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But dans talked about how he does the peace sign thing as anxiety coping thing months ago in a live show, this isn't the first time he's told us about it. But the fact that people kept making the jokes about it after the fact isn't ok. And that bothers me even more. He's told people about it and they didn't listen. And it sucks. I'm to tired to explain further but I hope i explained in some Way and someone says it more thought out than me.

i didn’t even know people were making fun of him for it. i literally make peace signs in every picture. it’s frustrating that if someone “famous” has anxiety or any mental health problems it’s sort of dismissed for comedy? weird how like,, dan actually does mention things that bother him. but we only listen to a few things. i mean tbf none of us can really imagine what it is like to be dan. it’s difficult to see anyone complexly. it’s a difficult topic and im tired but i am sad people made fun of dan for the weed jumper, the yeezy sweater, the peace signs, and everything else. it reminds me of when people made fun of dan for the light up shoes (god bless) and he said he wore them ironically but later in dapgo said they weren’t ironic :// (disclaimer: im tired and rambling and i know dan is quite a happy person but i am depressed and think too much about the effects being ‘famous’ is on dan and phil and literally everyone ever so don’t take me too seriously rn)

Relapse Prevention 2

I posted about relapse prevention previously, but the handout from IOP was too long for one post. So to follow up on what relapse is and how to identify your “relapse signature”…

Questions to Consider in Identifying Warning Signs and Relapse Signature

  • What was the very first thing you noticed at the time?
  • What happened to the days and weeks leading up to your relapse?
  • When did you first know that you were unwell? How did you find out? Did anyone tell you they thought you were becoming unwell?
  • Did you go to the hospital? How? Did you avoid going to the hospital?
  • Were there any changes in your symptoms you noticed at the time? Were there any changes in your symptoms you did not notice at the time, but that you now think may have been warning signs?
  • Were there any changes in your mood/behavior that you noticed at the time? Were there any changes in your mood/behavior you did not notice at the time, but that you now think may have been warning signs?
  • What was the most obvious or severe change before your relapse?
  • What changes did you make? What happened next?

Strategies to Cope with Warning Signs

Coping with warning signs or relapse symptoms means something different for everyone. It may mean you do or do not do something, but generally it involves stress management techniques and distraction activities.

  • Reduce stress and stimulation
  • Do some relaxation - relaxing activities, exercising, playing sports, stay clam
  • Use self-talk
  • Use a diversion - a distraction, music, earphones/earplugs, meditation, TV, talk to someone
  • Initiate social contact
  • Do some reality testing
  • Note people’s advice
  • Try suppressive techniques - wear and flick a rubber band on your wrist, say “stop!” to symptoms
  • Seek assistance - tell someone, a friend, your doctor, therapist, case manager
  • Think positively
  • Keep taking your medication
  • Get more sleep
  • Plan your day
  • Engage in your action plan

It’s always important to have an action plan. Think about which coping strategies have worked for you and some you are willing to try, and remember that some strategies won’t always work, so have backups. Talk to your mental health therapist about helping you develop an action plan.

(source: Providence St. Vincent IOP handout 2015)

Everyone wonders why teenagers are so angry. Is it really that much of a mystery?

Adults act as if we aren’t our own people, with varying personalities and beliefs, and get angry when we don’t follow the idealistic mold they set in their minds for us.

They claim that all our problems are trivial and refuse to listen to us, but then get confused and angry when we break down or let out our emotions

Adults tell us that we’re too young and treat us like children, but then turn around and yell at us, expecting us to act like adults.

And that’s a painful, painful thing to deal with each and every day.


As soon as the words leave their mouth, your initial reaction is that of your Mars sign. You cope with the sudden loss and heartbreak through anger and vitality.

The days, weeks, and months after, you’re left in a vulnerable state - that of your Moon sign, but amplified in an unhealthy way. Your heart is on your sleeve for everyone to see.

You start to love yourself and others again using your Venus sign. You are once again open to the beauty and nature of others.

okay so just a heads up, because ive seen a ton of fics that mis-characterize tsukki to the point of rot, and im gonna try to not repeat things that other people have said but just bear with me:

  • tsukki is not cold, he is not unfriendly and he not not not bitchy
  • tsukki is jaded and distrustful and this is completely valid considering his backstory
  • tsukki wants to make friends, but he does not know how to make friends
  • everybody notices that tsukki was yamaguchi’s first friend, but nobody seems to realize that yamaguchi was tsukki’s first friend too
  • this basically tells us that up until yamaguchi, tsukki was alone (except for his brother, but we all know what happened with that), and when you’re alone, you don’t learn how to socialize. 
  • the fact that tsukki is willing to be 100% honest with yamaguchi about his opinions and feelings (even if they’re harsh) shows that he trusts yamaguchi. he allows yamaguchi to see him for who he really is, bitterness and all, because he knows yamaguchi (his only friend) won’t leave him for it. it doesn’t mean he’s mean, or abusive, or anything else. yamaguchi understands this. 
  • tsukki has also been shown complimenting and praising yamaguchi when he feels it’s deserved. This shows that he’s not just a grumpy berry and is perfectly capable of positive reinforcement, if he feels it’s been earned. And why does he need his praise to be earned? Because the last time he gave out his praise willy nilly (his brother), he discovered that everything he’d been told for years was a lie.  
  • tsukki will open up and will become friendly when he’s given enough reassurance that it’s okay. he does not come out of the box being all open and enthusiastic because he’s suffered extreme hurt in the past–hurt that only happened because he was open and enthusiastic. 
  • for proof see exhibit: Tanaka, Kageyama, Hinata and Kuroo
  • So please, fic writers, i beg of you, please stop writing this tiny, scared crow as a bitchy antisocial teenager. please realize that he’s a very multifaceted character that is very easy to misinterpret
  • thank you

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it literally makes me so sad that people are still making fun of dan's peace signs bc even if dan isn't as "socially awkward" as he claims to be in his videos, it sounds like he still has anxiety and peace signs help him cope and he sounded upset about it, but that he knew he couldn't actually say anything and i'm just :/

he doesn’t seem socially awkward in his videos because he’s not in a social situation 😒

Signs that you’re dealing with an emotional vampire, and some tips on how to cope:

Signs of an emotional vampire:

  • They repeat the same issues to you over and over again, usually citing the same few examples and issues.
  • They refuse to try out any solutions or advice, no matter what suggestions you might offer them.
  • They make excuses for why they refuse to try out any new solutions.
  • They don’t leave you space to express your own issues, and if you do, they find a way to turn things so that it’s about them once again.
  • They do not take responsibility for the issues in their life and/or always find a way to place blame on others.
  • They are demanding of your time and are not understanding if you are unavailable.
  • They take any and all forms of criticism as a direct attack against their character.
  • They leave you feeling down, frustrated, or exhausted after phone calls or meetings. 

How to deal with an emotional vampire:

  • Create space between yourself and them. 
  • Practice self care. Regularly evaluate whether or not the relationship is still serving you, and adjust your involvement with them accordingly.
  • Shut down the negative conversation. Tell them that you wish to change the topic of conversation to something different and/or more positive.
  • Be direct with them in explaining how their behavior makes you feel, being certain to take responsibility for yourself by utilizing “I” language. Be careful not to accuse them or to place blame. It helps to plan out what you want to say first to ensure that your “I” language is consistent.
  • Set clear boundaries for what you expect from the relationship, and don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself if they begin to push those boundaries.
  • Don’t take the bait. They may try to bait you into engaging with them in negative talk, and it is important that you avoid feeding into this. 
  • If you feel yourself becoming drained, frustrated, or exhausted by their presence, simply excuse yourself from the situation. Tell them that you’ve got to go or that you cannot talk at that point in time. 
Another Day

Another Day

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Hi!! I’m having really bad anxiety right now and I was wondering if you could do a reader and dean to the song another day by meat loaf a little angst and lots of fluff? Could the reader be dealing with that too? Thanks sweetie!! Your stories always help!! Love you lots!! 😘😘

A/N: This may upset some people.

Dean watched as she walked inside the bunker, his heart aching unsure of what to do. He knew it was getting bad for her. He knew she wasn’t coping. The signs where there, she was starting to worry about everything. It was a simple comment to begin with what if the credit card they tried to pay for the motel on got declined, what if the police car that drove past was looking for them, what if the reason Dean hadn’t answered the phone was because the Djinn they were hunting had got him. It all snowballed, the what if’s. He knew she was struggling.

Life for Y/N was apple pie and picket fences up until a few years ago. She was a suburban girl, loving parents a pretty little sister and overprotective big brother. She was popular; fashionable, she modelled for her Mum’s clothing store catalogues. Dean had met her then, they were both young every time he went through town and thanks to some round about planning it was quite a bit, they would meet up. She refused to date him then, he was gone too much. She didn’t want the strain, but it worked out for the better in the end. They got to know each other pretty well. A new thing for them both. She was always so happy and bubbly, she loved life and didn’t have a care in the world.

It changed not long after she turned 23, the first person she called was Dean. Her Mum was dead and her Dad missing. He watched as the anxiety of what happened took over, he sat at her place watching as she struggled to cope. He watched her knee constantly bounce, her hands always shifting. He looked at the scratches on her legs as they itched with her stress. His heart broke every time he spoke to her and her soft voice came out in a harsh tone. He stood by her though he knew this wasn’t easy.

It only got worse when the news came in that it as her Dad who killed her Mum. She collapsed crying, screaming. It didn’t seem right, not to either of them. Dean did some digging and found her Dad, dead in a sewer. He knew then what it was. A shape shifter, he told her then all about his life what he really did. Why he was gone. He watched that night as his sweet Y/N left behind her apple pie life and vowed to kill the monster that destroyed her family.

They found it too late, her brother and sister both killed. Dean killed the bastard that did this too her. He sat with her as she cried, he stayed by her for weeks as she struggled to function to move. He considered getting her help. But knew it was pointless. She was glad in the end that he never did, Dean was all she needed to get through it. The patience he had for her, the willingness to be strong when she was weak. It was what she needed.

Her breaking point was when someone called Dean, a demon was terrorising a small town. Y/N heard what was going on and vowed that day to never let anyone go through what she did. She followed Dean and became a hunter herself, Dean watched as she changed, while his girl was still there she was no longer all about fashion, lipstick and magazines. She was now about the family business; saving people, hunting things.

Overtime she got better, their relationship grew from friends to partners, lovers, soul mates and everything in between, he watched her smile and laugh again. He melted his heart to think she was back. It made him feel complete again seeing that smile or hearing her soft voice. He soon realised there was triggers that set it off, times that made it bad. And triggers that helped. He learn’t them, memorised them and used them. If he could see something that would set her off he would move hell and high water to avoid it. He never considered it a burden, he loved this woman more than life itself and this was nothing to him. No more work than making her a coffee. He got hopeful that she was coming back to him, the smiles, and the laughs at his stupid jokes. As she stopped to look during that moments hesitation as they passed a store. They were all signs of hope.

She loved him all the more for it. Some days she had no idea how much he did, what he did to avoid those triggers for her. Passing on a case that might be too much at that time, driving an extra 6 hours to avoid a town that brings back bad memories, keeping things tidy and clean in the boot, weapons organised so she felt ready for battle. That she could grab and go quickly. He did it all. She didn’t realised some days how much he worried. Some days it was days before she had fought back enough to focus on life again. The days in between when she lost it, when she collapsed to the floor crying, when he watched at she wrapped her arms around her chest trying to stop her heart from running away with the speed that it beat, or the panic over the small things.

He listened as she sat in the bath and cried, he sat on the other side of the door his own tears falling. Knowing nothing he did right now would make her feel better. He knew what she was doing, the same thing he was praying. She prayed a lot for help. It never came. But it never deterred her, she prayed every time. For her own healing, for Deans she knew how much this hurt him. But she couldn’t help it. She knew he wanted to fix it, to save her to fight her demons for her but he couldn’t. He helped but ultimately there was nothing he could do.

She sat in the bathroom crying into a now cold bath. This last case was a mess try as hard as they did and still that family died, still the poor 7 year old girl lived after watching that damn thing eat her family. Wendigo. That son of a bitch has ruined that girl’s life, a new wave of tears fell. What if they got there sooner? What if they hadn’t of stopped at the gas station for the drink and toilet break? What if they had of moved faster? All this could have prevented it. Now Y/N knew what she had to do, to get fitter, move faster, drive quicker. Next time she wont let it happen. Next time…. She started crying again there would always be a next time, she often wondered what life would be like if she hadn’t of lost her parents, would she still be who she was? Wearing latest fashions? Modelling? Helping her Mum in the store? Would she have ended up with Dean? The man who she loved more than life itself, the only one who brings light into the darkness, the only one who while he can’t bring that light permanently can calm her enough in the darkest moments to try and show her the light.

The tears falling into the water around her, the prayers being sent, Dean had enough. He couldn’t take it anymore. He opened the door, looking down at her. He climbed into the bath gasping at the cold water as it seeped through his jeans. He didn’t care about the clothes; the cold after the initial shock didn’t bother him. He pulled her back into his arms wrapping her up. Kissing her head. He held her while she cried. After a while, he pulled her out the bath. Wrapping her in a robe and carried her to bed. She had tried herself out. Stripping down and drying off he climbed in next to her, and held her tight. He felt her heart pounding. He knew she was going through things that they could have done, what if? He knew she was thinking about quitting, that she then would hate herself leaving people without help. He knew her mind was jumping from one thought to another and that she couldn’t focus on any one thing. That this was making things worse. He reached behind him and grabbed the stereo remote turning on her music, cranking it up to block out her thoughts. She started to tell him off, Sam would be trying to sleep by now. But Dean soothed her.
‘It’s ok Baby, he knows. He understands.’ He rubbed her back, running his hand through her wet tangled hair. She caved and snuggled in closed. Both knew she wouldn’t sleep for a few days, but it wouldn’t matter neither would Dean. Not until the worst was over.

During the worst of these she wonders how she still make it through, how she will wake tomorrow. So many times she actually thought she was having a heart attack, so many times she thought her heart would literally jump from her chest. That the pain in her body would actually kill her. But it never did, morning came and she was always still here.

Dean kissed her head, her forehead and then her lips. He missed his girl; he knew she would come back. It was just a matter of when. She would never be the girl he met all those years ago. No, but it didn’t matter, she was even more amazing now, more beautiful. She was stronger than anyone he knew, she was more amazing that any person alive. She battled this daily and won. Every second of every day she won. The fact that even in the darkest moments, she was still here made her a winner, a fighter. She sent him into awe again and again. That first smile she gave, the one that reached her eyes and showed even for a second that she was there still fighting made his heart flutter like a school boy.

He lent down and kissed her lips.
‘I love you baby. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, every day.’ He whispered kissing her again. She fell into a restless sleep waking as the clocked turned to 1 am she was grateful she had made it through another day.

Why you should ship Lapithyst
  • They are both dealing with intense internal struggles about who they are and what their purpose is. They both have dealt with trauma and show signs of unhealthy coping mechanisms. They both struggle to believe that other people can relate to their pain, and often feel isolated and alone. They both put out an apathetic mask to hide their insecurity and pain. Despite all this, they both still care immensely for those close to them and will do anything to protect them.
  • I’ll be real with you guys the main reason I ship this is for the killer fart jokes those two would come up with.
the signs and how they cope with the fact that life is absolutely terrible

Aries: scream

Taurus: eat

Gemini: masturbate

Cancer: cry

Leo: scream part 2

Virgo: try and white knuckle it

Libra: the dumbasses think for some reason that it doesnt suck

Scorpio: do dark shit

Sagittarius: just say fuck it all

Capricorn: homicide

Aquarius: stay the fuck home

Pisces: dream about shit being different