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“It is not so that the good detective should act, eh? I perceive your thought. He must be full of energy. He must rush to and fro. He should prostrate himself on the dusty road and seek the marks of tyres through a little glass. He must gather up the cigarette-end, the fallen match? That is your idea, is it not?”

His eyes challenged us. “But I - Hercule Poirot - tell you that it is not so! The true clues are within - here!” He tapped his forehead. “See you, I need not have left London. It would have been sufficient for me to sit quietly in my rooms there. All that matters is the little grey cells within. Secretly and silently they do their part, until suddenly I call for a map, and I lay my finger on a spot - so - and I say: the Prime Minister is there! And it is so! With method and logic one can accomplish anything!”

- Agatha Christie, Poirot Investigates: The Kidnapped Prime Minister


I forgot where I was going with these doodles tbh I just wanted to color space or something.

Click for better resolution or something cause I don’t think tumblr is liking me right now.


My experience with meeting the shadowhunters cast.
First of all let me say how very very grateful I am and how lucky I am for this rare chance. Anyways lets go, so it started off with Emeraude and she was so so so beautiful and sweet. She signed my book and complimented my (malec) shirt she also told me how she remembered me from the crowd and I almost died. After was the one and only matt daddario. He snook a signature into my book even though they said no more. He also said he liked my shirt and said he loved me after i told him the same (i actually died then) he then proceeded to ask me if i was ok because i started to cry lmao! After him was harry and he said he loved my shirt and said he remembered me from the aol interview (i died again) ((rip me)) and i was so shook!! And he gave me a tissue because i was in tears (you know damn well i didnt use that tissue im keeping that forever) and after him came Isaiah who smiled so beautifully at me and made sure I was alright (they were all so concerned aw) and signed my thing. After him was Dom and Alberto!! Dom saw my crying and told me it was this exact reaction that made him do what he does (is this my third death?? Fourth??) and noticed em didnt sign my paper so he took it went over and made Em signed it (AHHH) and while he was doing that Alberto saw me losing and and said “thats it i cant take it anymore” and walked around the table and hugGED ME AND NOW IM CRYING AGAIN THINKING ABOUT IT he will never know how much that meant to me. Because even though I didnt ask for it he must of saw he much he has affected me and knew how much I needed one. Truly the best day of my life and wow I chose the right show to fall in love with.


Went and roughly colored my traditional Asuna illustration!

I played with the palette a bit to test out other colors; I’ll probably do that more often. ◝( ′ㅂ`)و ̑̑

The nordics with weapons

Denmark: Denmark is always seen with his signature axe. Though it looks big and clunky, Denmark handles it with ease; he can spin it round with his hands so fast it becomes a blur while still, miraculously, keeping his head in tact

Sweden: Sweden is best with a sword. It’s a direct, dangerous but also noble weapon.

Norway: Norway is absolutely terrifying with daggers. He whips them out before you realize he’s moved, the blade dancing round his fingers with astounding speed and thrown with deadly precision.

Iceland: Iceland doesn’t like close combat, so you most likely wont see him in battle. What you will see, however, are the flaming arrows that seemingly come from nowhere, always hitting their target dead center.

Finland: Who needs weapons? He can crush you with his bare hands. But if he’s gotta pick a weapon, it’s going to be a machine gun. He loves machine guns. He’s also pretty great with a sniper rifle.

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Kurt cuddly nightmare hcs

wooooo howdy boy this is gonna be good *cracks knuckles*

  • don’t be surprised if he bamfs into your room at one in the morning
    • you’re minding your own business, sleeping away the night when you smell sulfur and hear his signature sound and even though its late, you are able to hold up the blanket your sleeping underneath and pat the spot next to you
      • it’s a small bed so it gets crowded
    • you just hold him, sitting up against the headboard and his head on your chest with your fingers brushing through his black hair
    • he’s reluctant to tell you about it because
      • one, he can barely remember much of it only that it frightened him
      • two, kurt can vaguely remember your face and the lights of the Munich circus
    • you have to wait until he’s calm enough to finally lay him down next to you and you both mean to talk but after the nightmare, he is drained and you’re exhausted so you fall asleep with his and yours arms and legs thrown haphazardly on each other
  • you stumble to his door and knock. you have to wait a while because he is the heaviest sleeper in the world
    • he’ll be rubbing his eyes and take one look at you and he knows that this is definitely not an attempt to sneak out
    • you’re more open about talking to him about your nightmares
    • he listens to you talk in a hushed tone laying next to him while he curls his tail around your torso and keeps you close to his chest
      • he is making patterns on your skin with his fingers,
      • he places soft kisses across your shoulder as a reassurance to keep going
    • when you are done talking, it’s hard for you to sleep 
      • he sings lullabies and hymns he knows
      • it has you asleep in no time

I finally get why this sucks. I’m no artist but I respect them for their hard work and talent and not paying them seems a bit unfair. Art can be very time consuming, some even take days to complete. And asking stuff for free is like you’re wasting your time for nothing. (Refer this statement to the artists.) It takes a lot of time and practice to achieve their own style and bashing them for it is just plain wrong.

The reposting stuff too… I had a little problem with that before because I didn’t know about the repost issue and I accidentally posted something not mine. I apologized and took it down after I received the news.

This is also why artists put watermarks on their works to avoid theft, some crop or even edit out their signatures. Even though some give credit, it is not enough without the artists permission to repost or use their art. An artist knows his/her art when they see it and no matter how much you claim the art is yours, the artist will always find a way to claim it as their own. (Like how Chloe copied Marinette’s design)

so please respect artists and their hard work. Doing something like this is just really nasty…

I am not posting this for attention. Rather, I am posting this to bring to your attention the problems that artists are facing. They are just humans like us. Words and crap also hurt them. Sure, they do requests and that’s the time they do art for free but if they don’t take requests and you want art from them, then do the right thing.

My favorite artists, @ceejles @luciasatalina @baraschino @edorazzi @piku-chan @thebirdfromthemoon-art and other amazing artists I came to know and love, please do not let things like this ruin your day or stop you from being inspired to create. Continue to live on your passion as people like me appreciate what hard work you gave for your art. Remember, there is more good than bad. I love all you artists out there who strive to find their own color in the world. 😊💕