Sparking the Fire - Day 10

Specific Plan? Nope, just food

Meal Prep? I definitely try to. Last week I made my breakfasts and lunches for the week and that was amazing. Waking up in the morning and not having to throw together food for the day is great. It also helps ensure that I’m eating a proper lunch rather than a bunch of random things that feel more like snacking.

Food Struggles? Not anymore. It’s taken a while to stop associating food with guilt. But, I no longer have those issues. I know food = fuel and I feel way better for it.

How often do I eat? Three meals a day, with some snacks. Kind of depends on the day if I snack or not, and what I had for breakfast. But, snacks will usually be broccoli with hummus or a mandarin orange.

Eating out? This is an ongoing cycle in my house. My husband is active duty military and has periodic physical fitness testing. In the months prior to a test, it’s all health food and exercise. But, as soon as the test is over, so is the motivation to eat healthy. Like I would like to do all year long. At least the restaurants we eat at are pretty healthy compared to the chains.

Tracking? I used to, but tracking leads me to pretty obsessive behavior. Every once and a while I’ll log my food on myfitnesspal to see where I am. But, I find I no longer need it to know. I have the knowledge to fuel myself with delicious food and know when I’m hungry. And that’s all I really need right now.

A photo of one of the best salads I ever made. Makes me drool just looking at it. You can see all my food in my food tag

sigryn asked:

Hey Chris! I've been trying to view the Directory you made, but there are so many links in the menu. Every time I go to click on the directory, my phone just thinks I want to do something with Safari. Could you post the address to the page so that I can bookmark it?

Here you go!

I did feel better and got through my day after I had some, so you may have a point! :) But definitely trying to do better on my “food guilt” issues recently, so thank you.

(Kind of an aside, I just came across your tumblr in the mfp and can really relate. I found your grocery list idea really helpful and I hope you’re having a great week!)

mybigfatfitlife thanks Hun, just hate not being able to be in control of my money. About to apply to a fund for money from my uni for people in financial difficulty. Hoping even if I get a couple hundred pounds it’s a bonus

sigryn it just builds up so quickly and every time I get close to sorting stuff out something happens and I’m back to square one. Just do frustrating! Hope you catch up soon :)

fitbriz it’s awful isn’t it! Feeling much better already thanks :)

sigryn I’m much better already thankfully, stupidly my running leggings have a little pouch on the back and my jacket has pockets too I just forgot to put it in there, and the NHS won’t give me more than one because I’m in Wales they’re free…annoying!