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Please don’t crop out someone else’s watermark just to make an edit so you can get some notes on your blog. Especially fandom photographers. It’s not difficult to tweet someone or send them a tumblr message saying “hey, is it ok if I make an edit of this?” And if your excuse is you don’t know how to contact them, if you’re too lazy to look up the watermark, you’re too lazy to spend time editing the photo.
Fandom photographers don’t get paid. We spend a lot of money to bring the photos to you guys that we do. All we get in return is the notes when we post our photo. So stealing a photo without asking, editing it, and cropping out the watermark, yes, makes you an asshole. It’s truly not difficult to ask for permission. Hell, if someone asked i would send them the full res photo for editing.
If the photographer wanted the photo edited a certain way they would have posted it that way. Taking and editing their photo without asking is like taking someone’s drawing and doodling over the top of it and reposting it and saying you made it better. This is their art. But for some reason fandom seems to feel entitled to own any pictures of the boys that come out as their own.
Please be respectful. Ask.
TL;DR - don’t be an asshole that crops out peoples watermarks and steals the notes for their hard work.


CROSSING by ajpscs
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Artists in Resistance is a collective advocating for the organization and education of communities through political art. This will then help to promote the voices of those who are unheard in society.

We are a nation comprised of many backgrounds, and rather than be divisive it is imperative for unity to form a stronger society. The need for communal togetherness has never been greater.

A.I.R. is looking for artists of any background who have been impacted and/or enraged by the current political climate to work on projects that affect them and their communities.

It’s time to take a breath of fresh air.

FB : artists in resistance
IG : artist_in_resistance


RUN by ajpscs
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Shibuya Scramble Crossing © ajpscs

“I’m with Lizzie. Her story, of taking the high road and not allowing herself to be another victim, is unfortunately not the ending we are used hearing when it comes to bullying. We have lost so many young people due to bullying and cyber-bullying, and enough is enough. We all need to come together to share our stories to support and create a more positive, safer environment both online and out in the world.” - Sam Cannon, Tumblr Creatr

Show your brave!  Use #ImWithLizzie to show us what it means to be brave, then go to to take action for anti-bullying.  A BRAVE HEART In Theaters, On Demand and Digital HD on September 25th.