signed comic

An advance copy of CALLA CTHULHU arrived today from Dark Horse Comics! So surprised I lost a sanity point! 

Written by Sarah Dyer (and myself), pencils by co-creator Erin Humiston, inks by Erin and Mario Gonzalez, colors by Bill Mudron, lettering by Nate Piekos, CALLA CTHULHU collects the Stela comics app series in 240 full-color pgs of weird action-adventure/horror for the less-than-terrifying retail price of $12.99. 

Our great new volume one ships in late-August to comic shops, bookstores and libraries that conducted the correct rituals to receive it. It can also be found at a certain unnameable online retail entity that fills many in our field with dread and awe. 

However you track it down, we hope you enjoy it.


tensemi for @yurrikatsuki ▪️ @hqrarepairexchange 💕

I thought about childhood friends reunion or them seeing each other again after graduation! I hope you like it! 💜


“Trust fall”

Here it is! My small but oh so time consuming Iwaoi comic! As you may notice, I have experimented a bit with lineless art, colors and such. The theme isn’t exactly new for these two, but I felt that I have to start at the basics to get to know them! (I feel like I still have a bit left to a good characterization, but I’ll be getting there.) I hope you like it!

Zodiac Signs - Gotham Girls

Harley Quinn (Aries, Gemini, Cancer)

“Sorry, it’s the voices”

Catwoman (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius) 

“Life’s a bitch. Now, so am I”

Poison Ivy (Virgo, Libra, Pisces) 

“You seem to have confused me with some warm-blooded damsel in distress”

Batgirl (Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn)

“It’s only the end, if you want it to be”


she was GETTING THERE she was going to do a bit involving “bi the way…” (or possibly “gettin’ bi with a little help from a friend” either way it would have been a BRILLIANT PUN THAT DEFINITELY NO ONE HAS EVER THOUGHT OF BEFORE)