L: We are both enemies of the guard, you’re not going to tell me your little secret?

N: I don’t believe you!

L: What do I have to do for you to tell me everything?

N: Set me free.

L: Count it as done

A: Leiftan opened the cell, but knowing him…This is not a good sign

N: I-

A: With a movement, he gripped her throat and lifted her up

L: I’m going to ask you one last time: How did you corrupt the crystal?

N: Va…va..

A: (She scratched his face. Leiftan throw her violently to the ground)

L: Take care of it, she annoys me

A: At last a bit of fun

Seiyuu Zodiac Couples [PART 4]

enjjooooyyy :>

Aries X Capricorn // KENN X Kakihara Tetsuya

Taurus X Leo// Shimono Hiro X Taniyama Kishow

Gemini X Pisces // Sakurai Takahiro X Morikubo Showtaro:

Cancer X Taurus  // Ono Yuuki X Shimono Hiro:

Leo X Sagittarius// Ohsaka Ryota X Shimazaki Nobunaga:

Virgo X Scorpio // Kaji Yuki X Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Libra X Aquarius // Ono Kensho X Morikawa Toshiyuki

Scorpio X Libra // Suzuki Tatsuhisa X Miyata Kouki:

Sagttarius X Virgo // Fukuyama Jun X Suzumura Kenichi

Capricorn X Gemini // Asanuma Shintaro X Sakurai Takahiro:

Aquarius X Aries // Morikawa Toshiyuki X KENN:

Pisces X Cancer //Morikubo Toshiyuki X Hanae Natsuki:




Part 5 COMING SOON~~~~ B)

(XDDDDDDD eguchi gemini, fukuyama jun sagittarius, hirofumi aries)

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I absolutely love your writings!! Do you think you could write somethin for Shinsou with a deaf S/O or crush? Just somethin cute and fluffy, I don't have any super specific scenario in mind if that's okay! Thank you so much again for all your hard work and wonderful scenarios !! c: <3

A few of my friends have a really adorable and funny laughs, and I apparently sound like an evil witch. Some fluff for this precious boy. And thank you, I really appreciate that you like my writings.

It was his first day at UA. Shinsou was excited, even though the disappointment of not getting to the hero course shadowed his mind a bit. Of course he didn’t seem excited, he just seemed gloomy as always. Shinsou saw several students walking by him, entering the school building. He wasn’t really paying attention to the others, but a bright, funny sounding laugh caught his attention. He looked around, and saw group of students walking towards the school. He caught a glimpse of your smiling face. A person he had never seen before, with a bright smile and a funny laugh. He shook his head, and marched in. He needed to focus, not get distracted by some random stranger.

After the entrance ceremony, Shinsou made his way to his new classroom with the rest of his classmates. To his surprise, you were also there. The one with the funny laughter. He thought of it as funny, but he also found it very cute. Shinsou had just stopped to stare at you.

You had noticed this one purple haired boy glancing at you before, but now he was full on staring, and you were getting uncomfortable. You tapped one of your friends on the shoulder, and signed them to ask the purple haired boy why he was staring at you.

“Excuse me, why are you staring at my friend?”, she asked from Shinsou.

Shinsou turned away quickly, and he could feel his face getting warmer. He didn’t answer. He didn’t know what to say, and he didn’t want anyone to see that he was embarrassed.

Everyone in the class introduced themselves, and when it was your turn, you got up and so did your friend. You didn’t want to talk right now, so your friend would tell tell the others what you were signing.

“My name is [Whole Name], I’m deaf, and my friend helps me like this sometimes. Nice to meet you all.”, your friend translated.

You sat down, and your friend introduced herself. You happened to glance at the direction of the purple haired boy. He was staring at you again, and your eyes met for a bit. Both of you turned away, and you could feel yourself getting a bit flustered.

The day ended, and so did the first week. Two months had passed in no time at all. Shinsou had decided he would do it today. He had been practicing for months, but he was still nervous. He didn’t want to mess up.

After school, he waited at the gates for you. Shinsou asked you if you would hear him out, and you agreed.

Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck, and stood in front of you, looking rather nervous. Was he okay?

“Would you… Like… To go… On a date… With me?”, he signed slowly.

You were caught a bit off guard, but you nodded your head. Shinsou seemed to relax and you started smiling.

“Did yuu learn signn languge for this?”, you asked, a bit uncertain of your pronouncing.

Shinsou nodded, and you smiled even wider. You two walked out the school gates and Shinsou too, was smiling.

rubbertapping  asked:

guy with the traffic cone helmet and stop signn belt for the fictional character ask

 so uh ive never talked about him but my friend rubber is talking about my oc

this guy

1) fight them or fight for them

id fight him the moment i see him and he would bash my head with a traffic light, killing me instantly

2) on a scale of 1-10 how excited do I get when I see them

8 maybe.

3) would i smooch

nah man i wouldnt thats hetero behaviour

4) have I drawn/written about them/should i draw/write about them

have i drawn him? yes. should i do it more? definitely.

5) voice HC if they don’t have a voice already

uhh, loud, kind of nasally voice?? i dont know

The Signs as MITAM Songs

Aries: Never Enough

Taurus: Love You Goodbye

Gemini: Wolves

Cancer: History

Leo: Drag Me Down

Virgo: A.M

Libra: What a Feeling

Scorpio: Temporary Fix

Sagittarius: Olivia

Capricorn: I Want to Write You a Song

Aquarius: Hey Angel

Pisces: Infinity