I love how long Sign of the Times has been on the Shazam chart, because it means that people are still hearing the song places and pulling out their phones because they want to know who it’s by 😌

this or that: harry styles edition

meet me in the hallway or meet me in the hallway? sign of the times or sign of the times? carolina or carolina? two ghosts or two ghosts? sweet creature or sweet creature? only angel or only angel? kiwi or kiwi? ever since new york or ever since new york? woman or woman? from the dining table or from the dining table?

[NEWS] BLACKPINK To Hold Their First Ever Fan Signing Event

Girl group BLACKPINK will be holding a fan signing event for the first time since debut!

On June 27, their agency YG Entertainment announced through their official social media accounts that BLACKPINK will be holding a fan signing event on July 2.

120 attendees will be randomly selected from among those who buy BLACKPINK’s merchandise at their official pop-up store in Hongdae or at another store called Soundwave.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK recently became the fastest K-pop group to reach 30 million views on YouTube with their music video for “As If It’s Your Last.”

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What about a Virgo Venus and Aquarius Venus?

this is one of my favorite matches, i think they can understand each other very well. they both can be closed off signs and would take time to open up and be affectionate but they’re both looking for something long lasting and a bit of a best-friend type relationship. they can do a lot of small things for each other and be very sweet in a way that most people wouldn’t think is enough 

Don’t wanna bother anyone but the last one I made was a bit wonky my bad!!
rules: 10 songs you’re currently you’re vibing to I was tagged by @vvaterling

1. Let my baby stay - amandla stenberg
2. Sign of the times - Harry styles
3. Banana walk - dub specialist
4. Always on my mind - eek-a-mouse
5. Ride - lana del rey
6. Lovesong - the cure
7. Gold dust woman - fleetwood mac
8. El condor Pasa - Simon and Garfunkel
9. Entre do Aguas - Paco de Lucio
10. All I wanna do - beach boys

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Hey, I'm just curious in case I go next year, but how hard is it to get tickets(??) to meet and greets at vidcon? I'm thinking of going, but it wouldn't be worth it to me to go if I didn't get to meet any of my favorite creators.

it would really depend on who you want to meet! i somehow got lucky enough to get into the dan and phil signing in 2015 which was my first vidcon, but that is very rare! each meetup normally has anywhere between 250-500 spaces, and dan and phil tend to get around 9,000 people signing up each time, whereas some other youtubers might have a lower volume of people trying to get in!!! either way, vidcon is still such a great experience!