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I'm sorry siggy I just want to send this to popular homestuck blogs since I found this person through homestuck and I know I can count on the fandom to pull through for me - badmasteryoujerk is facing some terrible backlash from people telling them to kill themselves and I love them so much but I don't know them irl and I don't have a tumblr and they turned off anons, please send some love their way for me. I just want them to be okay. If you could boost this, that would be lovely.

ye i noticed ;;v;; never bad to give them love!

So, your big sister invites you to dinner, in order to bond and all that stuff. You arrive and you see her in “derpy mode” talking with her boyfriend….the chance is there to order a drink.
Besides, you’re already an adult (i got my freaking id and all of that), but noo, she stops the god damned waiter and pinches your cheek. Again.
God damnit Siggy.
It is nice to see you again–I kinda missed you

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sigsauerinc MPX-P in 9mm. Featuring aluminum hand guard, 8" barrel, flip up sights, and options to change barrel lengths and calibers!

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CZ-USA firearms Scorpion EVO 3 S1 with PSB from Sig Sauer.

KRISS Arms Vector CRB in .45ACP with side folding stock.

Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm Glock

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what are the classpects of the chars in various everythings? like if they were to play sburb or something

david was actually page of light, but i might read up on classpects again for everyone and him again uOu