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I've been having trouble drawing a male figure, do you think you can help me?

im not real good at explaining this, but really to get started on drawing a male figure is to get the difference of typically female and male figures, then once you get the basics down, you can break those rules and draw different body types, regardless of gender.

this is what i do when i want to draw a male or female, then i form around the body type i want with it:

★ Sig’s Japan Report #5: Trains in Japan ★

Japanese Trains are the best, but rush hours are scaryyy!! *^*

So it’s no myth that trains in Japan are the best, but if you aren’t commuting within metropolitan Tokyo, chances are, your commute will be longer. My commute to school from the dorm not counting the walk to the station is a 20 minute ride from the station to shinjuku and 4 minutes from Shinjuku to my school. A 2-hour commute is very normal on average unless you’re rich and can live closer to the center. Since shops and offices open at 9, people begin their commute at 7. So from 6-8 am, some trains are packed soooo tight that there isn’t any room to breathe upset emoticon At night the rush hour can be from 5-7 pm and a late night rush hour at 11 for those who went out late! Usually you can tell if a train will be full by the amount of people lining up for it on the platform so be careful!


1) If you can, put your bag on the overhead. This will allow space for you to breath of for the person next to you to breath.

2) Be careful where you face and where you put your hands! You wouldn’t want to be suspected as a pervert(or Chikan!! ) I notice that a lot of Japanese men try as much as possible to distance themselves from female passengers as not to be suspected as a pervert of Chikan.

3) Lastly, brace for impact!! Hold on for dear life because when the train meets a curve people will lean on youuu!

When you get off, there will be signs to direct you to where you want to go. If you’re feeling pretty lost, following the flow of people and you’ll probably get somewhere more familiar or at least somewhere with more signs.

Best of luck braving rush hour!!
How about you? When does the rush hour occur in your country and what kind? People? Cars?

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

#RyuugakuSig is a series of posts by our JLM intern Sig. She will be sharing some of her discoveries / observations from the perspective of a first-timer here in Japan.

Sig is currently an exchange student in a university in Tokyo.

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Hi Sigg! So I saw you've gotten quite a bit of hate in the past few week's and I'm really sorry you have to deal with that so often. I just wanted to tell you that I think your art is great, and you've improved so so SO much since when I first followed a while ago. And like, I'm really proud and happy for you. You handle every situation so well, and you continue to draw what you love, because it is your blog! It's a pleasure having you on my dash, and I hope the rest of your week is fabulous!

a aa  a aa !! thank you babu!!

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thank you for that, it has been pissing me off so much people being like that with jake and you put it into words that i struggled with.

yo no problem! 

really i understand jake’s situation all to well, so it did kinda annoy me that people are mistaking self loathing with a sexuality .