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If you have the time and inclination, I'd love to see the Avengers' reaction to learning Phil Coulson's alive (because they MUST know by now)... And especially your Laura Barton's reaction - what kind of fruit basket do you send to say "glad you're not dead, don't ever do that to us again"?

Laura sent him a fruit basket of whole pineapples (he was allergic) and a note that read Cooper cried all the way through your funeral, you bastard. 

An unstamped postcard appeared in her mailbox a few days later– a generic glossy image of a Maine lighthouse on a high green bluff. No signature, but Phil’s square handwriting. My apologies for the inconvenience

She threw the card on the counter, grabbed the axe from the woodshed, and chopped firewood until her arms screamed, because if she was going to be in a fury she might as well make it a productive one. 

Laura wasn’t Level Seven or above– she wasn’t any Level, technically, as according to SHIELD she didn’‘t technically exist these days– but she had friends in high places. Or low ones. It was a matter of perspective. She had found out about Phil Coulson before Clint, because Clint only broke rules because of his big heart and she’d always broken them because of her nosy mind. 

She had called Clint immediately–before the fruit basket–to pass on the (good–she was furious, but it was good, it was good) news. Clint had said, “Oh,” in a great terrible relieved rush of air. 

While the landline was passed among Lila and Cooper so they could chatter at their father, Laura had called Natasha on her cell. She’d said, “Oh,” too, but there was no rush of air, no exhale, no exclamation, because Natasha understood about resources, about conserving them, always had. 


“I bet that’s where Melinda May went,” Natasha said. “But, anyway, how’d Lila’s recital go?“ 

Laura didn’t tell Tony, Steve, or Bruce, though she was tempted. But it would be petty, not kind, and she tried to cling to kindness by her ragged fingernails. 

Phil used words like inconvenience when he meant pain. He said compromised when he meant possessed and involuntarily homicidal, when he meant lost. He was a man of euphemisms and Laura tried to roll with it– her son preferred sign to speech most days, her husband was a hard-of-hearing ex-carnie, her best friend was a slippery, sweet ex-child-soldier who carried all her cards and all her hurt close to her chest. Laura understood that no one spoke the same language and that part of loving someone was looking for what words meant in their hands. 

"Apology not accepted, you prick,” she told him as soon as he picked up the phone. The friend of a friend who got her the number didn’t know or didn’t tell her where exactly Phil was, but a different friend of a different friend told her the mission, and another told her the coordinates. Laura was a friendly gal. She listened for ambient noise, hints of the crowded city she knew he was chasing uncanny phenomena in, and heard nothing. 

“Which otherwise excellent employee of this agency did you coerce into betraying classified information this time?" 

"Maybe one of your shiny new team,” she snapped. “Have you even spoken to Natasha, since, Phil? What the hell? What were you thinking?”

“We were thinking that without a united front, against Loki–”

Laura paced over the kitchen floor Clint had put in by hand during a chill autumn during which even the kids grew tired of take-out. “Did you think they’d only fight for you if you were dead? Did you not trust them to believe in the fight?”

“I understand you’re defensive of your husband–”

“I’m not angry for Clint’s sake,” she snapped, and Phil went quiet. “He gave a toast in your honor and came home to hold his children. He was always going to get through this.”

“Angry for yourself, then, Mrs. Barton? Laura, I never knew you cared." 

"I send you fucking fruit baskets, don’t you even joke. You taught my kids how to whittle, you shut your undead fucking mouth, Phil. But it’s not even that. They were a bunch of squabbling petty children up there, weren’t they?” she said. “Clint doesn’t talk about that particular fight, but I’ve met them now, and I can imagine. Tony, lord. I get what you were trying to do. You were dumb, but I get it." 

"Then why are you angry?" 

"You should have trusted her.”

“Ah,” said Phil. “Romanoff." 

"I get not trusting all the caped crusaders, not then, not yet, but you all keep leaving Natasha.” She clutched the cord of the phone in her hand, winding it around and around her palm. “You all keep leaving her, and not even having the decency to die." 

"It was a delicate situation– Fury’s death even more than mine." 

"And you think Natasha can’t handle delicate? She has been dying for you for years, and she hasn’t earned your trust yet? Phil, godamnit.”

“We thought she could handle it." 

"She could. She did. She shouldn’t have to." 

Laura strained to hear the ambient sounds under his silence, staring out the kitchen window at Cooper making rock towers and sandy canyons at the pond’s edge. She felt muffled, locked out, smothered with only the bare staticky sound of Phil’s voice making it over the line. 

"I apologize for the inconvenience,” he said, and he said it softly.

Midnight: Taehyung Scenario

Prompt: It’s late but you and Taehyung go on a casual date.

Genre: Fluff. OH GOD THE FLUFF.

Word Count: 1174

Warnings: None but the fluff in this might made you vomit.

Requested by my boo @chillyoongi!

It was around midnight and you and Tae were laying on the couch with a movie droning on in the background.

Although it was fairly late, the both of you were wide awake. You couldn’t get comfortable as you tried to snuggle and focus on the movie. However, no matter how much you tried, your attempts proved futile and you let out a huff.

“I’m bored,” you called out after settling on your back, your head propped up in his lap. His hands found their way into your hair and you closed your eyes and hummed as he ran his fingers through the locks. You quickly snapped out of it, realizing he was trying to distract you from your fidgeting.

You sat up and have him a pout before letting out a whine. You dramatically flailed your limbs and fell across his sitting form.

“I’m sooooo bored,” you called again. Hoping that this time he would respond, you peeked through the hair that had fell across your face from your theatrics.

“Well, what do you want to do? It’s already 11:30.” He asked as he finally turned his attention to you. Your face twisted in concentration as you tried to think of an activity to do at night that didn’t involve clubbing. When nothing came to mind, you whined again and gave Taehyung puppy dog eyes.

He rolled his eyes before standing up and beckoned you to come with him. He grabbed a beanie and reached his hand out to you which you happily took.

The two of you walked through the still busy streets of Seoul. You weren’t really going anywhere in particular, just strolling the sidewalks and checking out the street vendors.

Your hand lazily interlocked with his and swung back and fourth. The restless feeling that you’d had earlier was replaced by a warm feeling. You gazed up at him and smiled to yourself. He caught your glance and smiled back down at you, giving his signature square smile.

“Do you want food?” He asked after awhile of mindless walking.

“Is that even a question?” You giggled.

You had a meal in an all night restaurant, both feeding each other and being ridiculously coupley.

By the time you’d finished you meal, it was about 2:30am but you still didn’t feel tired for some reason.

“Oppa, can we go to the convenience store?”

“Seriously, Y/N? We just ate,” he scolded your appetite.

You whined and leaned on his tall shoulder before wrapping your arms around his torso.

“Pleeeeaaaasseee?” You gazed up at him through you eyelashes. He was a sucker for puppy eyes; they always worked without fail.

The streets were still full of people and loud music in the city that never sleeps. Luckily, as many people as there were, not many people recognized Taehyung. The few people that did gave respectful nods or excited waves but moved on their way without bothering your date.

Once you reached the small store, the weariness of staying up so late began to settle in. You shuffled around the store and grabbed bags of chips and candy. Taehyung, although he had scolded you earlier, didn’t hold back on his snacking either. He’d grabbed juices and milks for the both of you to share and small packs of food.

He graciously paid and as the two of you exited the convenience store, he laced his fingers between your and gave a squeeze. You smiled and squeezed back.

You decided to take out your phone and try to take a cute, candid photo of him. You adored the pictures that you took of him when he wasn’t expecting it.


He turned around to look at you and you snapped the picture. He laughed and came closer. You took another as a smile spread across his face and he giggled. He tried to grab the phone but you swiped it out of his reach.

“Aish! Delete those,” he laughed. He still tried to grab the phone.

“No! They’re cute! My adorable little Tae Tae,” you pinched his cheeks as he have you a fake pout. He made one last grab for the phone but you wouldn’t let him at you. You loved the little moments that you could capture and appreciate later when he was gone on tour.

Without realizing it, you ended up at the Han river and sat down on the steps by its edge. He pulled out the food and handed you a banana milk and a bag of chips.

You munched on the food in silence, glad to be away from most of the busy city sound. You didn’t need to talk in order to enjoy your time with Tae. The silence was nice and it made you more aware of his presence next to you. Again, the warm feeling from earlier returned. You were so incredibly lucky to have him.

You scooted closer to him and laid your head on his warm shoulder.

“Love you,” you murmured. The late night and food in your belly were quickly causing sleep to approach you. He paused in his crunching of chips and leaned down to place a kiss on the top of your head.

“Love you too. Are you finally getting tired?” He poked fun.

“What? No. Me?” You replied before a yawn claimed your mouth. His only reply to that was a chuckle.

“Alright, come on. Let’s go home,” he stood up and tried to haul you up by grabbing your hand.

“No, the night is still young. Let’s go do something,” you protested, but you could hardly keep your eyes open.

“It’s 4am and your falling asleep on the stone steps,” he chastised your complaining. He tried to pull you up again but your muscles complained.

“Oppppaaaa, carry me back.”

“Are you kidding me?” He asked. He re-evaluated your slumping form and rolled his eyes. “Alright, get up.”

You let out a soft cheer of success and stood up. He bent over and with your remaining energy you hopped up on his back. He made sure you were comfortable before he started the long trek back to the apartment.

“Geez, you’re heavy. Maybe you shouldn’t have so much rice next time,” he grumbled jokingly. Although you were falling asleep, that didn’t stop you from giving a sassy reply.

“Shut up and walk, slave,” you giggled. He stopped for a moment and faked dropping you to which you squealed and hung onto him. He twirled around the block with you on his back and laughs ripped through the quiet city now.

After he had stopped his antics, you leaned over and placed a kiss on his cheek. You could feel his smile and with that you tucked your head into the crook of his neck and fell asleep. The warm feeling from the date translated into your dreams and you had never slept so well before.

Even though the walk back to the apartment was long, Taehyung didn’t mind. After all, he’d do anything for you. Even if it was midnight.

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dude what's with the brackets

It’s because Vision has special speech bubbles!

Since the 70s, his speech bubbles have always been square! (and yellow)

There was a brief period in the late 80s/early 90s where he had regular ones:

But I thought the brackets would be a fun way of bringing in his signature square speech bubble.

‘Til The Sun Dies

Summary: You worried about him, but he would never fall for you. He was your sunshine, and she killed it. 


This was requested by @brendaunicorn

“ so i know i already request a story,but i just discovered this song ad i was wondering if you could do a taehyung scenario based on Alex & Sierra - Little Do You Know?”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Soooo, I don’t know if this fits it–especially because the lyrics aren’t really anywhere in hear except for maybe the title. But I tried to make it fit with the lyrics. Ahhh, I’m sorry if this sucks. Let me know if you’re not happy with it and I’ll make a better one in the future. THERE WILL BE A PART TWO SOONISHISH.

Part Two

You had fallen in love with a man named Kim Taehyung, not only because he was the most gorgeous man on the planet, not only because his smiles were infectious and he had a magical ability to be deathly sexy when he wanted to, and not only because he giggled like a schoolgirl and was absolutely unafraid of everything that made up himself–these parts of Taehyung were just a cherry on top of the cake. You fell in love with him because he was the most beautiful human being you’d ever met–inside and out. He had a the power to conjure smiles from the depths of despair, and the ability to turn the air around him into a wine that people could get drunk on just by breathing; when he was around, every night felt like the full moon and every day the clouds would run from the force of his sunshine. He was perfection in its purest form.

But, you were none of these things, and he did not love you how you loved him.

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Member: V/Taehyung
Type: Fluff
Word Count: 756

“Noooo,” you whine, “I don’t want to take it.” Taehyung rolls his eyes and sighs. He tries to feed you a spoonful of cough medicine. “Please (Y/N). Just take it so you can get better,” he pleads. You pout but accept the medicine this time then turn around so your back faces him.

“I took it so leave now,” you announce. Instead, he lays down beside you and begins to trace circles on your back. “But my yebo is sick and needs someone to nurse her back to health,” he states. Nearly falling asleep to his finger tracing you turn around while covering your face with your sleeve.

You cough then state, “I don’t want you getting sick because you overwork yourself already, Tae.” He frowns then refutes, “But how can I work hard when my heart is sick? I gave it to you…and now you’re sick so therefore I’m sick also. Get better so I will be too.” Blushing at his weird but cute analogy, you punch him playfully.

“You’re such a pabo,” you roll your eyes and smile. Seeing your smile, causes him to smile his signature square smile as well. “When I’m sick, please take of me as well, (Y/N),” he asks while propping his head up on his hand. Before you answer, a cough rumbles through your body.

While coughing, you quickly, with all your might, you attempt to push Taehyung off the bed. Caught off guard, he doesn’t have time to brace against it so he plops on the floor. “Please //cough// leave //cough//. I don’t //cough// want you to get //cough// sick, Tae,” you barely manage to say.

Each cough causing him to flinch as it hurts him to see you in pain. He props his head on the edge of your bed like a sad dog. But his demeanor quickly changes to a protective one. “I refuse to leave you here all alone sick in bed. Even if I leave, the only thing I’ll think about is how you’re constantly in pain and sick.”

Seeing his determination and refusal to leave, you slowly sit up. He reaches out to help you but you hold up a hand. You walk over to your dresser and pull out a mouth mask to prevent the spread of germs. After, you walk to the bathroom to wash your hands.

Once you come back, you reach down and grab one of his hands to lead him into your kitchen. “Mwohae? What are you doing, (Y/N)?! You should be resting not cooking!” he exclaims. You ignore it and ask, “Have you eaten yet? I haven’t so I’ll heat up some water for ramen.” Continuing to ignore his protests, you pour the boiling water into two instant ramen bowls before carrying them over to your table.

You set them across from each other and take off your mouth mask. He sighs, accepting defeat, then sits down in front of you and the steaming noodles. Staring at you the entire time, he eats in silence. “Ya, Tae, you know what makes me feel better?” you ask. He shakes his head and continues to eat.

You stop slurping for a moment to chew all your food then smile. “When you smile for me, I feel that much better. So while you’re here, please stop worrying about me.” He blushes and looks down into his ramen. “I feel like you’re the guy sometimes with those lines,” he replies, cracking a smile.

You flip your hair dramatically for comedic effect then pretend to be serious. “Kachima. Don’t go. Be here with me and only me,” you exaggerate in your deepest voice. He chokes on his food and covers his mouth while he laughs. Seeing his square smile return makes your heart soar.

“You’re so weird (Y/N). Truly the perfect one for me,” he laughs. After you both finish, guiding him on the couch, you lay down on his lap and turn on Running Man. He quietly hums while playing with your hair. “Hey Tae?” Taehyung stops humming and responds, “Hmm?”

You sit up and give him a peck through the mouth mask. Surprised, his eyes open wide. “Thanks for taking care of me. Saranghae TaeTae-oppa.” He turns away from you but you see his neck all red. “How come I feel like the one who has a fever…”

Laying back down on your lap, you fall asleep to his gentle hands playing with your hair and his occasional laugh that interrupts his humming. There’s no place you’d rather be.

Waste The Night

I wrote this for my friend and I think it kinda sucks but I hope you guys like it anyways! This was inspired by Waste The Night by 5sos btw I am obsessed with that song right now!

Originally posted by yass-jams

You couldn’t believe your boyfriend… Well… Ex-boyfriend. How could he? After a year of what you shared he left for her. Her of all people. You had been crying into your pillow for too long and now you had just run out of tears to shed. You were going through the break up phases. There was sadness and then anger and then regret. Sometimes you blamed yourself but others you blamed him and most of the time you blamed her.

All your crying made you feel weak and cold and you didn’t want to do anything. Your bedroom door was open, letting in a small breeze and allowing you to hear the cars passing by on the street below. It was dark now and your room was lit up by the street lights. You didn’t want to feel this way ever but you also didn’t want to do anything.

Your friends had been texting you and even your ex-boyfriend tried to contact you. You wanted to block him or at least erase his number but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Some friends wanted to go out to cheer you up and others offered to bring over ice cream and movies but you weren’t up for any of it. You laid in silence, drowning in your own thoughts until your phone buzzed again. You didn’t want to check it but you were curious to see if maybe, just maybe, your ex had changed his mind.

You checked your phone and was surprised to see who it was.

~Open the door~
Was all it said.

You didn’t know why him of all people would text you at this time especially since he was friends with your ex. You would think that it was some form of bro code not to talk to you. You sighed as you forced yourself up. You had nothing else to do and you really didn’t want company but something made you open the door.

You walked to your front door and turned on a few lights so you could see his face. You opened the door and slightly hid behind the door so he couldn’t see how disheveled you looked. “What do you want Taehyung?” you asked in a hushed voice. He looked nervous, just standing in the doorway. His hands were shoved into his pockets and he was biting his bottom lip. He looked you straight in the eyes and had what looked like a sad expression on his face.

“Suga’s an ass,” is all he said. You would’ve teared up but you were too tired to at the moment.

“Is that all?” you asked, not understanding why he was even there. He took a deep breath and shook his head. He put his hand in his dark brown bangs and put a soft smile on his face.

“I came to cheer you up. You don’t deserve to cry over him,” he spoke. You moved to let him into your place but he shook his head. “This way…” he said, moving to let you pass him.

“No Taehyung. I look like a bum,” you huffed. He frowned and rolled his eyes.

“You look fine. You always look great,” he complimented you. You found yourself blushing at his words but went back to the situation you were in.

“Where are we going?” you questioned him, not understanding what he was up to.

“Anywhere. Anything that gets you to smile,” he answered you. He had never acted like this with you before and you were just taken aback. Suga was his friend but instead of sticking with Suga he’s here being your friend.

“I don’t even have shoes on or my purse,” you argued.

“Slip some shoes on and you won’t need your purse,” he explained. You were really against doing what he asked of you at the moment but every time you hesitated his smile weakened a bit and it made you feel bad so you slipped on some shoes and grabbed your keys, shoving them into your pocket.

“This better not be some mean joke,” you warned him, pulling your jacket closer to you. It was chilly once you got outside and you were a bit nervous being alone with him. You guys had always got along but he had always kept his distance.

He started walking a certain way and you quickly followed. It was late so the streets weren’t as crowded but it was still dark. You walked for a time way past your patience and you began to complain. “Taehyung, please just tell me where we are going,” you whined.

“Not until I figure it out,” he replied making you stop in your tracks.

“I’m not in the mood for this. I’m going back home,” you sighed.

“Oh no you’re not! You’re not backing out now,” he spoke. All of a sudden he picked you up and slung you over his shoulder.

“Put me down!” you exclaimed, starting to get angry with him. It was pretty much midnight and you were alone with someone that you probably shouldn’t be.

“No! I promise you’ll have fun tonight,” he protested. You sighed in defeat, not wanting to fight at the moment. He kept walking with you over his shoulder until he suddenly stopped.

“What?” you asked, not able to see over his shoulder.

“There’s a dark grass field over there,” he said excitedly.

“That sounds scary,” you remarked.

“No! That means fireflies!” he cheered. He began running to the field and once you got there he put you down.

“Fireflies? How is that supposed to make me smile?” you scoffed.

“Well, try looking around. You never know,” he shrugged. You looked around you and saw the never ending flash of small yellow lights. You had never seen so many in one place and you had to admit it was gorgeous. “Isn’t it cool? I’ve never seen so many.”

“Yeah… Me either,” you replied. It was like stars all around you and for a moment you forgot about Suga and everything he had made you go through. You reached out to catch one and smiled softly when you saw it glow inside your hand. You didn’t let Taehyung see your smile though. You wanted to see what else could happen.

“Oh! I just got an idea,” Taehyung gasped. He grabbed your hand and began to run back towards the street. You were sad to leave the magical moment but you were curious to see what would happen next. You ran around corners and down alleys, hand in hand and your heart was beating fast from it all. You finally stopped when you reached a public, indoor pool. You looked at Taehyung in confusion.

“It’s closed,” you stated. He just smiled and shook his head.

“Not when we have easy access,” he chuckled. Still holding your hand he dragged you around to a back door. You were now scared of what was going on. Why would he want to go in there anyways?

You reached the back of the building and saw no clear opening for you to get in. Taehyung finally let go of your hand and walked towards the door.

“What are you doing? It’s closed!” you whisper yelled as if someone was nearby to hear you.

“No. It never is,” he replied, opening the door with ease. “They haven’t locked this door since I was a little kid. I would come here with my younger siblings all the time when we were little.”

“Ok, but what are we going to do in there anyways?” you raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll show you,” he smirked as if he knew you would freak out. He disappeared into the dark building and you had no choice but to follow. You lost him in the dark hallway and got a bit scared, not being able to see anything. You got to the area with the pool and took off your jacket. It was warm in the room and you were nervous not knowing where Taehyung was.

All of a sudden you were falling into the clear water. You screamed as you fell into the surprisingly warm water and fell deep into the liquid. You rose to the top and wiped your eyes. You looked up to see a smiling Taehyung.

“What the hell?! You could’ve given me a heart attack!” you yelled at him. You kept kicking your legs to keep yourself above the water and struggled with your shoes still on your feet.

“No I couldn’t! Now watch out because now it’s my turn!” he cheered. He jumped into the water, making a big splash so you had to shield your eyes. You saw him rise to the surface and shake his hair out of his face. “Take your shoes off!” You glared at him as you slipped your shoes off and threw them to the side of the pool.

“I hate you right now,” you grumbled. He just laughed and went back under the water. You looked around, afraid he was going to do something stupid and you were right to be afraid. You felt his arms wrap around your legs and bring you under the water. The pool was lit up so you opened your eyes so you could see him. He rose to be face to face with you and gave you his signature square smile.

You loved that smile and even though you tried to stay mad you couldn’t help but smile back. You ran out of breath and went back to the surface and began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, not understanding what you found so humorous.

“I guess you just really surprised me. Also, your hair is sticking up,” you kept laughing. He rolled his eyes and splashed you. “Hey!” you gasped, splashing him back. You got into a game of splashing and a fit of giggling before you surrendered to his waves of splashing. “We should leave. I’m afraid we’ll get caught.”

“Yeah… Let’s get out,” he sighed. You both made your way to the edge of the pool and he lifted himself out with ease. You struggled with how high the ledge was. He offered you his hand and lifted you out. You looked up to say thank you and froze when you realized how close your faces were to each other. You never noticed but now you saw just how handsome Taehyung was. His deep eyes and perfect lips had you staring at him and for some reason he was looking at you. Neither of you looked away and you found yourself blushing. “You’re really beautiful,” he whispered as if you weren’t meant to hear it but you did.

You blushed even harder and you saw him shift nervously. “Sorry,” he whispered again and looked away.

“Why?” you asked him, not understanding his actions.

“No, I don’t want to ruin the night,” he argued.

“You’re ruining it by not explaining,” you remarked. He looked back at you and let out a deep breath.

“You’ve always been Suga’s girl. I never had a chance when you two were so close so I kept my distance because I really liked you. Well, I still do,” he chuckled anxiously.

Your thoughts raced. You thought back to all those times you thought you had done something wrong so Taehyung didn’t talk to you as much but you saw it now. Whenever you were with Yoongi he always seemed distant.

“Good thing Suga’s out of the picture right?” you told him. He looked surprised by your answer. “What?”

“I thought you were going to tell me I was crazy or something,” he replied honestly. “I mean you did just go through a break up with one of my best friends.

“Well, then maybe I’m the crazy one,” you shrugged. “Now let’s not waste the night. I have place I want to go to,” you smiled at him. You quickly put your wet shoes on and grabbed your jacket before racing out of there. The two of you ran back the way you came and returned to your apartment building.

“Why back here?” he asked.

“You’ll see,” you answered him and walked up the stairs to the front entrance. You rushed up the stairs inside and put Taehyung in confusion when you passed your own apartment door. You ran all the way to the top until you reached a door.

“The roof?” Taehyung asked. You nodded as you opened the door and showed him the place you had made a long time ago even before you had dated Yoongi. There were two couches, a table and a few blankets up here on top of the gravel floor. “Whoa,” he gasped.

“It’s my little hide out and I guess it can be ours now,” you smiled. The two of you walked to the couches and looked out at the city. You could see pretty far out and the city lights looked like stars scattered around the Earth. You turned on the light you had plugged up on the roof and relaxed onto the couch. Taehyung fell down next to you and looked happier than you had ever seen him.

“So, you never showed Yoongi this?” he asked, his eyes still glued on the scene.

“I never had the time to. I haven’t been up here in a while myself,” you admitted. “But you made me think about it after all those fun things we did.”

“Well, I’m honored,” he said, finally looking at you. You made eye contact and your heart went skipping beats again. You didn’t know why you felt like this all of a sudden but Yoongi didn’t even cross your mind as you shared this moment with Taehyung.

You unconsciously leaned into him and neither of you hesitated. Your lips touched, creating a soft kiss that flashed with sparks. The longer you stayed like that the more passionate the kiss became and your bodies soon collided as well. It was a feeling you had never had with anyone and you never wanted it to stop. He placed his hand to cup your cheek as the kiss deepened and you placed your hands on his chest. You both pulled away only to come back for more, hungry for each other’s lips.

When you finally pulled away for good he bit his lip holding back his excitement. He had dreamt of that moment for way too long and you had waited to feel that with someone forever. It wasn’t the same with Yoongi. It felt too normal with him and this felt like an exciting journey with no destination. The trip is the best part and you were ready to pack your bags for that one way road.

You both looked away to see the sun peaking up from the horizon.

“So was the night a success?” he asked as you both kept your eyes on the light blue tint in the sky.

“You tell me?” you replied with another question. He smirked and cocked his head to the side, his hair following his movement. You shared his expression as you leaned into him again. The whole night had been yours and you couldn’t wait to own a day together too. You spent marvelous hours together and it was a night spent discovering something new. You would never waste another night without the thought of Taehyung and the feeling he brought with him.


never thought I’d see the day when I would reach 500+ followers wow!!! yall don’t know how much your support & encouragement mean to me ;v; I’ve never made an art blog before & I was totally new to the whole “let’s share my nerdy fanart to the interwebs” thing. so I am extremely grateful!! ok alright i’ll stop gushing bye thank u love u ( ˊᵕˋ )♡

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Hi! Just curious, but why don't you put your name/url on your art? Theres no reason to why I'm asking, but I see a lot of other artists do it, so I'm curious to why you don't. Thank you!

I do, for my more recent illustrations! it’s usually a small box on the bottom corner (though I still forget to sign some of them sometimes)

if it’s not as the regular square signature, it’s in its unassuming Baybayin format for times when the box won’t look nice but I still feel the need to mark it as my work~

(you’ll probably start noticing it now that it’s been pointed out)


Alton Brown: Cutthroat Kitchen

If you have been following SbN, it is no secret that Alton Brown is one of my sartorial inspirations.  I refer to him again-and-again because he just gets this whole menswear thing.  Unlike any host on TV, Alton understand how a suit is supposed to fit and  nails all the rest of the details.  Since the start of his new show Cutthroat Kitchen, nothing has changed.

Cutthroat Kitchen has a bit of a “darker” tone than the other shows Mr. Brown hosts so he sports a more darker toned look each show: blues, blacks, grays.  It makes sense for the show, but he takes it up a notch by, once again, nailing the details.  What separates Alton from any host on TV is that he doesn’t allow himself to be dressed in an overly-slim suit with skinny lapels and a skinny tie.  He always rocks the right proportions with a menswear-approved lapel width, equally proportionate tie (or lack thereof), and always shows a bit of himself with the unkempt pocket square and signature frames.  I cannot believe that Alton is dressed by anyone but himself, and if so, he probably has 99.9% say in what he wears because, if not, he would look like the rest of the hosts on the Food Network, which wouldn’t be the best case scenario.

Alton Brown will always be somewhat of a style icon to me because of his consistency and the hint of sprezz (I mean look at the unbutton jacket sleeves and nonchalance of his PS), but more than that, he has always been responsive and supportive of my blog.  I appreciate that from someone of his stature.


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