mybigfatfitlife thanks Hun, just hate not being able to be in control of my money. About to apply to a fund for money from my uni for people in financial difficulty. Hoping even if I get a couple hundred pounds it’s a bonus

sigryn it just builds up so quickly and every time I get close to sorting stuff out something happens and I’m back to square one. Just do frustrating! Hope you catch up soon :)

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My college actually offered courses like this. I took two or three of them online. They were called Orientation classes. In one we worked on resumes, another was about searching for a job. I can’t remember how I found them.

We definitely don’t. We’re a satellite campus of a bigger school so we don’t have much. We have a career services center but they are completely useless. Every time I come out of there I feel like they hindered me more than helped. They supply the same basic templates to everyone for everything and they aren’t even good templates. It’s very frustrating. But I did apply to 8 jobs today so I’m very proud of that.

fitbriz it’s awful isn’t it! Feeling much better already thanks :)

sigryn I’m much better already thankfully, stupidly my running leggings have a little pouch on the back and my jacket has pockets too I just forgot to put it in there, and the NHS won’t give me more than one because I’m in Wales they’re free…annoying!