today i wish the happiest birthday on earth to the incredible woman, who played my absolutely favorite Doctor’s companion ever, Donna Noble, and Beatrice, who made me fall in love with Much Ado About Nothing and passionately wish to ever play Benedick. the woman who is a part of the most hilarious, talented and generally awesome duo ever, who is an amazing comedian, who is i’m happy to be a fan of. hope, she’s having a great day today. Happy Birthday, Catherine Tate!


real shiiiiiiiit wow


Jonathan Snipes, Daveed Diggs & Signor Benedick The Moor - 12:00 am




This is a prequel, to something, you can’t guess. 

Over the years we have seen many so-called experimental rap. Well many releases pulled it off, resulting in a mass achievement or a cult favourite somewhere somehow. Come along Signor Benedick the Moor, probably the most underrated daring rapper out there. He has released a few albums, I’m not saying it’s all great and perfect, but it’s daring. And to kickstart the year, he dropped this release. A prequel by description. Containing 2 songs, “Maiden Voyage” and “1200am.” There isn’t much to say about Signor Benedick the Moor, at least for now. He’s working his ass off with some good stuff over the years, but after endlessly playing his albums, I came to the conclusion that this release is the most daring and intriguing work of him. He has a good underground approval, overall a good promise of a musician that we’ll see growing for the better in the coming years. 

The first song os “Maiden Voyage,” well damn, I never heard anything like it before. A rap song that lasts eleven minutes with every attributes to a good experimental release. The light beat, the intro, everything else mixing up very well in this song. Signor Benedick the Moor also managed to be personal on his lyrics in this release, well most of his releases is personal lyric-wise. But he can be doing something new without losing the personal touch over his work. The second song “1200am” with the help of Jonathan Snipes and Daveed Diggs. The second song introduces a much more experiment on his beats. Overall, this release served its purpose as a prequel, that’s what I can tell you. What’s to come after this? Well, that I can’t tell you. 


DEC17 - TOP17

Nisennenmondai - N (bijin) - A

Signor Benedick the Moor - El Negro ( - Mouth of the Beast
RVIVR - The Beauty Between (Rumbletowne Recs) - Rainspell

Hunx and His Punx - Street Punk (Hardly Art) - Mud in Your Eyes
Wild Moth - Over, Again (Asian Man Records) - Window Grey

Fear of Men - Early Fragments (Kanine) - Mosaic; Seer
Stoic Violence - Stoic Violence (Katorga) - Waste of Life; Fight Them All

Autistic Youth - Nonage (Dirtnap) - Not for Me
clipping. - midcity ( - bout.that (ft. baseck)

Ex Wife - New Colors (Evil Weevil) - Rituals; New Colors
Big Eyes - Almost Famous (Grave Mistake) - Nothing You Could Say; Being Unkind

Nmesh - Nu.wav Hallucinatons (AMDISCS) - ΞΛT THΞ ΞGGS ЭЭЭ; Bayside High As Fナソノ
Night Birds - Born to Die in Suburbia (Grave Mistake) - Escape from New York; Born to Die in Suburbia

Primitive Hearts - High & Tight (FDH) - Crybaby; Falling Apart
Double Dagger - 333 (Thrill Jockey) - Mirror

Radioactivity - Radioactivity (Dirtnap) - Falling out; All Right

Generacion Suicida - Con la muerte a tu lado (Going Underground) - Dices; Reflejos; Mil amores