signs on futurama

The signs as cartoons
  • Aries: Family Guy
  • Taurus: Adventure Time
  • Gemini: Tom and Jerry
  • Cancer: Bob's Burgers
  • Leo: Spongebob Squarepants
  • Virgo: The Cleveland Show
  • Libra: Simpsons
  • Scorpio: South Park
  • Sagittarius: American Dad
  • Capricorn: King of the Hill
  • Aquarius: Futurama
  • Pisces: Gravity Falls
Signs as Futurama Things
  • Aries: The Opening Phrases
  • Taurus: Season 6
  • Gemini: Everytime they go back in time
  • Cancer: Flashbacks to the 21st Century
  • Leo: Barbados Slim
  • Virgo: Hermes, and the bureaucrats
  • Libra: Fry and Leela's relationship
  • Scorpio: The Sewers
  • Sagittarius: Anytime they go on a delivery
  • Capricorn: The entire episode where Leela had a tv show
  • Aquarius: Scary Door
  • Pisces: The episode with the salmon
The Signs as Futurama Characters

Aries: Turanga Leela

Taurus: Philip J. Fry

Gemini: MOM

Cancer: Kif Kroker

Leo: Zapp Brannigan

Virgo: Hermes Conrad

Libra: Amy Wong

Scorpio: Lord Nibbler

Sagittarius: Bender Bending Rodriguez

Capricorn: Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

Aquarius: “Doctor” John Zoidberg

Pisces: Scruffy the Janitor

The Signs As “Futurama Characters”

Aries: Leela

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Taurus: Professor Farnsworth

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Gemini: Bender

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Cancer: Zoidberg

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Leo: Fry

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Virgo: Nibbler 

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Libra: Kif 

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Scorpio: Zapp Brannigan

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Sagittarius: Amy

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Capricorn: Mom 

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Aquarius: Hermes

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Pisces: Scruffy

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The Signs as Futurama Quotes

Aries: “Goodbye, cruel world. Goodbye, cruel lamp. Goodbye, cruel velvet drapes, lined with what would appear to be some sort of cruel muslin and the cute little pom-pom curtain pull cords. Cruel though they may be…”

Taurus: “Good news, everyone! There’s a report on TV with some very bad news!”

Gemini: “If rubbin’ frozen dirt in your crotch is wrong, hey I don’t wanna be right.”

Cancer: “There’s one way and only one way to determine if an animal is intelligent. Dissect its brain!”

Leo: “They’re like sex, except I’m having them!”

Virgo: “Valentine’s Day’s coming? Aw crap! I forgot to get a girlfriend again!”

Libra: “Dear God, they’ll be killed on our doorstep! And there’s no trash pickup until January 3rd.”

Scorpio: “What? You’ve never seen a genius’s wiener before?”

Sagittarius: “Well, thanks to the Internet, I’m now bored with sex.”

Capricorn: “Good news, everyone! I’ve taught the toaster to feel love!”

Aquarius: “I’m not a robot like you, I don’t like having discs crammed into me…unless they’re Oreos…and then only in the mouth.”

Pisces: “All I want is to be a monkey of moderate intelligence who wears a suit… that’s why I’m transferring to business school!”