There’s a fascinating tendency to psychoanalyze the behavior of fictional character of the past by modern standards. Thus Holmes gets Asperger’s Syndrome, for instance. Why does Alice go along with everything so calmly?

Histrionics are not lady-like. Neither is protest. Or dissent. Or defending oneself. Not in Victorian or Edwardian England. Good, deserving, worthwhile girls and women never found themselves in a position from which they needed to flee. To find herself in such a position, to find herself in danger or under threat, de facto transformed a formerly good girl into a sinner and whore. No good girl was ever in danger, by definition. Her father, brothers, uncles, fiances, and husbands could not under law hurt a good woman. It was impossible. To be harmed by them – to SAY that one had come to harm by them – transformed a good woman into a sinner and whore.The act of speaking out, of speaking up, was transformative. And hardly ever to a girl’s benefit.

Alice is polite. Alice is silent. Alice muses on things to herself, because who would she tell? Who would believe her? Her sister – the only female ally a girl was likely to have – did not. Alice's recourse is, ultimately, to return to the strange world of the mirror and rabbithole because that is the only place that makes sense. It's the only place where people mean what they say and do what they mean.

When Regina tells people what her mother is like, they dismiss her views. When she tells the absolute truth to people, they condemn her. When she is polite and kind and passive, she is abused. When she acts out and escapes, she is transformed by her very act of resistance into something evil.

Regina unmakes this world. And why shouldn’t she? Any other mirror would be better. (source)

VCC Interview the First: Sigrid Ellis

Welcome to Optimystical Studios’ Ask the Awesome People!

We’ve interviewed some really cool folks for #VirtualCC. First up is Sigrid Ellis, editor of Chicks Dig ComicsQueers Dig Time Lords and all around awesome internet person. We met her at CONvergence, and can attest to the fact that she’s just as awesome in person as she is online.

We asked her a few questions, and here is what she had to say.

1. You have the chance to pick you creative dream team. Who’s in?

Isabel Allende, Edna St. Vincent Milay, William Shakespeare

2. What can the average fan do to help encourage minority representation in comics/film/TV/novels/whatever?

Notice. Just, start with noticing. And then talk to your own friends about what you do and do not see. 

3. You have been selected to help colonize Mars. You can take only ONE luxury item. What is it?

A really good pillow. Sleep is important! 

4. Rocket ship or hover car?

If I do not answer hover car I think my son will be very upset. Hover car! 

5. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”, good song, great song, or BEST SONG EVER?

… Good song. :hides from own lackluster answer:

You can find Sigrid here on Tumblr as sigridellis, on Twitter as @sigridellis or at her blog Thinking Too Much (where, strangely enough, she’s known as sigridellis).


Fraction just spotted this moth in North Carolina – my best guess using an identifying site is Xanthanotype urticaria. However, the BAMONA database currently includes verified sighting records for 8 moth species from this region and that ain’t one. Is this pretty far from home? Or have we identified wrong? 




Thanks for your help, everyone!  Looks like what we have here is an Imperial Moth, native to North Carolina.