Today, NPG Records and Warner Bros. Records announced two new Prince releases that will celebrate the iconic artist’s music and introduce fans to previously unreleased material from his legendary vault. This will mark the first Prince recordings released since his passing on April 21st of this year.
Released on November 22nd in the U.S. and November 25th around the world, Prince 4Ever will bring together 40 of Prince’s best-loved songs, including the blockbuster hits “When Doves Cry,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Kiss,” “Little Red Corvette,” “Purple Rain,” “Raspberry Beret,” “Sign O’ The Times,” “Alphabet Street,” “Batdance,” “Cream,” and “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World." 

Prince 4Ever includes "Moonbeam Levels” - a previously unreleased song originally recorded in 1982 during the 1999 sessions and later considered for the never released Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic album. Prince 4Ever will also arrive with a 12-page booklet of never-before-seen photos by acclaimed photographer Herb Ritts. 

In addition, early next year will see the release of the much-anticipated remastered, deluxe version of Purple Rain, plans for which were agreed with Prince before he passed away. The remaster of the classic Purple Rain will arrive with a second album of previously unreleased material. More details will be revealed closer to the release date. 

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anonymous asked:

are there any other ways of finding out what my moon sign is besides knowing the time i was born at? like, my mom says i was born at 9am, therefore i have a scorpio moon, but if i was born only 10 minutes later, i have a sagittarius moon. i think it makes more sense that my moon is in sagittarius (because of the way i was raised) but i'm still not sure

I don’t know…you could pay for a chart rectification but that’s expensive, are you into tarot at all? maybe you could ask and see if it answers. but if you feel sagittarius moon I would go with that

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Nickname: Icha
Gender: she/her
Height: Around 5′6
Sexual orientation: AroAce 
Star sign: Leooo
Time right now: 6:12pm

What are you wearing right now: A black tanktop, a black short on black tights. 

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff (eff u new pottermore test)

Pokémon Team: Instinct

Favorite color: Turquoise

Average hour of sleep: ………… what is sleep (I have no idea seriously there’s night i barely sleep and nights i sleep for 14 hours I’m a mess)

Lucky number(s): huh 7 and 11

Last thing I googled: “Steam” (hello darkness my old friend let me download it again)

Favorite CHARACTER:  shit how do you ask me to choose akjhds. I guess Cloud? Cloud means a lot to me. 

My OC’s: I have manys? But they’re from original stories too (that I’ll never write rip). Mostly the main three are Laer’, Pry’ and Mara. There’s nothing much to say about them without entering in too much details, Mara used to be a mermaid after she got killed at the sea but then was cursed back into a human shape and can’t fit in (she needs help to walk for exemple because she’s not used to have legs anymore). She’s rather reserved and cynical. Pry is an optimistic but very closed off girl who was mostly isolated but is curious. Also part of her face has been burnt off and she’s very insecure about it.  Laer’ looks like the over-positive one, and loves animals, but he’s the one who struggle the most with self worth and the idea of carrying on. He’s cheerful to distract himself of the bad thoughts in general.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With:

Summer: 1-2

Winter: All of them. 

Favorite Bands/Artists: huuh Sleeping At Last, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out boy ect

Song Stuck in Your Head: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

Last TV show watched: that evening where my step dad put on The Originals like “yee you’d love it it’s bout vampire” and I was just like “dude I know I watched the original show” and every two seconds my step dad was trying to argue like “she’s a witch” “no she’s a werewolf” “there’s no werewolf in that show’ ‘are you seriously fighting against me on that” *two minutes later it is confirmed she’s a werewolf* “thank u”

Dream Job: can we not talk about the future pls

Posts: FFVII (I’m in Clack/Aerti hell and I can’t get up) and DGM (can’t hear you  over how much Kanda and Alma deserved better and Allen needs to be okay). But I blog also about loooots of others stuff, FF in general, mangas, like Fullmetal alchemist, shows like shadowhunters, the DC universe, Mystic Messenger, I shitpost a lot too…

Do I get asks on a daily basis: Kinda ye? …. I mean ye I do basically daily. Which is nice I love to hear of y’all :DD

Reason for my URL: I love to suffer and remind myself everyday of how painful my otp is, just as I stuck around with my internet nickname from a fandom i don’t want to talk about ever again o/

When did you create your blog: April 2012 o/

Following: 997

Followers: 2,501

How many posts:  127, 877 with this one

When did my blog hit its peak?: …. Well.  Still going and going. I guess I really started to be active when I joined the Nar’ fandom in 2013/2014 I’d say? From that point on I grew quite confident and I have different peak since in different fandoms. Noticeably I got a huge peak when I liveblogged dgm last december.

Do you have any other blogs: Yaaa, but I barely take care of them so I feel bad putting them on ;;

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If you want to of course <3

Take care!

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nickname: percy, cilia, percilia

star sign:  gemini

height: 5′2″

time right now: 8:20 p.m. 

song stuck in your head:  Dernière danse, Indila

last movie you watched: Perks of Being A Wallflower with my school’s GSA

last tv show you watched: Hibike Euphonium (anime counts, right), it’s amazing, it’s about a concert band aiming for nationals, you should watch it

what are you wearing right now: black tank top and jeans bc i don’t feel cold

when did you create your blog: Sometime in February this year

what kind of stuff do you post: e v e r y t h i n g (lol just whatever interests me. sometimes i get mildly obsessed with something and I’ll post just that for like an hour, but just whatever i think is neat)

do you have any other blogs: not really

do you get asks regularly: no. SEND ME ASKS, DARLINGS

why did you choose your URL: bc i wanted to sound pretentious

hogwarts house: used to be slytherin, but I’m a ravenclaw rn. SLYTHERCLAW

gender: female

pokemon team: don’t play (DON’T KILL ME)

favourite colour: Light aqua i guess, and that deep blue-purple the sky gets at night right before it fades to like ink, and also that light blue with yellowish tints that the sky gets on some autumn mornings

average number of hours of sleep: 4-6, sometimes 3, sometimes 12

dream job: if it was viable and paid well and i wasn’t as ambitious, I’d be content as like a conductor of like an orchestra or something. As it is I reeeeally like microbiology, immunology, etc, etc

how many blankets do you sleep with: two

i tag: @wanderingskywatcher @lucytheawkwardlion @luminarily @evanesce-shadow @smartweedbrain @sarcasticslythe @thesolopianist @writeitinsharpie @whoviangoddess23 @infinitieswrappedininfinities @dragonsandgayvampires @ask-timewriter @thewrittenaddiction @pinkbabby @snowdragon23 @rodoeti @shewhoshallnotbeforgotten @my-deadly-butterfly @chapter-61 @sailor-arashi and anyone else who wants to do this

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Nickname: panda
Gender: she/her
Height: around 170cm
Sexual orientation: aroace
Star sign: virgo
Time right now: 11.26pm

What are you wearing right now: red shirt, white shorts

Hogwarts House: i was Ravenclaw but the new Pottermore test made me a Hufflepuff 

Pokémon Team: instinct

Favorite color: orange

Average hour of sleep: lmao part 1 

Lucky number(s): 18

Last thing I googled: uhh something about pixar’s new animation

Favorite CHARACTER: just one? sasuke and naruto. Theyre one package dont argue with me :T

My OC’s: fjdksajfd i have so many?? but the one i draw often is Satsume (the orange head you’ve probs seen in my art tag) she’s an ex-military mercenary and another one is Cody and he’s a cupid :3c

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 2

Favorite Bands/Artists: fall out boy, nico touches the walls, mili

Song Stuck in Your Head: currently Sl0t by Mili (theIR NEW ALBUM I SWEAR)

Last TV show watched: mom was watching CSI so i joined her

Dream Job: lmao part 2 (the hopeful part in me is still aiming for visual developer but what do i know)

Posts: naruto, mystic messenger, pacific rim, FF in general, hmmm some haikyuu, undertale, HP, some voltron here and there

Do I get asks on a daily basis: nawh

Reason for my URL: aww man i remember changing into this url when i was still obsessing over exo and bap. Panda for exo’s Tao and Jelo for BAP’s Zelo pfft XD my babies

When did you create your blog: Jan 2012 but only got active around… 2014

Following: 700


How many posts: 27,920 with this

When did my blog hit its peak?: uhm not sure? i think its started crowding here when I started to post pacrim and then sns stuff. Its been going from there :D

Do you have any other blogs: just one school blog :T

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I was tagged by the lovely @goodtobealunatic thank you dear !! i’m so sorry for posting it this late :’)

Nickname: It can be Marinette, Marinouh…Whatever you want !

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 1m64

Time Right Now: 23:28

Favorite Musical Artist: Oh I have A LOT ! Among them are the amazing Måns Zelmerlöw and Coldplay :3

Song Stuck in Your Head: Rhythm inside, by Loïc Nottet ❤

Last Movie Watched:  Wow i don’t even remember, it’s been a while since i watched a movie…

Last TV Show Watched: Game of Thrones (s2) ^^

What Are You Wearing Right Now:  Green pants and a white and grey t-shirt

When Did You Create Your Blog: Exactly last year ! It’s my blog’s 1 yo birthday ;p

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: Mostly fandoms (Doctor Who, Star Wars, Broadchurch, and…David Tennant ❤) and i try to post my drawings sometimes but atm i don’t really have the time to draw…

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Yep ! Well it’s not just mine, but i take part of it :3 it’s @doctorwhoartists it you wanna check out ;)

Do You Get Asks Regularly: Sometimes yes ? :)

Why Did You Choose Your URL: It means Marie and her cloud, it was a kinda private joke with my brother because he helped me to create my blog, so we chose this name because i have a teddy bear called cloud…don’t judge me okay ? xD

Gender:  Female

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw i think but i love Gryffindor too ;p

Pokemon Team: No. No no no no. I don’t play pokemon go xD (sorry)

Favorite Color: Red

Average Hours of Sleep: i’d like to sleep like sleep 8-9 hours but atm it’s more like 6-7 hours…

Lucky Number: i don’t have one i think i don’t believe in that kind of thing but i like the number 4 ?

Favorite Characters: Aaaaaah it’s like the question about the favorite musical artists i’ve got too much !! Let’s say the Tenth Doctor, Clara Oswald, Alec Hardy, Padme amidala, Rey, Finn, Poe, Sirius Black forever and ever :’), John Watson, annnnd i’m sure i forget a lot of them…

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: One atm, two during winter

Dream Job: i dunno :’)

Following: 398 amazing people

tagging : @hardythetimelord, @margauxdanslocean, @pleasantlyfurrytennant, @adelaidebrook, @nosecretslefttohide, @elevenswish, @whatisthepointofyouhardy, @impossiibleclara, and every one who wants to do it ! (I don’t know if you’ve already done it guys…)

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Name: Fish

Nickname: Fish (yeah you arent getting my real name)

Star sign: Sagittarius 

Time right now: 10:55pm

Last thing googled: bearbrick kaws

Favorite music artists:(my current top listens)Social Distortion, Ghost B.C, Rammstein, The Other, Frank Turner

Song stuck in your head: Dark Black Makeup - Radkey

Last TV show watched: Brooklyn 99

What are wearing right now: grey tee, sweatpants, black hoodie, my alliance beanie

When did you create your blog?: November 2011 I think

What kind of stuff do you post: Fallout, fallout ocs, art, pokemon, dragonage, borderlands, warcraft, and sometimes anime

Do you have any other blogs: An unused nsfw blog.

Do you get asks regularly: Sometimes daily but it’s been kinda quiet lately. So yes quite regularly.

Why did you choose your URL: combo of a nickname and the fact I used to be a horror/gore/punk blog. (yes that’s right..)

Hogwarts House: I took a test once that said I was gryffindor 

Pokémon team: Mystic

Favorite color: Blue or red

Average hours of sleep: sleep? (maybe 2-5)

Lucky number: 12

Favorite character(s): Dread (yes my own oc counts), Paladin Danse, Curie, Maccready, Cullen, Handsome Jack, Rhys (borderlands), Reaper

Sleep with: my shark

Dream job: Children’s book illustrator or animator

Following: 303

I think this is everyone now so I tag who ever wants to.

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nickname: Eren, Ricky

star sign: Capricorn

height: 5′2

time right now: 7:25 pm

song stuck in your head: shelter by porter Robinson & madeon

last movie you watched: Pretty in Pink

last tv show you watched: Gossip Girl

what are you wearing right now: Alien shirt and Joggers

when did you create your blog: 2013

what kind of stuff do you post: anime and aesthetic and whatever I like

do you have any other blogs: I deleted all my side blogs so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

do you get asks regularly: no

why did you choose your URL: my name is Eren and I get lost

hogwarts house: who knows

gender: Masculine Agender

pokemon team: VALOR

favourite colour: Pink

average number of hours of sleep: 5

dream job: I wish I knew 😔

how many blankets do you sleep with: 4-5

I tag : @shiftree , @shounen-yo, @biosh, @xi-ren, @littlenao, @orangeapocalypse, @derpyasian, @otherowls 

 And anyone else who wants to

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nickname: I once convinced a person my legal name is Butterfly Queen, does that count?

star sign: capricorn

height: 5′7″ 

time right now: 11:58 p.m. 

 song stuck in your head: Colors of the wind 

last movie you watched: the first 30 minutes of Mean Girls 

last tv show you watched: Freaks and Geeks

what are you wearing right now: a large sweater, jeans and boots even though it’s 85 degrees. (I’m hoping that the cold weather will see how desperate I am and feel morally obligated to come)

when did you create your blog: over a year ago, but for several months I used a different account (@another-artsy-one) before coming back to this one and completely reinventing it. 

what kind of stuff do you post: literally everything. This blog is a mess, just like me. I usually post whatever I’m interested inn, which can range from memes to current issues to fandoms (including but not limited to: ML, Voltron, Harry Potter, ATLA, Carry On, Hamilton, etc.) to artwork and photography to interesting facts and places.

 do you have any other blogs: Aside from my abandoned blog @another-artsy-one , I also have a neglected ML blog @tikki-transform-me

do you get asks regularly: no. SEND ME ASKS, PLEASE

why did you choose your URL:I’m a super math nerd so I was really fascinated when my friend was explaining to me how mathematicians are saying there can be different sets of infinity. So theoretically, one could add up theses sets of infinity so you’d have infinities wrapped in infinities until you reach an unreachable number (though most people just think i’m referencing john green) 

hogwarts house: used to be gryffindor, but I’m a ravenclaw rn.

gender: female 

pokemon team: valor

favourite colour: N/A (though I do usually wear earth tones like army green, brown, maroon, navy blue, pumpkin orange, etc.)

number of hours of sleep: 10 or 2-none , there’s no in between (thank you, ADHD for giving me insomnia)

dream job: idk man i just wanna live my life and make art and nerd out about math and discover new sequences ad equations and nerd out about math while making art. 

how many blankets do you sleep with: two or two hundred 

i tag: @casbutttheassbutt @quirkyweirdme @aggressivelyneutral16 @vaikarius @little-midgets-stole-my-beard @gravitylockedus @why-you-spurgus @theglassespredicament @rare-glittery-trash @memes-and-musicals @ourladybird @thefangurl3000  

and anyone else wh would like to do this! Feel free to tag me even if your url isn’t here, chances are I just forgot to put it down.

Took this from @fishplague cause I haven’t done this meme before.

Name: Rin

Nickname: King of the BoS Dumpster

Star sign: Capricorn

Time right now: 11:24pm

Last thing googled: DIY Halloween decorations at the job

Favorite music artists: A Perfect Circle

Song stuck in your head: Bohemian Rhapsody 

Last TV show watched: Halt & Catch Fire

What are wearing right now: Sleep wear

When did you create your blog?: At the beginning of this year, it used to be a side blog.

What kind of stuff do you post: The Elder Scrolls & Fallout content. Including my con adventures relating to both game series.

Do you have any other blogs: @rinsaiyuri is my cosplay/multi fandom blog

Do you get asks regularly: About 2-4 a week?

Why did you choose your URL: My Skyrim OC

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Pokémon team: Mystic

Favorite color: Purple

Average hours of sleep: 5-7 hours

Lucky number: 2

Favorite character(s): Paladin Danse & Elder Maxson (Fallout 4), Brynjolf & Vilkas (Skyrim), Thranduil (The Hobbit), Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil)

Sleep with: My plushies

Dream job: Somewhere in IT field

Following: 289

Anyone is free to do this meme for their blog if they want~

I was tagged by both @maximumrevolution and @cuz-im-the-wanderer ~ Thank you both (^_^)

Name: Kayla

Nickname: Don’t really have one

Star sign: Taurus

Time right now: 7:40 PM

Last thing googled: Nintendo Switch

Favorite music artists: oh lordy… Elton John, X Ambassadors, Imagine Dragons, Journey, Heart, Stone Temple Pilots, P!nk, Skylar Grey to name a few

Song stuck in your head: “Polaroid” by Imagine Dragons

Last TV show watched: does the presidential debate count?

What are wearing right now: Purple shirt, gray pj shorts

When did you create your blog?: Uh… June I think?

What kind of stuff do you post: FALLOUT, Dragon Age, silly stuff, personal stuff, stuff about my OCs, and doodles

Do you have any other blogs: I have my personal blog that I don’t use anymore, so not really.

Do you get asks regularly: I usually get quite a few when I have a doodle prompt thing posted other than that not regularly. I appreciate and love every one sent :D

Why did you choose your URL: Because I’m a Dragon Age nerd

Hogwarts House: Wannabe Ravenclaw but probably Hufflepuff

Pokémon team: Instinct

Favorite color: Blue or Green

Average hours of sleep: 5-6

Lucky number: idk 2?

Favorite character(s): oh lordy (take 2)… just know I’m Samson and Maxson trash and let’s leave it there

Sleep with: my tablet to my right

Dream job: Neurologist and/or neurobiologist

Following: 78

Again, idk who’s been tagged in this, so do it if you want lol XD

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name:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
nickname: i don’t really have one, merc is okay i guess lmao
star sign: libra
time rn: 11:34am
Last thing I googled: it was ‘heart symbol’ but now thanks to this it’s ‘lenny face’
Favorite music artists: Linkin Park, Apulanta, Wellhello, ByeAlex
Song stuck in my head: “Kedvesem” by ByeAlex
Last tv show I watched: American Dad
what are u wearing?: orange t-shirt and comfy shorts bc that’s what I slept in
when did u make ur tumblr blog?: I don’t remember exactly but it was around the time fo4 came out so I’m guessing November or December last year (2015)
do u have any other blogs?: I have a langblr that I’m not super active on but @linguadoodle
do u get asks regularly?: nope
how did u choose ur URL?: i wanted something short, concise, and catchy. and i like maccready a lot so
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw
pokemon team: (I don’t play/like pokemon tbh)
Favorite color: purple/blue
average hours of sleep per night: work nights usually 6-7, off nights anywhere from 7 to 14
lucky number: I don’t really have one but I like even numbers on things
favorite character: maccready (fo4), castiel (spn), envy & greed (fma)
Sleep with: boyfriend, neverending existential dread, and at least 2 of our 6 cats
dream job: translator or illustrator/animator
following: a little over 300

I tag @cloudsaysthings @dolosolo @riewiggles @pinklyrium @zwergix @dontexplainthejoke @lonegalaxies @truenekosama @notstruckbyasmoothcriminal and anyone who wants to and obviously as usual you’re not obligated at all

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nickname: mom,,,,
star sign: sagittarius
height: mUCH
time right now: 2:10pm
song stuck in your head: the sign - ace of base
last movie you watched: zootopia
last tv show you watched: atla!!!
what are you wearing right now: sweatpants and a tanktop
when did you create your blog: early 2013
what kind of stuff do you post: my gay feelings.. and clouds
do you have any other blogs: i have too many sideblogs omg
do you get asks regularly: i get all my questions through IM now aa
why did you choose your URL: i love ovw and my nyas
hogwards house: ravenclaw
gender: nonbinary
pokemon team: mystic
favourite colour: light blue and the really pretty purple the sky gets after it rains
average number of hours of sleep: 1-2
dream job: any type of animal scientist 
how many blankets do you sleep with: 5
i tag: @hallowrezi @poiendina @kirbymongerr @gayherobrine @pumpkinatichara @churchisgay @pissdrinkerzen @dianna-swagron @egoisticsuicide666 @nyello @skullcanine @gorewhale @glowjellies @80spup @irlkuriyama @avpd-tracer @waifuswithguns @gungarr @brb-morping @queerowl
you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to aaaa

the signs stressed af
  • omFG I'M GONNA FUCkiNG DIE GOoodBYE WORLD I'LL SEE Y'ALL IN HELL:taurus, gemini, scorpio
  • *paces around room for 6129322+ hours*:libra
  • okay you touch me i'll explode:aries, cancer, leo
  • uh yeah i'm going to stay under my blankets for the next 7 years so if you'll excuse me:sagittarius, pisces
  • hehe no i'm fine *screams internally into the void*:virgo, capricorn, aquarius