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So if you, say, had a Sherlock theory…

One about how the clown robbers in The Sign of Three had ties to Jim Moriarty and used London’s abandoned underground Mail Rail system to haul off their gold without getting caught…

And then in Series 4 clowns kept popping up…

And Jim came back for the sake of shoving in a lot of train references…

And the big final shot was John and Sherlock running out of a building named Rathbone Place…

Which is, of course, a nod to Holmes actor Basil Rathbone as well as the name of a real street in London…

But which, as the name of a large building, has only existed in recent memory as the Rathbone Place post office that was one of the few stops on the Mail Rail network…

And if the writers introduced a metaphor about demons being under roads that would be a really good and fairly literal way to describe bad guys traveling around in London’s Mail Rail tunnels…

But would be a weird-ass phrase to even come up with while writing the episode if you’re only using it to refer to someone held underground, yes, but very specifically not under any roads and especially not ones Sherlock has ever walked…

Would you be 100% satisfied that there’s really, really nothing else from earlier episodes that the writers ever plan to come back and address?

(This is, of course, a rhetorical question. So save your “yes, I would” replies. I’m obviously not done talking about this. 😉)

The Signs' Weak Points

ARIES: temper 

TAURUS: stubbornness 

 GEMINI: unpredictability 

 CANCER: sensitivity 

 LEO: ego 

VIRGO: lack of social skills 

LIBRA: indecisiveness 

 SCORPIO: aggression 

SAGITTARIUS: blind optimism  

CAPRICORN: secretiveness  

AQUARIUS: detachment 

 PISCES: lack of responsibility

my aesthetic: @wiishu‘s lil ‘enjoy!!’ she exclaims at the start of her videos awwWH 

I found Signe’s recent video super super helpful! i just wish someone had told me this stuff before i got into digital art. If you haven’t seen it and you’re starting digital- pls watch it!! It gave me a lot of ideas on style and to see what I can try and incorporate more in my art. Thank you wiishu :) ps. i am v much in love with ur art and ur style ohmy !!

  • Aries: *wears flower crowns and long, hippie shit*
  • Taurus: *takes it as an opportunity to boost their weed business*
  • Gemini: *pushes towards the stage with all their rage and strength*
  • Cancer: *cries when their icon comes to perform*
  • Leo: *jumps up and down and has fun to random music they don't know*
  • Virgo: *records their experience to make a video*
  • Libra: *somehow makes their way onto the stage and crowd surfs*
  • Scorpio: *is only there for one specific singer/band*
  • Sagittarius: *is already drunk after one minute of being there*
  • Capricorn: *is punching the person who just pushed their way to the front*
  • Aquarius: *is basically naked but doesn't give af because their 'music festival aesthetic outfit' is poppin'*
  • Pisces: *is having the time of their life and no one is ruining it*
The Signs As Disney Horses

Aries: Maximus from Tangled

Taurus: Bullseye from Toy Story

Gemini: Prince Achmed’s Horse from Aladdin

Cancer: Khan from Mulan

Leo: Shang’s Horse from Mulan

Virgo: Destiny from Enchanted

Libra: Samson from Sleeping Beauty

Scorpio: Angus from Merida

Sagittarius: Philippe from Beauty and The Beast

Capricorn: The Mice from Cinderella

Aquarius: Captain from 101 Dalmatians

Pisces: Prince Eric’s Horse from The Little Mermaid

Your Venus in three words

Aries♈️: Passionate, aggressive, Direct

Taurus♉️: Warm, Loyal, Easy-going

Gemini♊️: Flighty, fast-paced, conversationalist

Cancer♋️: Caring, sweet, Clingy

Leo♌️: Dynamic, Prideful, Generous

Virgo♍️: Reserved, Practical, Timid

Libra♎️: Flirty, Charming, Peaceful

Scorpio♏️: Intense, Sexual, Possessive

Sagittarius♐️: Playful, Adventurous, Humorous

Capricorn♑️: Reliable, Serious, Respectful

Aquarius♒️: Mindful, Aloof, Independent

Pisces♓️: Altruistic, Sensitive, Creative

Things the signs are perfect for:

An ☆Aries is perfect to have on your team.

A ☆Taurus is perfect to cuddle with on a rainy day.

A ☆Gemini is perfect for those late night conversations.

A ☆Cancer is the perfect person to person to marry.

A ☆Leo is perfect for always being on point.

A ☆Virgo is perfect for showing you how things are supposed to be.

A ☆Libra is perfect for bringing people together.

A ☆Scorpio is perfect for exposing the truth.

A ☆Sagittarius is perfect for crazy adventures.

A ☆Capricorn is perfect for achieving the impossible.

An ☆Aquarius is perfect for coming up with the most creative things.

A ☆Pisces is perfect for being attentive and never making you feel insecure.