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“Pocket-ARMY 1k Enlistment Game”!!!!!!

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2. Send me an ASK with the following info:
- How many days pocket-ARMY has been open
- Admin L’s sign off/signature on the blog
- Who Writer T’s actual bangtan bias is ;)
- Ghostwriter Karen’s fave bangtan ship
- Writer E’s & Writer S’s anon names

3. Get at least ONE of your TUMBLR FOLLOWERS to reblog this post FROM YOU and follow pocket-ARMY!

4. Whoever does all these things first will get a Polaroid picture of their choice (posted on BTS_twt)

5. BONUS: Whoever is our 1000th follower WILL ALSO get a Polaroid of their bias!


♥︎Admin K

Gonna start a petition to get the Dems to adopt socialist policies. 100,000 signatures and they gotta acknowledge it. Direct action, yknow.


I’ve had FL Studio open for like 4 hours and this is all I’ve been able to do

If this petition gets enough signatures, Obama will have to arrest Hillary and automatically knight Bernie Sanders as the next POTUS  

thenotsomagnificent  asked:

Mistry, i don´t understand the hroo hraa, what does it mean to the scarecrow?

Thanks for the question!

I’m going to leave you with a simple answer for now, because I’m working on some detailed posts about this subject that will be released in the future. 

Basically “Hroo Hraa” is the Scarecrow’s signature laugh. This strange howl is usually accompanied with his normal laughter and sometimes even used as a jump scare tactic. “Hraaaooo” and “Hrooaaaa” are examples of this.

It can also be described as his catch phrase. Similar to Edward Nygma’s “Riddle Me This?” The fandom has latched onto this secondary definition and often uses it more literally as a joke.

Either way, it adds something unique to his character and gives us fans something silly to latch onto and make headcannons with. 🎃


always // panic! at the disco

Everyone wants to know her, cuz she looks so cool with the Ray Bans on

Star vs The Forces of Earth Fashion amiright? Monday cannot come any slower I stg. Clothing practice with my favorite fashionable princess. 


quiet celebrations . 

happy birthday to my son!!!!! ily v much ^^ u inspire me every day

this probably makes zero sense to anyone but me but i just wanted to showcase a v simple makki and mattsun texting oikawa at midnight to say hbd. vid calling w iwachan. the seijou team sending a super sweet gift…like not a super big celebration but just for oikawa. hope i explained this sort of decently .-.

(pls click thru the photos to see the details i spent so long on them)