Top 10 MTMTE/Lost Light characters that are likely to stay up having really deep and/or weird conversations with their s/o until someone passes out

  1. Swerve (weird)
  2. Misfire (weird)
  3. Whirl (weird-deep)
  4. Nightbeat (weird-deep)
  5. Rung (deep)
  6. Rodimus (weird-deep)
  7. Drift (deep)
  8. Brainstorm (weird)
  9. Nautica (deep)
  10. Skids (deep-weird)
the signs as things my friend has said
  • aries: i'm gonna get your mom to dab
  • taurus: i'm EMOTIONALLY a hoe
  • gemini: maybe i love herpes
  • cancer: it gets a lot less romantic when you say it's gross
  • leo: (to our english teacher) want to see me eat an entire clementine in one bite
  • virgo: *chuckles quietly* i'm thinking about the aha music video
  • libra: don't put this on the list of stupid things i've said
  • scorpio: flip flops? are you shitting me? FLIP FLOCKS AND SOCKS?
  • saggitarius: how many chicken nuggets make up a chicken
  • capricorn: your dad is a michael cera cloning machine
  • aquarius: i am syphilis
  • pisces: my stomach's a high maintenance bitch

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Nicknames:  Jen

Star sign:  Cancer

Height:  5′4”

Time right now:  8:10pm

Last thing I googled:  “Pokemon by national dex number” (thanks, Sun and Moon, for getting rid of the national dex :c  That’s making it more difficult than it ought to be for me to complete my “living dex” now)

Fave music artist:  Too many to list

Song stuck in my head:  The Wonder Trade music from Pokemon Sun/Moon (yeah, it’s been a Pokemon afternoon lol)

Last movie I watched:  It’s been a while… I think it was Star Wars: Rogue One

Last tv show I watched:  Steven Universe

What I’m wearing right now:  Blue jeans, my “Lapidot” shirt, a Sega Mega Drive hoodie, and various bits of jewellery

When I created this blog:  September 2013 o_o

What I post:  It’s mainly Lapidot/Peridot/Lapis/general SU content, as well as gaming stuff (especially Pokemon and Classic Sonic), cute things, and things that make me laugh

Do I get asks regularly:  Constantly!  Sometimes I can’t keep up with you all lol

Why did I choose my url:  Because “Jen Hedgehog” is the name of a Sonic OC that I made way back when I was like 13 or 14 and first started using the internet. As I started out online in the Sonic fandom, it’s the name that I’ve always gone by online lol - it just kinda stuck in the end despite the fact that I literally never use the OC itself any more.

Gender:  Female

Hogwarts house:  Slytherin

Pokemon team:  Team Instinct (Zapdos is best legendary bird~)

Favorite colour:  It’s always been blue, but I’ve also taken a really strong liking to green in the past couple of years too (oh gee I wonder why?!)

Average hours of sleep:  7 if I’m lucky

Lucky number:  I don’t have one

Favorite Characters:  Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Classic Sonic, Metal Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna, Charizard, Mickey Mouse… and loads more tbh

Dream job:  Probably something in the video games industry OR following in my Mum’s footsteps and running a jewellery shop~

Number of blankets I sleep with:  Just the one, but it’s a huge feather quilt and is so cozy

I tag:  @heavyelectricity @luclipse85 @annadesu @quagriel @benijar @transgenderperidot @perfectlyrainybluebird @tsuenica @rose-everett @misty-gold @mintkupocream @rileys-universe @mantorok06 @luna-aurora @tinny-turtlecpus-chan @starlight-samurai @mambocat @sassyperidot and anyone else who wants to do this! :D

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nickname: gracie

star sign: capricorn

height: 5′5

time right now: 6:00pm

favorite music artist: grimes, lana del rey, mazzy star, wet, weezer, édith piaf, lorde, sky ferreira

song stuck in my head: halah by mazzy star

last movie i watched: jane eyre

last show i watched: criminal minds

what am i wearing right now: pajamas

when did i create my blog: winter 2015

what kind of stuff do you post: art, models, fashion, instagram pics

do you have any other blogs: nar

do you get asks regularly: occasionally, depends on the day

why did you choose your url: roses r pretty

gender: gal 

favorite color: pink

average hours of sleep: 6-14 lmao

favorite characters: padme amidala, leia organa, luna lovegood, severus snape, holly golightly, james bond

how many blankets do i sleep with: like 4-5

dream job: fashion magazine editor, designer, photographer, personal stylist

followers/following: i follow 170+ blogs & at the moment have 11200+ followers

i tag (if you so please to) : @boringangel @0800angel @frenchtwig @girlsoleil

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Nicknames: nata, nati, schnatta, natalia anastasia wixkopf (don’t say the last one, it’s a nasty word…) ._.

Star sign: libra

Height: 5″4

Time right now: 9 p.m.

Last thing you googled: bodysize in inch xD

Song stuck in my head: I’m always listening to music so it’s kinda impossible that I get one stuck in my head ._. 

Last movie I watched:  Murder by Death (my mom wanted me to take a break so I watched this movie with her)

Last tv show i watched: urgh I can’t even remember hmm maybe Star Trek

What i am wearing right now: black sweatpants and a white t-shirt

When i created this blog: hmm 2011?? 2012?? idk I used it to stalk my classmates

The kind of stuff i post: my art and random stuff I like :DD

Do i get asks regularly?: since I’m more active again I get like 1-3 per week

Why did i choose my url: natalie = nati = xnatiix (yes I think x is cool so what xD)

Gender?: unicorn

Favorite color: rose

Average hours of sleep: 5-7

Lucky number: I don’t have one

Favorite characters: Jumin (my husband) from MM, Yato-sama from Noragami, Shigeo (once he is done with school he will be my second husband) from mp100, Data from Star Trek …its a long list lets stop here xD

Dream job: freelance artist c:

Number of blankets i sleep with: one, in winter sometimes two (wtf joonohs 4?? xD)

I tag @1412-dc @paperypiper @awney @the-delivery-god @wolfisyatotrash @trashpapa @nekolover1001 @levalier (@tamashiaoi Ich will dich unbedingt näher kennenlernen :P)

For those who insists Dyl is not in Cape Town. Look at the lady’s back and compare with the airport’s logo!!!

Okay, I wasn’t going to post because it’s settled, but for a second I was like WAS THAT SIGN THERE THE WHOLE TIME?!?!?  Ha!  Good work, nonnie!

I feel like I should clear up this John Campea thing real quick.

He and his buddies are adamant in their claims that Affleck will leave “after the Batman” and you know what? He’s probably right about that.

Now before I give Campea all the credit, he is still pulling shit out of his ass because of one simple fact. Affleck in the press release about his contract was slated for three movies, just like Gal Gadot. The three movies are obvious: BvS, Justice League, and The Batman. That was the contract that Affleck signed at the time.

Here’s where Campea is full of shit. He’s peddling it off like Affleck is leaving early, when he’s not. Affleck being done with Batman after the solo is just that–a contract fulfillment. Not “leaving” or whatever Campea is trying to paint this as.

You can’t leave a project you never signed up for in the first place. It’s really that simple.

I’m just putting this out there because it is likely, since I’m sure Affleck has other aspirations besides being Batman forever, that he won’t return as Batman after the solo. And when that happens I’m sure Campea will be dancing and mocking, but in reality it’s not a “scoop” when it says literally that his contract stops at the solo. Just be advised that Ben leaving after the Batman solo isn’t a “DC is doomed” moment that I’m sure websites will clickbait it as. It’s just a simple contract fulfillment and nothing more.

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Nicknames: Ruby, Nyx, Acerola
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 5′7
Time right now: 4:35pm
Last thing I googled: Voltron
Last movie I watched: I haven’t watched any movies lately.
Last TV show I watched: The Vampire Diaries 
When I created this blog?: Since January 2017, but I’ve had my main blog since 2012.
Why did I choose my URL?: It’s a combination of one of my favorite captains, Acerola and Alola
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Pokemon team: A full team of Silvally with Protect and Explosion only.
Favorite color: Black and Purple
Lucky number: 2
Favorite characters: Jellal Fernandez from Fairy Tail, Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto, Steven Stone, Gladion and Professor Sycamore from Pokemon, Asriel Dreemurr from Undertale, Link from Legend of Zelda and Sebastian from Stardew Valley are some of my favorite characters.
Number of blankets I sleep with: Usually 1, 2 during the cold days
Name: Ruby
Birthday: April 2
Relationship status: Single lonely cat lady.
Chinese zodiac: Tiger
Siblings: 1 younger and 1 older. I am a middle child.
Favorite Smell: Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works and Bombshell from Victoria Secret.
Pets: A cat named Peanut and a dog named Butter. Peanutbutter!
Wake-up: Around noon
Sleep: Anywhere from 1am-3am
Type of Phone: iPhone 6
Love or Lust:  Love as it eventually turns into lust.
Lemonade or Iced Tea: Iced Tea, although I do love a good Arnold Palmer. (its a combination of lemonade and iced tea)
Cats or Dogs: Cats
Coke or Pepsi: Eh neither.
Day or Night: Night since I am a night owl.
Text or Call: Text but when playing games with friends, I’d rather be on a call.
Make up or Natural: Make up.
Met a celebrity: A couple actually, since I live in LA.
Smile or Eyes: Eyes but usually both.
Light or Dark hair: On me? I have dark hair. On someone else? Depends on the face. I love the combination of light eyes with dark hair though.
Shorter or taller: I want someone who is taller than me.
Intelligence or attraction: Intelligence, but a little attraction doesn’t hurt either.
Chapstick or lipstick: Both.
City or Country: City, I am a city girl living in a major city.
Last Song I listened to: One Day They’ll Know (Odesza Remix) - Pretty Lights
Fruits or Veggies: Fruits, I love fruit.
Anime or Cartoons: Anime. I watch so much anime.
Phone case: It’s one of those fancy cases that act kinda like a snow globe? Like they have some kind of like liquid in the back and you can shake your phone to make the glitters move around and stuff… anyone know what I am talking about?? It has a cute cat on it though.
Dream Job: I honestly really wanted to become a YouTuber, and did YouTube videos for a while. I did gain some subscribers but I didn’t continue. Now I am in college getting a degree in Digital Media and hope to be a game designer in the future.
Milk and Cookies or Donuts and Coffee: I am lactose intolerant so milk is off, but I also absolutely hate coffee, unless its a frap.. So I will just take the cookies and donuts.

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Nicknames: not gonna use real name ones BUT BOY ARE THERE A LOT FOR PIPER sideeyes cat. pip, pippitypip, munchkin, and pup are a few 

Star sign: Sagittarius 

Height: 5′4!

Time right now: 8:30pm (or close enough at least)

Last thing you googled: probably something batb related

Song stuck in my head: currently none but the heathers musical tends to pop in now and then

Last movie I watched:  KINGSMAN : THE SECRET SERVICE netflix apparently finally added it at some point and it’s. so good. grabby hands @ the action scenes and gadgets gimme more

Last tv show i watched: don’t remember. maybe a couple episodes of teen wolf?

What i am wearing right now: red hoodie & pjs

When i created this blog: pretty sure it was about 7/8 months ago? can’t be bothered to check but something like that

The kind of stuff i post: art and then other stuff that’s usually noragami or pictures of the ocean

Do i get asks regularly?: kinda one every week or so i think? i dunno how regular that is though. 

Why did i choose my url: i think piper’s a pretty name and wanted to combine it with something that implies art. the original combo i was gonna go with was taken and so paperypiper was born

Gender?: girl

Favorite color: burgundy! 

Average hours of sleep: probably not enough

Lucky number:i think i thought it was either 7 or 13 at some point?

Favorite characters: hiyori, rapunzel (tangled), terra (teen titans 2003), every character from The Team in YJ season one, @eerna‘s katrina, kai and winter (TLC), moana

Dream job: probably freelance artist? used to be working for disney or dreamworks but given how i’m not american and wont be going to calarts That Won’t Be Happening edit OR VOICEACTING THAT’D BE COOL

Number of blankets i sleep with: 2

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Nicknames:Matt, Boston, Tarpon, nerd, dork 

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 6′1″

Time right now: 3:20 pm

Last thing I Googled: “How to find last thing I googled”

Last movie I watched: Midnight in Paris 

Last TV show I watched: Either the UF v. UK basketball game or Bob’s Burgers, depending on your definition of TV show 

When I created this blog: May ‘13

Why I choose my URL: Go listen to The Lark Ascending, and you’ll know

Gender: cisgender guy

Hogwarts house:  Slytherin/Ravenclaw

PokemonGO team: Mystic

Lucky number: 13 and 15

Favorite character: George(s) from Sunday in the Park with George

blankets I sleep with:  Naked with like 5 blankets because I get hella cold

Blogs/People I wan to get to know better: @flutevoiceandroses @thecat-goddess @vilipendd @weird-weird-weird

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Nicknames: Abi (I don’t have any really, someone give me a nickname) 

Star sign:  Sagittarius


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Time right now: 17:12pm

Last thing you googled: Shadowhunters 1x03 episode script

Fave music artist: I can’t answer this aaaaah 

Song stuck in my head: Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

Last movie I watched: Beauty and the Beast

Last tv show I watched: Sense8 (I’m rewatching it :):):):) )

What I’m wearing right now: My PJ’s. yes I know, I’m having a pyjama day okay.

When I created this blog: 3 months ago

The kind of stuff I post: Shadowhunters, lot’s of Magnus Bane and malec, the occasional sense8, eyewitness and skam.

Do I get asks regularly?: Nope, but they always make my day!

Why did I choose my url: Jace is my son and Jem would kick my ass if I called him anything but a herondale.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Pokémon team: Valor 

Favorite color: Blue (all pastel colours)

Average hours of sleep: Idek anymore man 5/6? 

Lucky number: 18 or 209

Favorite characters: You can’t expect me to only name a few… Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Jem Carstairs, Maia Roberts, Luke Garroway, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, The Doctor, Ianto Jones, Wolfgang Bogdanow, Lito Rodriguez, Nomi Marks, Kala Dandekar, Amanita Caplan, Hernando Fuentes and the list goes on and on and on…

Dream job: I don’t know :(:(:(:(:(:(

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

I tag: I don’t know who has done this.. @softshumjr @thirstyalec @magnusisbisexual @simonlevis @jemcarstvirs

Feel free to ignore this <3<3

Some stuff about me

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Nickname: Princess
Star Sign: Virgo
Height: 5′1″
Time Right Now: 9:46pm
Favourite Musical Artist: Matchbox Twenty
Last Movie Watched: I watched Spirit last night but I’m currently watching the Hobbit :)
Last TV Show Watched: Timeless
What Are You Wearing Right Now: A sweatshirt and my pjs
When Did You Create Your Blog: I made this blog about 3 years ago i think??
Do You Get Asks Regularly: Sometimes but not often
Why I Chose My URL: Drake called me Detective Prince in my ac town and I just thought it was cute <3
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Gender: Female
Pokémon Team: Mystic (I just really like articuno lmao)
Favourite Colour: blue or maybe purple?
Average Hours of Sleep: depends, could be anywhere from 5-9
Dream Job: Maybe an author or a film critic
Cutest Baby Animals: baby kittens often make me burst into tears

I’ll tag @leafbladen​, @jellicle-ball​, @pantsaretherealheroes​, @ilovesuga, and @temeria!  Have fun!

The Signs as both Gods and Daedra.

Aries - Talos/Malacath

Strong, powerful, natural leaders on the battlefield, yet aggressive and boastful. Damns the weak.

Taurus - Zenithar/Clavicus Vile

Competitive, diligent, committed, and efficient, yet has tunnel vision. Seeks to get what they desire before they help others. 

Gemini - Julianos/Mephala

Curious and complex, yet cryptic and manipulative. A sewer of discord.

Cancer - Mara/Molag Bal

Loving, quick to compassion and loyalty, yet selfish. Those they love are theirs alone. 

Leo - Akatosh/Sanguine

Larger than life, decisive, honorable, yet loves to revisit their darkest desires. Sensual to a fault. 

Virgo - Vivec/Jygalaag

Desires to master any challenge that comes their way, yet obsessive. Disorder is not tolerated.

Libra - Stendarr/Mehrunes Dagon

Value justice, graceful, and non-violent, yet retain selfishness and vanity. Driven by strong ambition and may seek revolution if they do not agree. 

Scorpio - Arkay/Nocturnal

Innovators, eager, inquisitive, yet prone to sting first before asking questions. Joy, yet sorrow. Vast wealth of secrets, and very obsessive. 

Ophiuchus - Kynareth/Boethiah

Unity, impulsiveness, clever, yet defiant of authority. Whispers deceit when it suits them, and may found unity on lies. 

Sagittarius - Sotha Sil/Hermaeus Mora

Wisdom, mental wealth, brave, yet may strive for too great a goal. The search of knowledge may consume them for eternity. 

Capricorn - Kynareth/Hircine

Nature, the natural order, patient, yet arrogant. Sometimes cannot see beyond strength, speed, or cunning. 

Aquarius - Dibella/Meridia

Sincerity, love for humanity, determined, yet their understanding may cloud their reality. Hope for tomorrow that may be seen as heresy.

Pisces - Almalexia/Sheogorath

Selfless, faithful and intuitive. Their intentions may be lost in translation, or come about in very cryptic way. What you behold may not always be reality.