signs flirting

The signs and flirting
  • Says they can't flirt but can flirt like a love God: LEO, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus
  • Can flirt without trying, but when they try, it's horrible: Virgo, Pisces, SCORPIO, Aries
  • Can't flirt for shit: Cancer, Aquarius
  • Always flirting whether they know it or not: LIBRA, Gemini
The Signs When They Have A Crush:
  • Aries: laughs too much
  • Taurus: looks anywhere but at them
  • Gemini: *starts a debate*
  • Cancer: plays "hard-to-get" and subtlety flirts
  • Leo: becomes their best friend
  • Virgo: asks them out
  • Libra: is flirty and gives nice compliments
  • Scorpio: takes pics when they're not looking
  • Sagittarius: *drops all the hints*
  • Capricorn: waits for them to initiate a convo
  • Aquarius: makes them stuff and shares their food
  • Pisces: stares at them longingly from afar
Venus Signs


Believes love should happen at first sight; likes independent, go-getters; enjoys chasing and being chased

Arguing and friendly competition is an aphrodisiac

Attracts love by inspiring/encouraging suitors to pursue and “win” her/him

Flirts by teasing and picking fights; 

Wants to be #1 in the relationship (and in her/his partner’s life) or will lose interest quickly


Believes love should come after a lot of long-term consideration; likes (and is impressed by) wealthy people

Rich, comfort foods, receiving massages, listening to music, and fragrances that smell like something edible (mmm vanilla!) are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being emotionally stable and having consistent habits

Flirts by providing physical comfort

Wants to feel secure in relationships and “know where this is going”


Believes love should mean never having to say, “I’m bored”; likes quotable, multifaceted people who have lots of diverse interests

Verbal/written expressions of love are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being infinitely entertaining

Flirts by sharing thoughts & feelings and assigning pet names

Wants 24/7 communication accessibility in relationships; variety, unpredictability


Believes love should be nurturing; likes people who need mothering (or who are mothering) and are appreciative of her efforts

Emotional bonding and cuddling are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by making people feel cozy and sheltered; 

Flirts by feeding and/or cooking for someone, remembering preferences, giving thoughtful tokens of affection

Wants interdependence in relationships


Believes love should ALWAYS consist of romance, drama, fun, and loyalty; likes people who stand out in socially acceptable ways 

Receiving awe-inspiring gifts and positive, focused attention from an audience are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by playing up strengths and downplaying weaknesses, and inspiring chivalry

Flirts by complimenting

Wants emotionally-moving displays of appreciation and gratitude in relationships


Believes love should involve making a commitment to take care of someone else; likes hard-workers who pay attention to details (conversely, is also attracted to flawed, disorganized partners that need fixing)

good hygiene, a neat appearance, and an orderly environment are aphrodisiacs 

Attracts love by handling all of the “dirty work” in a partner’s life

Flirts by making analytical observations, self-deprecating humor, or offering self-improvement advice

Wants to feel needed and useful in relationships


Believes love should = 50/50 partnership + 24/7 romance; likes attractive, intelligent, and sociable people

The usual romantic clichés (such as rose petals on the bed and long, moonlit walks on the beach) are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being charming company, understanding and attentive

Flirts indiscriminately for attention and popularity

Wants equality, romance, and lots of attention in relationships; beauty, making plans as a couple 


Believes love should be passionate, intense, and life-altering; likes to associate with powerful people whose sexuality comes in contradictory layers

A strong sex drive, instant chemistry, intensity, and loyalty are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by keeping a mate’s secrets, developing an emotional bond, and not wanting to share the partner’s affection

Flirts through seduction

Wants to have control and trust in a relationship


Believes love should bring happiness, great times, and good luck; likes outgoing, intelligent, independent, adventurous people

Visiting exotic places, meeting foreign people, exploring foreign cultures, and different accents are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being friendly, fun-loving, generous, and free-spirited

Flirts through friendly conversation and making someone laugh

Wants freedom, honesty, few expectations, and undefined commitment in a relationship


Believes love should make people keep their word; likes responsible, successful people who can help with achieving aspirations

Knowing what’s coming next is an aphrodisiac

Attracts love by being dependable and loyal; shows affection by honoring commitments and not leaving the relationship; 

Flirts by getting straight to the point, assessing a potential mate’s value, and showing off their dry wit as they feel more comfortable

Wants a solid commitment from the right person in relationships


Believes love should be dessert with friendship as the main entrée; likes free-spirited, eccentric people who aren’t afraid to go against the status quo

Discussing new, inventive ways to have sex is an aphrodisiac

Attracts love by being friendly to everyone

Flirts by sharing unusual ideas and opinions

Wants a best friend, intellectually stimulating company and emotional detachment in relationships


Believes love should be a perfect blend of an intuitive, spiritual bond and romance; likes nonjudgmental, creative people who think and communicate in imaginative ways

Dreamy kisses that cause tingles, foot massages, bubble baths, and mind-altering substances or practices are aphrodisiacs

Attracts love by being infinitely compassionate and seeing the best in people

Flirts by developing and acknowledging a special connection

Wants empathy, kindness, and sensitivity in relationships

How the signs flirt

Aries: innuendos ;) ;)

Taurus: teases u/keeps an on going joke going

Gemini:always giving u hugs, anything to touch u (like arm westle r something)

Cancer: super shy, probably a lot of compliments

Leo: stares, might blow some kisses/wink a lot

Virgo: awkwardly

Libra: kills their competion. Like literally murders anyone better than them at anything

Scorpio: eye sex/stares and then looks away and looks at the ground and then looks back at u (pretends to be all shy)

Sagittarius: casually, literally could steal ur man without even talking smfh also thro social media

Capricorn: shows off talents and/or muscles. Talk themselves up a bit

Aquarius: try to be cutesy around u

Pisces: could go two ways either super outgoing about or adorably shy, either way overthinks it ahead of time

How the signs flirt
  • Aries: with passion
  • Taurus: with their generosity
  • Gemini: with their words
  • Cancer: with emotion
  • Leo: with their bodies (body language)
  • Virgo: with their modesty
  • Libra: with compliments
  • Scorpio: with their eyes
  • Sagittarius: with kindness
  • Capricorn: with their wit
  • Aquarius: with their lips (biting, licking, etc)
  • Pisces: with sarcasm
  • aries: accidentally obsesses. pay attention to them or they'll make u
  • taurus: lots of shy eye contact. smiles from ear to ear. laughs at ALL your jokes.
  • gemini: tell you a ton of stories and jokes to try to impress you. lots of 'accidental' touching.
  • cancer: talks to all their friends about how much they like you. never acts like it around you tho
  • leo: acting more proud than the norm. wants to cuddle and talk with you 24/7. shows you everything that they've done (art/writing/funny text/etc)
  • virgo: extra nervous around you. even more cautious with their words. stutters out compliments all the time
  • libra: giggly. looks like they're literally in love with you. teases gently. throws constant compliments at u
  • scorpio: might stare at you so intensely it seems like they're glaring. asks more personal questions about you. laughs with you
  • sagittarius: laughs more frequently than the usual. acts even more friendly. wants to do all sorts of crazy things with you
  • capricorn: chokes on their words. gets overwhelmed by simple things (ie. their emotions). grins ear to ear and giggles quietly at the idea of you.
  • aquarius: bullies you. tries harder to be around you. tells you their secrets and maybe how they're really feeling.
  • pisces: hides their face (with their hands, looking away, anyway they can really) from you. flirts a little boldly at you and then says they're kidding. daydreams about you and tells their friends about it.
  • **check your venus & moon signs too
Aquarius & Cancer
  • Aquarius, walking with Cancer into the mall, smiling: So tell me, did anyone tell you how when you get embarrassed, your ears turn red?
  • Cancer, covers her ears while laughing: They do not! At least when I sneeze it doesn't sound like a old man!
  • Aquarius, chuckles as he pulls her into a hug while pinching her nose: Your such a pain in my ass, you know that?
  • Cancer, embarrassed: I'm a cute pain your ass, idiot
  • Aquarius, smiles as he lets go of her & walks away: Of course baby
Signs as flirting
  • Thinks the people that's nice to them are flirting: Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Are genuinely nice but people mistake them for flirting: Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces
  • Flirts, but doesn't seem like it: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces
the signs flirting
  • Aries: You're hot *tells you everything they're thinking about you*
  • Taurus: *internally flirts with you* Them externally: Hi friend
  • Gemini: *shoots you with their flirt gun*
  • Cancer: Stares at you and imagines things in their mind
  • Virgo: Silly, passive comments, "Hey, you should try..." *suggest something that sounds like a judgement*
  • Libra: *murders you with their flirt knife*
  • Scorpio: Hot!! Cold!! Crazy....You're honestly going a little crazy bc u don't know what they're thinking
  • Sagittarius: Lets fuck!
  • Capricorn: Your eyebrows look funny...:/
  • Aquarius: *Talks non-stop about how different they are to impress you, really just seeing if you'll say somethng valid back*
  • Pisces: *blushing* *the whole* *goshdarn* *time*
The Signs and Flirting

Says they can’t flirt but can flirt like a love God: Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus

Can flirt without trying, but when they try, it’s horrible: Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Aries

Can’t flirt for shit: Cancer, Aquarius

Always flirting whether they know it or not: Libra, Gemini

Cancer & Taurus
  • Taurus, sitting in the mini park on campus, studying before his next class:
  • Cancer, sees him & walks over to him calmly: Hey Taurus, how are you doing?
  • Taurus, smiles as soon as he notices her: Better, now that your here. What's up?
  • Cancer, screaming inside her head: Oh, you know...nothing.. besides the fact that anytime I see you around, I feel like melting- But you know, just studying.
The Signs when flirting

Aries: Glorifies themselves and brags in hopes of attaining interest

Taurus: Really sweet and put together over text, an awkward mess in person

Gemini: Only flirts when drunk and somehow is good at it

Cancer: A bunch of cliche pickup lines. That’s it.

Leo: Introduces self with various ice breakers followed by a wave of awful jokes

Virgo: Waits for the perfect opportunity and plays hard to get.

Libra: Doesn’t play games or anything. Just blunt and to the point.

Scorpio: Laughs at jokes and smiles the same way they do with friends, so it’s a bit hard to tell if they’re actually flirting. (Surprise!)

Sagittarius: Doesn’t even try.

Capricorn: Is super smooth and good at flirting and somehow ends up being close friends instead

Aquarius: Just body language. Winks, smiling, nothing else

Pisces: Tries their best to be a Virgo and ends up being a flustered Taurus or Leo

The Signs When Flirting


Super sweet and flirting lots of touching and hugging.


Taurus is a pretty good At flirting since they’re ruled by venus, they’re sweet and cute and they always make you feel wanted.


They flirt with their words.  enough said.


They are likely to toy with your emotions, and flirt with their emotions too.


Body language says it all.


With their innocence 


They alway are complimenting you it’s great.


It’s all in the eyes with them.


These guys are the sweetie pies of the century.


They are smart asses in a flirty way.


Can you say lip biter? These cuties though


Welcome to the sarcasm zone… cause thats what your in for. In a sweet way of course. 

Whos the best???: cancer, taurus, virgo, pisces, aquarius, libra

me: leo, capricorn, gemini, scorpio, aries, sagittarius

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