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6, 11, 19, 68! Also thank you for all of the lulzy posts on my dash hahaha. Gives me a few giggles when I go through posts in the morning.

Ahh, you’re more than welcome =) And thank you for being the first person to EVER respond when I reblogged one of these question thingies! On to the questions:

6 What are you looking forward to in the next week?

Well, I put in an application at an adorable little cake shop in town and I’m hoping to get an interview this coming week, so there’s that! But otherwise, I’m just looking forward to relaxing and chatting with people ^^

11 Last three things you had to drink?

Umm.. canned lemonade, water, and I think a XXX Vitamin Water?

19 Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?

I hope so! =o Since I plan to

68 Would you rather sleep with someone or alone?

With someone. No question there

sigsigkei replied to your post: Uhh, I don’t really mind a bit of porn on my dash…
I suspect a lot of it is to do with the spate of hackings? ..or the people you follow are all nymphomaniacs one or the other anyway

Ahaa, well it’s the same people who usually post it. Just there’s a bit more. :’)