Christmas Windows at Cocoa Amore, boutique hand made chocolate shop in Leicester, UK.

Since this is a very grown-up chocolate shop, this was no place for Father Christmas or reindeer - instead, an icy winter wonderland of leafless trees adorned with jewellery and baubles; silent trunks and mysterious holes containing Christmas gifts in the form of gold-brushed chocolate medallions on ribbons.

The display was finished off with three strings of warm winter fairy lights, which the owner has decided to keep up for the time being!


I sign-wrote the logo in the windows of the new premises of Cocoa Amore in Leicester, UK, with sign writing enamel along with the opening hours and a curly no. 34 over the door.
Then because the opening took place over Hallowe’en weekend, added a removable ‘Ween window scene of traditional pumpkins, scrawny trees and a lot of spiders and bats!