signs flattered


Wow, I’m actually super flattered you guys are interested in my webcomic idea! These are some of the things I’ve played with so far; character sheets for Izavel and Delilah, some concept art for a chapter cover, etc. I’m not sure I’ll ever actually make this, but it’s a really fun concept, and I’ve been having fun designing characters and brainstorming a story!

mercy’s a giant Trekkie who admired doctor mccoy and bev crusher hardcore as she was growing up and she nearly shoves off the couch when she sees reinhardt’s left the original series on one day

And everyone is kind of like “haha ok nerd” and some join her but pharah’s the first one to start teasingly calling her ‘bones’ during check ups and mercy is like, loving it but pretending not to b/c she’s not THAT dorky but pharah knows and keeps calling her it anyway

And that’s when mercy decides to marry her that is the exact moment