I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

I hear ALL THE TIME about fandom drama. People complaining about it via asks/via the confession blogs, but I realized that I follow really amazing people. Fandom drama rarely shows up on my dash, and it is wonderful.

I have compiled this list, it has all the blogs that are generally dragon age, and post little to no fandom drama, and more just quality content, including general blogs about the games like mine, and also art blogs/themed blogs. Enjoy!

The romancing series:













Character Specific:









@cantkeepmyeyesoff -cullen and dragon age inquisition heavy





@dawriting - writing resources for the community

@daficclub - also writing resources and community




@dammit–solas - solas and dai heavy 

















@right-in-the-vhenan - solavellan focus








F Yeah blogs: (there are more I swear)












There is nothing wrong with SOME fandom drama (but let’s face it, life would be much better if we all got along), but everyone, myself included, likes to have a bit of a drama free zone, and these blogs fall under that.

If your blog is mainly dragon age (like 90% or more) and you don’t deal with drama let me know and I’ll add you to the list! If you want to recommend some drama free dragon age blogs, add them on! I’ll try and reblog it whenever I get the chance so that it can keep growing.

I hope to keep my blog free of drama, I know I have gotten into one or two discussions, but I’m trying to keep that out of here! I’m also following a lot of amazing people who have quality blogs that are just not 90+% dragon age. I might make a post about that later too. Thanks everyone! 

Hey there everyone my name is Yosh Reyez, 
I’m an independent artist and illustrator trying to raise funds to go back to school. I’ve worked hard for years, and have not been able to raise enough funds to do it, So, I’m trying crowdfunding.
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 My friend Russ was recently in a terrible car crash and is in extremely bad condition. He was on his way home from work when someone sped past a red light and T-Boned him. Currently, he’s being held in the ICU, and everyone is worried about him. You can read about his full condition here on his GoFundMe page.   If you have a Facebook, try to repost this again to there too, to help spread the word.

Please, any sort of support would help, be it donations, spreading the word, well-wishes, prayers (if you have a faith of any kind), or otherwise. They need the money for his medical bills, the time they’ve all missed off work to go be with him, and for their totaled car.

Help my friend stay alive.


Hey friends and followers of Tumblr! I am selling these prints for $10.oo each, plus shipping. I will be having a few more up this weekend! 

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Click here to support rescue bunny and rat cages needed!! by Emily Pender
Hello! My name is Emily and i'm stuck in a tough situation. I'm 16 years old and this is very dear to me. I had taken in a rescue rabbit not too long ago and everything was going smoothly, abit bumpy here and there but over all okay, to put it bluntly I cant afford her, or any of my other rescue...

    Hi! i started a gofundme. I’m in a tough situation where i cant afford to keep my rescued animals because of the cage situations. I hate asking for money, i hate it but i desperately need help to afford a big cage + supplies for my animals. a few months back I rescued a rabbit from a unknown source and she was skinny and tiny, I also have a hamster I took in after it was neglected and attempted to be fed to a dog, not to mention I now have a unhoused rat that I have taken in to my care.

 My situation has gotten worse and now I’m at my own breaking point and I feel like this isnt going to get much attention, im sorry for posting this but my dad, who has abused me and animals in the past, has threatened to take my animals from me and he WILL kill them, he has before. My dad doesnt live with me as i live with my mother but he is very controlling and still abuses me and has refused to help me. My mom cant help me because my brother got into a car accident 2 weeks ago and totaled his car and we had just bought and he didnt have health insurance or car insurance so we are absolutely broke, plus my dad stopped paying support money, which we basically live on. We have no means to support my animals right now. This cage will make my costs cut down and save my animals, literally a dollar could save their lives. its very late right now and I have school in the morning but I’ll reblog with pictures of  my pets tomorrow, literally THANK YOU to anyone who donates!!!! i’ll draw you something or make you something or give you the biggest hug this means so much to me!! and even if you cant donate please reblog this post if you can, thank you so much!!


Headshot & chibi commissions 11€ each!

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Teenager missing in the Hollywood, CA area.

Any information please contact the numbers above.



I’ve been seeing this posters in the Hollywood area, Los Angeles, CA. I don’t know who this is, but this is really not a nice area and I’m sure her family would appreciate any information about her whereabouts, so if anyone knows anything about her, please contact them!!!!
Help Liam Lowenthal not be homeless
My roommate has left me, and I have been attempting to find a roommate that will accept 475.00/mo in rent for the room I am trying to rent. I keep getting "deal makers", or people with too many dogs or children that I can't possibly accept under the terms and conditions of this apartment. I have...

I know I haven’t been posting much art lately due to too many rl reasons, but please signalboost this if you can, he’s been struggling for months with this and while I’m too financially unstable to help, I can at least spread the word.

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One of my long time best friends has started her own Etsy store!

She´s soon an educated Illustrator, with loads of talent and crazy-but-super-amazing ideas! Her final project is all about Women, Feminism and Body Positivism! She´s made these amazing nipple brooches that you can buy in her store, you can even choose if you want them pierced!

I am so very proud of her and I would very much appreciate if you all checked out her Etsy store, and her official Instagram!

anonymous asked:

wait, what happened at the fm summertime ball? do you have a post about it? :) thanks

They had a press conference where Liam basically laughed in our faces when he was asked about the Sun’s article about 1D going on a hiatus. Simon-Never-Lying-Jones was right next to them, never correcting Liam. (I guess it was too early for the news to come out, hence the *denial*.)

I have /tagged/sb but go in chrono because I accidentally used signalboost as sb as well. Will correct it later on the laptop. Now is swimming EC and ice hockey WC with the family.