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“My feelings for my significant other are strong”

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A note about this particular sigil - I personally don’t believe that Magick can/should genuinely influence peoples true emotions. I’ve always believed that things like that need to be dealt with on the physical plane as opposed to the metaphysical one. On the other hand I do believe that there are specific situations that can hinder emotions such as depression, anxiety and stress. So I would use this sigil for myself if, for example, my depression was making me feel emotionless towards people I love and I knew that it wasn’t a genuine lack of emotion. If you don’t carry the same beliefs that’s 100% fine! These are just MY views and also why I generally will not do sigils that involve changing yours or someone else’s emotions toward others. Although I know most people will not be intentionally malicious in requesting those types of sigils I am still not completely comfortable creating them for most situations. I felt okay doing this one because I know that sometimes certain situations can falsely hinder people’s emotions. Anyways if you’ve read this far THANK YOU and I appreciate your understanding.

As always feel free to use this for your own purposes (but please use sigils like this wisely) and if you do please like/reblog. Thank you and have a great day!

so im in a rly deep art blook right now and i spent most of yesterday binging @galactibun‘s animatics bc theyre great and i was like

hamilton art? hamilton art.


I look like a guy from the 1980′s waiting for his girlfriend at the subway station.. did they have green tea latte back then?

Something it's taken a while for me internalize

You don’t need to love everything your partner loves. You don’t even need to particularly like the thing they’re most passionate about. You just need to support their interest in it. Ask questions about it. If they ask you to attend something big, go. You don’t need to love what she loves, you only need to respect what she loves and respect what it means to her. Or him or whatever.