Chapter Eleven

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 3319
Warnings: Swearing, violence, Norse language which may or may not be correct

The specially equipped plane was minutes out, Natasha and Clint at the controls while Faye, with Grant at her side, stood before the Command center. Everyone was geared up and ready, listening as she went through the plan a final time. She held everyone’s focus, everyone’s attention except Steve’s.

He knew his job. It was simple. He was going for his girl and no one could tell him different. When Faye finished her recitation, he turned to Bucky and with a short jerk of his head the two of them made their way to a quiet, private space.

“Buck…” Steve started and hesitated, hating what he was about to ask.

“I know, Stevie.” Smoky blue grey eyes held his unyielding.

“I hate to ask this,” he sighed, looking away. Even the thought of it made Steve’s stomach turn.

Reaching out, Bucky gripped Steve’s shoulder tightly. “Steve, I’ve got your back in this. You don’t gotta ask. I’m with you til the end of the line, pal.”

Lifting his eyes to Bucky’s, Steve watched the blue slowly brighten. “Winter?”

“Yeah, man. I’ve got this.” The Winter Soldier looked back at him.

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Liv Kristine explains the story behind the track Sigrlinn

Liv Kristine: “When Thorsten [Bauer, guitar] presented his first idea of this song [Sigrlinn], I immediately knew that it had to be sung in Norwegian.

"I chose nynorsk, which is next to bokmaal, one of two official Norwegian written standard languages in Norway.

"I chose the title Sigrlinn for one single reason: phonetically, there is a ‘sweet’ and traditional sound to the name, which is perfect for my 'sung’ poem. I would call it romantic poetry, written in dialogical form between the protagonists Sigrlinn and Sveinung, and the narrating choir or the narrating single voice.

"For Alex [Krull, male vocals], it meant hard work to sing in Norwegian 'dialect’ (both my sister Carmen and myself supervising him — poor Alex!). However, by the help of phonetic transcription he mastered this task perfectly! Even I had to get used to the thought of singing a complete lyrical piece in my mother tongue. I would say that it makes the song even more personal.

"It felt very important and comfortable to have my sister singing with me (Thank you, my dear Carmen)!

"Thematically, my poem presents the married couple Sigrlinn and Sveinung, living by the fjord. Sveinung leaves his wife for the sake of bringing home more goods, which might be heroic, however, there is no happy end to his journey. Bad weather, the harsh mountainous landscape, Froeya and the three-headed troll play the decisive role to his fate.”