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If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask!

The Issue of Being a Freelance Artist (When working with non-designers): A story by Sean Williams (and future reference for other artists)

Hey guys, looks like its story time… I’m going to vent to you guys about something that just happened to me today, and hopefully you guys can reblog it so that we as artists, can try to avoid this from happening in the future.

For the last month or so I’ve been working on a freelance project for a woman who plans on running a blog about going to College. Throughout this process, I’ve worked with her step by step, going through designs, drafts, re-drafts and etc. After turning in the final design yesterday and being in agreement that the design was good, and that payment should be finalized; she sent me an email stating this: 

“I ran the design by a couple of people affiliated with by blog, and I am going to have to ask you to redo it.  It’s just not what we were looking for.  I’m not a design person at all and I wanted it done, so I settled on it. But this has to be done right”


“Okay, fine” I thought. Sometimes things don’t work out, and designs need to be redone. I was fine with this, and I have absolutely no problem working with a client to make sure that they’re happy; but something about her wording stuck a chord…. She settled. And for reference: THIS is what she said yesterday- BEFORE the email today stating: “This has to be done right” 

FUN FACT: I had gone in a completely different direction before coming up with the design I sent yesterday, but after HOURS of working on it and checking in with her (with her telling me she loved the way it looked) –

–I was asked to redo it.

She told me to redo it. A DAY BEFORE IT WAS DUE.  Which I did (The design I turned in yesterday). But I digress..

I continued reading through the email: 

“If you are not able or willing to take this on, then we can just cut our ties here.  If you would like to finish the project in a time sensitive manner and be paid the other 50$ and be featured, then please get me a new design by today.” 

At this point, I’d been working with her for a little over a month, (I’m a full-time student, and I work the maximum number of hours that I’m allowed to work on campus, on top of that I’m the president of an animation organization on campus, so suffice to say, I’m busy) and she had a deadline for the project, so there was a part of me that could understand her urgency. We had decided on $100. Half up front and half after I had finished. But now something else had stuck with me: “Please get me a new design by today”

What? Are you kidding me? a NEW design? We had been working together for over a month, and I had worked based on what she wanted, and now she wanted a COMPLETELY new design by the end of the day. A day, I might add that I don’t have free because I have work and then other school-related obligations that I need to fulfill… That would mean sketches to generate more ideas, having to confer with her on the design, THEN actually implementing the design, and having to clean it all up, with 1.) No direction (because the way I designed it previously was obviously all wrong), and 2.) By the end of the day.

This had to be done right, and after all of that working and reworking, I was STILL looking to try to be as helpful and professional as possible. So of course,  I was considering starting from scratch and coming up with a THIRD finalized design, until I read the rest of the email… HERE’S THE KICKER: I can’t even make this shit up. 

“A few things to keep in mind. 1.  I am a professional.  I’m an adult, this is my business.  I want it clean, simple and streamlined”.

In my head I thought: “You’re joking. You’re going to tell me these things like I’m a child? First of all, I may be a student, but I’m a working adult, I take care of my schoolwork, I pay rent, I pay a car note, I’m ENGAGED, AND take care of a pet Ferret. Beyond that, not only have I worked on this project with you step, by step, but I’ve done COUNTLESS drafts and ON TOP OF THAT, you’ve told me multiple times that the design is perfect for what you’re looking for”

The email continued: 


Are you fucking kidding me. This woman thought it was okay to send me: A designer; this “HELPFUL” link. About tips. FOR NON DESIGNERS. WHEN SHE HERSELF IS NOT A DESIGNER. After this I was LIVID. But I kept my composure and kept reading:

“Ask me questions, read the blog, treat me as if I’m a real client. Let me know your thoughts on this.” 

I almost couldn’t contain myself. For a month I’ve done sketches, layouts, and etc… I’d worked with you step by step, following her instructions for the design, FOR EACH ITERATION OF THE DESIGN and I had tailored each of my changes exactly to her specifications. Beyond that I’d read and re-read over the blog multiple times in an effort to come up with a design that would best display her intentions. I was so upset after reading her email that I literally just closed my phone and walked around for a few minutes to clear my head. 

After much consideration, I decided to do what she herself had suggested and cut our ties. And I did it in what I feel was the most respectful way that I could while still maintaining my dignity. I sent her a message stating that I’m sorry that things didn’t work out, but that I could tell that she clearly didn’t respect me as an artist, and that I thought it best if we didn’t continue working together. I wished her good luck in finding a designer that could suit her needs, and I went about my day. 

Although this situation didn’t end the way that I had expected it to when we began working together, I’ve learned some things, and I wanted to share my story with you all as a way to help raise awareness for things like this:


There are non designers who will commission you and be happy that you created something for them, and there are those that will NEVER be satisfied with what you give them. See the warning signs and DO NOT work with people who are going to be difficult for the sake of being difficult.

 I’ve worked with more than a few people who don’t appreciate the amount of passion and hard work that goes into art, and it draining, frustrating and its just not worth it. 

Another thing that I learned is please please please DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT. 

The project that I was working on wasn’t worth $100. And after the second draft it was even worth doing for $200. I understand being a student and needing money, but I’d rather work for free on something that I love than work for pennies on something that I hate. 


I have friends in the animation industry who STILL don’t feel like they’re necessarily “Professionals”

KNOW YOUR WORTH.  And never ever EVER Let anyone tell you what you’re worth. Especially if they don’t know or respect just how much work and time goes into making the beautiful things that you all make.

I think that’s about it. Thanks for putting up with yet another long rant about me trying to navigate my life as an artist!

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I’m going to SG 2 weeks from now and I really need the money so I’ve decided to do commissions!!
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a rant on the writing community.

Since it was fanfiction writers’ appreciation day very recently, I feel like contributing to this in a different way, and aim my appreciation to a very particular group of writers. Now, keep in mind that I am in no way belittling anyone and that I support every single writer who works hard on this website. These are just thoughts I’ve had for a long time, and even though it has been talked about plenty of times before, I still feel the need to express my feelings when it comes to this topic in particular, which is heavily related to the writers’ community of tumblr in the kpop fandom. Not gonna lie, this is something I feel kinda salty about and it might get a bit long, so please bear with me :D

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Easter egg in Russian made GAZelle NEXT vehicle

A translation of the instructions required to activate this Easter egg:
>Turn the ignition to the “On” position
>Flash the right turn signal 3 times
>Flash the high beams 2 times
>Press the clutch pedal 5 times
>Rev the engine to 2,000 RPM
>While the engine is revved, hold the left tuning stick on the bottom of the instrument cluster
>Tetris controls: Use the left stick to rotate the piece and drop it into place immediately; use the right stick to move the piece from side-to-side while it’s falling.

Thanks for the translation, @dictatoranon

This is probably my favorite thing from today. Meghan was in duchess mode, continuing to talk to the people even after Harry had finished, and he had to wait on her. And when she was done, he grabbed her hand, and walked off together with his woman like it was the most normal, comfortable thing in the world for him to do. They’re going to do GREAT together, I can already tell.


Do not reblog the posts from @stayalive6373 please!

This user is reposting from many artists pages without credits and their consent!

They post from different fandoms like Haikyuu!!, Yuri on ice, My hero academia…
You can see some examples above of unauthorized reposts.

We have tried many times to contact them but they ignored all our messages (translated for the user)

So seeing the number of reblogs, now we rather warn the fandoms concerned, and of course we’ll also contact the artists, so we count on each fandoms to not reblog more from them!

Please signal-boost this PSA  and block the user to not reblog any unauthorized reposts in the future!

Thank you for reading and be careful~

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Check our PSA tag for more blogs warnings

  • Joker: The stars are beautiful tonight
  • Harley: Yeah
  • Joker: You know what else is beautiful?
  • Harley: ...What?
  • Joker: *points at the sky* The batsignal
I need help

Currently I’m living in an abusive home. I’m desperately trying to leave but it seems like the soonest I would be able to at this point would be december at the earliest, so I need some help.
Me and my friend are trying to get out to Oregon, and I really really need to get out of this house bc it’s 100% detrimental to my health.
My parents don’t know I’m bi/trans, nor do they know I have depression. I feel like this is some of the reason they are reluctant to help me leave, but whatever.
I am perfectly happy to compensate anyone who sends me money, with drawings or writing (fics work if that’s what you want), and my friend @jack-it-alope is an artist who will draw you stuff for donations.
my paypal is
Again, I’m sorry that it’s come to this, but I really need to get out of here and it seems the only way I’ll be able to is by this.


Warnings: None

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: Thank you to all those who followed me and read my first fic!  I’m thinking of doing a part two to this one, so if you like it, let me know!

Your fire escape had always been your favourite part of your apartment.  Situated outside your bedroom window, you had spent countless hours of your life lounging on the metal steps, reading a book or catching up on some homework.  Last summer, you had wound a string of fairy lights around the rails, which were coated in shiny dark paint.  Your landlady had protested at first but, after you proved that they weren’t endangering the use of the fire escape in any way, she had let you keep them.  The small victory had brought a smile to your face, and now your escape was even cozier than before, and was still just as cozy a year later.  This year’s summer brought scorching heat and clear nights, and you spent most of your free time out on your escape, trying to catch a breeze.

You sat on your fire escape now, wearing a lightweight hoodie and pajama shorts, doodling in a journal.  School was out for the week and tomorrow didn’t require a six am wake up call, leaving you free to stay up late and admire the Queens skyline at night.  It was nights like these that you loved the most; nights that seemed like they were pulled straight from a movie scene, with stars that glimmered like flames, a full moon bigger than you had ever seen before, and the sounds of the city mixing in with the quiet melodies that drifted out of the speakers propped up on your window sill.  You would be content for the rest of your life if you could keep moments like these forever.

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Hey guys… it sucks that I’m back at this point, but I need help.

My friend and I need $850 by the 5th for rent, and we have no way to get it. Currently we have $-50, so we need $900 to get out of debt. I have no idea how to get this besides asking yall to help me. My paypal is, any help is appreciated.

I can write fics/do art for commission as well, so please. We really need help. And if you can’t donate, or commission, at least spread this around. Thanks.

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: You are tearing yourself apart. This is fine actually. Reassembly is a good way to start over.

Taurus: Frantic bongo will signal the time to run like fuck this week.

Gemini: If times get tough, the stars say to retreat to your secret fortress on the moon.

Cancer: Start the worlds first broken robot baseball league.

Leo: You are the prince of skate. Mount your board and inherit your kingdom.

Virgo: This week you will hit your shin on a tree so hard you will shake approximately 8 dollars out of it.

Libra: Thunder Munch.

Scorpio: Summon your courage in attack position. You can do this.

Ophiuchus: One thing nobody ever tells you about law school is they give you a grappling hook. 

Sagittarius: Even though you have a low GPA you can offset it by killing Simon Bolivar.

Capricorn: Your hoodie is not big enough. Share.

Aquarius: Keep your head above water friend. Unless you’re trying to get past something all sneaky like.

Pisces: Full Contact Wood Nymph Smackdown 2017.