sigyn cosplay


As promised, photos of my B:TAS Riddler cosplay I am working on!

I need a hat still of course so sort of ignore the hair, but I wanted to try out the rest of it. And couldn’t resist a lil Nygmobblepot reference and a softer Nygma with just glasses too so, ta-dah!


Closet Cosplay #3–Sigyn 

I’m, uh, not sure what version of Sigyn this is–my own, I guess. There are so many (myth, fan, comic, etc) that I just sort of whipped together something that would like the wife of Loki. 

I did already have the dress, and it is not an accident that it has some Loki-esque details; I made it for a dance this past spring. ^^ The wig, beads and all, is from myrddin-emrys who is using it for an Elf, and the dagger, obviously, is Loki’s. 

I don’t know if this would help at all- these were just the fabrics/colours that inspired me. I love the chiffon changeant (cause I’m such a sucker for blue/green shades when it comes to Sigyn lol) 

I’m not a good seamstress so you absolutely have full reign to take creative licence with this outfit design! If something doesn’t work, or fits weird or you have any different ideas by all means change what you need! ;u; 

Oh my god these fabrics are really nice! I hope I will find something like this in my little fabric stores but sometimes they have stuff like this *-* thank you for everything right now i am completely overwhelmed by your kindness I will definetly put all my love in this costume! You spend so much time for this i don’t know how to thank you!!!!♡♡♡ the pictures are a great help!!!

fall-into-dementia  asked:

Evening, Commander. I was wondering.. I know nightmares are unavoidable in this king of job, but is there any way to make getting through the night any easier? To sleep better or to get rid of intrusive thoughts and memories?

The only way to avoid the nightmares is to not sleep or be so tired I sleep through the night without any sort of dreaming. Once in a while things line up for a peaceful night’s sleep but that isn’t very often.