IT IS DONE. And I am exhausted. Seriously. wtf.

The G2 Creators in some of their alt clothing, they change their clothes and looks a lot in the comic. Consider this their CMYK classy artist clothes :> Each of their draft lines are a different color of CMYK, G1 is RGB. Imagni has cyan draft lines. She sketched her dress, lol.

…. *fawns over handsome Unusti*

I have an emergency electric bill hanging over my head from last month that i need to pay this week or we’ll be cut off. This month hasn’t been particularly kind to me as predicted, both money and headwise. But i’m not going out without a fighto! I’ve been working my ass off and I’m still behind with a lot of stuff but i’m getting through it all bit by bit, like I do. 

I’m going to be ordering these prints this week so I’m now selling them at £15 (GBP not $ or euros) each. That price includes my shipping worldwide. If you’d like a SIGNED A3 print of this badboy then hit me up via PM and i’ll send you details for paypal etc ASAP. I need to sell at least 10 of these to pay my bill and unfortunately my Patreon only gives me money when i’ve done comic pages at the start of every new month, so the timing on this bill is really crap. Seriously 1 meal a day isn’t fun _^^^_; But i’m working on Engelbaum so I don’t care, I knew it was going to be tough and it’s worth roughing it out until things pick up. So please please if you’d like my latest print drop me a PM. 

*resumes gross cry position under desk* rrrrrr