL that has 2 brain cells think it happened. 
And also, Patriots scored most of their points in the second half of that game when the balls were “reinflated” so you can fuck right off.


Sometimes I’m too bold for my own good
I go out swinging hard and fast
This world is beating me broken
I need a home to rest