signs of the end of the age

so i got an Official Serious Adult Business Email from one of my middle-aged colleagues today about boring purchasing stuff, and then when i scrolled down i saw that instead of signing her name she just ended the email with a photo of a guinea pig wearing a flower hat and i just absolutely fucking lost my shit over it

  • Aries: 2000s: Biggest Musical Revolutionary Era, Terrorism, Piggy-Backed off 90s, Digital Rise, Tons of Music Genres, Films.
  • Taurus: 1930s: Great Depression, More War, Strength prevails, Radio, Cinema, Swing Music.
  • Gemini: 1900s: Victorian Era, Business-was-minded-around-the-world, Migration, Class, Settlement.
  • Cancer: 1910s: Upmost class, Elegance, War, Science prevails.
  • Leo: 1960s: Hippies, Scandals, World Peace, Rich in Culture, Music Dominance, Racism.
  • Virgo: 1970s: Disco, Video Games and Computers, Equality is strived for, Technology-Rich.
  • Libra: 1920s: Roaring Twenties, Jazz, Woman's Voting Rights, Flappers.
  • Scorpio: 1950s: Rock n' Roll, Elvis Presley, New Fashion Look, Golden Age of Television.
  • Sagittarius: 2010s: Unfinished, Memes, Sarcasm, World Race/Equality Conflict rises, Will end bad, Technology-based.
  • Capricorn: 1940s: War Ends, Patriotic, Nuclear Weapons, Space Exploration.
  • Aquarius: 1990s: '90s Kids', Classics, Vintage, Neon Colors, Titanic Film, Revolutionary Era.
  • Pisces: 1980s: MTV, Michael Jackson, Comedy and Cartoons, Mullet/Mohawks, Nuclear Treats.

My dear trans daughters, 

If you are trying out make-up, “feminine” clothes etc. for the first time, i want to tell you some things: 

1. First of all… *big mommy bear hug*! I’m so proud of you! This is a big step and it’s very exciting! 

2. You are likely excited, too - but you may also be nervous or even scared. Please know that those feelings are completely normal. They’re not a sign that you’re “faking it”. Trust me when i tell you that almost all of your trans sisters felt the same way. You’re not alone, darling. 

3. Nobody is born a makeup artist. Every girl - cis or trans - needs to practice how to put on mascara or lipstick without ending up looking like a horror clown. The only difference is that cis girls usually get taught how to at a young age. It’s not your failure that nobody taught you! So, what if you tried it and it looked awful? Don’t stress. You’ll get the hang of it eventually. It’s normal that it takes practice and time. 

4. The good thing about not being the only one? There were others before you who were in the same situation - and shared what they learned! There are tutorials on youtube, tumblr posts, websites etc. Don’t be afraid to use them. 

5. It’s okay to take baby steps. You don’t need to try it all at once. Maybe putting on nail polish, mascara and a dress today feels overwhelming - but just putting on clear nail polish sounds much less scary! There’s nothing wrong with slowly working your way up to the look you dream off. 

6. You don’t need to do anything. You tried lipstick and you don’t like it? That’s okay! You don’t need to wear lipstick to be a real woman. You don’t enjoy wearing skirts? Many girls prefer pants, don’t worry! 

7. Have i already told you how amazing you are? 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Venus Signs

Venus is the planet of love, relationships and friendships and gives us insight as to the qualities that we admire in others but also the ideal nature of our connections. Along with this, planets in the fifth and seventh houses can give indications as to our relationships with others, as well as the sign on the seventh house cusp.

Venus in Aries: These individuals likely crave the rough and tumble traits of others, the impulsive and sparky elements. They likely enjoy heated, somewhat argumentative relations, yet with a boldness and the spirit of adventure. This is a passionate and initially intense energy.

Venus in Taurus: These individuals likely crave stable and tender relationships, where enjoying the physical environment can be a shared, sensual experience. They likely admire the determined, loyal and grounded energy of others, people that they can feel safe and familiar with. 

Venus in Gemini: These individuals likely enjoy the light-hearted and humorous traits of others, the intellect and charisma, a much more cerebral energy. These relationships are often changeable, comedic and can even be somewhat sweet if not odd at times.

Venus in Cancer: These individuals enjoy devotion and a full heart, where there is a soul to soul connection and a certain sensitivity. They likely admire the supportive, compassionate and nurturing traits of others, people they can feel that they find a home in.

Venus in Leo: This is a placement that seeks full fledged adoration and dedication, a generosity with both time and affection. People with Venus in Leo likely seek friends and partners that are bold, vivacious and full of a light and loving spirit.

Venus in Virgo: People with this placement know the value of the small things in life, the small gestures of kindness and helpfulness, so while these connections may be at least at first reserved, they often bloom into something that resembles devotion, helpfulness and groundedness, a supportive energy.

Venus in Libra: This is a placement that seeks communication and connection in relationships, where they can enjoy the finer side of life together. People with this placement likely admire the peace-keeping, intellectual and fair traits of others.

Venus in Scorpio: People with this placement seek connections that are very close, yet there is a need for boundaries and privacy too, where secrets should not and cannot be delved into. Yet, as time passes, they may find people that bring their own worries or feelings of shame into the light, much like a liberator.

Venus in Sagittarius: These individuals seek lightheartedness and freedom in connections, where there is a kind of kindred need to collect knowledge and wisdom, a constant adventure. Restriction will not be tolerated, but they admire the comedic and inspiring traits of others.

Venus in Capricorn: People with this placement likely admire the respectful, boundary-aware and grounded elements of others, but also those with a backbone, an ambition, an ethical standard. Yet, this can also be a very tender and humorous placement, especially when initial barriers have been relieved.

Venus in Aquarius: This is a placement that seeks often modern, open, connections with an emphasis on freedom. People with this placement often admire people that really stand for something, that value morality and ethics, but also gift the space to explore and express individually.

Venus in Pisces: These individuals likely admire the spiritual and off-beat elements of others, people that tap into a new-age universe. They likely enjoy connections that are creative, innovative and aware of each others spiritual end emotional desires.

Long-Distance Little Tips

~Always be honest with your caregiver, if something bothers you, tell them so they can help
~Get excited over the stuff your caregiver loves, just like they do with you

~Always remind your caregiver you love and appreciate them, they need reassurance just as much as you do
~Notice the signs of your caregiver being sad, and do your bestest to cheer them up 
~Tell your caregiver about your day, they will always want to listen to you telling them about your adventures, and in return ask about their day as well 

Long-distance relationships aren’t the easiest, but in the end it will all be worth it ^-^

after midnight

“You’re my best friend.”

Part I / Part II
Pairing: Shawn Mendes x female character
Rating: Mature
Words: 3126

A/N: This is loosely based on some lines in Blink-182’s song After Midnight, and you should listen to it bc it’s a great tune. I started this ages ago and forgot about it and when I found it I loved it. I also snuck in requests - 3 from this and 79 and 148 from this. I hope you like it ^^

His hands are under her thighs, keeping her close, and her chest is pushed against him, her arms around his neck. Shawn walks lazily through the dark, moving carefully so as to not let her fall.

“You know, I wouldn’t do this if you weren’t my best friend,” Shawn slurs.

“I know,” she grins and turns her head on his shoulder to place a messy kiss on his cheek.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” Shawn sighs, pushing up on his toes with force so that she moves higher up on his back, then stalks on slowly along the trail.

“You wouldn’t have had to. This is your fault by the way, you had it coming,” she accuses.

“How is it my fault?” His head snaps to the side and he stumbles, almost falling, but his hand takes hold of a low branch just in time.

“Well, you decided it was a good idea to take a shortcut through the woods while we’re both drunk this late at night and I’m wearing heels that are higher than Wendy was when we left, so it’s only fair you help me out by not letting me trip and die.”

Shawn laughs at her dramatic wording of the situation. “But you had fun though, didn’t you?”

“Loved it! Birthday girl is as alive as the night. You used to have a crush on her, right? Didn’t you get her number before? You never told me how that went.”

“We did talk, but we just stayed friends because she’s been with her girlfriend for years,” Shawn says, chuckling.

“Oh, that explains it. Girls are either blind or gay if they pass on you, because you’re a catch and you’re hot. I think you’re like, really hot.”

Shawn stops walking and turns his head to look at her. This isn’t something she would have said had she not been drinking earlier. He likes to think that their friendship is strong because of the way it has so many sides; they crack jokes at each other’s expense, and they bicker like an old married couple, but they also understand each other like one would their soulmate. They can read one another with a single glance, and they’re always there when the other needs them. They casually tell each other ‘love ya’ when they hang up the phone or when they text goodnight, but platonic is the word he would use to describe them. They’ve even given each other pep talks in order to boost their egos in preparation for first dates. This however, is nothing like that platonic love. These are uninhibited words, an honest thought, because she would never admit to finding him attractive like this.  

As if she’s realised what she just said, she clears her throat and brings her hands to his shoulders and loosens the grip of her thighs around him. “I think I can walk now.”

Shawn bends his knees to let her down and he realises that she must have been lying because she steadies herself on every other tree that they pass. They walk the rest of the trail in silence, which isn’t unusual for them when they’re alone together; they can spend hours sitting next to each other without speaking while he plays video games and she reads a book with her legs across his thighs. But this stillness is a shy lack of words that are replaced by the buzzing of bugs and an owl hooting somewhere among the trees.

A while later, they arrive at the edge of the forest and then they stagger through a suburb he’s not sure he recognises, but the houses look similar to the ones in his area so they keep going until he feels dizzy, the last of the consumed alcohol getting to him. They sit down on the sidewalk in front of somebody’s garage for a while as she rubs his shoulders and back as he fights the nausea.

“I swear, if you throw up…”

“It would be pretty embarrassing for me to puke on Craig’s driveway,” Shawn says.

“That’s his house?” She turns to the garden and recognises the place. “Then by all means, go right ahead. He was such a dick after the breakup. He deserves some vomit on his lawn.”

“Nope,” Shawn replies, slowly standing up. “I think I’m good now.” He starts to walk and she drunkenly waddles behind him.

They’ve gotten themselves deeper in the area when their roles flip, and she’s the drunker one as Shawn starts to sober up, and she seems to have gained a sudden adrenaline rush.

“Did you have one of the brownies?” Shawn asks.

“No, but I was there when they were smoking,” she giggles with a grin on her face.

“You are so high,” he teases.

“Who cares?! Carpe noctem!” she yells into the night, then turns and starts to walk in reverse.

“What does that mean?” Shawn laughs, affected by her contagious bliss.

“It’s like carpe diem, except, you know, night,” she smirks at him and shrugs, then turns around to skip ahead.

“Let’s carpe this frickin’ noctem!”

She looks so alive in that moment, with a big smile plastered on her face and her arms spread out as she runs. Shawn thinks that there is nothing else he would be doing than following her down this street right now and he feels his chest fill with a strange feeling he doesn’t quite get. He follows her and wraps his arms around her waist, spinning her around him. She shrieks and squiggles free of his grip before turning to him. Giggling, she pokes the end of his nose with her fingertip before running off again. 

Shawn catches up to her and slows her down with a hand on her shoulder then hooks his arm around hers for good measure, because the alcohol and the marijuana has definitely gotten to her, and the last thing they need is for her to run into a street lamp and come home bruised.

They wander around for what feels like ages, their slightly drunken state paired with their carelessness doing nothing to help, but Shawn realises a while later that the street signs are no longer blurry. He’s unsure of where exactly they are relative to his place so he tries to remember how the streets are placed, but his mind still feels a little groggy. They follow a curve of streetlamps, and after a while he understands that they’ve been walking in circles.

“Are we lost or do you know where we are?”

“I’m not so sure anymore…” Shawn trails off, slowly spinning around to have a look at their surroundings.

“You’re an idiot.”

“I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid,” he defends. He spots another street sign that he recognises and finally, he figures it out. “Come here, I think I know where to go now.”

He decides that walking down a straight road is a much better idea and it takes them another twenty minutes that feel more like an hour, but soon enough they’re in front of Shawn’s backyard, slowly opening the gate and sneaking in like thieves.

“Home at last,” he sighs in relief.

“It wouldn’t have taken so long if we hadn’t gotten lost,” she mutters.

“I’ve taken that shortcut a thousand times, and that’s never happened to me,” he defends.

“Have you ever taken it after drinking?”

“You make a fair point.” Shawn shrugs, and his eyes fall upon the dark window of his sister’s room. “We have to be quiet,” he says, holding a finger in front of his mouth. “I think they’re asleep.”

“I’m not gonna have any problems being quiet, you’re the one with long, clumsy legs. And your balance is shit when you’re drunk,” she taunts.

“For your information, I have sobered up quite a bit. See,” he says, lifting one leg behind him as he leans forward with his arms spread out, but he puts his foot back down when he wavers.

“By the looks of your balance and your face you haven’t.”

“My face?” He asks, his fingers automatically going up to his cheek.

“You blush after two beers.”

“I do not.”

She pulls out her phone and quickly snaps a picture of him with the flash on, and he’s momentarily blinded when the light hits his face. When he blinks his eyes open he sees the picture of himself, eyelids tightly shut, nose scrunched up, and yes, cheeks flushed a bright shade of pink.


“Damn right,” she says. “Let’s get inside now, I’m fucking freezing.”

“No, wait, I just had the best idea!” he grins. “What if we get in the jacuzzi?”

“Shawn, it’s two am.”

“You were the one who said ‘carpe noctem’. Are you too chicken to follow through?”

“No, but I didn’t bring extra underwear,” she whines.

“We can just get in naked!” He grins, an excited look on his face. “I promise to let you borrow my clothes,” he bribes.

She squints thoughtfully. “Fine. But if I’m going commando, so are you.”


She undresses and gets into the water first as he turns away, and then he makes her cover her eyes as he sheds his clothes. He carefully dips his feet into the water first, then sinks into the welcoming heat.

“You can open your eyes now,” he says.

“It’s not like I needed to close them anyway, it’s pitch black. I can hardly see you.”

“Can you see me now?” Shawn asks as he moves closer until he’s sitting right next to her.

“Yes, your cheeks are like a neon sign,” she chuckles.

“Fuck off,” he laughs. “As much as a dick you are, this is nice. Let’s  make this a tradition. Every time we come to my place drunk, we get in the tub.”

“Are you serious?” She laughs. “What about during winter?”

“Right…” Shawn mumbles and thinks it over for a second. “Quickie. We just get in and get out.”

“Alright, but we get hot chocolate after.” She smiles at him quickly before her face falls. “I just realised that we’re gonna freeze our asses off when we get out of the tub. Can we just stay here forever?”

“I don’t think my parents would be too happy to find us naked in the morning.”

“Your parents,” she groans. “We have to get out.”

“But it’s so cold. Think we can just live with the embarrassment tomorrow?”

She deadpans. “I’ll bake you a cake if you get us towels,” she offers, her face now sporting a sweet smile.

Shawn makes his second agreement for the night, negotiating his way to a two tier cake with muffins on the side, even though he knows she would have baked for him anyways, then runs inside, knowing full well that she has a good view of his arse and will most likely tease him about it later. Shuffling through a cabinet in the bathroom, he finds two large towels and hurries back outside. When he returns with one of the towels hanging from his hips, she’s sitting on the edge of the tub with her back turned to him, arms twisted around her bare body. Her shivering figure is a pitiful sight, so he walks up from behind and wraps the other towel around her.

She flinches at the unsuspected contact, but relaxes when she sees it’s him. “Thanks,” she says, pulling the towel tighter against her. “I got it, you can let go now,” she says, looking up at his eyes when he doesn’t remove his arms.

“Uh, yeah, sorry.” He swallows and takes a couple of steps back, giving her some space.

Shawn passes her a t-shirt and steps into a pair of sweatpants himself while she pulls his shirt over her head, then slides in under the big blanket next to her, sighing at the comfort of his own bed.

“I love your pillows. They’re so big,” she says, shoving her cheek into one of them as she hugs another.

“Are you still drunk?”

She reminds him of his cat when she was still a kitten, how she would fall asleep curled into her own body, and he thinks that she looks pretty damn cute the way she resembles the feline, wrapped in his blanket and surrounded by pillows.

“No, ‘m sober, I swear,” she mumbles.

“Good, then I don’t have to take care of your drunk ass.” Shawn tugs the pillow that’s in her arms and places it beneath his head, smirking when he sees her appalled expression.

“That’s not fair, I’m freezing and it was keeping me warm,” she says, pulling the blanket tighter around herself.

“I need a pillow too,” he says. “But I can cuddle you, I’m warm.”

She places her palm hesitantly on his bare chest, then grins. “Oh my God, you are a furnace. Please hold me,” she pleads although he has already offered to, removing the barrier between them and shuffling closer.

Shawn voluntarily wraps his arms around her and she snuggles into him as he quickly rubs his hand against her back to generate heat. He inhales the smell of her shampoo, a floral scent he can’t quite place, and that strange feeling that he still doesn’t understand comes back. He feels his heart beat faster and he wonders if she realises, because lying in bed like this with her, this close, reminds him of the first time he had a boy in his bed. It reminds him of how he felt when the boy had placed his fingers on Shawn’s cheek and gently kissed him, how they had slowly explored each other with nervous hands. But he shouldn’t be feeling this way, and he definitely shouldn’t be thinking of kissing her because the person he’s holding is his best friend.

She hums and he is pulled back from his thoughts. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. It’s the Canadian in me,” he chuckles.

“Uh, not technically, because you don’t have Canadian genes,” she says.

“I keep forgetting that. Well, then evolution has just done a great job with me. I’m also supposedly really hot.”

She chuckles, slapping his chest with her palm gently, and the quiet returns, but this time it’s nice. They don’t need to fill the empty air with small talk; they’re comfortable like this. Along with the comfort comes the thought of a them in Shawn’s mind.

“Did you know that I had a crush on you when we were twelve?” Shawn doesn’t know where the first words to break the silence come from, but they slip past his lips before he can stop himself.

“What?!” She moves abruptly, resting on her forearms as she faces him.

“Yeah. It wasn’t as much of a crush as I thought you were cute, but I also kinda wanted to kiss you, if that makes sense?”

“That sounds like a crush to me,” she laughs. She smiles above him, and Shawn think he sees a faint blush on her cheeks but tells himself he’s imagining things, but then she speaks, “I thought you were cute, too. I mean, I still think you’re cute. Now you’re my best friend.”

He grins, scanning her face for any message, but she just has a faint smile on her lips. Then he notices how her eyes move down, and he wonders, this is when he’s supposed to kiss her, right? That’s how she’d instructed him when he was nervous for his first kiss. He remembers how she had held his face between her hands, whispered against his lips, telling him how to make it better by going slow, and how she had pulled back just before their lips touched. She had told him that girls had a look on their face when they wanted a boy to kiss them, and he was almost certain that this was that look. Hell, he had kissed plenty of girls since, but this is his favourite person, and this means so much more.

He’s hesitant, but he recognises the movement of her eyes and how she licks her lips, and he knows. He lifts his head the slightest bit when she moves hers lower. Shawn thinks everything has stopped, his heart, time, the air around them; everything feels still. Then he realises how absurd the situation is, and he bursts into laughter.

She places her hand over his mouth, attempting to silence him while she giggles into his chest. He makes a strained noise under her hand, and licks her palm when she doesn’t remove it.

“Ew! Why would you do that?!” She wipes her palm against his stomach, and her hand lingers there for a second, and then her eyes look down to his exposed abdomen. “Shut up,” she mutters, when she sees the smirk on his face.

They lie like that for a while, quiet, close to each other, and grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re my best friend,” he says.

Then he moves closer again. She mirrors his movement, tilting her head slightly to the side. Their lips are nearly touching when he pauses, because he has to ask.

“Promise we’ll be okay after?” Shawn whispers the words, terrified of what they mean and what the impending kiss could mean.

“I promise,” she whispers just as quietly. Then she leans in until their lips are touching.

The kiss is sweet, innocent, and gently lingering. But then Shawn’s fingers move to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear and his fingertips brush her neck when he retracts his hand, but her neck feels like a good place for his fingers to be so he rests them there and slowly strokes the skin. She gasps at the feeling, and her mouth falls open, and then the kiss becomes kisses and they become fast and sloppy until sounds can be heard between their mouths. They pull away for a second to catch their breaths, but immediately resume. Shawn’s hand crawls up her back between the shirt and her flesh, and he rubs her back soothingly.

“Mm, too much tongue,” she mumbles against his lips.

Shawn pulls back, offended. “Too much teeth,” he counters.

“Sorry, I’ll be nice,” she laughs, delivering a gentle peck on his mouth.

Her lips are soft against his, and she just feels so nice, and Shawn thinks that he wouldn’t mind doing this more often.

“I think I like kissing you,” he mumbles.

“I think I like kissing you too,” she replies.

They kiss again for a while, slowly this time, until they stop because Shawn almost dozes off. So they hold each other close with loose grips and gentle hands and talk about everything but the kiss, because they don’t need to.

I’m all for people Neil met in other countries inadvertently running into him all the time.
Neil doesn’t go to a tiny unknown college out in the middle of nowhere. Neil goes to a D1 school. People from all over the USA go to the college whether or not they intend to play sports there. Neil was all over the place when he was running. I want some girl in his Spanish class to just walk up to him and be like, “Did we go to high school together?” And for Neil to just panic like Fuck. I recognize her? Shit. “Jersey?”

A foreign exchange student from Austria runs into Neil in the parking lot after having watched the foxes play a home game: “Have we met before?” The guy is dressed like he’s there to support the opposing team. Neil recognizes the boy and since he’s not hiding anymore, Neil admits it. “Wie geht es deiner Mutter?” They talk and catch-up until the boy’s friends find him.

It happened a few times before Neil became a fox too, when he and his mom were in some touristy areas. Like once a week a teenager on vacation with their family would walk up to him, “You look like this guy I used to know? Jake was it?“

The older Neil gets, the less people from his past recognize him. Neil’s face is on athletic-wear advertisements now. If he walks down a public street, sometimes exy fans will come say hello to him and ask for an autograph, but not much else.

Neil does end up signing things enough that he keeps a sharpie with him wherever he goes.

One time Neil is in the city for a game and he and Andrew decide to walk to dinner. On their way, they “accidentally” walk past a billboard that has Neil on it (“Fuck off! Andrew, I didn’t know it was there!”)
Then a man about Neil’s age walks up to them, “Pardon? I don’t suppose we’ve met before?” Neil absentmindedly responds, gesturing at the billboard, “Does that ring any bells?” The man just laughs, “No! Wales, I think? About 15 years ago? Did you use to be blonde?”
And that’s how Andrew finds out about Neil’s British accent.

Neptune in Fire signs
The generations of Neptune in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) have proven that you must act on the change you want to see and nothing is simple to achieve. Usually, the generations of Neptune in Fire signs experience wars or any other form of battle during their teen or adult years that impact the world heavily. They could aspire to live in a world thats free of violence and where they are free to roam around, create and do as they please. A world with no rules.

Neptune in Aries
American Civil War & First Transcontinental Railroad
Neptune in Leo
World War II & Golden Age of Hollywood
Neptune in Sagittarius
Gulf War & Chernobyl Disaster

Neptune in Earth signs
The generations of Neptune in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) have proven that you never know the worth of something until its gone. These generations tend to go through tough situations concerning money, work and power. Through this, they aspire to make things right and may want to live in a financially stable world with an abundance of resources, but also believe its out of reach. They want nothing but to live in a safe, stable and secure world.

Neptune in Taurus
World War I & The Panama Canal
Neptune in Virgo
Cold War & The First Computer
Neptune in Capricorn
Great Recession & The War on Terror

Neptune in Air signs
The generations of Neptune in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) have shown that no rule or law in the land can restrict you from expressing yourself. Usually, they grow up witnessing or taking part in radical social movements that obviously go against traditional values/beliefs and social norms. The generation of Neptune in Air signs wish for nothing but peace and acceptance for all. In a world free to express themselves with nothing holding them back.

Neptune in Gemini
The Roaring Twenties & The Women’s Rights Movement
Neptune in Libra
Civil Rights Movement & Space Race
Neptune in Aquarius
LGBTQ Rights & Black Lives Matter Movement

Neptune in Water signs
The generations of Neptune in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) have proven that in times of crisis you hold your loved ones close and break down barriers together. Usually, these generations show us how to dig deeper within ourselves, to do some self-discovery and transformation. They wish to find a home within themselves if they cannot build a secure relationship with their loved ones and also to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Neptune in Cancer
The Great Depression & The Dust Bowl
Neptune in Scorpio
Sexual Revolution & The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Neptune in Pisces

Important Notice
Upon research and analysis, during the young teenage-young adult years is when the generation of Neptune starts to really awaken. Since Neptune is known to cause delusion, it is extremely possible that the generation of Neptune was not aware of what was happening around them at such an early age. It isn’t until they start to get older that they see all these unfair or unjust things happening around them that they start to take part in it or be sucked into it. The generation awakens. Uranus is the generation fighting and rebelling  for the change they want to see. It is the generation of Neptune that just craves peace in the end.


Pregot Meme
↳[1] Era - The Age of Heroes

The Age of Heroes began with the signing of the Pact on the Isle of Faces, ending the war between the First Men and the children of the forest. The Age of Heroes lasted for thousands of years, in which a hundred kingdoms rose and fell.  It was a time when many legendary kings and heroes walked the earth, and many ancient traditions and legacies forged by the First Men were established, with influence from the children. In the midst of the Age of Heroes fell the longest and blackest of winters- the Long Night which heralded the arrival of the Others. It was following this that the Wall was built to defend the realms of the First Men.


Facts about Drinking in the Middle Ages

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world. For centuries, beer-making fell into the realm of women and taking care of the home. The decline of female brewers in the 17th century is related to witch hunting (alewives wore distinctive point tall hats and brewed large amounts of beer in large vessels).

Here are some facts about beer in the Middle Ages, by a beer expert and a medieval curator

1) Beer-making was part of life in the Middle Ages. Calendars center on making of bread and making of beer in the Labors of the Month.

2) This detail from a prayer book shows a man making a barrel. In the Middle Ages, “your prayers begin and end with the thought of drink.”

3) MYTH: People in the Middle Ages drank beer and wine because of lack of access to water. It was more complicated than that—the relationship to consuming fluids was related to health and your body’s fluid.

4) Humoral theory was a system of medicine developed in antiquity that taught that the human body contained a mix of four humors: black bile, yellow bile, blood, and phelgm. In medieval times, you’d go to the alchemist and based on your zodiac sign and your ailment, you might be told a certain fluid is off balance.

5) It was also thought that the position of the planets and the moon could affect the body.

6) Cups, goblets, and drinking horns were trendy in the Middle Ages. 

7) Many contained messages or encouraged drinking. One in the Getty Museum collection reads, “Welcome to my house. Put me to your lips and drink me dry. Don’t take contentment away.”

The Goiânia accident

The Goiânia accident was a radioactive contamination accident that occurred on September 13, 1987, at Goiânia, in the Brazilian state of Goiás, after an old radiotherapy source was stolen from an abandoned hospital site in the city. It was subsequently handled by many people, resulting in four deaths. About 112,000 people were examined for radioactive contamination and 249 were found to have significant levels of radioactive material in or on their bodies.

In the cleanup operation, topsoil had to be removed from several sites, and several houses were demolished. All the objects from within those houses were removed and examined. Time magazine has identified the accident as one of the world’s “worst nuclear disasters” and the International Atomic Energy Agency called it “one of the world’s worst radiological incidents”.

What follows in a incredible series of events motivated purely out of ignorance, childish wonder and greed, and the dire consequences this brought to the people involved and the city as a whole:

The accident began when two thieves, Roberto dos Santos Alves and Wagner Mota Pereira, broke into the abandoned and partially demolished Instituto Goiano de Radioterapia (IGR), where they came across a caesium-137-based teletherapy unit.

 They partially disassembled the unit, and placed the source assembly – which they thought might have some scrap value – in a wheelbarrow, taking it to Alves’s home, and once there, they began dismantling the equipment. That same evening, they both began to vomit. Nevertheless, they continued in their efforts. The following day, Pereira began to experience diarrhea and dizziness and his left hand began to swell. He soon developed a burn on this hand in the same size and shape as the aperture – he eventually had partial amputation of several fingers. 

On September 15, Pereira visited a local clinic where his symptoms were diagnosed as the result of something he had eaten, and he was told to return home and rest. Alves, however, continued with his efforts to dismantle the equipment. In the course of this effort, he eventually freed the caesium capsule from its protective rotating head. His prolonged exposure to the radioactive material led to his right forearm becoming ulcerated, requiring amputation.

On September 16, Alves succeeded in puncturing the capsule’s aperture window with a screwdriver, allowing him to see a deep blue light coming from the tiny opening he had created. He inserted the screwdriver and successfully scooped out some of the glowing substance. Thinking it was perhaps a type of gunpowder, he tried to light it, but the powder would not ignite.

On September 18, Alves sold the items to a nearby scrapyard. That night, Devair Alves Ferreira, the owner of the scrapyard, noticed the blue glow from the punctured capsule. Thinking the capsule’s contents were valuable or even supernatural, he immediately brought it into his house. Over the next three days, he invited friends and family to view the strange glowing substance.

On September 21 at the scrapyard, one of Ferreira’s friends succeeded in freeing several rice-sized grains of the glowing material from the capsule using a screwdriver; Alves Ferreira began to share some of them with various friends and family members. That same day, his wife, 37-year-old Gabriela Maria Ferreira, began to fall ill. On September 25, 1987, Devair Alves Ferreira sold the scrap metal to a second scrapyard.

The day before the sale to the second scrapyard, on September 24, Ivo, Devair’s brother, successfully scraped some additional dust out of the source and took it to his house a short distance away. There he spread some of it on the cement floor. His six-year-old daughter, Leide das Neves Ferreira, later ate a sandwich while sitting on this floor. She was also fascinated by the blue glow of the powder, applying it to her body and showing it off to her mother. Dust from the powder fell on the sandwich she was consuming; she eventually absorbed 1.0 GBq, total dose 6.0 Gy, more than a fatal dose even with treatment.

Gabriela Maria Ferreira had been the first to notice that many people around her had become severely ill at the same time.

On September 28, 1987 — 15 days after the item was found — she reclaimed the materials from the rival scrapyard and transported them to a hospital. Because the remains of the source were kept in a plastic bag, the level of contamination at the hospital was low.

In the morning of September 29, 1987 a visiting medical physicist used a scintillation counter to confirm the presence of radioactivity and persuaded the authorities to take immediate action. The city, state, and national governments were all aware of the incident by the end of the day.

News of the radiation incident was broadcast on local, national, and international media. Within days, nearly 130,000 people swarmed local hospitals concerned that they might have been exposed. Of those, 250 were indeed found to be contaminated— some with radioactive residue still on their skin— through the use of Geiger counters. Eventually, 20 people showed signs of radiation sickness and required treatment.

Ages in years are given, with dosages listed in grays (Gy).


  • Leide das Neves Ferreira, age 6 (6.0 Gy), was the daughter of Ivo Ferreira. When an international team arrived to treat her, she was discovered confined to an isolated room in the hospital because the hospital staff were afraid to go near her. She gradually experienced swelling in the upper body, hair loss, kidney and lung damage, and internal bleeding. She died on October 23, 1987, of “septicemia and generalized infection” at the Marcilio Dias Navy Hospital, in Rio de Janeiro. She was buried in a common cemetery in Goiânia, in a special fiberglass coffin lined with lead to prevent the spread of radiation. Despite these measures, news of her impending burial caused a riot of more than 2,000 people in the cemetery on the day of her burial, all fearing that her corpse would poison the surrounding land. Rioters tried to prevent her burial by using stones and bricks to block the cemetery roadway. She was buried despite this interference.
  • Gabriela Maria Ferreira, aged 37 (5.7 Gy), wife of junkyard owner Devair Ferreira, became sick about three days after coming into contact with the substance. Her condition worsened, and she developed internal bleeding, especially in the limbs, eyes, and digestive tract, and suffered from hair loss. She died October 23, 1987, about a month after exposure.
  • Israel Baptista dos Santos, aged 22 (4.5 Gy), was an employee of Devair Ferreira who worked on the radioactive source primarily to extract the lead. He developed serious respiratory and lymphatic complications, was eventually admitted to hospital, and died six days later on October 27, 1987.
  • Admilson Alves de Souza, aged 18 (5.3 Gy), was also an employee of Devair Ferreira who worked on the radioactive source. He developed lung damage, internal bleeding, and heart damage, and died October 18, 1987.

Devair Ferreira himself survived despite receiving 7 Gy of radiation. He died in 1994 of cirrhosis aggravated by depression and binge drinking.


The Signs and Endings:

Aries: Mortal hemorrhaging caused by Jackie Chan beating you to death hilariously with a ladder.

Taurus: Completely naked. A single shell expended from the barrel. Nipples defiantly stiff in the autumn cold as the blood runs from your lips. It was quick.

Gemini: Old age takes you, surrounded by friends and family. You shit your pants. They laugh and cry at the same time.

Cancer: Holding a photograph of the one who loved you. It gives you a papercut. You don’t care. 

Leo: One of the few annually reported snapchat related fatalities.

Virgo: Performing the sort of sex act that requires a waiver. Nobody at the funeral is surprised.

Libra: Leukemia, but you lived a long life. You turn the machine off yourself. You have time to give everyone a proper goodbye.

Scorpio: They ask you if you have any last words. You make a joke but you fumble the last bit and the punchline doesn’t carry. You feel the first two bullets. You laugh.

Ophiuchus: Murdered with a flanged mace at a renfaire. 

Sagittarius: You didn’t read the warning label that came with the lego set. Every possible lego related cause of death happens to you at once. Your family sues. They lose.

Capricorn: Peacefully. Your funeral settles some old feuds. 

Aquarius: The exact opposite of what you think. You’d laugh if you knew what was coming.

Pisces: Something fairly mundane kill you. Like heart disease. You do get to haunt the shit out of your house for 200 years or so though.

Kim Jongin//Tanked

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Summary: You’ve no idea how to look after fish, and after coming under the unexpected ownership of some, you need some help - and the help is cute as hell.
Scenario: fluff, petstore!AU
Word Count: 5,168

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I have this really soft fondness for a WWI AU

Conner, Wally, Dick, Roy, and Kaldur are sort of a squad of misfits. Probably why they’re put together, commanders thinking they’d be decent canon fodder. But they get on like a house on fire once they get to know each other.

 Kaldur’ahm is constantly battling the incredible amount of racism as a biracial soldier. His father was African American and his mother was a Pacific Islander. 

The you have Wally, the smart talking red headed Irish American who deals with that prejudice, but damn can he run. He wanted to be a soccer player - got drafted instead. 

Conner is a tank, but he’s got some major authority problems and anger issues. 

There’s Dick, who would be the model soldier - but he faked his age when he signed up for the army. He went in under the name Robin, aged 18 but when the team finds out he’s only 16, they cover for him. They’re pissed, but it’s too late to send him home now. They become a little protective of him.

Then there’s Roy, their sniper. Nothing odd about him, he’s just a jackass. 

They would look out for each other. Like, they insist on Kaldur being their leader despite higher command sputtering and refusing to give him rank. He gets it anyway. Wally and Dick end up falling in love, and they all keep the relationship quiet. 

okay this is going to get long so readmore

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Secret Love Song - Tom Holland x reader

Prompt: Based in Secret Love Song by Little Mix (ft. Jason Derulo). In which the reader and Tom are secretly dating and decide to finally announce their relationship. Y/F/S= your favourite show, Y/F/A= your favourite artist, Y/S/N=your ship name

Featuring: Ellen Degeneres

Word count: 1,905

We keep behind close doors

Everytime I see you I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It’ll never be enough

“Y/N, I’m going to be really clear here. You’re becoming an international recognised model and you have to focus on your career. I think you need to stop seeing Tom.” Her manager blurted out, making the poor girl choke on her drink. Of course, it had to be something THIS big to have Y/N’s manager take her on a lunch date.

“What? Why? No way! I’m not leaving him. I love him! I… I refuse to keep modeling if he’s not with me.” She fights back, sounding confused and desperate.

Why’d she have to stop seeing her boyfriend? They only had been dating for three and a half months, they loved each other. Both had agreed on keeping it as a secret for a while, so no one knew except for their closest friends, and of course, their managers. But why did they decide they had to break up? What would Tom say? Was it his idea? Little did Y/N know that, on the other side of the restaurant, Tom and his manager argued on wether or not Tom’s manager knew what was best for him.

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Soulmate AU: You and Your Soulmate Share Sensations (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

A/N: I know I said I wouldn’t end this hiatus until I wrote, like, five things but I wound up only with two. I’m coming back a little early with the hope that publishing what I’ve got will give me a sense of cleansing.  … Geez, I really hope I did okay, tho.

Your parents were admittedly a little worried when you turned seven and still showed no signs of a connecting mate. This was around the age when most people would be able to tell, being that small children are prone to rough-housing and clumsiness. However, it was no desire of theirs for you to experience the first sensation in such a violently intense manner.

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Efi and Torbjörn though.

Like, the dude has already a bazillion kids, and if you consider that Rein probably only visits on holidays/when he can spare the time and that Ana’s last contact with small children was about two decades ago, Torbjörn is really the only guy who has any idea how to act around a child.

He’s the one to tell D.Va (from a safe distance, mind you) that children of Efi’s age may be geniuses but they have yet to learn that intricate balance between ‘just enough sweets’ and ‘sugar high’ (some *cough* McCree *cough* never learn it) and that Mountain Dew is not a healthy choice for anyone, much less a pre-teen.

When Jack tries to live up to his Dad reputation Torbjörn runs interference and advises him to buy Efi a nerf gun first before he lets her use his rifle for target practice.

Ana tries to remember what Fareeha was like at that age and gifts Efi toys fit for a six year old instead because at some point you just forget kids aren’t all the same from age 1 to 12. 

So at the end of that day it’s Torb and Efi sitting around a table, the latter making a memo to sign the team up for babysitting because people, this is shameful, and Efi wondering if she’s part of an elaborate prank or if those really are the people who save the world on a regular basis.

It’s alright, though, because Ana’s well-meaning but inappropriate gift features all the necessary parts for an impromptu engineering project and she may not yet possess the muscle tone to fire Jack’s rifle but he’s let her have one of his biotic fields (in the true nature of a man who will give a child anything they want as long as they go away and keep quiet) and she’s already in the process of reverse engineering it and Torbjörn is as great an engineer as she is so they’re bound to have some fun.

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stydia youtube au?

I probably need to watch more youtubers and i need someone to write a better fic

  • Lydia started as a fashion and makeup blogger. It’ll look good on college applications and she’s worked out a formula for maximum success and minimal effort. 
  • She doesn’t calculate for how much she enjoys it. And certainly not for just how popular her channel is.
  • Stiles starts making youtube videos for no real reason. He like’s being the comedian and he likes the outlet for his energy. He’s not that focused on the follower count till he wakes up one morning and notices he’s passed the 500K mark. 
  • Lydia goes to vidcon. She and Kira go and they spend the day wondering around the convention (videoing like everyone else) and just enjoying the day. At the end Lydia take’s the most impeccable selfie of Kira and her in front of the vidcon sign and posts it. 
  • it’s only later when she’s checking her comments that there’s hundreds of comments saying “😂 😂 😂  @PointlessStiles and @Scott_11 in the backgroundso she checks back on her photo and sure enough there’s two boys around her age pulling stupid faces in the background of her photo. 
  • She obviously check out the accounts and quickly realises he’s already following her and Kira already. He’s a youtuber too. And a good one judging by the number of followers he has. 
  • When Stiles get’s the notification he has to sit down. “@Lyds_Martin started following you”. Stiles doesn’t encourage internet stalking but he’s been mildly stalking this girl for a while. When he’s seen her taking a selfie in the main entrance hall with Kira(Scott’s gaming partner) he couldn’t help himself. 
  • But vidcon is over for another year so there’s no chance to see her again. Instead he does what any normal Millennium would do. He starts building an online friendship with her.  
  • Lydia notices Stiles likes across her social media platforms. She’s followed both him and Scott across all social media and realised that they have a lot of friends in common she’s just…never noticed before. So she starts liking his things back. 
  • It just escalates from there. Liking each other posts. Retweeting each other. Eventually leaving comments and emojis on each others posts.

 @PointlessStiles Fierce af 🔥”
@Lyds_Martin 😂 how many times did you film this “
@PointlessStiles Brains and Beauty 👓📚 “
@Lyds_Martin you look good in plaid”

  • Stiles does his next youtube video with a cast on his arm and Lydia watches with concern. She moves over to twitter and sends him a message. He replies pretty quickly and tells her he’s fine. Not even a break. And they just….keep talking. 
  • Lydia finds out he’s planning to go to Boston U, right next door to her. He’s friends with Allison through Scott and thats how he knew who she was. She tell’s him about MIT and the riemann hypothesis. They talk about everything and anything. Eventually they exchange phone numbers and keep talking on there.
  • Her comments on his posts always get a fair few likes but suddenly they’re getting replies by the hundreds all with the same word “STDYIA 😱 ❤️” In some format. She searches it on tumblr and realises it’s people shipping her and stiles together. 
  • It’s kind of creepy but mostly harmless. Lydia tries to push it to the back of her mind but she’s starting to realises how much she thinks about Stiles and how much she likes him. It’s kind of hard to ignore other people noticing their chemistry too. 
  • And then suddenly it’s time for vidcon again. It seems natural with all of them being friends to meet up. Lydia’s stomach is flipping. It’s ridiculous. She meets plenty of new people all the time and never feels like this. 
  • Stiles waits with Scott and Allison in the entrance lobby. He’s full of nervous energy and Allison keeps smiling at him knowingly. When he see’s the glint of strawberry Blonde hair making her way across the room he smiles brightly. 
  • Lydia hugs Allison first but then moves straight to Stiles. He holds out his arms and she moves into them quickly. She breathes a hey into his neck. 
  • They spend the rest of the day wandering around. Kira’s on a “women online” panel and they go to support her. Lydia finds herself sticking by Stiles. She like’s his insight into the vlogging world and the fact that between his laidback attitude is a smart, well planned business plan. 
  • They both get stopped more then once for a selfie and it’s the first time Lydia’s ever felt like her channel actually reaches real life people. Stiles seems to sense her slightly forced smile and puts a hand on her back to help her relax. 
  • When they’re walking back to their hotel, behind the rest of the group Lydia takes a breath and grabs Stiles hand in her own. He looks down at her and smiles gently. 
  • He kisses her before they all leave. It’s soft and gently and Lydia wants to do it again. In just a few months they’ll both be in Boston and she’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that.  
  • Later that day Allison DM’s her a photo. She blushes at it and sends a message to stiles for his approval. 
  • She get’s a record number of likes and comments when she drops the photo of her and Stiles kissing on instagram, with the caption “Stydia💕 “
The Signs As Books

Aries: Dystopian teen novel, most likely a trilogy, almost completely Hunger Games based

Taurus: Teen spy story, about 6-7 books, popular with kids aged 12-14

Gemini: Cute story about animals, quite childish

Cancer: Totally badass action novel with three movie adaptations

Leo: Sexy, dark thriller with generic characters, trilogy with a prologue

Virgo: Mythological elements set in modern day, think Percy Jackson

Libra: Coffee shop dramatic novel, aesthetic, has that new book smell

Scorpio: Thriller drama with a not-so-happy-ending

Sagittarius: Sad love story, maybe 2 books, set in a small, often remote town

Capricorn: Psychological slice of life novel, cliffhanger ending with no further sequels

Aquarius: Awfully well written Fantasy with iconic characters, the first of its time

Pisces: Not very well known slice of life story, but once read is always a favourite