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The Signs As Things My Teachers Have Said
  • Aries: “Tell me any place you want a one-way ticket to and I´ll buy it.”
  • Taurus: “One day has 24 hours and if that´s not enough for studying, use the night, too."
  • Gemini: “I honestly don´t care whether you come to my lessons or not, I´m getting paid anyways.”
  • Cancer: “Of course you can join my course next year; you don´t annoy me.”
  • Leo: *reads out the school rules* “…furthermore you are not allowed to eat or drink in the classroom.” *looks at coffee mug in his hand* “Well, f*ck it, whatever.”
  • Virgo: “I´m sorry, I didn´t manage to correct your essays; I spent the whole weekend binge-watching TV-series.”
  • Libra: *looks at test I just handed in* “Oh, I´m sorry. Have a good day anyways.”
  • Scorpio: In linguistics class: “These guys, what are they called? You know, these guys who research languages. It´s on the tip of my tongue, dammit. Oh, yes, of course, I remember- linguists!”
  • Sagittarius: “OH NO, I´VE RUN OUT OF SNICKERS!”
  • Capricorn: “The rumour that there is a body buried in the school yard is completely false and I don´t know where it comes from. There is no body buried in the school yard.”
  • Aquarius: “Will you learn this damn tense, or do I have to get my squeaky toy?”
  • Pisces: *gives me back my test* “You do plan on studying for the next one, though, don´t you?”
How the Signs Study
  • Post-its everywhere, color-coding everything, pages and pages of notes: Virgo, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus
  • Reads the material over once: Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
  • LOL STUDYING: Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer
The signs and organization

Super organized and ordered: Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Cancer

Organized mess: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius

Literally just a mess: Libra, Leo, Gemini, Aries

study on appearance in coordination w/ rising sign

hey guys!!! i’m trying a study based on ur natural appearance along with your rising sign. i will not be recording your @’s. if ur interested in participating, but do not want to share publicly, please send me a message saying you want to be involved!!

please reblog w/ the following info:
- ascendant sign (aka rising sign or sign in the first house)

- natural hair color in the following categories:
a. light blonde
b. blonde
c. dark blonde
d. light brown
e. brown
f. dark brown
g. black
h. auburn
i. red
j. strawberry blonde
k. platinum blonde/white/silver

- natural eye color in the following categories:
a. light blue
b. blue
c. dark blue
d. blue-green
e. light green
f. green
h. dark green
i. hazel
j. light brown
k. brown
l. dark brown
m. black
o. light grey
p. grey
q. dark grey

to clarify, don’t tell me the letter, tell me the color. i listed the colors as such because it’ll be easier for me to record if i have a set number of categories. i’m not looking for answers like “green eyes with a blue center and gold flecks”. if you think i missed an important category, please message me and i’ll consider it. thanks a lot guys, please enjoy!

Taurus & Capricorn
  • Taurus, looking through Capricorn's things: Where is it...
  • Capricorn, standing in the doorway, holding Taurus's bag filled with snacks and ipad: You'll get it back after finals, I told you that
  • Taurus, whines and stomps thier feet: But that isnt till next week!! I need my hot cheeto fix!
  • Capricorn, shakes head: You can whine all you want, you'll be grateful when you get a 83 instead of a 68 on U.S. history
The Zodiac Signs From What I have seen In All Those  Zodiac Signs Posts That I Thought About At  6 am As I Was Sick
  • Aries: you must feel so special since you are always the first one and don’t have to squint your eyes and try to go through every sign lucky are also kind of a bitch
  • Taurus: the true royalty of the zodiac, don’t give a fuckers, like you could try to kick their ass but they would just be like “pathetic” and go back to their 24-carat gold encrusted with diamonds iPhone 6
  • Gemini: everyone hates them but really they are as problematic as any other sign, it’s cause your sign has two-faces and we need a villain sorry
  • Cancer: hufflepuff, i feel like if you would go at their house they would cook something for you but I can’t guarantee anything about the taste tho
  • Leo: act like royalty but they really aren’t, their ass is very much kickable, furry
  • Virgo: they are not really virgins, also I am pretty sure that this is where slytherins come from
  • Libra: drama queens but like they have a reason, the person that rolls their eyes and gets their calculator when the professor is asking to verify an answer in the board
  • Scorpio: ominous, goth, surrounded by mist, most likely the leader of a sex cult that also does witchcraft on the side
  • Sagittarius: travels a lot apparently, always seen as athletic and nature-loving when really it’s not like that at all and I swear if I see one more post about hiking the goddamn himalayas as a great first date for sagittarius i will get my philosophic traveling ass and shot arrows at your window.
  • Capricorn: control-freak, neat-freaking, everything-freak, can be your angle or devil, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO KICK THEIR ASS I REPEAT THEY KNOW WHERE TO HIDE THE BODY, also their sign is a goat mermaid whats up with that
  • Aquarius: weird, these people are just weird there is no other way of putting it, waterbenders
  • Pisces: the poetic, dreamy romantic or at least that’s what they say but my dad is a pisces and he is as dreamy and romantic as a cardboard box so...
Cancer & Taurus
  • Taurus, sitting in the mini park on campus, studying before his next class:
  • Cancer, sees him & walks over to him calmly: Hey Taurus, how are you doing?
  • Taurus, smiles as soon as he notices her: Better, now that your here. What's up?
  • Cancer, screaming inside her head: Oh, you know...nothing.. besides the fact that anytime I see you around, I feel like melting- But you know, just studying.
Entwining Your Dominant Energies

I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to make the mistake as taking only the first dominant sign or planet, but your dominance works more as a rank than it does as one true thing.

Everyone has every sign/planet/element/modality within them. Each sign will have some amount of prevalence in your chart. For this reason, it’s key to look at it as encompassing yourself, rather than defining it as one.

For example, my dominant sign is Aquarius, but this would not be enough to understand or study me. I would also take my next 4: Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus. Then, I could start to study these signs and their archetypes, and see how they can relate to me as a whole.

That’s the key to dominants: it is you as a whole. They work as a flash point, a conclusion, to your chart. Each sign or planet has a certain set of values and characteristics, which when you combine with the other most prominent dominants you have, can act as almost a small biography of who you are. 

When thinking of your dominants, it’s key to not take too much or too little. If you have 5 signs all with high percentages, you can use all 5 if you wish, but if you only have 2, then you can just use 2! 

To conclude, here’s a list of characteristics which can be used to describe each dominant. If you’re unsure on how many to take away from this, the default amount is usually considered 3 (3 signs, and 3 planets).


  • Aries - Passionate, Impulsive, Chaotic
  • Taurus - Stubborn, Routinely, Loving
  • Gemini - Social, Dynamic, Laid Back
  • Cancer - Family oriented, Empathetic, Emotionally tied
  • Leo - Artistic, Extroverted, Dramatic
  • Virgo - Analytical, Precise, Helpful
  • Libra - Loving, Indecisive, Peaceful
  • Scorpio - Investigative, Deep, Intense
  • Sagittarius - Intellectual, Travel-oriented, Unsettled
  • Capricorn - Ambitious, Hard-working, Objective
  • Aquarius - Eccentric, Individual, Humanitarian
  • Pisces - Intuitive, Sympathetic, Romantic


  • Sun - Confident, Extroverted, Sure
  • Moon - Emotional, Empathetic, Understanding
  • Mercury - Linguistically wise, Communicative, Social
  • Venus - Aesthetically Inclined, Loving, Musical
  • Mars - Rambunctious, Head strong, Prominent
  • Jupiter - Expansive, Experience-oriented, Unregulated
  • Saturn - Orderly, Specific, System-inclined
  • Uranus - Outspoken, Political, Blunt
  • Neptune - Delusional, Dreamy, Wise
  • Pluto - Ever-changing, Destructive, Revival

Example: Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius & Mars, Sun, Pluto

“I am investigative and intellectual, I am intense and unsettled. Parts of me are artistic and dramatic. I can be travel-oriented, as well as deep. Amongst these things, I am rambunctious and ever-changing, maybe even head strong and destructive. It is likely you shall see me as confident or sure, even prominent or extroverted. But, I have another side of me which aims for revival.”

The Signs Studying

Aries: Reads everything so fast…

Taurus: Studies carefully and slowly

Gemini: Studies while listening to music, talking, singing, or surfing the Internet

Cancer: Only likes to study with friends or family around

Leo: If they’re interested in having a good grade, they’ll have a good grade

Virgo: Writes down everything they need to know and studies it

Libra: Studies only the day before the exam

Scorpio: Does this silently so nobody actually knows what they’re doing

Sagittarius: Finds it boring. Reads a page and then goes out for a walk

Capricorn: Studies harder than all of the others, gets a great grade

Aquarius: Writes down what they think is important. Most of the time, it wasn’t important

Pisces: Wants to study but starts wondering about life and gets lost

Taurus & Gemini
  • Taurus, finally in bed after a stressful day:
  • Gemini, busts open into Taurus's room wearing their unicorn onezie, holding a boombox:
  • Taurus, looks @ Gemini for mercy: Please
The Signs and Practice SAT Books

Aries: puts it off until the week before the test

Taurus: reads 30 pages of the practice SAT book the first day. annotates by highlighting entire pages of text

Gemini: takes the test without opening the book

Cancer: reads five pages once a week

Leo: takes the practice test, doesn’t bother with the other information

Virgo: takes notes, annotates, writes out a study plan

Libra: busts out five different colored highlighters and pens

Scorpio: forgot the buy the practice book

Sagittarius: forced to do the practice book

Capricorn: does well on the test without even trying

Aquarius: falls asleep half way through studying every single time

Pisces: brings sat book everywhere but never actually works from it