signing ceremony

  • Talks the most, says the least: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
  • Talks the least, says the most: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Does an equal amount of talking and saying: Leo, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces
Signs as songs from Ceremonials
  • Aries: Only If for a Night
  • Taurus: Heartlines
  • Gemini: Lover to Lover
  • Cancer: What the Water Gave Me
  • Leo: All This and Heaven Too
  • Virgo: Shake It Out
  • Libra: Spectrum
  • Scorpio: Seven Devils
  • Sagittarius: No Light, No Light
  • Capricorn: Breaking Down
  • Aquarius: Leave My Body
  • Pisces: Never Let Me Go

aries, leo, and sagittarius, (fire signs) are moving bonfire ceremonies. they have throttling vision that makes the horizon transparent and illuminate into infinity, like the iris of the eye is wider with burning embers around them. waves of cosmic fire stream through them and send tingles into their fingertips


Victory Day (9 May)

Victory Day is a holiday that commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. It was first inaugurated in the 16 republics of the Soviet Union, following the signing of the German Instrument of Surrender late in the evening on 8 May 1945 (after midnight, thus on 9 May Moscow Time). The Soviet government announced the victory early on 9 May after the signing ceremony in Berlin. Though the official inauguration occurred in 1945 the holiday became a non-labour day only in 1965 and only in certain Soviet republics.

In East Germany, 8 May was observed as “Liberation Day” from 1950 to 1966, and was celebrated again on the 40th anniversary in 1985. In 1975, a Soviet-style “Victory Day” was celebrated on 9 May. Since 2002, the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has observed a commemoration day known as the “Day of Liberation from National Socialism, and the End of the Second World War”.

After regaining their independence from the Soviet Union, the Baltic countries now commemorate the end of World War II on 8 May, the Victory in Europe Day. [Read More]

REQUEST: Calling [Gladiolus/Fem!Reader]

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^ This is because I needed the butt. Okay? Okay.

Luckily, I’ve never written a story for Gladio, which means, I’m fresh full of ideas for him! :3 This is meant for female readers mostly since the request was for Gladio’s Girlfriend… And my mistake, I made Gladio break up with Reader.

Almost done with requests. Holy shit. I’m putting up a limit next time, lol.

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Sui/Han at a Team VISA 2018 Winter Olympics signing ceremony, 4/25

Photos by @藻藻AlgaeZzz. Video clips by @新浪冰雪.

Part 1 - Wenjing & Cong thank the audience for supporting them

Part 2 - Playing a clip about Sui/Han’s career, injury, and World title

Part 3

Q: Who is the “teacher” in their partnership? Wenjing says they are a team and they are the same, they both learn and work hard to improve themselves. Though she was stuck in the hospital for a few months, Han Cong continued to train and run ahead. After she came back she thought, oh, he’s way ahead of me now, and then she had to run extra hard to catch up. In pairs skating, both partners have to reach the same level, and scores are given based on the weakest element. It’s very important to get both partners to the same level so they train and learn everything together - though she might still be the slightly weaker partner right now. Cong says pretty much the same thing.

Q: Have they ever bought/received gifts for/from each other when something momentous happened? Wenjing: Yes, but she doesn’t remember right now (everyone laughs). At an event this season she saw a ukelele and thought it was really pretty, then Cong bought one for her. She doesn’t even really like it, she just thought it was pretty, so this gift sticks out in her memory.

Q: Has Han Cong ever given a gift that he put a lot of thought/emotion into? Cong: Not really. One time they were competing at (2015) 4CC in Korea (Interviewer: “I bet this was the 4CC you won.”) Actually, they placed 4th that time (everyone laughs). One of their spins was invalidated and they felt very disappointed, so they went out and bought matching bags. It encouraged them and gave them the feeling that they would do better at Worlds that season. VISA cards support them everywhere in the world (everyone laughs).

Part 4

Sui/Han talk about staying in Helsinki for 2 days after Worlds to meet the presidents of China and Finland. They were very honored by the experience.

Q: What have they been doing lately? Wenjing: They just came back from Canada the day before, where they were getting new choreography and preparing for the new season.

Q: What is their new music? Wenjing: They have picked out new music but it’s a secret for now.

Q: Is the music more Western or Chinese? Wenjing: It’s a secret.

Q: Why did they choose “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? Wenjing: Last year they made a very big decision (to get surgery). Since 2012 the ligaments in her feet have been broken and some of the bone was also shattered. She has been bearing it for years because she loves skating and really wants to continue, even though it hurts. Before the surgery she was really struggling and their results were not very good. But because they had these results, they are standing here today.

Q: How did Han Cong feel while waiting for Wenjing’s surgery to end? Cong: The surgery wasn’t supposed to last very long, but it ended up 2-3 hours longer than expected. He was waiting there along with Wenjing’s mother and all the Team China leaders. When they pushed Wenjing out her face was white and she was smiling, “It’s finally over, I could hear them grinding my bones.” Wenjing: Before they gave her more anesthetics she could “taste” the saw grinding at her bones, there was a burning taste. It was pretty scary, she was crying nonstop the first hour, laughing deliriously the second, and she can’t remember the third hour so she probably fell asleep.

Part 5

Wenjing says she doesn’t understand money very well, she just swipes her credit card and leaves the bills to her mom (everyone laughs).

Asked to say something to their partner: Wenjing is thankful for meeting Han Cong on her figure skating journey. When she was little and didn’t really understand the world, he was like a locomotive pulling her ahead. Though she now has her own goals and knows what she needs to do, there are still times she’s uncertain, and during those times he is like a lamp shining on her and helping her go in a better direction. She thanks him for staying by her side all these years, no matter what they went through, they walked through pain and hardships together. This year is their 10th year of partnership, when she was in Canada she sent out a weibo message about it. This is their first 10 years and they received their first present, their first World title. In their next 10 years she hopes they will achieve even better results.

Cong: Wenjing in his heart is an incredibly strong, determined girl. She’s more amazing than all other girls. In these 10 years, especially the previous year, she suffered such a serious injury, went through the torture of surgery and rehab. Compared to others she had very little time to train, but in this time she was able to regain a level that allowed them to win the World Championships. She has given far more effort than him, suffered through far more pain than him. He hopes the future will hold no more pain for her, and in order to win more titles, they will continue to work hard together.
Trump walks out of executive order signing ceremony in a huff without signing  the orders
By Heather Dockray


The President of the United States of America is feeling really tired today and just wants to be left alone, okay?

On Friday, President Trump was scheduled to sign executive orders in front of a press gaggle. Instead of actually signing the orders, Trump seems to have gotten a little bit cranky and walked straight out of the signing ceremony, leaving the orders unsigned.

Trump didn’t even respond to Vice President Pence’s desperate pleas for the President to come back and sign the orders. 

Like a good boy, Pence then proceeds to gather the orders in a nice little folder for the president to sign later. Trump was provoked after a reporter asked him a question about Flynn.

Okay, legitimate question XV, Kingsglaive and Ardyn fans:

Where the actual fuck is Ardyn during the signing ceremony???

You clearly see him enter the Citadel with Iedolas.

And then Poof. 


He is not anywhere in the signing room. (Trust me I frame by framed every camera angle. Not an Ardyn in sight.

And he’s not with the party that goes to take the Crystal.

The next time you see him, it’s when they’re hauling the Crystal out of the roof and Ardyn and Iedolas are looking on from an airship.

So where did he go? 

I would think that it’d be kinda an important thing for the Second Most Influential Person in Niflheim to be a visible presence at this treaty signing, don’t you?

It could be one of the numerous plot holes of course, but speculation is half the fun of this mess right?

History of Eos

Thank you Twilight Mexican for the full fleshed-out version! 

History of Eos

The history of FFXV’s world can be roughly divided into the “ancient calendar” era when the gods were active, and the “modern calendar” era centered around mankind. The story of this work begins shortly before the signing ceremony of a ceasefire agreement is to be carried out in the modern calendar year 756.

Main Events of the Ancient Calendar Era (A.E.)

Ancient Times/Age of Myth

•The ancient civilization Solheim thrives

•Its prosperity as a technological civilization includes airships and Magitek Armor.

•The Six reside in the world

•The gods’ Great War of Old breaks out due to Ifrit’s betrayal

•Solheim is destroyed

•As those chosen by divinity, some humans with unique attributes (special abilities) hold political authority

•Along with political power, the “King” has such powers as being able to summon weapons, and the “Oracle” has powers such as the Covenant and healing.

•In addition, the Oracle possesses the ability to converse with the gods, establishing a dialogue between The Six and mortals.

Approximately 2000 years ago

•A plague spreads due to a parasite; the population drops sharply

•The Crystal and the Ring of the Lucii are brought from the gods, who went to sleep; the King at that time founds the Kingdom of Lucis

•The gods forge the Ring of the Lucii, give it to the King of Lucis along with the Crystal produced by the planet, and command the royal family to protect the Crystal.

•The Kingdom of Lucis constructs 12 humanoid statues

•The 12 statues were made as caskets into which the souls of the dead kings come to reside. Within these caskets, the successive generations of kings continued awaiting the emergence of the “King chosen by the Crystal.” In addition, these statues have the role of protecting the Crown City as the Old Wall (Knights of the Round).

•The plague is suppressed through the efforts of the Lucian king

Approximately 2000 years ago to 755 years ago

•The world stabilizes and several nations are founded

•In successive turn came Tenebrae, governed by the Fleuret Oracle family; the communal alliance of Accordo, with its parliamentary system and commercial prosperity; and the Niflheim Empire, where the Aldercapt family sought to reconstruct the ancient civilization.

Main Events of the Modern Calendar Era (M.E.)

First year of the Modern Era (755 years ago)

•The four nations of Lucis, Tenebrae, Accordo and Niflheim establish a common calendar

M.E. 358 (398 years ago)

•The Niflheim Empire initaties military aggressions

M.E. 359 (397 years ago)

•The Niflheim Empire conquers Tenebrae territory to within sight of Fenestala Manor, wherein reside the Fleuret family

M.E. 501 (255 years ago)

•The imperial army discovers daemons, mysterious creatures they treat as a new lifeform

M.E. 606 (150 years ago)

•The Niflheim Empire commences aggressions against both Lucis and Accordo

•The outcome of this war is that the allied forces of Lucis and Accordo are defeated. Lucis takes the measure of erecting a second Wall around the circumference of its Crown City, Insomnia. In addition, as the existence of the first Wall is generally a secret, the second Wall comes to be referred to simply as the Wall.

M.E. 722 (34 years ago)

•Ardyn Izunia enters the Niflheim Empire. He proposes the development of the Magitek Troopers

M.E. 723 (33 years ago)

•The Niflheim Empire begins mass producing Magitek Troopers

M.E. 725 (31 years ago)

•[2/22-4/1] The Kingdom of Lucis and the Niflheim Empire are at war

•Lucian King Morse (Noctis’s grandfather) – being pushed back and defeated by the imperial army, who introduced the Magitek Troopers to the battlefield – is forced to take action in light of the Empire’s troubling advance. He is able to resume resistance with renewed intensity by scaling back the Wall, which had enclosed the general Cavaugh region outside Insomnia, to just the city’s ramparts. Regis, who was prince at that time, was fighting on the front lines alongside Cid, Clarus, and Weskham, but withdrew because the Lucian army was defeated.

M.E. 729 (27 years ago)

•Morse, Lucis’s 112th king, dies. Regis, the 113th king, is coronated

M.E. 732 (24 years ago)

•Lunafreya is born in Tenebrae

•At the same time, Gentiana begins residing with the Fleuret family.

•Regis marries his childhood friend, Auraia

M.E. 736 (20 years ago)

•[8/30] Noctis is born in the Kingdom of Lucis

M.E. 741 (15 years ago)

•Regis is informed by the previous kings of Noctis’s destiny

•Regis establishes a personal defense squad, the Kingsglaive

M.E. 744 (12 years ago)

•Noctis is attacked by the daemon Marilith and receives a severe injury

•Fenestala Manor is set ablaze in an attack by the Niflheim Empire. The Oracle Sylva dies

•The Niflheim army attacked the palace, targeting Regis, who was staying in Tenebrae for the purpose of Noctis’s recovery. Amidst the tragic unfolding, Lunafreya’s mother, Sylva, lost her life. Moreover, this event was publicly treated as a simple accidental fire.

M.E. 745 (11 years ago)

•Shiva, the Glacian, awakens in the Ghorovas Rift of the Vogliupe region, and attacks imperial territory

•The imperial army fought back and killed Shiva. The imperials lost the majority of their forces, and so began developing Magitek Troopers that would specialize in opposing gods.

M.E. 748 (8 years ago)

•Lunafreya, who was under imperial surveillance, is inaugurated as the youngest Oracle in history (16 years old)

M.E. 755-756 (one year ago to the present)

•The Kingdom of Lucis and the Niflheim Empire agree to a peace treaty signing. Noctis and Lunafreya are announced as engaged

•Shortly before the ceasefire signing, Noctis departs from the Crown City, Insomnia, along with Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, and heads for Altissia in preparation for the wedding. Regis’s intention is for this to allow Noctis to escape from the country. Regis, who recognizes that the Empire’s intentions with the treaty are merely ostensible, secretly plans to counter them.

M.E. 756

•[5/16] The Niflheim army attacks Crown City Insomnia on the day of the peace treaty signing ceremony

•Regis entrusts the Ring of the Lucii to Lunafreya, and is then killed by General Glauca.

•[5/17] It is reported that the Crown City, Insomnia, has fallen

•At the same time, the deaths of King Regis, Prince Noctis, and Lady Lunafreya are reported.

Women of the Zodiac

Aries women are boiling inside with the power of a thousand volcanoes. Their energy is powerful, with the unique ability to turn dirt into diamonds. Their love is honeyed, decadent and a necessity, for there is nothing quite like it in the entire universe. There’s fire behind their eyes, probably the same fire that warms up the stars. 

Taurus women are the smell after the rain. They come into your life exactly at the right time to show you there’s beauty even in sad moments. Their joyfulness and adorable persona has the power to lift spirits and maybe even bring back the dead, shattered pieces of oneself. Their intelligence shines as if it was being filtered through a multi-coloured vitralium. 

Gemini women are the first sip of champagne - crisp, numbing and voluptuous. They are real crystals in a pile of fake jewels. They are sweet, tender and their love is ever-lasting. Their eyes are miniature galaxies that hold the entire universe in its place. Meeting them gives you a feeling of ease, as if everything fell into its place the moment they walked through the door. 

Cancer women are the moment just before sunrise, the feeling of happiness and hope that engulfs someone as they look out the window and witness the beauty of nature. They are great conversationalists and can paint you in the most wonderful of words, all while seeing behind your veils and smoke screens. They are technicolour creatures in a world of neutral shades. 

Leo women are a luscious garden in the middle of the desert. Just like an oasis, their life-giving energy will encircle and cure everyone who’s brave enough to explore it. Their suave movements have the power to seduce and even kill, tenderly. Their eyes are jasper crystals and their skin smells like burnt incense. 

Virgo women are like lightning - precise, luminous and oh-so-beautiful. They light up the entire sky with their vivid imagination and seductive personality. They are quiet, swift and light as a breeze gently caressing your face. Their style is regal, as they are probably the most ceremonious sign of the zodiac. 

Libra women are a cup of lavender tea, warming you up from the inside. Their flavour is syrupy and their eyes burn in amber-like colours. Their touch is gentle, as if they have feathers and their love, all-encapsulating, is the singularity that generated the Big Bang, creating the entire universe and a million other universes, all tied together with a lilac satin ribbon. 

Scorpio women are the sound of wood burning in a completely white mansion by the beach. They bring serenity and jubilance, dancing before your eyes like nobody’s watching. They are the moment you get home and feel immediate comfort. They are walking barefoot on freshly cut grass. Their skin is carefully carved from the luxuriest marble, while their spirit is domesticated and welcoming. 

Sagittarius women are the blue hour after the sunset, when the sky is a watercolour painting of purples and blues. They complete the day, putting on one of the finest shows you could ever experience. They are magnetic, dreamy and born poets. Looking at them is like looking at a statue by Michelangelo, everything, to the tiniest detail, is breath-taking. Their royal spirit shines through, indifferent to their appearance, as if under their skin there’s an ever-burning fire. 

Capricorn women are dark, clear nights, snuggling under the most magnificent sky. The constellations on their bodies shine with the power of quasars, their minds, brilliant and sharp, cut you like razor blades. Their velvety touch is almost mystical, making you wonder how can someone like them exist in reality. But they do, defying every law known to men, living their life at the limit between reality and dreams.

Aquarius women are the first bite into a luscious dessert. They are like the forbidden fruit you bite into, because they are so attractive you have no other choice. Being cursed by them would be a privilege. Meeting them is like shaking hands with a cloud, you try to capture them, scared they’d be lost from you forever, but you never will. When the time is right, they’ll appear in front of your eyes and you’ll embrace them, finally understanding the answer to all the questions ever asked. 

Pisces women are the smell of hyacinths, revealing the re-birth of nature. They are the sweetest, most delicate creatures to roam the Earth, but also the mightiest, most fragrant. Catching a glimpse of their dreamy demeanour is similar to the feeling of falling in love for the first time. Their eyes, always watery and deep as the ocean, carry with them the innocence of just being born into the world. You see yourself as new in their eyes. 

P.S.// Happy International Women’s Day to all my followers, whether they’re women, gender fluid or men in touch with their femininity. You’re all wonderful and deserve a wonderful spring! <3
Western Feminists Snub an Iranian Heroine
Activist Darya Safai writes that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights seems not to apply to women in certain Islamic countries.
By Darya Safai

Dorsa Derakhshani may be today’s bravest feminist. As the 18-year-old Iranian chess grandmaster competed at a January tournament in Gibraltar, she refused to don a hijab, in defiance of her country’s Islamic authorities. She was later removed from the national team. Her 15-year-old brother, Borna, was also booted, for facing off against an Israeli chess player.

It would be nice to report that Western feminists rallied to Ms. Derakhshani’s defense, but they didn’t. America’s liberal feminists have been busy planning a “Day Without a Woman” to protest President Trump’s alleged misogyny.

In Iran, the Interior Ministry investigates more than a million women every year for refusing to cover their heads. In 2014 several bareheaded young Iranian women posted a video of themselves dancing and singing to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy.” They were arrested for “hurting public chastity” and sentenced to a year in prison and 91 lashes. (The sentences were suspended contingent on three years of good behavior.)

Feminists and progressives have a habit of ignoring Islamism’s female victims, preferring to focus on phantom reports of Islamophobia in the West. Enormous attention has been paid to “burqa bans” in European countries. But how many readers have heard of Ms. Derakhshani?

Sweden claims it has a “feminist foreign policy,” yet during an official trip to Iran last month several female cabinet members covered their heads. How will Iranian women escape Islamism’s chokehold if European feminists submissively bow to men who refuse even to shake a woman’s hand?

Days before that state visit, an Islamic court in Iran’s Lorestan Province sentenced a man and woman to death by stoning for adultery. The Swedish feminists issued nary a peep in protest of this gross violation of human rights.

In the guise of cultural relativism, Western feminism appears to have evolved into a new kind of racism. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights seems not to apply to women in certain Islamic countries.

Yet Western moral preening never ends. Also days before the state visit, Sweden’s deputy prime minister, Isabella Lövin, publicized a picture of herself signing a decree as seven female officials stood behind her desk. It was meant as a parody of Mr. Trump’s all-male signing ceremonies. Why are Sweden’s officials so agitated by America’s mouthy president yet so taciturn about Iran’s brutal Islamists? Why should his machismo concern them more than millions of oppressed and debased women?

You won’t get answers to these questions from progressives on either side of the Atlantic. A prime example is Linda Sarsour. Born in Brooklyn to Palestinian parents, she styles herself a leader of the anti-Trump movement. In 2014 she tweeted: “I live my life under Sharia law everyday.”

Such women will never stand up for the basic rights of their counterparts in Muslim countries. Such women don’t deserve to call themselves feminists. That’s an honor that rightly belongs to the likes of Dorsa Derakhshani.

Ms. Safai, a Belgian-Iranian women’s rights activist, is founder of “Let Iranian Women Enter Their Stadiums.”
CNN Taunts Trump And The GOP With 'Schoolhouse Rock'

CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon said President Donald Trump took a “victory lap” with a big ceremony at the White House in celebration of the House passing its health care bill on Thursday.

“Is he celebrating a little prematurely?” Lemon asked senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta.  

“They might want to call up ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ on YouTube,” Acosta suggested. “Holding a victory party in the Rose Garden of the White House after something passes in the House, that might be a bit premature.”

He said Trump acknowledged that later in the day, saying the bill would likely change in the Senate.

“We’re a long way off from an actual Rose Garden signing ceremony,” he said.

April Ryan, Washington bureau chief of American Urban Radio Networks, said she had channeled “Schoolhouse Rock” as well.

“This is not really a victory, it’s a winning picture that he wants to present, but it’s a partial victory,” she said. “The issue really happens next week, when the true numbers ― the CBO score ― come out, so we’ll see if they’re still doing a victory lap then.”

As the network went to a commercial break, they played an excerpt of “I’m Just a Bill” (above) from the “Schoolhouse Rock” series.

A Man of No Consequence

A Man Of No Consequence - Ardyn x fem Reader (NSFW)
COMPLETE. All chapters may contain spoilers!

CH 1: Into The Lion’s Mouth
CH 2: Famous Seafood
CH 3: The Covenant
CH 4: Blind Spot
CH 5: The Revelation
CH 6: In The Lap of The Gods
CH 7: Across the Seas
CH 8: In The Lap of The Gods, Revisited
CH 9: Callings
CH 10: Hand of a King, Heart of a King
CH 11: Into the Dark
CH 12: Breath Of The Glacian
CH 13: Redemption
CH 14: Cure for Insomnia
CH 15: A Gentleman’s Agreement

Chapter 2: Famous Seafood

“Miss? Excuse me, miss?”

A loud tap on the window next to your head wakes you, and you try your best to comprehend where you are.

“We’re here, miss,” the driver opens the car door from the outside. “That’ll be 100 gil.”

Wiping the sleep off your eyes, you nod, then digest the words you just heard the man say. “Are you kidding me? It used to be half that!”

“Well, a man’s got to make a living in these dangerous times, you know. Never know what’s around the corner,” the driver is tapping his toes impatiently.

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