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Parents don't realize

That when they take away something their child likes as a punishment for bad grades, the grades are probably just going to get worse. These things and programs that the children like are ways to cope with the shitty education system and when those things are taken from them, yeah they might work harder to get better grades, but they wont have their stress relieving items anymore and it will leave them just totally destroyed and spent and empty to the point where they cant handle anything that happens anymore and they wont be able to go an entire day again and again.


Teachers get paid very little to teach. Teachers deal with kids who don’t want to learn. Teachers are paid based off how well they teach the kids who don’t want to learn. Teachers want kids to pass by having learned something but are forced to teach them enough so they pass the tests. Some teachers actually care about the students and how much they want to learn. Teachers deal with rude children and talkers. Teachers don’t get paid enough to deal with some students bullshit. Substitute teachers get paid even less, and are hired based on past performance, regardless of how badly the class behaves.
Students are constantly stressed out. Students deal with huge amounts of homework, on average, 4-5 days a week. Students are trying to complete assignments and study for 6-7 classes a day. Students deal with teachers who don’t care whether they pass the tests, because some teachers get paid well regardless of pass/fail numbers. Students don’t get enough sleep at night. Many students suffer from untreated learning disabilities, like ADHD. Students are expected to know what career field they want to be in for the rest of their lives by 18. Some students are in debt just for wanting to learn.



so theres this FUCKING AMAZING AND ODDLY ACCURATE movie that was released in 2016.“Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life”. It deals with some insane shit many middle schoolers go through. i watched as a “reward activity” on the last day of 8th grade. it got cheers, sobs, and all around agreement THAT EVERY U.S. SCHOOL OFFICIAL NEEDS TO WATCH IT. It deals with school administration’s useless fucking rules and dress codes that suffocate children’s creativity and individuality. It shows what a principal will do, has done, and can do, to get perfect scores. Perfect scores that hinder a child. Perfect scores that turn us into mindless rule following robots. It shows the impacts of standard tests, both on teachers who agree with them, those that don’t, and the children being turned into robots from them. It shows how much a teacher that actually takes the time to understand and involve their kids can alter a kid’s life. IT ALSO HAS A PLOT ALONG WITH IT FOR A SHITTY FATHER, A MOTHER STANDING UP TO SAID FATHER, THE LOSS OF A TEEN DUE TO CANCER, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY; Rules Aren’t For Everyone.

so yea… even if you have no relation to the majorly flawed U.S. School system, watch it. It’s from a kid’s perspective that actually is in the system and is so accurate in it’s own goofy way. Especially parents and teachers- y'all in for an eye opener.

hello all!

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BSD Chapter 53 (51.3) Summary

This  is part 3 of Chapter 51 “Echo”. Well, things happened quite fast and out of everyone expectation I guess. I myself think that it’s the calm before the storm but the storm itself might not happen so soon. 

Anyway, here’s some summary as usual… Trust me the kanjis in this chapter are killing me. So I skipped a lot of parts, as a lot of things can be understood just by looking at the picture already.

I most likely will make mistakes here and there, both English and Jap are not my mother tongue, but I hope I help explain something. I have seen people either getting excited or criticizing the chapter and I hope I can help pointing out some good things after all. 

                                               SPOILERS AHEAD

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“Signal does not conform to expectations.”

The message was not unusual in itself.  The investigation that followed was.

The junior on duty flagged the deviation message for investigation in the usual way and paid it no more attention.  Staff on duty the following day would follow up, he just wanted to get to the end of this shift and go enjoy his forthcoming holiday.  

The handover to the next shift passed most conventionally, he went off duty without a second thought to the deviation in sector N1MB.

The next shift worked through the log in time order as usual.  The N1MB signal was passed to the anomalies team for further attention.  

The anomalies team leader did pay a little more attention.  The signal type was one she had never encountered before.  A rhythmic series of short and long pulses.  No decoder currently in use could read it.  But the signal was clearly far from random.  She alerted her manager to this unexpected turn of events.

“Are you sure?  Run the decoders again, please.  Its probably just a glitch.”

“I’ve run them 3 times already, Glode, it must be a glitch on our system.”

“I’ll run them here, that should help us identify the fault.”


Glode ran the signal through the decoder sequences.  “No match found.  Signal does not conform to expectations.”

Glode inspected the message crossly.  It was going to be one of those shifts.  He loaded the signal onto a second system.  “No match found.  Signal does not conform to expectations.”  He shrugged.  It was lunch time.  He set a scan to run on the machines to find the error while he ate.  

After lunch, he reviewed the log.  No errors found.  He ran the signal through once more, firmly expecting a different outcome.  “No match found.  Signal does not conform to expectations.”

Glode signalled the anomalies team leader.  “Matina, have you any more anomalies from N1MB?”

“I haven’t rescanned that sector, its not scheduled for another 17 cycles.  There is nothing in it recorded as even close to intelligent life.  There is only one planet with any life signs recorded.”

“Oh.  Can you run an extra scan and let me know if you find any more deviations?”

Glode looked up the planet with life signs in N1MB.  The Imaging showed a blue-green planet.  Zooming closer indicated land masses.  The remote scans indicated high levels of geological instability along with substantial atmospheric flows.  But life forms had been identified despite the apparently hostile conditions.  

Hardly any time passed before Matina signalled back.  “I’ve got a whole bunch of anomalies, Glode.  They all follow that pattern of long and short pulses, they are similar but not the same.”

Glode stared into the monitor, “This has all the indications of a new language pattern.”

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“Beings Are Visiting Us From Other Dimensions” – Confirms The FBI

Back in 2011 after there were some important documents which had been “declassified” a report written by a special agent of the FBI in 1947 reached the public. This particular FBI special agent, who was a lieutenant colonel whose identity has remained anonymous because of “national security” had gathered numerous amounts of data on the UFO phenomena after interviewing and studying the phenomena for many years.

Key Points of the Transcript

1. Part of the disks carry crews, others are under remote control

2. Their mission is peaceful. The visitors contemplate settling on this plane

3. These visitors are human-like but much larger in size

4. They are not excarnate Earth people, but come from their own world

5. They do NOT come from a planet as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us

6. The bodies of the visitors, and the craft, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter

7. The disks possess a type of radiant energy or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship. They reenter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without trace

8. The region from which they come is not the “astral plane”, but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.

9. They probably can not be reached by radio, but probably can be by radar. if a signal system can be devised for that (apparatus)

Addendum: The Lokas are oval shape, fluted length oval with a heat-resistaning metal or alloy not yet known the front cage contains the controls, the middle portion a laboratory; the rear contains armament, which consists essentially of a powerful energy apparatus, perhaps a ray.


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Shadows on the Subway

Originally posted by fyeahshadowhunters

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters
Paring: Jace x Reader
Summary: You’re traveling home when an unexpected interaction leads to deathly consequences.
(I know this mirrors the storyline of Clary Fray, but I couldn’t help but add some modern flare to it. Plus it’s such a good intro for a character to have into the shadow world!)

The air in the tunnel sucked in as the approaching train shot it’s way into the platform. You followed the crowd and stepped onto the tube, appreciating the space a 9pm commute offered and taking one of the quad seats. You stretched your legs out and onto the seat in front of you, prepared to stare out and do your usually post-work zone out. While it wasn’t the most stressful job in the world, being a barista at Java Jones always left your cheeks sore from smiling and mind cluttered with rude comments from caffeine deprived customers.On the plus side you constantly smelt like coffee.

The train took off, shaking a bit and the overhead light flickering on as the underground tunnel cut out the sky. Out of the corner of your eye you saw the closest person to you was a tall woman, pale and shaking. A druggie? you wondered to yourself, No. She’s dressed too nice to be a user, or at least one that would eat your face like that that guy in Florida…
Something was clearly wrong, and not just because she had chosen to rock a blazer with massive shoulder pads. Damn. You knew you had to ask.

“Ma’am, you alright?”
You asked, pulling your headphones from your ears and sitting upright.
She looked up sharply, her face flashing from shock to fear to something you couldn’t quite put your finger on.
“Well aren’t you sweet,” she said, wringing her hands, “I’m-I’m ok. Just been a long day. A long century.”
You laughed, “yeah I feel that.”
Her mouth turned into a smile, but you felt yourself instinctively press against the back of your seat. 
“Um, can I help you? Do you need help?”
“Yes actually, now that you mention it…” she said moving closer and taking the seat next to you. Crap. You had not intended to make friends on the train today. 
“I’m feeling a bit…well drained. I need something to help…” It was there, in the woman’s unnervingly steady eye contact that it dawned on you. The expression you couldn’t figure out earlier- it was hunger.
Instinctively you slid your hand into your jacket pocket and wrapped your fingers around your keys. Best case, she was going to ask for cash for McDonalds. Worst case you could use your keys and go all low-budget Wolverine on her face, and jump off at the next stop.

“You’re taking Fast Food to a whole new level.” You and the woman jerked your heads up to see a young guy with blonde hair and an annoyingly defined jawline. The woman grabbed hold of your wrist but turned her gaze on the guy. 
“Nephlim,” you heard her almost growl at him.
“Alive and in the flesh, which is more than I can say for you” he said, pulling out an object from behind his back and lunging towards the woman. Instantly she dropped your wrist and moved with ridiculous speed, appearing behind the guy-sharp teeth bared. But he was ready for her and ducked sweeping his leg under hers. As she fell you saw something glint in the guys hand. A knife. No. A sword? Oh God, I’m about to witness a murder!
“No!” You screamed running at the blonde guy. Surprised he turned to meet the exclamation and fell as your shoulder make contact with his chest. The weapon scattered out of his hand and you scrambled to pick it up. 
“Both of you just stop!” you shouted, holding the blade in front of you with both hands. “No one is killing..or eating…anyone!” Your hands were steady but your voice held a wild confusion. 
The woman smirked, “Oh, silly mundane.”

What happened next only took a few seconds, but felt like it was in slow motion. You saw the guy open his mouth wide, yelling. You saw something that reflected fear rise in his blue eyes. But you didn’t hear any noise. All of your focus turned to the woman, who’s grimace and hands reached out for you. Her skin so white it made her lips look they were covered in blood. And then they were. Blood coated her bottom lip and a trickle slid down her chin. Confused you looked down, seeing the blade your hands still clutched now stuck in the woman’s gut. Upon realizing what had happened time sped up to it’s normal pace, sending you falling back onto the nearest seat and the woman writhing on the floor. You looked across her to the equally shocked guy “You…I…I didn’t…” You didn’t know whether you should defend or explain yourself. 
“You shouldn’t of been able to do that. You shouldn’t of seen…” the guy muttered, keeping his eyes on you but picking up the body of the now still woman.
You looked down at your shaking hands, covered in blood so dark it carried tints of black. You wanted to scream but the reality of what you’d just done hollowed you out. “Oh God.”
Suddenly the PA system dinged, signaling the opening of the doors onto the new platform.
“Don’t.” The guy said, reading your desire to run. But you weren’t wanting to stick around. You may be running from the scene of a crime, but considering he’s the one who brought the weapon on the train, you figured you’d be justified in getting away from him. Right before the doors closed you grabbed your backpack and bolted for the platform, running past the people waiting to step on and up the stairs. You didn’t stop to warn people or explain; you just ran until you broke the surface and were standing in the open air outside the station doors. 
Breathing heavily and shoving your hands in your pockets you threw your head about making sure the guy hadn’t followed. When you felt you were alone you sunk to the cement. Images of the woman’s face, the smell of that blood that still stained your skin, and the guy’s final words as you ran overwhelmed you. 
“They will come for you.”


As we all know here in America the school lunches are a heaping load of shit and quite a joke to be honest. The portions they give us are never enough, it all tastes like they fished it out of a dumpster, and some of it has even been found to have mold on it so yeah I’m pretty convinced it actually was found in a dumpster.

There are limited options on what we are able to get and those options are even more limited when there is something we are unable to eat. I myself cannot eat fructose nor drink milk which is the default drink for school lunches here. One of my friends is a vegetarian and is constantly upset about the lack of options. The school doesn’t serve any vegan food to my knowledge aside from salad. Basically if any student has a need for something else besides what the school serves on a daily basis then they’re pretty much screwed.

I have decided it’s about fucking time we do something about this shit. I myself have decided to start protesting these crappy school lunches by bringing in my own lunches. Other people in my school have already started eating at the hospital across the street and some drive to restaurants and fast food places down the street.

Basically school lunch is shit. Don’t eat it. Don’t give the school your money at all. Bring in your own lunches or buy lunch somewhere else if you can. Spread this around. This shit really needs to change.

I’ve included some examples of some of my own and my friends gross school lunches under the cut. I was unfortunately unable to get any pictures of the sour milk my friends keep finding because I keep hearing about it after the fact of it happening. If I get more pictures I’ll definitely add them.

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yep,bringing this unpopular opinion back.pluto had it’s turn to fight for it’s rights,now the moon gets a chance.even though it may have a “rocky” start

Be Still, Wanderer: A Story of Love, Loss, & Science

The human brain weighs as much as six human hearts. But sometimes the heart feels so heavy there might as well be no brain at all. Looking at a picture of her—the person who, for the past five years, I’ve variously known as Pooh Bear, Starmate, My Love, and Freckles—I use my finger to trace the outline of her face. Our past life together flickers in my thoughts. Tears and laughter and pain and joy, I see it all playing out in my brain, I feel it all in my heart. Things are over between us now, our relationship ending right along with our twenties. Good things must come to end, that’s what a refrigerator magnet told me once. Why should my relationship be any exception? It’s all for the better, I tell myself. But I don’t believe it. Instead, I just feel frozen. I stare at her picture, the room motionless, my memories alive. The freeze is interrupted only by my heartbeat. Someone tapping from inside, awakening me, reminding me I’m not dead, pounding out the old Plathian brag: ‘I am, I am, I am.’ The room is still, apparently serene—but here’s my heart pattering away, indifferent to the stillness of its surroundings. 

My mind feels overwhelmed with thoughts of loss. I want to think about something else—anything else. I decide to think about my thoughts. I have thoughts. Here they are, there they go, zipping around inside me. Here, like every other human, I have this three-pound mass of wrinkly, electrified meat trapped inside my skull, and it is busy. Busy sending signals throughout my nervous system—more signals than all the phones in the world combined—busy serving as the organic epicenter of my thoughts and actions, busy making me. My thoughts, the result of innumerable neurons and more synaptic connections than stars in the universe, coming together to create a self, an identity. I want to reach inside and pluck out one of these mysterious thoughts, but they are too elusive. The entire brain—no, the whole damn system— is at work, the brain just a bulbous gob situated at the top of a spinal cord that stretches and connects through all of me. I have a nerve—the vagus nerve—coupled to my hindbrain that snakes its way through my heart, lungs, and gut, never taking a break from its role as bodily regulator. ‘Vagus’ is Latin for 'wanderer’, and it’s largely thanks to this wandering nerve and its detours through my digestive tract that I felt butterflies in my stomach as I fell in love, and that I felt aches in my stomach as I fell out of love. 

And it’s not just the tortuous nerves and blood vessels that are hard at work. Here, like every other human, I have within me an entire ecosystem of living creatures. There are more bacterial cells in my body than human cells, which means I am more alien than me. My gut alone acts as the home for enough bacteria that if each one were a human being they could populate 15,000 planet Earths. Flowering flora alive and wriggling and eating and farting and breathing, none of them able to exist without me, and me unable to exist without them. Most are helpers, some enemies, generations living out their lives within me, subsisting on my existence. I am the God of a microbial cosmos. So much life and motion inside, and so much motion inside of that motion. All of them, all of me, and all that’s around me, everything that makes up this frozen tableau, is at its most basic level utterly dynamic. The subatomic scaffolding of these stolid and solid walls, if we could look close enough, would be jittering and jiggling and racing, particles with all sorts of exotic names—bosons, gluons, charm quarks, and muons—popping in and out of actuality, moving at incredible and erratic speeds, blurry and vibrant and empty, abstract entities not even existing in the way we like things to exist, but as probabilities, as potential thing-like things, ghostly and ever-moving, never stopping, forever in an ethereal dance that is, starting now, called the quantum shuffle.

All this invisible motion around me, I decide I need to move as well. 

I stand. 

Everything still seems so still. 

I take a deep breath. 

My feet are firmly planted, but the ground underneath—not so much. 

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Sleep, is it Optional?

I get out of school at 3:20, and I usually get a ride home from my brother who’s a dual credit student at the college my high school campus is on. After that, I frequently have to watch my nieces and nephew, sometimes even until past ten. I usually have somewhere around six hours of homework due the next day (I go to an ECHS charter school), and a lot more due long term. I rarely work on anything long term on week days. I usually have a couple days a week, however, with 8+ hours of homework. After I get home, make dinner, and do some chores, I end up starting this work around 5:15. On these nights, I work until midnight then count on lunch the next day and my 30 minute study hall to get the rest done. If I can, I’ll go to sleep at 9:00, but rarely get to bed before 11:30, and frequently work into the next morning. 

I’m also in a few clubs, working on my GS gold award, Presidential Gold Service Award, and am beginning SAT prep because I’m not stupid and I want to get into a decent college. 

Every day I wake up at 6:00. Sometimes earlier if I still have homework, and I have consistently woken up before 5:30 before. It takes me about half an hour to get ready, then 5 minutes to walk to my friends house, 5 minutes to make coffee, then 10 minutes to walk to my friend’s high school. By then, it’s usually around 6:50. The campus is large and it usually takes me almost ten minutes to get across is to where my bus stop it. My bus picks us up from there anytime between 7:12 and 7:30, but usually around 7:15. It takes just under ten minutes to drive to my school, where I sit around for about 30 minutes until study hall starts at 8:00. 

Adults say that it’s my fault I’m falling asleep in my classes. My parents have yelled at me for being anti-social because all I do when I have free time is sleep. They say I stay up too late playing online. My school nurse has suggested I ask a doctor about the possibility of getting me on depression and anxiety meds when someone found me hyperventilating in the bathroom. People think I’m on crack because my skin is pale, my eyes bloodshot, and I have huge circles under them. I used to exercise daily and now I haven’t gone on a run in months. My school has to have anti-suicide seminars at least once– sometimes twice –each quarter. 

Adults tell me it’s unhealthy to drink the amount of caffine I do (somewhere between 3 and 6 drinks a day, half of which are energy drinks like monster and rockstar). They get 8 hours of sleep a night and don’t have the idea of college loans hanging over their heads. 

I am 15 and I haven’t had a good night of sleep in almost five years.

About half my school is on illegal drugs to help them stay awake. 

Why the fuck do people think this is healthy?

Come home to me

For @rebelcaptainprompts #13 - Desperation. 

Rating: Mature

Words: 2877

Summary: Despairing at the news of the second Death Star, Jyn volunteers for the mission to ensure its destruction. Unsure of how this all will end, she and Cassian spend the night clinging to each other.

So rebelcaptain smut finally happened. Thank you to @jenniferjuni-per for the encouragement and to her and @silverystarrysilence for the beta! You’re the best!

read it on ao3. 

Glowing red, it hovers before her once again. Different, of course, this time without her father’s fatal flaw. And yet it was still his work, in some small way. The knowledge of it pushes down on Jyn’s shoulders as if gravity has shifted around her, threatening to crush her. Her ribs ache as she tries to breathe, tries to focus on the debrief about the new Death Star.

If the others were there, she might have been able to react better.

Chirrut would tell her calmly about the ways of the Force, how everything is how it’s willed to be. Baze would lay a hand on her shoulder, letting her know in his silent way that he was by her side. Bodhi would look at her with those big soft eyes and hug her as much as a comfort to her as to himself.

And Cassian. Cassian would have been there, right by her side, leaning his head towards hers, face soft and comforting but eyes promising they would fight. He would have known exactly how she felt, would have found the words to say, or would have known to say nothing at all.

But the others aren’t there. The Battle of Hoth has sent them scattered amongst the stars. Her family, though whole in spirit, is fractured, and she is alone.

So instead she breaks her hand punching a metal wall, and then retreats within herself.

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Forgiven: 707/MC

based on a prompt someone on AO3 gave me where Seven and MC get into their first big fight

Summary: Saeyoung says something incredibly stupid in a fit of rage, now he has to redeem himself.

Words: 2740

Rating: T (some swearing)

This was bad. He was allowed to hate himself, for many years he did just that, the reality of it never really bothered him but this … no this was too much to take in. It started with a snide comment, one of his own regrettably, that was spoken out of jealousy and worry. She had returned late, as she had done more frequently as of late, and Saeyoung was beside himself with desperation. Even though she’d told him that day’s meeting would be at one of the benefactors private cottages out in the countryside, meaning no chance to peep on security feeds, Saeyoung had tried anyways. All day he spent trying to worm his way into personal home security feeds, or the cameras installed in the chauffeur vehicles she’d be riding in to no avail. In fact he’d ignored his own work completely in an attempt to track her down; he was unaccustomed to not seeing her for long periods of time. Not to mention that her cellphone was seemingly out of battery or she were in a no-service zone for she’d neglected to respond to any of his text messages. In truth he was beside himself and as each minute passed his aggravation and irrational frustration swelled.  Saeran, who was almost entirely normalized to his brother’s oddly possessive behaviour was even slightly taken aback. When he came in to tell him he’d be going out with Yoosung and Zen in a while Saeyoung barely paid him any heed.

“Oi, did you hear what I just said-” Saeran grumbled, eyeing his brother as his fingers worked speedily at his keyboard.

“Be quiet for a moment would ya?” Saeyoung grunted in response, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture, screen glare reflected in his lenses.

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