signing sheets

  • hermione: rules are Very Important™
  • hermione: -sets teacher on fire-
  • hermione: have you checked the restricted section?
  • hermione: our only answer is polyjuice potion, brewed extremely illegally in the girls' bathroom. btw we have to steal the ingredients
  • hermione: we gonna fuCK time up, fuck what the ministry said, let's save a gd hippogriff and an escaped felon
  • hermione: -knitting hats- don't mind me, just tryna trick all the house elves into going free
  • hermione: -keeps a HUMAN BEING in a jar-
  • hermione: hey harry, u should lead us in a secret underground defense group. i'll make a sign up sheet. don't worry, it's hella cursed
  • hermione: oh, remember that human being animagus i captured? let's blackmail the shit out of her to get her to write an article for us
  • hermione: -uses confundus on mclaggen-
  • hermione: -obliviates her FUCKING PARENTS-
  • hermione: -runs away from school to fight the dark lord-
  • hermione: anyway, rules are Very Important™
Cheat Sheets: Saturn - Restrictions and Lessons

I find it hard to….

Saturn in Aries: Express myself in a healthy way, feel good about my appearance, know who I am

Saturn in Taurus: Keep myself financially stable, allow myself to be treated, buy things for myself, relax

Saturn in Gemini: Communicate with others, learn things easily, express my thoughts properly

Saturn in Cancer: Be on my own, let my guard down, let go of the past

Saturn in Leo: Be noticed, express myself the way I want, be creative, take constructive criticism

Saturn in Virgo: Make time for myself, relax, take criticism, let others down

Saturn in Libra: Relate to others, establish strong connections with others, let myself fall in love

Saturn in Scorpio: Let go of grudges, make changes, reveal things about myself

Saturn in Sagittarius: Break free from old belief systems, be open minded to other beliefs, be adventurous

Saturn in Capricorn: Let go of ingrained beliefs, let myself have fun, break away from tradition

Saturn in Aquarius: Express how I feel, make friends, express my ideas

Saturn in Pisces: Stand up for myself, trust others, follow my intuition, know where I stand

This interferes with…

Saturn in the 1st House: My sense of identity, my physical presence and self-image

Saturn in the 2nd House: My finances and sense of security

Saturn in the 3rd House: My communication and thought processes

Saturn in the 4th House: My home and family life

Saturn in the 5th House: My ego and creative expression

Saturn in the 6th House: My work and how I help others

Saturn in the 7th House: My relationships and business affairs

Saturn in the 8th House: My sex life and ability to grow

Saturn in the 9th House: My knowledge and beliefs

Saturn in the 10th House: My public image, career and reputation

Saturn in the 11th House: My social life

Saturn in the 12th House: My subconscious, spirituality and my intuition

Cheat Sheet: Jupiter - Luck and Abundance

I make my own luck by being…

Jupiter in Aries: Headstrong, determined, assertive, in competition 

Jupiter in Taurus: Stubborn, grounded, patient, artistic, dedicated

Jupiter in Gemini: Verbal, optimistic, versatile, communicative, expressive

Jupiter in Cancer: In touch with emotions, protective, caring, nurturing

Jupiter in Leo: Creative, charming, proud, confident

Jupiter in Virgo: Organised, hardworking, helpful, selfless, healthy

Jupiter in Libra: Fair, charming, flirtatious, mediating

Jupiter in Scorpio: Powerful, brooding, curious, sexually assertive

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Adventurous, wise, optimistic, philosophical

Jupiter in Capricorn: Respectable, strict, cunning, clever

Jupiter in Aquarius: Different, rebellious, unconventional, innovative

Jupiter in Pisces: Intuitive, insightful, spiritual, optimistic

This luck aids my…

Jupiter in the 1st House: Appearance, self-image

Jupiter in the 2nd House: Material/financial gain

Jupiter in the 3rd House: Communication with others

Jupiter in the 4th House: Home life and inner comfort

Jupiter in the 5th House: Creativity and romantic abilities

Jupiter in the 6th House: Ability to help others and my health

Jupiter in the 7th House: Relationships with others

Jupiter in the 8th House: Personal growth and sexual energy

Jupiter in the 9th House: Learning and knowledge

Jupiter in the 10th House: Public image and reputation

Jupiter in the 11th House: Social life and influence on society

Jupiter in the 12th House: Knowledge of the self and spiritual growth

Cheat Sheet: The Signs Crushing

I got a lot of asks on this, so here’s a quick cheat sheet on tell tale signs the signs like you!

💜Check Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars💜

♈️Aries♈️: Passionate to be with you; Finds reasons to spend time with you; Asks lots of questions; Finds time for you
♉️Taurus♉️: Cares about you actively; Offers to pay for something or lend you something; Subtle compliments; Pays attention
♊️Gemini♊️: Talkative; Actively engages with you; Playful insults; Seems to enjoy lengthy discussion with you
♋️Cancer♋️: Discovers your emotions; Physical contact or want for it; Shy with you; Wants to uncover the you behind the scenes
♌️Leo♌️: Impresses you; Tries to be the light of a room you’re in; Competitive with you; A lot of grins
♍️Virgo♍️: Wishes to be helpful; Wants to know your faults; Pep talks; Reciprocated flirting
♎️Libra♎️: Flirtatious; Agrees with you; Compliments you; Shies away slightly
♏️Scorpio♏️: Gazing; Tries uncovering deeper parts of you; Flirts; Deep eye contact
♐️Sagittarius♐️: Wants to know about your dreams; Shows off their energy; Talks about big ideas with you; Questioning
♑️Capricorn♑️: Slightly competitive; Tries remaining classy and well-mannered; Shows off their more nurturing side with you; Wants to know your desires
♒️Aquarius♒️: Asks you strange questions; Appears to actively engage with you; Asks your opinions; Shares their own in discussion
♓️Pisces♓️: Wants to find reasons to have physical contact; Asks you about your emotions; Finds out your worries; Actively tries to help you a lot

Of course, no one will do all of these, and there are probably more ideas, but these are the key ones that stick out for each sign!

You can also try using their Rising and Mercury.

Happy crushing✨

Getting Called Gay
  • Jeremy: It's a sign up sheet for getting called gay
  • Michael: *winks and breaks the fourth wall* Sign us right the fuck up. Cause his gay ass, boy lemme tell ya
Cheat-sheets: Juno - The Soulmate

My soulmate is…

Juno in Aries: Energetic, assertive, proactive, bold, passionate, impulsive, courageous and a leader.

Juno in Taurus: Materialistic, durable, sensual, artistic, defensive, stubborn, patient, secure and practical.

Juno in Gemini: Witty, intellectual, indecisive, verbal, funny, creative, social, cunning and communicative.

Juno in Cancer: Loving, warm, protective, clingy, homely, emotional, nurturing, bubbly and can be moody.

Juno in Leo: Egotistical, bright, affectionate, romantic, artistic, proud, confident, playful and generous.

Juno in Virgo: Perfectionist, organised, intellectual, realistic, hardworking, productive and problem-solving.

Juno in Libra: Romantic, fair, peaceful, loving, adaptable, willing to compromise, judgmental.

Juno in Scorpio: Passionate, intense, magnetic, sexual, private, observing, brooding, jealous and possessive.

Juno in Sagittarius: Philosophical, wise, blunt, adventurous, energetic, fiery, motivated and influential.

Juno in Capricorn: Well respected, hardworking, cautious, pessimistic, reserved and cunning.

Juno in Aquarius: Free spirited, independent, open minded, believes in equality and values friendship

Juno in Pisces: Dreamy, intuitive, unorganized, protective, loving, empathetic, psychic and comforting.

My soulmate will become evident through…

Juno in the 1st House: Love at first sight, appearance

Juno in the 2nd House: My material gain and comfort

Juno in the 3rd House: Communicative means and friends

Juno in the 4th House: Home affairs and childhood

Juno in the 5th House: Creative expression

Juno in the 6th House: Teamwork and work

Juno in the 7th House: Dating mediums or business relationships

Juno in the 8th House: Associations with death and birth, sexual relationships

Juno in the 9th House: Travel and learning

Juno in the 10th House: Career and public image/life

Juno in the 11th House: Community and social life

Juno in the 12th House: Spirituality, religion or science

Cheat sheets: Uranus - New Age and Rebellion

I rebel by…

Uranus in Aries: Being aggressive, assertive, determined, bossy, unpredictable, independent 

Uranus in Taurus: Being stubborn, opinionated, practical, headstrong, immovable

Uranus in Gemini: Being verbal, logical, intellectual, intuitive, versatile

Uranus in Cancer: Breaking away from family, being independent and erratic

Uranus in Leo: Being dramatic, arrogant, bossy, charismatic, charming

Uranus in Virgo: Modernizing old practices and health fads, improving and revolutionizing previously inefficient practices 

Uranus in Libra: Seeking independence in relationships, creating my own social values

Uranus in Scorpio: Delving in metaphysics, being emotionally unpredictable

Uranus in Sagittarius: Exposing hypocrisy, following unconventional beliefs

Uranus in Capricorn: Revolutionizing the world through business and government

Uranus in Aquarius: Fighting for equal rights and revolutionizing humanity itself

Uranus in Pisces: Following spirituality, being intuitive and visionary

I express the rebel in me through…

Uranus in the 1st House: My physical appearance, how I define myself

Uranus in the 2nd House: The things I spend money on

Uranus in the 3rd House: The way I carry myself and speak to others

Uranus in the 4th House: My relationship with my home and family

Uranus in the 5th House: How I express my creativity

Uranus in the 6th House: How I serve others and humanity itself

Uranus in the 7th House: How I treat my partners and my relationship values

Uranus in the 8th House: My sexuality and perception of death

Uranus in the 9th House: My education paths and travel choices

Uranus in the 10th House: My career and reputation

Uranus in the 11th House: My choice of friends and place in society

Uranus in the 12th House: My subconscious actions and hidden self

College hack: When your professor passes around a sign-up sheet for projects, group work, or research, choose dates nearer to the beginning of the school year, the sooner the better. The professor will grade you more leniently, you will have more energy since school will have just started, and you won’t be bogged down with midterms or finals for other classes. It seems like more work, but I swear by this tactic, it will save your nerves and your grades.

Ok, so I hope you can see the picture because it was really tiny on my screen. *fingers crossed*

I just wanted to submit this to show the massive difference between Niall and Harry’s VIP packages for their respective tours. Now I realize that it is up to the artist what they do or do not do at their shows with regards to fan interaction. But Harry comes from the same band Niall does (whether he likes it or not) and those events were very fan friendly. These pics make it abundantly clear that Harry wants nothing to do with his fans anymore. He wants their money, but he isn’t willing to provide anything more than the absolute bare minimum in return. 

The “VIP” packages for Harry’s shows are very expensive, as they usually are, but in this case for what? Another copy of his album (I’m sure he’s going to count those towards his sales) and a signed lyrics sheet? Early entrance to shop for merchandise (please spend more money) and in some cases a gift bag? Wow, don’t strain yourself Harry. 

Now look at what Niall’s fans get. Individual meet and greets with Niall, soundcheck with Niall and a Q&A with Niall. Note that Harry’s “VIP” packages make it expressly clear that Harry will NOT be involved in any the VIP package elements. Yet he is still charging sky high prices for almost nothing.

And yes, Niall also has the early merchandise shopping opportunity as well as signed posters, but on top of everything else he is offering I would be glad to spend money on his merchandise. And also note that Niall’s autographed posters are numbered and limited. Harry’s lyric’s sheets make no mention of that and are most likely just photo copies.

This kind of thing is important because this isn’t just about what you get for the money. It’s about where Harry and Niall’s priorities are with their respective careers. Niall knows that his career exists because of his fans. They are the driving force behind it and he is clearly grateful and more than willing to interact with them and give them something really special. He is humble, appreciative and is happy to show it.

Harry on the other hand refuses to accept that he owes everything to his fans. I don’t care what he tells himself about how he got to where he is, the fact will always be that it is the fans who put him there. He can’t change that no matter how hard he tries. I think it’s disgusting how he disregards and ignores his fans and I think it’s even worse that they continue to take it.

This photo is proof in black and white exactly what type of person Harry is versus what type of person Niall is. Who would you choose to support?

Cheat sheets: Neptune - Illusion

*Note Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer are not included as Neptune has a long orbit and will not reach these signs for a long time*

My perception of ______ is deceptive…

Neptune in Leo: My self-image

Neptune in Virgo: My need to sacrifice

Neptune in Libra: My relationships

Neptune in Scorpio: How much power I have

Neptune in Sagittarius: Knowledge and wisdom

Neptune in Capricorn: How others see me

Neptune in Aquarius: My friends and social life

Neptune in Pisces: Spiritualism

This affects…

Neptune in the 1st House: My sense of identity and my self-image

Neptune in the 2nd House: My financial stability and sense of security

Neptune in the 3rd House: My communication with others

Neptune in the 4th House: My family life and connection with famly members

Neptune in the 5th House: My creative expression

Neptune in the 6th House: My ability to serve others

Neptune in the 7th House: My personal relationships

Neptune in the 8th House: My sex life and perception of death

Neptune in the 9th House: My personal beliefs and knowledge

Neptune in the 10th House: My career and reputations

Neptune in the 11th House: My place in society and my choice of friends

Neptune in the 12th House: My religion and spirituality


isn’t max’s full first name “maxwell”? if so, i’m going to fucking punch his parents for only putting his nickname. like, i understand that maybe that’s what people mostly call him, but my parents wouldn’t go around putting “em” on something like a camp sign-up sheet even though literally everyone i know calls me that. they’d put my full first name, which is emily. oof. idk.

another thing– max’s parents didn’t even bother to put his last name? that’s kinda fucked up. it’s like they don’t want their kid to be traced back to them.


that is all. have a nice day.

For this year’s big halloween party that i’m sure is hosted at like, avengers tower or whatever and all the marvel people go to it just go with me on this setup so i can get to the real joke here

so there’s a big fuckin halloween party in the marvel universe every year for all the heroes and despite common sense the x-men + xavier’s students are always invited and tHIS YEAR. THIS YEAR the students are like well we have to have the best group costume, so let’s all cosplay as the actual teachers/x-men and it’ll be great and this year we won’t light the hulk on fire. as much

so cut to halloween, day of, it’s like 5PM and they’ve rented a couple schoolbuses to get from scarsdale to manhattan and all the students are coming out in the halls and walking to the bus and they’re like oh did you… also pick headmistress frost? i uh- picked her i thought it would be funny and this keeps happening until they’re all lined up in front of the buses and it’s 45 fucking teenagers in various quality emma frost cosplays and emma is like. well, which one of you forgot to make a sign-up sheet for costumes

also i imagine emma does actually go around fixing lapels and smoothing wigs like well if you’re going to represent The Brand™ you’re not going to do it looking like a cheap imitation you’re going to do it Looking Like Emma Frost

one of them probably really impresses her and she’s like wearing a diamond bracelet and she’s like here. you get this. do you see children? excellence has rewards

anyway they all show up to the party with the adults in various costumes and then all the x-kids as emma frost, which is fun because all the young avengers accidentally dressed up as spider-man. 

spider-man is also dressed as emma frost