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The signs going to ball/prom:
  • Aries: goes cultural on it's ass
  • Taurus: only cares about the food
  • Gemini: leaves getting a dress till the last minute
  • Cancer: obsesses over music and prepares their dance moves
  • Leo: gets a mature/revealing dress that looks bomb af
  • Virgo: gets a mysterious date
  • Libra: gets asked to like 5 different balls
  • Scorpio: can't decide on a dress, and when they do it's mainstream and they're never satisfied
  • Sagittarius: is organised 4 months before ball
  • Capricorn: doesn't wanna go
  • Aquarius: parties hard and doesn't give a shit
  • Pisces: spends ages looking at dresses, even when they've found one they like.. takes shoes off after 30mins
Your Dragon Ball Z Best Friend~


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Taurus:Chi Chi

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Scorpio:Android 18

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Aquarius:Android 17

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The Signs As Snakes
  • Aries: Kenyan Sand Boa
  • Taurus: Coral Snake
  • Gemini: Brazilian Rainbow Boa
  • Cancer: Royal Python
  • Leo: Milk Snake
  • Virgo: Western Hognose
  • Libra: Corn Snake
  • Scorpio: Rhino Ratsnake
  • Sagittarius: Bamboo Ratsnake
  • Capricorn: Sunbeam Snake
  • Aquarius: Calabar Burrowing Python
  • Pisces: Green Tree Python
Aquarius & Libra
  • Aquarius, worrying about Libra, who is currently sleeping:
  • Aquarius, calls her, heart pounding quickly:
  • Libra, answers, high as shit: Hello? It's 4 in the morning, what do you want
  • Aquarius: Just wanted to tell you fuck you, you saggy piece of pregnant cow shit
  • Aquarius, hangs up:

僕らの描く未来 // re Kiramune☆All Stars

The Namikawa-Ryohei hug near the end was adorable.
Reminds me of when Kamiya’s signed ball knocked the back of a seat, rebounded and landed directly in a Kamiya fan’s hands that was like two rows in front of mine.
I love this song I love the Kiramune family……I’m not ready to hear 8piece live it’s just next week oh my god help.

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The signs as game shows

Aries: Takeshi’s Castle
Taurus: Master Chef
Gemini: Golden Balls
Cancer: X Factor
Leo: The Chase
Virgo: University Challenge
Libra: Pointless
Scorpio: Release The Hounds
Sagittarius: Baggage
Capricorn: Take Me Out
Aquarius: The Cube
Pisces: Catchphrase