signed my ticket

Retail job kept telling me a supervisor would call and give me my schedule and never did by whatever dates they said. I called a few times to check on it and was told “she’ll let you know.” I call again today after still hearing nothing and the lead was all snotty and “well did you log in to the employee site?” “well last I checked I was new and didn’t have access and was told that someone would call with my schedule.” Then my phone dropped the call or he hung up on me. I was able to pull my sched up and I’m furious that it’s only for next week. If they only do it week by week, I’m gonna lose my shit. 


Today was my concert and I went to see Set it Off (simple plan was the main event but thats for later) My first concert ever was three years ago at the same place with them too. I became such a big fan that I managed to get my sister to listen to them too. On the left was three years ago and on the right was tonight. I CANNOT express how much I love talking to them. They wait after the concert and meet each and every fan that wants to talk to them. And its not just a superficial hey and bye. They remember to the best of their ability but they remember and it’s so heartwarming when I showed Cody my signed ticket from three years ago that he happily shouts yes! The first time concert girl. And he was even happier to see that I brought my sister to her first concert to see them too. Say what you will about their music, which is fantastic obviously, they are the kindest people i have ever met. And so humble ❤
More pics later.


I went up to dan and he said “hey oh my god the coolest hair ever! Want a hug?” And I hugged him and I was like thanks, I ran out of dye half way through and he was like “and you worked it!” Which was super nice and then I hugged phil and they asked where I’m from and I said I came from London just to meet them which is weird since they live there, and dan said “oh that’s cool” and phil said “yeah! Your voice reminds me of home” and I got them to sign my ticket and dan said “you have the best name ever, rose” and I was like thanks I’m kinda freaking out and he said “yeah we all are internally I think” so we took a picture and I hugged them both again and said bye!




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After waiting for years to get the chance to see Gerard Way live, i finally managed to get tickets to his recent UK tour, and was even luckier to get to meet him after the show! He’s so genuine and sweet, and he took the time to sign my ticket and he also signed my black parade tattoo too! I relive this concert and its memories every single day and it’s definitely something i’ll never forget!

^My signed tickets.  So here’s my grand recap of it, I’m sorry if it reads like a lunatic fangirl, but I mean…yeah.  I was losing it.  I respect these boys so I kept it inside, but.  Guys, if you’re reading this, you gotta understand.  You get the ladies excited, YA CUTE.  


So after the show we waited out by the tour bus, which was consequently right outside the doors.  I was so damn excited, man. We waited maybe an hour, not long at all.  I saw Water coming down out of the stage doors, and I froze as I usually do.  He started coming down the line, signing everyone’s stuff, and cutiepie goes to sign my ticket and realizes that he drew his symbol upside down according to how the ticket was facing.  He apologized, and I’m like NO NO NO it’s perfect, it’s special now, lol.  Again,  I froze, so I didn’t say much, and he seems rather shy himself so shy vs shy, yeah.  Sweetie though.

Then I see Papa and Omega working their way down the line as well, and I reeeeally start to lose it.  I thought maybe unmasked Papa’s eyes wouldn’t wig me out as much as costumed Papa did (at the acoustic m&g), and I could speak like a normal human being.  WRONG.  This man’s eyes, dude.  They’re fucking beautiful.  Not trying to sound like a creep,  but I went into total um, um, um, um. mode.   I did manage to get blurt out, in what probably sounded like a single word I said it so fast: “TODAY’S MY BIRTHDAY AND YOU GUYS MADE IT EVEN MORE SPECIAL THANK YOU I LOVE YOU GUYS YOU ROCK” and he’s just so sincere when he fucking speaks, he’s like thank you, and happy birthday, and kept thanking.  My husband Rob goes, “I know she’s too afraid to ask, but can she have a hug?”  And Papa just paused and looks at me and goes “of course!” and hugs me, and I died.  He signed my ticket and I thanked him again, and he went down the line.  I was really getting shakey and nerves then, and I kept saying “my fucking heart is going to explode” and Rob’s like yo he’s right beside you shut up, lol.  And he was, elbow to elbow to me.  PAPA YOU GET ME FLUSTERED.

ANYWAY.  THEN.  OMEGA.  OH OMEGA.  He’s so chatty and energetic like.  Yeah, boy can’t stand still.  So Rob talked to him first and had him sign his ticket (and my london shirt lol guess that’s getting framed now..) And I’m trying to take a deep breath and calm down because I’m still freaking from meeting Papa, trying to chill out and get goofy because that’s my defense mechanism when I’m having a major meltdown, lol.  So Rob goes “can you sign my shirt?” and he does, so I’m like YEAAAH RIGHT ON THE BOOB, and he just kind of laughed.  Rob kept moaning while he was signing, and saying “HE’S TOUCHING ME, HE’S TOUCHING ME!” and Omega kept saying, “YES I AM!” LMAO.  Rob said something about being hard?  And he kept saying “I LOVE YOU, NO I REALLY FUCKING LOVE YOU!” lmfao Of course he did.  That’s my husband. So I just said something like you guys are great ,and just went for it, I go, “CAN I HUG YOU?!” and he goes, “OF COURSE!” like you silly little girl, of course you can, hugs me, lovely lovely leather jacket hugs.  Rob said to him that it was my birthday, he wished me a happy birthday, and goes, “How old 24?”  I’m like no 27! And then he noticed my necklace with his guitar pick on it, and he goes, “That’s mine!” and I just kind of grabbed it like “OH YEAH IT IS!” and my body and brain went all systems fail again and i thanked him and he went about his way, and signed everybody else’s stuff, and just walked off into the streets of Baltimore like fucking Batman or some shit?  Like all by himself? HONEY I KNOW YOU’RE A TALL STRONG SWEDE BUT BE CAREFUL.  

We didn’t expect to see anyone else, and then I see Alpha!  Cutie fucking pie.  I froze again, he signed my ticket, and goes to walk away and Rob goes, “HEY ALPHA!”  he turned around and goes “ITS HER BIRTHDAY CAN SHE HAVE A HUG?” and he walks back over, wish this legit sweetness, wishes me a happy birthday, and hugs me.  Okay I’m not in the business of grading Ghost hugs, but Alpha baby you win this.  Not sure if it was because he had a t-shirt on or what, but that fucker pulled me in tight, arms wrapped around, warm hug.  Alpha, you’ve done it.  You’ve won my fucking heart. lolll.  While he was signing Rob’s standing there going, “*girls voice* ALPHA OH ALPHA!” and he’s like, “yeah yeah yeah…” LMAO.

Then we REEEEALLY thought that was it.  We wouldn’t see another member.  Then Air comes out.  Now people always told me that Air doesn’t come out too often, and that he kind of keeps to himself.  Dude no.  He was chatty as fuck.  And a total sweetheart.  Very thick accent, you gotta listen real close. So he signed our tickets, and we talked for a while.  Rob asked something like how he started playing keyboards for the band, and he went into this long wonderful story about how he played with these other bands, i think he said one of them was a reggae band, and that that’s how the guys found him.  He said something like, “That just goes to show you, you just gotta go out and do stuff, because sometimes it leads to these other things” etc. 

Rob says to him, “I love your solos they give me a bone every time, and as soon as I see the keytar it tests the strength of my zipper.” LMFAO I WAS DYING, He just smiled and laughed, hahahaaa.  He was so chatty and smiley, such a cool dude.  I don’t even know if I asked him for a hug or if he just hugged me.  BEAUTIFUL.

Oh my god I was on cloud nine.  Still am.


i’m going to type the story now!! so i forgot my book and letter [that i had yet to write wow] at my house so i borrowed a paper and pen from a friend and had them sign my ticket. now i’m so smart that with my unfinished sloppy letter i accidentally got first in line so i let a couple people go in front of me as i finished up. when i walked up dan was fixing the light and phil was distracted looking at him. so dan saw me and went “sorry i’m fixing the lighting so it’s less gross” or something close to that. they probably said hi but it’s mostly a blur i don’t remember. then phil turned to me and i hugged him and then dan but i was gonna get the most out of it so i hugged for just a bit longer than is socially acceptable. you know when someone stops squeezing in the hug and that’s how you know you’re supposed to let go? fuck that i squeezed harder for at least one extra second [and phil squeezed back ahh] THEY WERE VERY WARMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. then dan was like “oh do you want us to keep that letter” or “is that letter for us” or something and i was like yeah but i had a bunch of stuff jumbled in my hands so it took a while and i was like “sorry i’m a mess” and dan went “us too”. so then he asked me what i wanted signed so i gave them my ticket. then i put all my stuff down and tried desperately to explain the pose like “uh you know the things with the hands on the cheeks and the faces uhhh” and dan was like “yeah i know what you mean”. so then we took the pics. ALSO I’D LIKE TO LET YOU ALL KNOW DAN IS LYING ABOUT HAVING A BABY FACE I COULD FEEL HIS SCRUFF THERE’S NO WAY THAT SHITFACE DOESN’T SHAVE. i turned around to pick up all my stuff but i didn’t want to leave just yet so i told them about @itscadenbitch and how we know each other because of them and how much they’ve helped me and are there for me and how they might visit this summer [my voice was cracking because i was trying not to cry]. so i kinda forgot what their faces were like but i asked for one more hug and i gave them both like a weird one arm hug and left. also my memory is awful so phil probably did say something i just can’t remember and also i forgot to smell them

the show was amazing and i sobbed so bad at the end and i didn’t know what to expect but it definitely wasn’t that! i was just so proud of them and that grand finale made me so emotional i couldn’t keep it in :’)


i look like such a dweeb but here are my pictures with olly :) he was so sweet and cute and SO SMALL. i also got him to sign my tickets and bag too and he was like “your bag?? im scared” bc he didnt know where to sign. i love him

and the concert was so fun and they put on a great show i miss them 


Kinda calmed a bit maybe sorta😂👌 so I walk into the meet bit with them and Phil hugged me and I was like omg and then I just sorta went “you’re both so tall” (think they knew that beth wow) then Dan was like ikr we need to shrink and I was like dying inside and then they signed my ticket and Phil done it first and went ah I smudged it a bit and then Dan done his and he just looked so done 😂👌 then I gave them like a bag with letters in and Dan went “is this for us?thankyou so much well make sure we take care of it” and yeah it was probably the best night of my life

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I met Alex Koehler from Chelsea Grin and waited 20 minutes to do so. best wait ever. he signed my ticket and a poster and I told him how much I looked up to him and told him I loved him probably five times and squeeezed him :3 he’s so sweet and so funny. can’t wait to see him again in May.


I FINALLY finally got to meet Till. It was a moment I never thought would happen. My friend and I went to Chicago Open Air. We broke the bank and traveled for miles just to see Rammstein. Korn, Slipknot, and a few other bands were just a bonus. It felt like I was smack dab back in 1999. They had a signing at the show and after waiting for hours in line I got to say to this man what I’ve been wanting to tell him from the first day I saw them in “Engel”. By the way his eyes were a clear blue that day, they’re so piercing in person. I know everybody says this but holy fuck it’s true. He was looking down as he was signing my ticket and I said “Hey Till” so he’d look up. Then I said “I’m gay but I’m straight for you!” He laughed and that damn dimple peaked in his right cheek. Made my fucking day, I think Paul laughed too. The rest of the boys were more subdued but I thanked them for coming out and signing. I shook all their hands and I must say, for the big burly guy Till is, his hands are nice and gentle. Hahhhh I’m so excited lol

two days ago i met the nicest and funniest person to ever walk the earth: jack barakat. everything i thought before about him, he’s even better. he was so fucking drunk and it was freaking 4 am and he kindly stopped at the hotel door where we all were waiting for him. he took pictures with every single one of us, even more than one picture. i asked him for a hug an he said “yeah, sure” i thanked him for everything and he said “thank YOU” and i will never forget those words, the way he said it to me, like, he really meant it, i felt it. he is so damn kind and greateful and he was so happy to be there having a conversation with us and just being all goofy and silly as always. he gladly signed my ticket show for me and we took this piture and a selfie. that was by far the best night of my life and i will never be able to thank him enough. i’m just doing this to let you know that jack fucking barakat is the best human being i’ve ever met

i love you jack <3


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I met Motionless In White on July 19th at Mexico City. First Ryan, Devin, Balz, Vinny and Ricky signed my ticket, there were a lot of people so we had to make it fast and we didn’t have the chance to talk to them, just hi and thank you.

But when I went to Chris and asked him to sign the drawing I did of him he told me that it was truly amazing and that he really loved it, he asked me if he could take a picture of it with his cellphone which I obviously agreed and then he hugged me, while I was hugging him I told him that I love him and I immediately regret it because I didn’t want to creep him but he was really sweet and he told me that he loves me too.

Even though their manager was very mean to the fans, all the band were absolutely kind and sweet with us and all of them thanked us a lot for supporting them. It was definitely the best day of my life :D