signing for the tri wizard tournament

Don't imagine a Harry Potter au

Definitely don’t imagine Tyler Scheid being the Hufflepuff seeker, the most mesmerizing boy on campus that you can’t stop sneaking glances at, only for him to smirk back at you.
Don’t imagine him signing up for the Tri-wizard tournament with pure intentions to prove himself.
Do NOT imagine him getting chosen, along with his friend mark when a hex is placed onto the cup.
Don’t imagine you, the reader, going out alone into the woods to find out there’s dragons, and scream at the top of your lungs to cheer Tyler on when he faces the beast head on to grab the egg.
Don’t imagine spending hours on end to secretly help him figure out what the egg does, and find a way for him to breathe underwater.
Don’t think of suddenly being asked to the Yule ball by a cute, blushing Tyler.
Definitely don’t imagine him spending hours making himself look good just to dance with you.
Don’t imagine his hand on your waist as he twirls you, making you feel like something precious, something loved dearly.
Don’t imagine you telling him, afterwards, what you learned about the mermaids, and the second task.
ESPECIALLY don’t imagine a sweet kiss goodbye for the night, after walking you all the way back to your dormitory.
Don’t imagine getting called to Dumbledore’s office the day before the second task
Do N O T Imagine waking up suddenly covered in water, as Tyler drags you to shore, expression filled with worry for your well being.
Don’t imagine him hugging you closely, trying to warm you up as you both share a blanket while waiting for the rest of the champions to breach the surface.
Don’t imagine jumping with joy and flinging your arms around Tyler’s neck when it’s announced, he’s in the lead!!!!!
Don’t imagine going out of your way to practice spells with him, everyday, leading up to the third task.
Don’t think of all the giggles, the hugs, the Eskimo kisses, the flirting and the laughs until you’re both wheezing on the ground, or the walks around Hogwarts with held hands, or the cute dates that happened at Hogsmeade.
Don’t reflect on all the happy moments you’ve shared, like the day you both snuck out of your dorms to go to the observatory to stare at the stars
Don’t imagine that you kiss him as a sign of good luck, before you watch his figure disappear into the maze
Don’t imagine waiting, a smile on your face as you know he’s going to win, that you believe in him, that he’ll be all right and will get the recognition that he, and his house deserves.
Don’t imagine the roar of the crowd as the champion returns with the cup, and the excitement that comes with it, but…
Imagine the scream that leaves your lips, as you find your feet sprinting down the isle.
Because the boy you fell in love with lay dead by Mark Fischbach’s feet.

The Signs as Wizarding Stereotypes
  • Aries: gryffindor af
  • Taurus: herbology nerd
  • Gemini: the kid who doesn't shut up about their summer when they get to hogwarts until like november
  • Cancer: tries too hard on assignments and gets upset when they get a bad grade on it
  • Leo: destroys a classroom by trying to perform a complicated, flamboyant spell to get noticed
  • Virgo: remakes their potions a thousand times to get it perfect
  • Libra: can't decide which electives they wanna take so they just combust
  • Scorpio: mysterious wizard that lurks in knockturn alley
  • Sagittarius: enters the triwizard tournament, dies doing something stupid
  • Capricorn: hella slytherin and a teachers pet
  • Aquarius: weirder than a lovegood
  • Pisces: that wizard that nobody notices outside of divination where they are pro
Harry A History.

Harry: You can’t go. It’s too dangerous.

Lily Luna: Seriously. I can- I can name a million things you did at my age that were way more dangerous than going to a concert. 

Lily Luna: Lets look at the evidence shall we? I’m not going to go down the whole list. We’ll be here forever. Here are some of my favorites. 

 Your first year you went face to face with the dark lord. You took on a basilisk your second year.

You once competed in the tri-wizard tournament at the age of 14. 

Harry: To be fair I did not willingly sign up for any of those. 

Lily Luna: I’ll keep reading.  

You lead an army of students against the government.

Harry: That was not it’s intended-

Lily Luna: You fought in the wizarding war. You ran away to find horcruxes, you came face to face with Voldemort. 

Lily Luna: And my personal favorite. You stole a car, and flew it right into the whomping willow when you were 12!

Lily Luna: But i can’t go to a completely safe muggle concert?

Harry: Do as I say….not….as I do?

Lily Luna: So I’ll be home at midnight?