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What exactly does Aquarius season bring for aquas ?

Aquarius Season brings different things depending on the individual Aqua, however, having the Sun conjunct your natal Sun is always a big plus and considered a game changer for a lot of people, especially for Aquarians due to the fact it IS the sign of change.
During this time, the ego is inflated and one may feel untouchable, liberated, reckless and restless. (I blame all of that Uranus Energy). This is a time of taking risks that end up favoring you. Relationships made during this time tend to be rather favorable, whether they’re romantic, business related, or platonic. The On Top Of The World feeling may dampen if you have a conflicting Moon, Venus, ect sign, but depending on what it is explains not only the duration, but the amount.

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Nickname(s) Nikki, N,

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5′5

Time right now: 2:57pm

Favorite music artist: dont think i have one rn…

Song stuck in your head: fake love by drake

Last movie watched: devil wears prada on tv! one of my fave movies actually

Last TV show watched: I haven’t watched too many but I started watching Voltron:LD recently (i stopped halfway through the first ep when i saw it was an hr long hahaha)

What are you wearing right now: pjs! which is just an old shirt and ripped up shorts aslkdjs

When did you create your blog: i think July 2016

What kind of stuff do you post: this blog is pretty much 100% pokemon! i do post some personal stuff from time to time.

Do you have any other blogs: yep! this one anime blog i made in 2012 that im probably gonna delete soon since im not into anime anymore LOL

Why did you choose your URL: I didnt really choose this hahah more like i just got it! and im so happy i did tbh!!

Hogwarts house: umm i think i’ll be slytherin/hufflepuff? 

Pokémon team: my most recent team is from Moon: decidueye, mimikyu, salazzle, raichu, mareanie and bewear! 

i am thinking of resetting to try the other starters and maybe do some kind of locke!

Favorite color: purple

Average hours of sleep: 5-7 (weird since snorlax sleeps the whole day lol)

Lucky number: 8? but thinking about it im not lucky at all 😂

Favorite character(s): None rn

How many blankets do you sleep with: one, but i got a sooo many pillows. 

Dream Job(s): i have no idea rn, but im working hard at my current career choice.

Following: 336. i reeally need to follow more since my dash gets empty at certain times. if you’re a pokemon blog i’ll follow you!

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Star Sign: Leo

Height: 172cm

Time right now: 16:38

Last thing googled: how to change windows start background

Favorite music artist(s): black veil brides, fall out boy, panic! at the disco, bring me the horizon, falling in reverse, halsey, troye sivan, hayley kiyoko, taylor swift, selena gomez, ed sheeran…

Last tv show watched: Gotham s2

What am I wearing right now: my andy black the shadow side t-shirt <3, ripped black jeans and red woolen socks

When did I create my blog: in the end of 2012

What kind of stuff do I post: andy/bvb, bands, dc/marvel, movies, tv-shows, finland posts, just pretty much whatever i like

Do I have any other blogs: i’ve tried to merge all of my sideblogs to this one, but i still keep an aesthetic blog and my friends and my interrail/travel blog separate

Do I get asks regularly: no way, very rarely and from mutuals mostly

Why did I choose my url: my favourite character from agents of shield is skye (daisy johnson)

Gender: female / graygender

Pokemon team: the blue one

Favorite color: blue

Average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours week, 10-11 hours weekend

Lucky number: 13

Favorite characters: skye, scarlet witch, severus snape, luna lovegood, newt scamander, quicksilver, felicity smoak, harley quinn, leia, rey, bucky, magnus bane, 

How many blankets I sleep with: 1-3, (welcome to a finnish student flat: winter = freezing, summer = hell)

Dream job(s): writer, translator, anything at an airport, or hotel

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Star sign: Capricorn
Height: 5′0
‘Time right now: 12:25am
Last thing googled: Cute face tattoos
Favorite music artist(s): Rihanna , Migos , PND
Last TV show watched: One Piece
When did I create my blog: 2015
What kind of stuff do I post: pictures of myself, anything I find funny, I reblog body positivity posts
Do I have any other blogs: No
Do I get asks regularly: I guess so
Why did I choose my url: It rhymes
Gender: Girl
Pokemon team: bye
Favorite color: orange , green & purple
Average hours of sleep: around 6 or 7
Lucky number: 3 or 7
Favorite characters: goku, luffy and cardi b
How many blankets I sleep with: 1
Dream job(s): Astronaut
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sign: virgo
height: 5'3
time right now: 8:52 pm
last thing googled: “list of all studio ghibli movies” (today was a sick day and I wanted something to watch)
favorite music artist: rise against (the front bottoms are a fairly close second)
last TV show watched: blue exorcist (if anime doesn’t count then voltron)
what am I wearing right now: a college tshirt I got from a summer camp and a pair of obnoxiously blue shorts that I got when I was in middle school (aka pajamas)
when did I create my blog: sometime when I was in 8th grade so sometime around 2012-2013?
what kind of stuff do i post: anime, shitposts, feminism, and gay stuff
do I have any other blogs: @ghostjayce for art refs and @pidge-suggestion is my voltron suggestion blog. I have a few others but I don’t use them
why did I choose my URL: I really love Vincent Van Gogh and I’m really gay
pokemon team: in go I’m valor
favorite color(s): p much anything pastel. I especially like soft or dulled purples, blues, and greens
favorite character(s): kageyama tobio, pidge gunderson, and dave strider
how many blankets do I sleep with: right now 2 but that’ll probably change p soon bc I’ve been getting too cold at night
dream job(s): well paid artist, therapist, like a movie critique but for anime
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Star sign: Virgo
Height: 5′1″
Time right now: 9:26 PM
Last thing I Googled:  “I hate everything about you lyrics” by three days grace lol
Favorite music artist(s): Banda MS, Ariel Camacho, The Ghost Inside, Julion Alvarez, Gorillaz, Mothersound, The Weeknd
Last TV show watched: Dateline
What am I wearing right now: hoodie & pj pants
When did I create my blog: mmmmm 2010 I believe 
What kind of stuff do I post: art hoe shit, photo sets of places i want to go, relevant/current issues, FOOD, mexican tings haha memes too ??? idk a little bit of everything
Do I have any other blogs: yes
Do I get asks regularly: nope
Why did I choose my url: the line “In this very moment i’m king” from nicki minaj’s moment 4 life but also from Where the Wild Things Are (King Max). i hate being called princess and queen is weird so i went straight for the king & my name is diana so…. king-diana haha
Gender: Female
Pokemon team: Mystic
Favorite color:  Black & rose gold
Hours of sleep: not enough
Lucky number: 8
Favorite characters: Creed Bratton, PB&J
How many blankets I sleep with: sometimes 1 sometimes 5 idk
Dream jobs: psychologist and lawyer

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People are saying that tracob is being more public than before but in all reality they aren't. I feel like T and J are even more private than they were before. The only thing they did is that T brought J along to the VMA's and the Vmag signing. They enjoy their time together it is limited and they know that so they want to be with each other. J was there at BBMA's too he just wasn't sitting with T but he was in plenty of people's snaps etc. J is being so supportive through all this hate he gets

they really enjoy spending time with each other❤ they are an amazing couple

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Nickname(s) Jules, Jl, and im accepting any new ones tbh hmu lol

Star sign: Scorpio 

Height: 5′7!! 

Time right now: 21:44

Favorite music artist: ugh this is so hard omg I like all kinds of stuff really

Song stuck in your head: I’m a Believer - Smash Mouth 

Last movie watched: The Martian I think? 

Last TV show watched: Futurama lol 

What are you wearing right now: cute pj pants and a super oversized soft and comfy sweater

When did you create your blog: October 2014 or something embarrassing like that

What kind of stuff do you post: Mostly pokemon but a few other things like other video games, pixels, and animals

Do you have any other blogs: nah just hoarded lapras urls lol 

Why did you choose your URL: um I love lapras and they make me happy and feel lucky!!

Hogwarts house: ravenclaw!

Pokémon team: I have a slightly different one in each game but my Moon team is: Lapras (ofc and her name is Reyna), Arcanine (named Pupper), Snorlax (named Hungry Jack after the pancake mix), Mimikyu (named Mia), Tsareena (named Isabelle), and a Salamence (named Millie) 

Favorite color: Blue!!!

Average hours of sleep: like 5 :/ I need more 

Lucky number: 6 maybe idk

Favorite character(s): Misty, Leo from the Heroes of Olympus series, Wanderer from The Host, and more I jsut can’t think of them all rn 

How many blankets do you sleep with: four lol I just like being super cozy

Dream Job(s): A red panda zookeeper tbh…

Following: 139 lol

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The Signs as both Gods and Daedra.

Aries - Talos/Malacath

Strong, powerful, natural leaders on the battlefield, yet aggressive and boastful. Damns the weak.

Taurus - Zenithar/Clavicus Vile

Competitive, diligent, committed, and efficient, yet has tunnel vision. Seeks to get what they desire before they help others. 

Gemini - Julianos/Mephala

Curious and complex, yet cryptic and manipulative. A sewer of discord.

Cancer - Mara/Molag Bal

Loving, quick to compassion and loyalty, yet selfish. Those they love are theirs alone. 

Leo - Akatosh/Sanguine

Larger than life, decisive, honorable, yet loves to revisit their darkest desires. Sensual to a fault. 

Virgo - Vivec/Jygalaag

Desires to master any challenge that comes their way, yet obsessive. Disorder is not tolerated.

Libra - Stendarr/Mehrunes Dagon

Value justice, graceful, and non-violent, yet retain selfishness and vanity. Driven by strong ambition and may seek revolution if they do not agree. 

Scorpio - Arkay/Nocturnal

Innovators, eager, inquisitive, yet prone to sting first before asking questions. Joy, yet sorrow. Vast wealth of secrets, and very obsessive. 

Ophiuchus - Kynareth/Boethiah

Unity, impulsiveness, clever, yet defiant of authority. Whispers deceit when it suits them, and may found unity on lies. 

Sagittarius - Sotha Sil/Hermaeus Mora

Wisdom, mental wealth, brave, yet may strive for too great a goal. The search of knowledge may consume them for eternity. 

Capricorn - Kynareth/Hircine

Nature, the natural order, patient, yet arrogant. Sometimes cannot see beyond strength, speed, or cunning. 

Aquarius - Dibella/Meridia

Sincerity, love for humanity, determined, yet their understanding may cloud their reality. Hope for tomorrow that may be seen as heresy.

Pisces - Almalexia/Sheogorath

Selfless, faithful and intuitive. Their intentions may be lost in translation, or come about in very cryptic way. What you behold may not always be reality.