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How has everyone enjoyed this week’s reading?

Before we move on to our next stories, which I will announce tomorrow evening, a few questions about this week’s adventures…

  1. What was your favorite Holmes & Watson moment?
  2. Which was your favorite of the two cases and why?
  3. Did you learn anything new about Holmes and/or Watson that you want to share?

Send your answers via submission, ask, or tagged post.  I will compile the answers and post around 7pm EST tomorrow evening.


“anyone of any origin can be a studyblr”, where each word has its own image and each image has a different person.

This is important to say. No matter where you’re from, you are allowed to be a part of the Studyblr community. We will accept you. If not others, know that I will.


Hey so this is a really long shot but my cat is lost. I depend on her for so much. She’s the living embodiment of my fight for mental stability, I adopted her exactly a year after I was released from the hospital after threatening suicide. She means so much to me and she’s lost because my dad let her out of the house when she was annoying him. I live in Plymouth Minnesota. It’s cold as fuck here and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Please try to get the word around.

i’m muslim and i’m scared.

the ban itself is one thing all together and i’m not going to delve into because that would take a few thousand words and lots of raging.

i’m scared because on top of the ban itself, people are okay with this happening.

people who i call my friends have said that “it’s for safety” and “they’re only doing it because most muslims are terrorists” and “it’s what the americans want” and “i don’t see anything wrong”.

that’s the scariest part—that many people don’t see anything wrong.

please realize that this is alarming and not right. it is not safety protocol; it is islamophobia and racism. if you don’t see anything wrong with it, please open your eyes.


It’s time to make the INvisible VISIBLE by proudly and publicly talking about our experiences as invisibly disabled people.

Despite popular belief and community infrastructures,  #InvisiblyDisabledPplExist. This ignorance and reduced community recognition and assistance can cause us lots of unnecessary difficulty, pain, and even death. 

This means it’s time to start a movement to end the ignorance about what it “means” to be disabled.

Please use the hashtag #InvisiblyDisabledPplExist to not only make signs over disabled seating and other areas, as mentioned in tweet 4 above. 

We must also talk about our many many stories of being invisibly disabled in a world where the public doesn’t recognize our existence (like mine).

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The Issue of Being a Freelance Artist (When working with non-designers): A story by Sean Williams (and future reference for other artists)

Hey guys, looks like its story time… I’m going to vent to you guys about something that just happened to me today, and hopefully you guys can reblog it so that we as artists, can try to avoid this from happening in the future.

For the last month or so I’ve been working on a freelance project for a woman who plans on running a blog about going to College. Throughout this process, I’ve worked with her step by step, going through designs, drafts, re-drafts and etc. After turning in the final design yesterday and being in agreement that the design was good, and that payment should be finalized; she sent me an email stating this: 

“I ran the design by a couple of people affiliated with by blog, and I am going to have to ask you to redo it.  It’s just not what we were looking for.  I’m not a design person at all and I wanted it done, so I settled on it. But this has to be done right”


“Okay, fine” I thought. Sometimes things don’t work out, and designs need to be redone. I was fine with this, and I have absolutely no problem working with a client to make sure that they’re happy; but something about her wording stuck a chord…. She settled. And for reference: THIS is what she said yesterday- BEFORE the email today stating: “This has to be done right” 

FUN FACT: I had gone in a completely different direction before coming up with the design I sent yesterday, but after HOURS of working on it and checking in with her (with her telling me she loved the way it looked) –

–I was asked to redo it.

She told me to redo it. A DAY BEFORE IT WAS DUE.  Which I did (The design I turned in yesterday). But I digress..

I continued reading through the email: 

“If you are not able or willing to take this on, then we can just cut our ties here.  If you would like to finish the project in a time sensitive manner and be paid the other 50$ and be featured, then please get me a new design by today.” 

At this point, I’d been working with her for a little over a month, (I’m a full-time student, and I work the maximum number of hours that I’m allowed to work on campus, on top of that I’m the president of an animation organization on campus, so suffice to say, I’m busy) and she had a deadline for the project, so there was a part of me that could understand her urgency. We had decided on $100. Half up front and half after I had finished. But now something else had stuck with me: “Please get me a new design by today”

What? Are you kidding me? a NEW design? We had been working together for over a month, and I had worked based on what she wanted, and now she wanted a COMPLETELY new design by the end of the day. A day, I might add that I don’t have free because I have work and then other school-related obligations that I need to fulfill… That would mean sketches to generate more ideas, having to confer with her on the design, THEN actually implementing the design, and having to clean it all up, with 1.) No direction (because the way I designed it previously was obviously all wrong), and 2.) By the end of the day.

This had to be done right, and after all of that working and reworking, I was STILL looking to try to be as helpful and professional as possible. So of course,  I was considering starting from scratch and coming up with a THIRD finalized design, until I read the rest of the email… HERE’S THE KICKER: I can’t even make this shit up. 

“A few things to keep in mind. 1.  I am a professional.  I’m an adult, this is my business.  I want it clean, simple and streamlined”.

In my head I thought: “You’re joking. You’re going to tell me these things like I’m a child? First of all, I may be a student, but I’m a working adult, I take care of my schoolwork, I pay rent, I pay a car note, I’m ENGAGED, AND take care of a pet Ferret. Beyond that, not only have I worked on this project with you step, by step, but I’ve done COUNTLESS drafts and ON TOP OF THAT, you’ve told me multiple times that the design is perfect for what you’re looking for”

The email continued: 


Are you fucking kidding me. This woman thought it was okay to send me: A designer; this “HELPFUL” link. About tips. FOR NON DESIGNERS. WHEN SHE HERSELF IS NOT A DESIGNER. After this I was LIVID. But I kept my composure and kept reading:

“Ask me questions, read the blog, treat me as if I’m a real client. Let me know your thoughts on this.” 

I almost couldn’t contain myself. For a month I’ve done sketches, layouts, and etc… I’d worked with you step by step, following her instructions for the design, FOR EACH ITERATION OF THE DESIGN and I had tailored each of my changes exactly to her specifications. Beyond that I’d read and re-read over the blog multiple times in an effort to come up with a design that would best display her intentions. I was so upset after reading her email that I literally just closed my phone and walked around for a few minutes to clear my head. 

After much consideration, I decided to do what she herself had suggested and cut our ties. And I did it in what I feel was the most respectful way that I could while still maintaining my dignity. I sent her a message stating that I’m sorry that things didn’t work out, but that I could tell that she clearly didn’t respect me as an artist, and that I thought it best if we didn’t continue working together. I wished her good luck in finding a designer that could suit her needs, and I went about my day. 

Although this situation didn’t end the way that I had expected it to when we began working together, I’ve learned some things, and I wanted to share my story with you all as a way to help raise awareness for things like this:


There are non designers who will commission you and be happy that you created something for them, and there are those that will NEVER be satisfied with what you give them. See the warning signs and DO NOT work with people who are going to be difficult for the sake of being difficult.

 I’ve worked with more than a few people who don’t appreciate the amount of passion and hard work that goes into art, and it draining, frustrating and its just not worth it. 

Another thing that I learned is please please please DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT. 

The project that I was working on wasn’t worth $100. And after the second draft it was even worth doing for $200. I understand being a student and needing money, but I’d rather work for free on something that I love than work for pennies on something that I hate. 


I have friends in the animation industry who STILL don’t feel like they’re necessarily “Professionals”

KNOW YOUR WORTH.  And never ever EVER Let anyone tell you what you’re worth. Especially if they don’t know or respect just how much work and time goes into making the beautiful things that you all make.

I think that’s about it. Thanks for putting up with yet another long rant about me trying to navigate my life as an artist!

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(also… completely unrelated: If you’re an artist reading this, let me know! I’d love to follow you and I hope you do the same!)


“It’s not a good idea with Po Town so close by and Team Skull still running loose. …I’m not going to stop you, but Im definitely not going back in there again. Once is enough for me.

…Unless you’re here to see me. In that case, you’re wasting your time. Go home. Im busy.”

Nanu is Available for Asks!


it has

an almost entirely hispanic cast

the SINGLE MOTHER is also a VETERAN who actively discusses multiple issues with the way veterans are treated in this country.

Not to mention she eventually meets and befriends a group of female veterans who talk and support one another.


the white CHARACTERS in the show are nice and very cool AND WHEN THEY AREN’T THEY ARE CALLED OUT ON IT.


PLUS positive representation of Cuban-Americans, including a main character who fled Cuba and open discusses on the show!



HEY GUYS!! i just finished my previous big batch of commissions and im having a rapid fire sale for a bit! my credit card bill is due and im about 50$ short. if youre interested shoot me an email with the request and we can go from there. i only take payment through paypal! (note: these will be lined and full color)

things i will do:

-mild gore

-nsfw (if youre 18+)

-any characters (OCs too)

things i wont do:



-extreme nsfw

im only offering this sale for a limited time so if youve ever had a request i didnt do and youve got a spare ten bucks laying around… im your guy!!

An appeal to Sherlock fans: please be kind

Transformers fandom have politely asked us if, due to the sheer volume of our posts, we could find another tag to use and stay off #tfp which they’ve used for years.

I would like to ask every one of you to please take this opportunity to show kindness and consideration to another fandom (and improve the Sherlock fandom’s reputation which, let’s face it, is not stellar).

I know some of you have already decided to keep posting -”the internet is a free place, nobody owns tags”. I’m not denying that. It’s not that changing tags is the RIGHT thing to do - it’s the KIND thing to do. Instead of walking all over the tag and ignoring them, we get to make them feel valued and respected members of this community. All you have to do is type a couple of different letters in your tag - how easy is that!

Some people have also said “it’s too late” to change tags - I beg to differ, the episode hasn’t even aired yet, and the real flood of content will be a few weeks for now so there is still plenty of time!

For this reason I’ll now be using #tfprob (hey, only THREE EXTRA LETTERS!) to discuss the episode. Let’s add some much-needed kindness to 2016 and show we can be respectful of other fans!

sugasets → gintoukis

For my love, Gintama’s Sakata Gintoki. ♡ Please like if you see this! Mutuals, I would appreciate if you could reblog as well! ♡


Commissions still open! 

This is my only source of income at the moment as finding a job is harder than it looks, anything helps

New Offer!

  • Icons-$5.00
  • Ship art-$25.00 (colored or black/white)

What I will do

  • Anthro
  • Nsfw (will be posted to @badgranddad)
  • complex armor
  • fanart
  • ocs
  • fullbody – please let me know before hand

What I WONT do–I have a right to refuse a commission if it is morally wrong, makes me feel uncomfortable and/or non-con. 

  • Fetish art
  • mecha
  • guro

If you want an oc drawn, please have references ready! Payment will be via paypal @

Please contact me iva tumblr or email if you’re interested. Thank you!

also a shoutout the little pic of me is by @vasselheims <3

#BoostAceVoices #BoostAroVoices

OKAY so it’s time! With all this a-spec confusion and hatred going around, I think it’s time to boost our voices so that more people can hear our stories about how we experience the world. This will hopefully help people to understand us better and will certainly increase our general representation on Tumblr, and perhaps elsewhere?

Please consider this a general request post asking for submissions/asks/links and anything else that I can share/publish on my blog under the hashtags #BoostAceVoices &/or #BoostAroVoices. Hopefully this will become a bit of a movement and maybe even go viral and we can finally get our stories out there.


Feel free to tag any and all a-spec-friendly folks you know too! Let’s get the word out!!


This was one of my favorite scenes from Undertale, so since I’m in a creative slump, I decided to rip the dialogue straight from the game and make a comic out of it to get back into an art groove. There are spoilers.

anthropomorphic font talks to door.jpg

  • cop: Son, what possessed you to drive over 60mph in a school zone
  • anti-sjw youtuber: Methinks I hear a virtue signaling appeal to authority
  • time freezes and everything fades to greyscale
  • me: while it's fun to criticize the very low hanging fruit of internet weirdos, we also must be cognizant of our own appeals to institutional power in our thinking. "There is a policeman inside all our minds; he must destroyed."
  • me: pulls out a revolver and caps both of them. I blow the smoke coming out of the barrel and it perfectly spells out 'Arrivederci.'
  • me: za warudo.