Roof-top sun//

30 May:

After pulling back into the harbour, it felt strange to be walking on land again,  obviously Captain Livvyp is born for the water, sea legs, so they say. Nah nah, but anyway we slothed around the wharf at Islands Brygge for the rest of the afternoon, then rolled back to Signal for dinner.

After a few mini bilka challenges, we got in pairs and made far too delicious home made pizzas, then hit the roof of our nine storey building, posed for a classic boyband pic, soaked up the sunset and danced on the rooftop overlooking our city.  Not a bad way to wrap up a delightful day with some groo0vy gal pals, please take note of my main squeeze LindsayG (bottom left) who is tryna make it in the  Canadian model circle.


Domesticities : the not so fantastical aspects of studying abroad. 

Here is a picture of my room, my living area, view outside and some groceries I bought at Bilka across the street.  Notable items : ‘desert pancakes’ - crepes, honey, zucchini, bread ( always good ), pesto, and of course, more chocolate croissants.