SiHae in Manila

Gathering my thoughts and putting in the right words has become a challenge since Siwon and Donghae hit Manila ! The boys were here for the much anticipated Bench endorsement and fan-meeting for the benefit of everyone dying to see the boys since those large billboards have been put up all over the city.

I can never forget how restless and giddy I became when Bench announced that they will bring the two most sought after kpop icon not only here but all over the world. Aside from the fact that they’re also my top two bias in the group, it is not all the time an opportunity like this would happen in our country so I need to do what I needed to do and that is to buy Php1000 worth of Bench stuff to be entitled for one raffle entry to meet, greet and have a closer look at the boys.
My friends and I decided to try our luck to have at least one shot for the raffle but the promo period almost ended as Habagat continues to settle in the country but being the fangirl that we are. that didn’t stop our fighting hearts.  I can see most of the PhELFs sending tweets to Bench and Mr. Ben Chan begging to extend the promo at least for a day.
Thanks to the consideration given, the promo was extended and gave everyone a fair chance to enter the raffle, the gateway to our own SiHae story!

I know, I was never lucky with raffles so I didn’t put much hope in it but that won’t stop me from seeing them. Win or lose, I will do my best to see them!

Aug 14- First day.

I know I sound unfair but I have to thank the rainy weather and the date of the event because only few went to the airport to welcome them.
I came prepared. I ate a full breakfast to give me enough energy for I know there will be a need to run, not to mention the energy I need to give out for screaming and by just being hype the moment we knew that their plane has landed.
I have with me my “I wanna love you, Donghae.”-towel, feeling like a princess who has been patiently and eagerly waiting for her prince to arrive.
It was my most crazy experience! Yes! I was that crazy over Donghae and the  thought of him being here not for Super Show but for an individual activity just drove me nuts!
Yeah, Siwon is my second love but this is not gonna be his first time here for an activity outside the group, they were here for the Kyochon CF filming this January of the same year with Kyuhyun and Hyukjae. I can’t say I’m not excited to see him, I was just more excited to see how Donghae will enjoy the love and passion of the PhELFs! :)

That crazy airport experience didn’t let me down, I saw my prince! ^^ I saw Donghae! I ran as if it was my last and it was all woth it! I can hardly bellieve I saw him few inches away from me… The face of his shape, eyes were all real…. Same place, same air….
The two day adventure has just started and it started right…

After the airport-hype we decided to settle down and wait for all the twitter updates to formulate our own twitter-calculation. Thanks to the people behind that social networking site, it made my fangirl life easy, fun, and exciting. Having those equally hot and charming koreans here in Manila can only mean one thing, uniting all the fangirls just for one goal… To see and experience more of them!

It took us the whole day to decide on which hotel to go… I guess I’m gonna leave it to one of the disadvantage of social networking sites, not all information are true and accurate. I have to thank a wonderful lady for giving us the correct information and we were able to check in around 9pm but enough and just right in time for our own fangirl fairytale to start. :)
Too bad I was in our room when my friends spotted Donghae going to the gym but  I know in my heart I will have my time to have a glimpse of him again. Just the thought of him near and being around is just enough.
My friends hadn’t enough time to spazz over Donghae when a bunch of men wearing black showed up from the elevator area and Siwon was one of them. I swear I reminded myself that I’m a fish-lover rather than a Siwon-lover. I felt like Siwon took all my worries and pain. I felt like I was in heaven and he is an angel. I felt light and happy, much more when he flashed his silly grin and tried to hide his smiles pretending that he’s not surrounded by these bunch of girls getting giddy over him. Priceless!
And my heart gave me a good judgement, after almost an hour the boys came out of the gym together with a bunch of men in black as their security. I have to thank those bunch of huge guys because they were a lot, the elevator got overloaded giving us more time to say hi, goodnight and see the boys. :)
When everyone is trying to get the boys attention, Siwon was playing with us saying hi, waving his hand, flashing that grin then trying to disappear behind those huge guys by sliding his body down the elevator wall… While my prince was busy looking out and exchanging funny look with Siwon I found my way in front of the crowd just enough to catch a glimpse of him and without even thinking, I called out his name! “DONGHAE!” My location is paralleled to his and upon hearing it, he bent down to get off his security’s arm and extended his waving hand to me! OH MY GAWD!!!!! AS IN OH MY GAWD!!!!!! I never thought of something that huge! I never imagined seeing those smiling eyes staring directly back at me and never I imagined in my whole fandom I would ever get a smile and wave from him solely meant for me!!!! I love you Lee, Donghae! As in I love you until my dying day! :))))

Time passed so quickly I even forgot I am hungry, whole body aching and I totally forgot about tomorrow’s event. We all went back to our hotel room happy, fulfilled, and satisfied! The costly price paid at the hotel were incomparable to that moment. No amount of money can ever fill that plus the friendship made awesome by those crazy and funny things we had to go through, it’s all priceless!

Called it a night around 4am and woke up the following day with a fever. It may sound weird but I call that the SiHae-effect! :D I felt like I’ve been showered with so much love and spent the rest of the day trying to recover and gather all the strength but it wasn’t good enough for me to witness the event at Trinoma. I am happy for all the PhELFs who went there as early as 6am and all who get to interact with them on stage, though. :) It is indeed the happiest day for everyone.

SiHae-tale won’t be complete without a good send-off for the boys! Despite the sickness and weakness I have, we all decided to go to the airport to see them, for the last time. I have to thank my friend’s fangirl-intelligent instinct, which I believe, fate brought us there too, we were just in time to see their service car arrived and one of those blessed who got a good spot right in front of them. Seeing Donghae tried to look at everyone before he gave his final wave is enough hint that he enjoyed his entire experience in Manila and Siwon’s warm wave, as always, completed my own SiHae-tale.

It may not be as grand as holding my bias’ hand or having to have a small talk with him but that elevator experience was indeed a blessing. Others may not have the same experience with their own bias… And not everyone will be given a good chance to experience that, made me realize that if things are bound to happen, it will happen and most of all prayers and faith can move mountains and we just have to pray without ceasing…. I have been praying for this entire moment to happen and God answered it and gave me even more than I’ve expected!
And at the end of the day I am a happy and grateful ELF.