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The signs as My Chemical Romance eras
  • Aries:The Black Parade era
  • Taurus:Danger Days era
  • Gemini:Revenge era
  • Cancer:Bullets era
  • Leo:Danger Days era
  • Virgo:Bullets era
  • Libra:Post MCR era
  • Scorpio:REVENGE era
  • Sagittarius:Bullets era
  • Capricorn:The Black Parade era
  • Aquarius:BULLETS era
  • Pisces:Danger Days era

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your sign in Greek Mythology
  • aries:golden ram who saved two children from being sacrificed to appease the gods; made into the Aries constellation
  • taurus:the wild bull Persephone tamed; made into the Taurus constellation
  • gemini:a god (Castor) who represents one of the twins; made into the Gemini constellation
  • cancer:a crab (Crios)who protected the sea nymphs; made into the Cancer constellation
  • leo:the Nemean Lion, killed by Hercules and used his fur to ward off any enemies, since the lion's fur was impenetrable; made into the Leo constellation
  • virgo:associated with Demeter and her daughter Persephone, explains why the seasons change; made into the Virgo constellation
  • libra:associated with the minor goddess of the underworld, Dike (meaning Justice); made into the Libra constellation
  • scorpio:the scorpion sent by Gaia to sting Orion for his boastfulness, eventually sending him straight to his death; made into the Scorpio constellation
  • sagittarius:Cheiron, the son of Poseidon and most famous and king of the centaurs, killed by one of Hercules' poison arrows; made into the Sagittarius constellation
  • capricorn:Amaltheia, a goat nymph who took care of Zeus as a baby; made into the Capricorn constellation
  • aquarius:Ganymede, the cupbearer of the Gods, who served the immortal liquid of nectar to them, was very important to Zeus; made into the Aquarius constellation
  • pisces:the two fish Aphrodite and her son formed into during their time of distress to hide from Typhon, a monster of Gaia; made into the Pisces constellation

101 - Getting into Astrology

201 - The basic personality traits

301 - The parts of the chart

Other FAQs

It’s becoming a reality...

I  keep having dreams about me going to Gallaudet…

Then it goes to the ASL classes I’ll have this summer…

To Sept for my ASL and Deaf Studies program…

Seeing The Lion King interpreted in ASL on the 28th of the June…

I think my brain and I are really excited to FINALLY be doing something I love and ready to explore the world, the city and discover who I am, and what I want to do with my life. 

The Zodiac Signs Studying

Aries: Reads everything so fast …

Taurus: Studies carefully and slowly.

Gemini: Is studying while listening to music, talking, singing, or surfing the internet.

Cancer: Only likes to study with friends or family around.

Leo: If they’re interested in having a good grade, they’ll have a good grade.

Virgo: Writes down everything she needs to know and studies it.

Libra: Studies only the day before the exam.

Scorpio: Does this silently … nobody actually knows what they’re doing.

Sagittarius: Finds it boring, reads a page then goes out for a walk.

Capricorn: Studies harder than all of the others, gets a great grade.

Aquarius: Writes drown what they think is important. Most of the time, it wasn’t important.

Pisces: Wants to study but starts wondering about life and gets lost.

Notary Reference Books

Notary Reference Books Notary reference books can be useful when doing research, and when seeking additional information, explanations, history or best practices. The National Notary Association (NNA) publishes many notary reference books, including state-specific notary law primers. Older, historic reference books make interesting reading to learn how notary powers and procedures have changed…

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