Sig Sauer 556R

Semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm, the 556R is based on the 556 series but uses AK magazines. The first generation models were plagued with problems which tarnished the 556R’s debut. Later generation models supposedly addressed all of the reliability issues. It seems the 556R was replaced with the 556R XI. Looking on Sig Sauer’s website, there isn’t any mention of either model on their catalog; only the MCX versions in 7.62x39. (GRH)


Anime Aesthetic : Huge macho men who can move mountains , but they are actually huge - soft teddy bears when it comes to their tiny wifes / girlfriends :)

Update …


Finished fanart of Vraska! I’m really proud of this one tbh. I came across a picture of the dress she’s wearing a while back, and it just struck me as Vraska….so I saved it and finally got around to drawing her in it.

I know in the art we’ve seen so far for her on Ixalan shows her without the growth on her arms and shoulders she had on Ravnica, but I liked that look so that’s what I went with :P The sword is the one seen in the key art for Ixalan, with artistic liberties taken for the sheath.

I hope y’all enjoy! I know how you love fanart and you love Vraska ;)