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Guys, Direct Relief ( is one of the highest-rated charities with 99% of donated money going directly to their programs. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Aleppo is about to be completely destroyed. DO is assisting with the Syrian Refugee Crisis and can use all the help they can get. If you are in a position to donate, please do so.

Whether or not you can donate, please reblog.


A Tumblr Tag for Kent Parson fans–so you can look for KVP content without always finding peoples’ “I just read Check Please and that Kent Parson is a real dillweed” posts. Anyone who posts Parse negativity to #parsepositive is definitely just a troll and can be blocked with a clear conscience.

Also helps Kent Parson-haters blacklist our hijinks and talk about their understandable issues with him without barging into the tag we use to socialize and share fanworks. Good fences make good neighbours!

Thanks to @biparsons for coming up with the name!

hi it’s That Time again where i look for new blogs to follow so if you post/reblog/whatever
- mass effect (and tag andromeda spoilers. seriously. pls)
- fallout
- tales from the borderlands
- overwatch
- dishonored
- games in general lmao
- have a tagging system
it would be cool if you’d like/reblog this so i can check out your blog! (bonus points if you write in the tag what you post about) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017

Are you evil? Like cackling-like-crazy-when-you-can-make-people-cry-over-a-fic evil? 

Do you secretly take pleasure in putting your reader and characters through literal hell? Do you love tearing people to shreds, ending relationships, killing characters bloody? Yeah us too!

Angst is hard to write. It is plot driven and you have to know your characters well to really make people feel what they are feeling. Angst is an underappreciated skill or at least so we think. That is why we have decided to host Angst Appreciation Day.

June 23rd we want to flood tumblr with heart wrenching angst. We want laptops to drown in the tears of the readers. We want to break hearts and cackle while doing so. Who’s with us?

If you love writing angst. If you love making angsty aesthetics. If you love making angsty videos - this is the day for you.

If you are an artist you can make:


FanArt (Drawings, manips whatever)


Anything at all

If you are a writer you can write:



One Shots


Anything at all

You can collab as a writer with an artist or another writer. You can team up however you want or you can go solo and do whatever your little black heart contents.

There are only a few rules:

Use the # SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017 - Do this so we got everything in one place and so that everyone can find your amazing work!

All fics must be posted on June 23rd. Don’t worry about timezones though. If it is June 23rd where you are it goes.

Use warnings! Not so much so you spoil your fic but warn for triggers and write them in your tags if you feel better about that.

For the love of Chuck use the Keep Reading feature for anything above 500 words.

All pairings, ships, reader inserts, OCs are welcome - it has to be for the SPN Fandom though.

Actor fics are welcome. AUs are welcome. SPN verse character fics are welcome. Anything goes here people.


No sign-ups. All are free to join. We would greatly appreciate a reblog of this post though - Ya know for signal boost :D

Make people cry!

Got Questions?

@percywinchester27 and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing are your hosts and ready to answer! 

Are you ready to help us create a tidal wave of tears throughout the SPN family and tumblr? Let’s do this people!

Tagging for signalboost:

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Service Dog & Handlers
Hello! canisitsnotlupus' Grace has decided to do her Honors project on service dogs and their handlers. However, for this project, I will need to conduct a small (hopefully 10-30mins response time) poll. I will not publishing ANY details about who you are, however I may use your experiences in my paper and presentation. Please note that I need responses from handlers that have had a fully trained (not in training) service dog for over a year.

Hello, followers! As this says, I’m doing a project on service dogs and need some responses.

If you’ve been a SD handler for over a year (fully trained), please take a moment to fill this out!

Signal boosts appreciated!



****all prices are in CAD****

Simple sketch - Bust: $10 - Torso: $15 - Full Body: $20  (+ $5 per extra char.)
Shaded - Bust: $15 - Torso: $20 - Full Body: $25 (+ $5 per extra char.)

Simple colour - Bust: $17 - Torso: $22 - Full Body: $27 (+ $7 per extra char.)
Lineless - Bust: $20 - Torso: $25 - Full Body: $30 (+ $7 per extra char.)

Cartoon: $30
Grayscale Realism: $35
Colour Realism: $40

*Anything with shading/colour comes with a simple background*

-Furry Characters
-Non-sexual NSFW ( **** 18+ Characters and Buyers only Please!****)
-LGBTQ+ Content

-Sexual NSFW
-Underage NSFW
-Anything including Slurs (swearing is okay)

Please Have a Ref or be very specific (Characters, colour scheme, mood, expressions, clothing, etc..) with what you would like (I want you to get exactly what you want for the outcome <3)

****I Reserve the right to refuse any commissions, If Accepted I require payment upfront (At least half upfront if you’re really weary Pls) Under any circumstances that I can’t finish a commission, you will get a full refund.****

****All payments Must be through paypal 


My family is really tight on money right now so reblogs/signalboosts are super appreciated! <3 <3 Thank you!

hey tumblr!! help a cool gal out!!

hey all! due to my job breaking their contract with me and laying me off with two days notice, i now have to come back to canada (from the UK) sooner than expected. luckily i had enough savings to buy my ticket home and tie up any loose ends here in London, but I will need some small financial help to seal the deal! i’m planning on cashing in some early birthday presents too, but here’s what i don’t have:

1. train ticket from central london to gatwick airport (about $30.00 USD)

2. transportation from toronto airport to my town (about $20.00 USD)

3. food & transport money to get me through this week (about $30.00 USD)

i can’t offer much, but i can write you a small poem/short story as a thank you for anyone who donates. My paypal is for CAD/USD, and for GBP. i really wanna eat this week so any help is greatly appreciated. pls signal boost if ya can too!!

anonymous asked:

Hello! Destiel is nominated in Zimbio TV Couples March Madness poll again. It would be great to win or get as close to winning as possible and show our support for Dean & Cas. Would you mind signalboosting the poll or helping us voting? Thank you! :)

Sure thing! :) Everyone should go vote for Dean and Cas here –> Click! 

UPDATE: PSA: Vent is Transphobic

vent is a smartphone app where ppl can rant about their feelings to an allegedly “supportive” audience consisting of other users. however, this is not the case. vent user “cloudedthoughtz” is transphobic and is buddy-buddy with the vent staff, who has been deleting innocent transpeople WITHOUT WARNING for defending themselves against a transphobic post cloudedthoughtz had made. cloudedthoughtz was never punished for this, and instead, mentally ill trans kids were punished by being DEVICE BLOCKED from the app for defending themselves. please give the vent app a 1 star rating and complain about their transphobia, and please spread the word. i want this app to crash and burn.

heres screenshots about the post that started it all (these screenshots are not mine, they are from previous vent user @aioe and they were deleted and device blocked for favoriting comments and nothing else. these screenshots are not organized, but there are 93 pictures of solid evidence)

PIECES is a collection of awarded poetry and prose by self-published ‘TWOC’, Adrienne Callender. It includes the Carolle Bourne prize winner “Transhood’, the Prime Minister Scholarship winners ‘St. Claire’ and ‘Pamela Ziakas’, as well as other works touching on the themes of sexuality, identity, trans-experience, love, loss, longing, memories, and more.
Sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Createspace. Please support by sharing, or purchasing and leaving a review even if you hated it. Link to Adrienne’s 2016 accomplishment below:

Could you help a fellow artist out?

I am but a lonely unknown creature/character designer looking for potential studio work someday.

I have tried to get myself out there in terms of social media and other outlets, but people ignore me since no one knows who I am, or know about my artwork.

I cannot get anywhere in life at the moment because no one knows I exist. I cant network, or get representatives due to this.( since to get anywhere you need an agent) and this makes it extremely hard if not impossible for me to really start my career. I am at rock bottom and depressed, I have done everything in my power to make myself visible but alas. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me.

could you help me out and give my art blog some exposure so people know I exist!? I would love to see people enjoy looking at my artwork or even make new friends!

my blog is located here

Please don’t spread the name and face of the Charleston shooter, call him a white terrorist because that’s all he is, don’t give him the respect of learning his name or recognizing his face. All he wants is to be famous, now he will be infamous. He only deserves to be known as a white homegrown terrorist and imagined as a monster because that’s what he is. Instead learn the names and faces of the victims, they deserve to be remembered not the monster.


Clementa Pinckney

A Democrat state senator who was also the pastor at the Emanuel African Methodist Church.

Cynthia Hurd

A librarian at the Charleston County Public Library. She’d been working there for 31 years and was a manager as St. Andrews Regional Library.

Sharonda Coleman-Singleton

She was a revered and a mother of three, she was also the coach of the track team.

Tywanza Sanders

A recent graduate from Allen University in Columbia. He was recently working as a barber. It is said that he died trying to save one of his family members.

Please, if you hear about more of the victims, add their names and a little about their life. 

Go to this link to learn more about these victims. What I posted is only a short summary.

Also if anything like this happens again, do this instead of showing the shooter/terrorist. This is a tragedy and I will do my best to raise awareness, I hope you will too. Thank you.