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How do I convince my significant other of 5 years to let me leave the house in lolita? I have purposefully been buying adult/elegant/"normal" style dresses, but he still won't budge. I used to wear it to anime club, but I don't go anymore. That was the only time I would get to wear it--the only time he would let me. What do I do?

You’re probably not going to like me saying this but your significant other is your partner, not your parent, and I hate it when people say that their partner won’t LET them do something. It should not be up to him. He shouldn’t be able to say what you’re allowed to wear, it’s your body and you should be able to dress however you want. 
You need to stand up for yourself and have a serious conversation with him. Tell him how it makes you feel and ask him why he doesn’t want you wearing it. If it’s just a matter of him not wanting the attention on himself that would come from association then you should just wear it when he’s not out with you, he should not have a say in that. You need to tell him that it’s your choice and that you’re not going to be told what you can and can’t wear anymore. It sounds to me like you seriously have to examine your relationship because it really worries me when someone says that their significant other won’t let them wear something they like or express themselves. The clothes you wear should not be his choice. You should be able to be happy in your relationship and if he’s taking away something that makes you happy that’s not good and is definitely a sign of abuse.

so im in a rly deep art blook right now and i spent most of yesterday binging @galactibun‘s animatics bc theyre great and i was like

hamilton art? hamilton art.