Please help us, we might become homeless.

Hi, my name is Andie and I’m a mentally ill transboy. My girlfriend and I live in an apartment with our friend, whom of which we let stay with us because she had nowhere else to go. It was a secret from our landlord because we didn’t want her to be homeless, but now he’s found out and it looks like we could all be homeless together. 

We have until Friday May 5 to figure out living arrangements, and we found an apartment for rent that we could get but we need around $2,135 for first and last month’s rent, security deposit, etc. 

I know it’s asking a lot, but we don’t have a lot of options. My paypal email is 

If you can’t donate, please reblog so others can see. I’m so sorry I have to ask for money. I don’t know what else to do.

hi is anyone interested in $5 (USD) commissions? i’m in the middle of trying to get disability and i just need some spare money.

you can check out my art tag for some examples. they will probably be simple, small drawings but very cute!

prefer email me at but u can also message me here if you want.

pls reblog ✌🏻

But we do not have time to rest! We need to continue voting as much as possible!!! All day long!!!

Remember that several of us are doing celebration things if Bob wins! Thinking of @wellsjahasghost and @caramelkru who will add parts to their amazing stories! I myself promised to take requests for gifsets/moodboards/edits/anything if Bob wins!!!




As most of us @gothamfox fans know, @foxtv did not announce whether Gotham will be renewed while many other shows are confirmed for a next season, we need to take action to save our favourite show.

The data shows the US rating is dropping, but what about the rest of the world? The best way to show them our support is by telling them, Gothamites are here, through the internet.

 Here I made several icons for us to, hopefully, change to together to show Gotham our support. We should 

  1. Change our icons together 
  2. Email/ Tweet FOX tv and Gotham to renew the show with the hashtag #renewgotham and #gothamseason4
  3. Comment as much as possible on the show’s twitter and other social media. 

Right now, our show needs us. Make fanfiction, make funny edits, tag your posts, just show FOX your support. This show has plenty of fans and should be made known! Gothamites, unite! 



I’m just remaking this post because the other one is so old, and I lowered my prices!! But here are my updated prices, listed in text below: 

full color:

  • BUST: $7 (+$5 per additional character) 
  • KNEE UP: $15 (+$10 per additional character) 
  • FULLBODY: $25 (+$15 per additional character)


  • LINES: $5 (+$3 per additional character)
  • SKETCH: $5 (+$3 per additional character) 
  • COLOR SKETCH: $5 (+$3 per additional character)

WILL DRAW: gore, ship art, OCs, fanart, mostly everything
WONT DRAW: mecha, furry, nsfw

Please contact me at if interested, or message me (but that’s not as stable of a system, asks get deleted sometimes)

Donations (paypal): 

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Hey everyone!
Just thought I would update you on the situation. Gwen decided to go in patient. So we are just waiting till she gets out. We are happy she is doing what she can to get better. It turns out my dyslexia flipped my phone number so I gave everyone the wrong number and I’m not sure how to fix it. Probably just gonna call everyone and see if it will fix itself. Kinda really worried though.

Financially we have a few dollars, it snowed up here so we had the fun the car to heat it up a few times so we have had to fill up more than usual. We are getting free food from the kitchens but we missed it today. Trying to figure out dinner.

I’m still waiting to see if I got the fee waiver for my application to CSU. Also still waiting for my transcripts to make it to the school. I’m nervous.

If you want to help out we need it. Our PayPal is Thank you all so much!!