Sleep Inducing spell 🌚

Inspired by “Dauðalogn” by Sigur Ros 

“Dauðalogn” means “dead calm/quiet/still” in icelandic and the lyrics of this song made me want to make a spell out of it.

You will need: 
🌚  A candle (purple, dark blues or white works best)
🌚  Lavender incense 
🌚  A quiet place where you will not be disturbed 

What you do: 
🌚  Find a quiet place where you can be alone and no one will disturb you. It can be outside like in the forest or your garden, but make sure no one will interact with you. ( I tried doing it right before going to bed for a quicker effect)

🌚  Light the candle and incense.

🌚  Enter a meditative state where you focus on shutting out all sounds. Try to make your mind and spirit completely calm and if your mind keeps wandering, you can focus on your breathing. 

🌚  Once you feel like everything is silent and your mind and spirit are completely calm and quiet, chant the following words:

A quiet home
Not a hair on the head stirs
Sounds grave-still 
No one wakes up
No rythm speeds up 
Absolute dead calm

Inside I think 
Forest lights reveal a fire
One with myself
Breathe in, breathe out

To complete the spell, put out the incense and candle.

This should leave you with a deep, restful sleep when you go to bed at night

(I hope it works if someone wants to try it out! :) This is the first spell I’ve made on tumblr, so I’m kind of excited.)

Songs for the Winter Daze

Grab a cup of coffee and get cozy:

Phillip Glass - Opening
Coldplay - I Bloom Blaum
Damien Rice - Colour Me In
The 1975 - Fallingforyou
RY X - Berlin
Band of Horses - Part One
Odessa - I Will Be There
Alex Turner - Hiding Tonight
Tom Odell - Heal
Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends
Devendra Banhart - Something French
From Indian Lakes - Runner
Sigur Ros - Godan daginn
Lorde - Buzzcut Season
Andrew Bird - Weather Systems
Alt-J - Warm Foothills
Perfume Genius - Normal Song
Ben Howard - Promise
Landon Pigg - If I’m Saying Nothing
Local Natives - Colombia 
The New Basement Tapes - When I Get My Hands On You
Boy & Bear - A Moment’s Grace
Michael Dulin - Clair De Lune


Inktober 2017 Day 15

October 15th

The half of the month, and now me is included!! :D

Maks Rosebuster really wanted me to be stomping around playfully in puddles with him. So there we are!!
Falling autumn leaves and rain puddles

The perfect soundtrack for this would be Hopipolla by Sigur Rós.

Yellow, red and brown inks.