signing cologne

zayn & perrie: the timeline

hello, so i honestly don’t know what this is… it starts from when they first met until now. it’s just pictures, instagram screenshots, tweets, etc. basically anything involving zayn and perrie, including both families and some friends. it’s extremely long, but i think reading it from start to finish might help people appreciate their relationship. i’ll add to it whenever something happens. xoxo :)

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All Time Low signing session in Cologne (x)

high school graduation gift for each sign

Aries: electronics
Taurus: cologne
Gemini: magazine subscription
Cancer: scrapbook from their friends/family
Leo: a nice watch
Virgo: laptop
Libra: gift cards
Scorpio: headphones
Sagittarius: money
Aquarius: a trip to their favorite place
Capricorn: visa gift card
Pisces: camera


Magnus and Alec are going to marry after they have the baby.
The child is definitely a baby.
They’re going to have only one child at least until they’re married.
The baby will be a surprise to both of them.
Alec is going to be a serious and responsible father while Magnus will goof around with the child all the time and dress them up and Alec will run after him and worry and tell Magnus to be more careful.

Cassie said all of this at the book signing event in Cologne on Wednesday and I am very excited for the Dark Artifices and also I am very emotional right now they’re so wonderful and adorable help.