signature moves

The Starter's Signature Moves have been decided!

We’ve tallied the votes and they are:

Name: Bloom Bash
Type: Grass
Categoryr: Physical (makes contact)
Power: 80
Accuracy: 95%
Description: Lets loose a spiky fist full of parasitic pollen. Has a 30% chance of affecting the target with Leech Seen.
Submitted by: adamdreifus

Name: Smelt
Type: Fire
Category: Physical
Power: 120
Accuracy: 100
PP: 5
Effect: Causes fire type damage and transforms a target which is Rock or Ground Type into Steel type.
The type change happens after the damage, so it won’t be super effective until the next turn.
Submitted by: againwithdragons

Name: Soothing Sauna (alternate name suggestions are welcome)
Type: Water
Category: Status
Power: n/a
Accuracy: n/a
PP: 15
Description: Floods the field with warm healing water. Pokemon on your side of the field recover 1/6 of their HP upon switching in. This effect is cleared away by Defog, or your opponent using Rapid Spin. 
Submitted by: adamdreifus

Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted! There were a lot of great entries.

The creator of Soothing Sauna was unsure of the name, do you think it should stay the same or be named something else (Put your name suggestions in the ask box below)?


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