signature les paul


Mastodon’s Guitars - as requested! 

Brent Hinds: 
Epiphone V Brent Hinds Signature 
PRS S2 Singlecut Standard 
Custom Brent Hinds First Act Signature 12 String 

Bill Kelliher: 
The Gibson Bill Kelliher “Golden Axe” Explorer 
Gibson Les Paul Custom 


As Many of Joe Perry’s Guitars As I Can Find - as requested! 

Part 2: 
Gibson SG in Brown Natural Finish 
BC Rich Bich 
Fender Jim Servis and Joe Perry Left Handed “Frankenstrat” Stratocaster With a Telecaster Headstock
Gibson 1957 Les Paul Black Beauty Limited Run 
Gibson EDS - 1275 


Guitar shopping at Long and McQuade, Toronto:

  1. Used 2012 American Standard Stratocaster in Jade Green
  2. Toronto’s Distillery District.  If you want to know where the alcohol that supplied the speakeasies of prohibition, look no further than here…  :D
  3. I love this colour…especially with a maple neck!
  4. Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster.  Oxblood with matching headstock.  Pretty!
  5. Flatiron building…no wait…SHARPiron building!
  6. Dusty. bust beautiful lefty Gibson Les Paul Standard.

Tuesday Night Guitar Shopping was THURSDAY Night Guitar Shopping this week.  And the goodies were plentiful at Long &McQuade Bloor that night!

  1. Dude…that is one badass V!
  2. Angus Young?  No…Angus OLD!  :D  But seriously - Angus Young Signature SG (notice the lightning bolt fret markers!).  The colour looks odd here…but it was actually a version - albeit much darker - of Gibson’s ubiquitous cherry.
  3. Things to LOVE about an LPC:  1) PELHAM BLUE, 2) gold hardware 3) triple-bound body, neck and headstock, 4) awesome headstock inlay, and last but not least 5) PELHAM BLUE!!
  4. Epi Wildkat - along with the Epi Nighthawk - is probably the best value to cost ratio in the entire world of guitars! PS: above and to the left is an Epi Emperor Swingster (or as my cousin calls his, the “Emperor Sphincter”!  But it’s also a really good value for money.
  5. Up at the Matt Andersen show at the Rose Theatre in Brampton (a suburb of Toronto) the other day and I came across this shop called “Little Shop of Ice Cream”.  Their logo (bottom right of their sign) is a skull and cross bones made of ice cream (and two scoop for the bones!)
  6. See earlier comment on LPC and substitute the word “ebony” for the word “pelham blue" 
  7. Check out the interesting finish on this 335!  Behind are a "Lucille” and two more conventionally coloured 335s