The Deaf Body in Public Space
Rachel Kolb, a Rhodes scholar and doctoral student at Emory University with a focus on American literature, disability studies and bioethics, writes about her experiences with the differences between signing and hearing culture.

“To use sign language, to embrace it in non-signing public spaces, one must sometimes push against ideas of having committed a gross indiscretion.”

Too much: To me these words succinctly articulate the taboos that can linger about bodily expressiveness. Hearing culture presents us with ideals of speaking with good elocution, restraint and self-control. Now, I admit, I see these ideals as visually impoverished, inaccessible and uninteresting: They produce spaces full of immobile talking heads, disembodied sound and visual inattentiveness. Those qualities become the optical equivalent of speaking in a monotone. As much as I also enjoy spoken words, allowing my body to speak for itself feels, simply, more real. Even if that means signing is sometimes read as a visual spectacle.

People are always so surprised that I’m going to be an astrophysicist and they ask me where I got the idea for that, and I usually tell them ‘oh my family loves Star Trek lol’ because it sounds less dramatic than the truth of my fourth grade teacher who had always wanted to study astrophysics getting down on my level and looking me in the eye while telling me that she believed in me, and that if anyone could do it, it was me

Because I still cry when I think about it hahaha

The Cracks In The Ceiling

Another night where I am left with nothing but my heart, and that’s beginning to show signs of tear. Every time he goes away my mind wonders; who is he going out to see all the time? The crazy thing is, I pay for him to do this all the time. A little part of me wonders, is he being loyal? Is he having sex with someone on my bill? These crazy thoughts I keep to myself, because I don’t want to open up a can of worms. I am not one to start conflict, but my mind can not stop thinking about the worst case scenarios, and he does nothing to prevent me from thinking this way.

Sometimes when he’s being romantic and sending pics to my phone, I ask myself, who took that picture? It’s not a selfie, and I don’t see a selfie stick, so how’d you take this picture on your phone? Paranoia enters my mind sometimes, but I say nothing to keep the peace. The crazy things we do for love. I still ask myself this question - does he really love me, or does he love what I have been doing for him? *sigh* I feel embarrassed to talk about these things. I’m such a wreck.

Getting To Know Me Tag :)

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I have a few- Britt, Britt-Britt, Brownie (from my maiden name), BB :)

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′2″

Time Right Now: 09:33pm

Last Thing Googled: Central Bookstore (was stopping by a bookstore after work, haha)

Favorite Artist: Music-wise?  I have quite a few- Radiohead, John Mayer, Jamie Cullum, Sufjan Stevens, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, etc. etc. etc.

Song Stuck In Your Head: Nothing, surprisingly.

Last Movie I Watched: Hmm, haven’t watched a movie in a while.  Last thing in theaters was the new Ghostbusters.  Been watching a lot of TV lately, really. 

Last TV Show Watched: Currently binge-watching Season 2 of How To Get Away With Murder (no spoilers, please!)

What Are You Wearing Right Now: ……? Pajamas, haha.

When Did You Create This Blog: November 2015.

Do You Have Other Blogs: Yep, but not Sims-related, and I don’t post in them anymore, lol.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor! :)

Pokemon Team: Don’t play Pokemon.

Favourite Colour: Pink!

Average Hours Of Sleep: 4-5 hours.  I have to wake up at 5 for work :’(

Lucky Number: 6

Favorite Characters: I hate this question!  I have too many.

Dream Job: SimGuru? :D  Writer.  Pop star ;)

Following: 1,088. I like knowing what’s going on in the Sims world! :D

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Name: gabriel

Nickname: um,, gabi, cas, pup, ryou (although i don’t think anyone’s actually called me that in a while now ???), hanna and i think that’s it ????

Star sign: taurus-gemini 

Time right now: 1:03 am 

Last thing googled: um .. snap peas i think ??? idk man 

Favorite music artists: !!!!!!!!!!! oKAY panic! at the disco, fall out boy, the front bottoms, pierce the veil !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(alskdjlaskjd la devotee – panic! at the disco)

Last TV show watched: ummmmmmmmmm that’s actually really hard 
does steven universe count ???

What are you wearing right now: a black t-shirt with jean shorts

When did you create your blog: last year around this time (this blog is a remake though,, i don’t remember when i made my original one :T)

What kind of stuff do you post: all things

Do you have any other blogs: lmao yeah,, i have an rp blog and a dream log and a few others

Do you get asks regularly: not really 

Why did you choose your URL: i love cherry flavoured drinks, especially cherry 7-UP and i am a Pup™

Hogwarts House: slytherin !!!!!!!!!!!!

Pokémon team: instinct !!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite color: blue and pink !!! (although green and lilac come in real close lmao) 

Average hours of sleep: 10ish ??? give or take

Lucky number: any variable of three particularly 3, 21, and 27

Favorite character(s): cURRENTLY .. jesse mccree other than that ?? um my general/always faves are seto kiba, yami no bakura, jason grace, sam winchester, my ethan, and green 

How many blankets do you sleep with: Many™ but i really only use one or two the rest get kicked off

Dream job: iif i could just write,, though aside from that i’d love to foster children actually ??? or a pediatrician,, i love kids thanks 

Following: ummmmmmmm 623

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Nickname: Honestly just Mike
Gender: Male
Star sign: Taurus
Height: 6′ 1″
Time right now: 11:00 pm
Last thing I googled:  mouse pads anime(kms)
Favourite music artists: I don’t really have a fav, I listen to punk rock and etc.
Song stuck in my head: the Ruse & The Caper by Coyote Theory
Last movie I watched: idk
Last TV show I watched: Does anime count? if so then Orange
What are you wearing right now: sweatpants and a t shirt
When did you create this blog: like 8th grade(??) I’m a freshman in college now :/
What kind of stuff do you post: some echhi ass anime
Do you have any other blogs: nah my dude
Do you get asks regularly: sike af, I zero friends(maybe 1)
Why do you choose your URL: So I searched some random deities and I got this one, its a two headed elephant!
Hogwarts house: no thanks
Pokemon team: Valor ofc
Favourite colour: purpleee
Average hours of sleep: around 7-8 if I’m not playing WoW
Lucky number: idk & idc
Favourite character: Welpp that would be my bae Gon(I have many like Gintoki is daddddy)
How many blankets do you sleep with: Like two
Dream job: playing video games
Following: 663
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petition to rename bad boy to baby boy please sign thank you for your time

“I’m not into that ddlg life dont bring that baby boy shit in my direction.”

“I’m like.”
“ 21″

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Name: Chad

Nickname: Whoop, it’s still Chad

Star sign: Sagittarius/Scorpio cusp

Time right now: 7:25 pm

Last thing googled: What are the requirements to join a circus!

Favorite music artists: ugh so many but probably Fall Out Boy or Fifth Harmony

Song stuck in your head: the Friends theme song

Last TV show watched: The Voice I’m watching it as I type this (I choose Miley bc why not)

What are you wearing right now: red and black shirt, white and black skirt, pug high thigh socks

When did you create your blog: May of 2016

What kind of stuff do you post: Overwatch and other shitty games, a lot of shitpost and vents, my blog has no theme idk (and some autism stuff)

Do you have any other blogs: nope

Do you get asks regularly: Nope

Why did you choose your URL: Cause I got the idea of a “Rude Company” or a Rude Co.“ And thus: rudeko

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Pokémon team: Mystic.

Favorite color: Gold, Lavender. Light pink, and black

Average hours of sleep: Hmmm. School days are about 5 hours, weekends are 7ish
Lucky number: 3
Favorite character(s): I have so many and it’s all my comfort characters lmao. Ana Amari, Roxy Lalonde, Aradia Megido, Jesse McCree, Akane Owari, Nico Yazawa, and SO MANY MORE

How many blankets do you sleep with: One or less

Dream job: I want to be a circus worker! Mainly with juggling and acrobats. I’m working on my juggling skills right now. (I can juggle 4 wiffle balls 23 times without failing!~)

Following: 597

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the signs stressed af
  • omFG I'M GONNA FUCkiNG DIE GOoodBYE WORLD I'LL SEE Y'ALL IN HELL:taurus, gemini, scorpio
  • *paces around room for 6129322+ hours*:libra
  • okay you touch me i'll explode:aries, cancer, leo
  • uh yeah i'm going to stay under my blankets for the next 7 years so if you'll excuse me:sagittarius, pisces
  • hehe no i'm fine *screams internally into the void*:virgo, capricorn, aquarius

This is created for recent trending #whyIsign. #whyIsign was started by Stacy Abrams. She wanted to spread knowledge about sign language, how it helped so many deaf people and families, like myself, and to encourage more people to learn and use sign language, especially with deaf children.

I am eternally thankful for American Sign Language.

You can find #whyIsign on facebook, twitter, and instagram.


Planets in astrology and what they represent


  • your ego
  • your nature
  • not changing part of yourself
  • the dynamic expression of your will
  • what’s obvious about you for others
  • your actions


  • what you see in yourself (not always)
  • your emotional nature
  • your (immediate) reactions
  • unconscious behavior patterns you developed
  • what satisfies you emotionally
  • how you treat/nurture others
  • usually only comes out when you’re in your comfort zone
  • how you feel
  • shows relationship with mother and women in general
  • why you feel the way you feel


  • communication
  • thoughts
  • way you analyze and understand
  • transportation
  • learning
  • what kind of learning and communication you prefer
  • “day-to-day” cleverness


  • love
  • joy
  • beauty
  • harmony
  • represents female
  • how you express affection
  • what you feel attracted to
  • what you attract
  • the way you spend your money


  • represents male
  • conflict, aggression/forcefulness
  • outright war
  • sex drive
  • physical energy
  • vitality, energy level, style of action
  • represents human will-initiative


  • good luck, success
  • generosity/charity
  • optimism
  • knowledge, higher learning & breadth of vision
  • frankness/honesty
  • good-will
  • confidence
  • search for meaning and truth
  • represents law & justice, philosphy, religion & metaphysics, education
  • urge of self-improvement
  • ethical, religious, philosophical standars


  • limitation/boundaries
  • safety
  • practicality
  • reality
  • seriousness, structures
  • ambition
  • career & authority, hierarchy, conforming social structures
  • concerns sense of duty/responsibility, discipline
  • indicates the area in life in which you probably feel shame
  • shows areas where you have to learn specific lesson


  • unconscious urge to be aware of inner individuality (sun)
  • flashes of insight
  • revolution, change
  • shock, disruptions
  • forces sudden changes when necessary
  • encompasses technology, electronic devices


  • dissolves life’s patterns to teach new meanings
  • things that are different from their appearance
  • the illusive, unreal/unreality
  • receptivity 
  • imagination, cloudiness
  • confusion, delusion, illusion
  • associated with acting/movies, compassion
  • represents intangible (and makes it real)


  • unconscious urge to live out your role in society’s evolution
  • sexuality (act itself)
  • obesssive desires
  • transformation
  • power
  • ingredients of great wealth (investments, banking, etc.)
  • drastic changes in civilization can be linked to Pluto since it’s the slowest planet and a whole generation is affected by it
  • recklessness
  • mental obsession, compulsion
  • emotional resistance
  • overall transcendence
The signs as femslash pairings
  • Aries:Chloe Price/Max Caulfield
  • Taurus:Catty/Bratty
  • Gemini:Pearl/Amethyst
  • Cancer:Madoka/Homura
  • Leo:Lyra/BonBon
  • Virgo:Ruby/Sapphire
  • Libra:Anthy/Utena
  • Scorpio:Alphys/Undyne
  • Sagittarius:Korra/Asami
  • Capricorn:Haruka/Michiru
  • Aquarius:Princess Bubblegum/Marceline
  • Pisces:Pearl/Rose
the signs as halloween memes
  • aries:this is halloween
  • taurus:spoopy creppy
  • gemini:spooky scary skeleton
  • leo:pumpkin dance
  • virgo:2spooky4me
  • libra:helo would u like some of this hot choclety milk?
  • scorpio:it is a mystery
  • sagittarius:sign me the FUCK up🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻 spoopy shit spoopy sHit🎃 thats 💀 some spoopy🎃🎃shit right🎃🎃th 🎃 ere🎃🎃🎃 right💀there 💀💀if i do ƽaү so my self 👹 i say so 👹 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ👹 🎃🎃🎃НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ🎃🎃🎃🎃 👹 🎃 👻👻👻 🎃🎃Spoopy shit
  • capricorn:the skeleton war
  • aquarius:tumblr on october first
  • pisces:thank mr skeltal
the signs as history of japan meme
  • Aries:how bout i do anyway?
  • Taurus:~it’s time for World War 1~
  • Gemini:knock-knock, it's Europe.
  • Cancer:the shogun actually didn't care, he was off somewhere doing poetry
  • Leo:how about ~sunrise land~?
  • Virgo:"and now i’m going to invade korea, and then hopefully china," he said and failed, and also died.
  • Libra:~post-war economic miracle~
  • Scorpio:i am interested in taking over the world, and i was wondering if you could be my friend.
  • Sagittarius:~hire a samurai~
  • Capricorn:"please try this religion," he said. "no," said everybody. "try it," he said. "no," said everybody again, quieter this time. and so the religion was put into place.
  • Aquarius:open the country. stop having it be closed.
  • Pisces:~their friends and our friends are not friends~