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I’m super excited to share some good news! 

I’m a winner of the DarkHorse Comics, Zelda Art Contest!!! The posted piece won. I’m so happy to have participated and expand on the Zelda: Ghost Hunter world through this competition and through redesigning the look of Link. Congratulations to everyone! (Read below for NEWS!)

I’m super excited to develop the world of Zelda: Ghost Hunter and am working hard on it. If you want to show your support and if you are interested, please follow. I intend and am passionate about posting Zelda: Ghost Hunter content at LEAST EVERY WEEK. Also, PRINTS and merchandise. They are coming..on MONDAY!!!! The prints will be a LIMITED EDITION print with signature. 


To celebrate Pride Month, I’m offering discounted icon commissions (usually £15) until the end of the month! Above are a few examples (plus some non-pride ones) including one I drew for @peachfuzzcomics !


  • I am happy to draw pretty much anyone - your fave character, your OC, even you - as long as you can provide colour references!
  • If it’s a fictional character, it doesn’t have to be canon - I’m happy to illustrate your LGBT+ headcanons!
  • I will include any pride flag of your choosing but if it’s a less common one please include an image, I don’t know them all by heart!
  • If you don’t want a pride flag, I can put in a simple background or pattern instead
  • Please include any specifics on outfit, facial expression or hand gestures (keeping it simple works best)
  • PayPal only, and you will only receive the finished item after full payment is completed
  • Icons are for use on any social media/personal profiles but do not remove my signature or print my work/use it for financial gain
  • If you’re interested or have any questions please send me a DM not an ask! If you prefer you can also email me at

Depending on how popular these are I may have to close earlier, but for now the closing date for accepting these will be 30th June!


Hey guys If you are looking to help get markiplier to play HOME for Felix, there is a person who is planing to meet him at PAX and give him a copy of HOME and a letter explaining what happened. But this is where you can help out too! We are collecting signatures from fans, friends, other fangame creators ect, to add to the letter. We have already gotten signatures from some fans but we are still looking for more! We want to get as much as we can before time runs out. So if you are a fan are friend of Felix or are just looking to help out you can send me you’re signature or reblog it with this post.

Some other things!

-It does not have to be your real name if you dont want to! Screen names are just fine.

-The size does not matter too much just dont make it really tiny.

-Yes you can add small drawings to it or small notes.

-All the signatures will be printed in black and white so any added colour wont show up.

-Dont worry about too many signatures! there will be as much pages of them as we need!

!!We are taking as much signatures as we can but only till the 10th!!

so what happens when nights
converge with luggage heaps
papers sifted for signatures
fine print dusting fingertips
a bitterness falls from streetlights
winking on and off like love
like jutting skyscrapers
impersonal personal space
pressed against the practicality of streets
of flashing lights and sirens foreboding
the hard steel and cold stone sides
the endings hard around warm wet salt
threatening to seize up (in skin)
make me hard make me impersonal
a jotted name in annals of failure


Since @coinelot is over, I’m posting my calendar art! I am still quite honoured that I was asked to do this, and super happy that the calendar sales and the convention itself was such a success!!! This fandom is so amazing ~

This is the wall calendar piece I did. The month was June (’cuz it’s my birthday month hehe) so that’s why it’s super summer-y. I also did a piece for the desk calendar!

For more info on the calendars, you can go here! It’s also where you can find some of the other work other calendar artists posted! c: And how awesome it is to see my art featured alongside all the other talented artists in this fandom. <33333

Bless the Merlin fandom.


So first we have Verrock. He’s a scholar. A librarian, if you would.  A collector of rare and exotic books. First printing, author’s signature, you name it- he’s not beyond reanimating an author, soul included, to sign a novel or finish an unfinished work. Unfettered by societal opinions on Necromancy he has gone giddily off the deep end in pursuit of being the most well-read and educated mage out there. Dreams of opening a college. Doesn’t know he’s the villain whatsoever. He’s just trying to amass knowledge! I found this image on 4chan ages ago so if anyone knows the artist do let me know and I’ll credit them.

Then we have Shirley, who I can’t or don’t have reference for. She’s his librarian, and does so willingly. Her backstory is complicated but involves the fact that her blood has some dark magic of the necromantic variety in it and she’s got a chip on her shoulder. She too has a love for books, and maintains Verrock’s personal library while he’s away- sometimes accompanying him. I have a whole tale for her and how they met and became partners (and I mean partners in that they are on equal terms, no one is the boss). When in a Bloodrage she possesses great strength and calmly dispatches intruders with a claymore.

Their character levels are as I left them mid-campaign and I don’t have their final forms typed out but it is sweeet how awesomely powerful they become.

Attention: Pitches!!!!

Hulu, Netflix, and MLB Network gets regular updates about the petition. Per, the only time to “declare a victory” is when a change of sorts happens or some kind of progress. The other option is to close it. So, I think it has to remain open, but I’ll print the signatures and comments and mail them myself. 






Five Strange Things

@marathonmelissa and @theroadbacktoboston tagged me so here goes.

1. In third grade I decided it was stupid to write cursive and ever since I’ve only printed. I dislike illegible signatures so I even switched to printing my signature.
2. I’ve had a newspaper subscription (real paper) since I got my first apartment at age 22. It always seemed like a sign of adulthood and it now it seems odd that getting the paper is considered strange.
3. I was born without my upper eye teeth - apparently it runs in our family.
4. I am afflicted with adult male ear hair.
5. I’ve never smoked pot and don’t drink coffee for the same reason. I already like enough things that aren’t good for me (sugar, chocolate of any kind) and don’t need to be tempted by any more. I wouldn’t have a clue about how to get pot and the best thing that could happen is that I’d love it - of course that’s also the worst thing that could happen. Same thing with coffee. Odds are that I would like it and I don’t want to have coffee breath or be one of those people standing in line at Starbucks forking over $4 bucks every morning.
I kinda struggled coming up with these. I think I’m a pretty normal person but I guess most people do.

In My Dreams

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I thought we could all use some MareCal fluff after King’s Cage. Mare is a jazz singer in the 20s and Cal comes to see one of her shows. Blood discrimination is alive and well, so reds are allowed to work in Silver establishments, but can’t eat there. Mare is a red, Cal is a silver, and mixed blood relationships are never in the public eye. (Cal’s not a Prince, and everyone has their abilities.)

Warnings: Only like a few swear words


       Hers was a voice that made you stop and listen with the first note from her mouth. It was a voice that started as a summer breeze, an innocent kiss, then the next thing you knew, you were walking through a hurricane.

       I lean back on the bar, taking a sip from my drink. The man working the bar couldn’t be older than eighteen, but he watches her performance with nothing but pride. “Never heard a dame who could sing like that.” I say to him. “I have. Almost my whole life, actually.” He responds, if reluctantly. “You know her?” I question, turning to him. “Yeah. We grew up together. Still friends today.” It isn’t hard to tell that he’s a red. Tanned skin, bottle green eyes, and tawny hair. “Tell me, what’s it like growing up with the Infamous Lady Barrow?”

      A dry laugh leaves his mouth. “Well, she’s not a…flirt like advertised.” He doesn’t say anything else, but I can hear the unspoken “like Silvers advertise her” in the air. He’s not wrong, if a Red gets famous enough to be recognized on the spot by Silvers, especially if they’re a woman, they’re villainized and labeled a cheap whore. It wasn’t any different with Mare Molly Barrow, or as Silvers proclaimed her to be, “The Red seductress who fucked her way to the top.” Or as close to the top as the Silver hierarchy would allow.

     Reds knew her differently. They knew her as the girl with an electric voice who embodied the struggles they’ve faced over centuries. They knew her as their Lightning Girl. She wore that name with pride. The only reason Silvers don’t like her is because she gives Reds something that Silvers can’t force into submission. Hope.

     He doesn’t tell me anymore about her, probably blaming me, or my blood, for her reputation. I didn’t dare ask for his name. I turn back to her as she finishes out her performance with that whirlwind voice sweeping through the crowd. Only a few dared to clap, and after a few glares from fellow patrons, they were quieted. She smirks at that. A hierarchy among the hierarchy. She’s led off the stage by a similar-looking man. Her brother, probably.

     As she walks off the stage, her signature lightning bolt print on her dress is visible. Tonight, the gold marking stands out down the back of the midnight color of her gown.

     Almost as if she’d been pulling me by the tie on my neck herself, I found myself getting up from the bar and leaving the nightclub. It’s a foolish thought, but I want to meet her. 

     I caught up with her when she was riding the subway. Since she’s a Red, she had to leave immediately after her show. She walked with her brother, both of them mindful of their surroundings. No Red would walk on Silver streets without expecting trouble.

     I walk over to where sits with her brother. Her eyes widen, and he moves closer to her. Reds protect their own. “I saw your show at the Hall of the Sun.” Her coffee brown eyes are guarded, but she waits for me to continue. “You’re amazing.” Her eyes go wide, surprise flashing on her face. Her brother nudges her side when she doesn’t respond.

   “Thank you,” she chokes out. “I don’t often get compliments from Silvers.”

   “You should. You deserve credit for that stunning voice, but Silvers have strength and power shoved too far up their ass to actually enjoy something.”

    She stares at me in awe. “I wouldn’t have expected a Calore to enjoy my show.” Hmm. Usually people will only care about my father. 

  “You know who I am?” I ask, surprised. “Your father over half the nightclubs in the country. You’re basically the Crown Prince of Norta.” She remarks, brow furrowed. She’s still wary of me.

   We sit in silence for the rest of the ride, her trying to avoid eye contact with me. When the train stops, her brother nudges her side.

   “Mare, this is our stop.” he whispers, taking her hand. She takes one last glance at me before following her brother off the train. Her golden lightning is still evident in the back of her dress, but as she walks away, the rest of her looks made of starlight.

These hard signature type prints came as first, second and third prize on an online event for ichibankuji. We had to try like 50 times as it was lottery base only and prizes were won at random, and we still only manage to win one Victor.

If you want to claim any of our hard prints please contact us via email. Yuri is $30, Victor is $35 and Yurio is $30, plus shipping to you. Again this are super rare and exclusive prints for collectors.

Cartoon Network’s Christmas Wish List Guide

Tis the season… for awesome, amazing holiday presents! Need help filling out your holiday wish list? Still seeking out gifts for family and friends? No worries. Cartoon Network has got you covered!

Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook

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DCxAT Snowboard

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LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack

Adventure Time - Level Pack. Help Finn the Human on his mission to find the Enchidrion and prove to Princess Bubblegum that he’s a hero! Battle foes as you travel through the Forest of Mount Cragdor, the Dark Magician’s Brain World and more in this exclusive Adventure Time game level.

Over The Garden Wall Wirt Cape

Looking for some alone time to write poetry? Next time you wander into the woods make sure you wear this cape from Over the Garden Wall.

PPG Aura Power Pods

Now the Powerpuff Girls have new aura powers related to their unique personalities. The Aura Power Pods are sparkly aura-powered vehicles with a 2 inch Powerpuff Girls figure inside.

PPG 2-in-1 Flip-to-Action Playset

With The Powerpuff Girls 2-in-1 Flip-to-Action Playset, you can jump into action with Bubbles, and, with the guidance of Professor Utonium, protect the people of Townsville.

Steven Universe Lion Collector’s Coin Bank

Collectible coin bank customized to look just like the magical pink lion from Steven Universe. Yay!

Steven Universe Monopoly Game

Custom game board locations. Collectible game tokens that include Greg’s van and Garnet’s gauntlet. And special gem shards that replace the houses you usually find inside a Monopoly game. Yes. Yes. Yesssssssssssss.

Yahtzee Steven Universe Garnet’s Gauntlet Board Game

It’s Yahtzee… with a giant Garnet Gauntlet dice-shaker. How cool is that?