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S. Music Loki/Sigyn Girl Crush by Little Big Town I gotta girl crush, hate to admit it but I gotta heart rush, ain’t slowin’ down I got it real bad, want everything she has That smile and the midnight laugh she’s givin’ you now I wanna taste her lips, yeah, ‘cause they taste like you I wanna drown myself in a bottle of her perfume I want her long blonde hair, I want her magic touch Yeah, ‘cause maybe then, you’d want me just as much I gotta girl crush, I gotta girl crush

S. Music [Girl Crush by Little Big Town]

Sigyn was green with envy, as green as the mini skirt her rival, Lorelai, was wearing. No, rival was the wrong word. A rival had to know you existed, and neither Lorelai, nor the man in her arms, knew Sigyn existed.

She cursed Lorelai’s perfect blonde hair, and her perfect red lips, lips she would kiss if only to taste Loki on them. She cursed the stupid song that was playing that encouraged them to slow dance so close together. She wanted her hands to be the hands that were splayed across his chest, the hands moving down his torso. She wanted to feel that warmth against her skin. But no, she got to.

When Loki’s hands moved across Lorelai’s perfect ass Sigyn couldn’t take it anymore, grabbing her bag and rushing out of the club, her oblivious friends calling after her.

The following morning Sigyn bumped into Lorelai in the shared bathroom on her floor. Lorelai was chatting with her roommate, yet again rendering Sigyn invisible. Sigyn’s heart raced as she stole glances at Lorelai in the numerous mirrors, never daring to look at her directly. When Lorelai finally ducked into a shower stall Sigyn gasped for breath, quickly gathering her things and rushing out before her sickening infatuation had her hovering outside the stall in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the flawless skin that Loki coveted so much.

When Lorelai and her roommate walked passed Sigyn’s dorm room on the way to their own fifteen minutes later, Sigyn, with her ear to the door, could hear the object of her obsession grumbling about a misplaced tube of lipstick.

I Slithered Here From Eden Just To Sit Outside Your Door

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by Merlins_Lancelot

This is the untold story of Loki and the woman who loved him. Excessive use of song lyrics (as with all of my other fics), and some liberties taken with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Title of the entire work is from From Eden by Hozier, individual chapter titles taken from songs that will be credited in the chapter itself.

Words: 1442, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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