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WTW 3/22/17

This post was made at 5:03 p.m. EST!

Sorry if there hasn’t been a WTW post for a few weeks! I’ve been trading over WT each Wednesday, I just forgot to actually make a post before I leave the house and I usually hang out at a friend’s place after class, so I don’t have the cell signal to upload one. I know, I’m the worst. But here’s hoping that today’s WTW will make up for it! I’ve got plenty of leftovers from previous giveaways, some of which were from Tapu Giveaways. Here is the list:

Clefable | Female | Level 50

Wigglytuff | Male | Level 50

Sawsbuck | “Leah” | Female | Level 100

Granbull | “Shane” | Male | Level 100

Bidoof | “Naegi” | Male | Level 50

Jigglypuff | “Maizono” | Female | Level 50

I’ll keep trading these until I either run out or I get too tired in the middle of the night (probably close to 1 a.m. EST since I’ve got an early morning class). Remember, if you happen across one of these Pokémon from IGN Ciara, send in a picture of the shiny and my trainer in Festival Plaza! I’ll give you a free shiny as a prize!

Good luck and have fun!
YouTube's biggest star PewDiePie causes controversy with 'Death to all Jews' video
World's most popular YouTuber lands himself in hot water again.

The performers, who call themselves “funnyguys”, advertise that they will paint any message on their body in exchange for money while dancing in the jungle.

While many choose their own name or a funny message, PewDiePie jokingly asked the pair to display: “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”.

He published the resulting clip, showing them dancing and laughing while holding the antisemitic message above their heads, on his YouTube channel.

While some fans found the clip funny, others said the star had gone too far.

Despite requesting the hateful message to be displayed, and publishing the resulting video, PewDiePie apologised to fans at the end of the video – but still gave the performers a five-star rating.

He said: “I am sorry. I didn’t think they would actually do it. I feel partially responsible. I mean I’ve got to give them five stars for an outstanding experience because at least they did what I asked.”

He added: “I don’t feel good. I don’t feel too proud of this, I’m not gonna lie. I’m not antisemitic, or whatever it’s called, okay so don’t get the wrong idea. It was a funny meme, and I didn’t think it would work, okay. I swear I love jews, I love ‘em.

"I am so sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”

pewdiepie paid some guys actual money to hold up a sign that said “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”, published it, gave them a 5-star rating, and then tried to shrug off any responsibility by saying he didn’t think they would really do it. he even says he only feels “partially” responsible and he’s “not antisemitic” despite the fact that he 1) posted this video so close to a surge in antisemitic hate crimes following trump’s election and 2) posted this video at all.

this isn’t funny, this isn’t satire, it’s gross and hateful shock humor at the expense of people who are already unsafe with the increasingly emboldened neo nazis–i mean, “alt right”. it’s not defensible. stop supporting him.


all of your favourite vines are going to be fine, they’ll still be there

twitter’s just discontinuing the app because they aren’t making enough revenue to maintain it

please spread this message around, the widespread panic is unnecessary

I don’t know if anyone can really help or not, but would you guys be willing to donate a little?

My cat’s been very lethargic lately and it’s causing my girlfriend to have panic attacks because she’s worried.

We’re gonna get him signed up for a membership thing, but it’s gonna cost us at minimum $75 dollars.

He’s barely drinking and barely eating.

I’m really worried about him.

I’m not gonna make a gofundme, but you can donate through paypal or contact me?

The button’s on my page.

I’m really worried about him. The last time any of my cats were lethargic was the day before Luna died…

[MOD POST] Darcyland Sockpuppet Troll

Hi everyone! As you will see, the post is a serious one about something that actually had a lot of impact, negative ones on our fandom. I have been contacted by good people from inside Darcyland, people I trust,  who took the time and energy to investigate a case of the sockpuppet troll.

I have copied and paste all of the work they’ve done and compiled into a clear post.

I can only urge everyone to share and reblog this post because, as you will see, this person still do the same thing in others, small fandoms.

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it has

an almost entirely hispanic cast

the SINGLE MOTHER is also a VETERAN who actively discusses multiple issues with the way veterans are treated in this country.

Not to mention she eventually meets and befriends a group of female veterans who talk and support one another.


the white CHARACTERS in the show are nice and very cool AND WHEN THEY AREN’T THEY ARE CALLED OUT ON IT.


PLUS positive representation of Cuban-Americans, including a main character who fled Cuba and open discusses on the show!




The blasterfire outside had stopped. The silence was almost peaceful. Hands trembling, Bodhi straightened behind the console and glanced from the boarding ramp to the cockpit ladder. He thought of his plan to take off, to fly through the gauntlet of TIEs to rescue Jyn and Cassian from the communications tower. He thought of the strain he’d heard in Cassian’s voice, and of his last signal to Melshi-the one that had gone unanswered. If he didn’t have the chance… he’d done enough. It was okay.

“This is for you, Galen,” he said, and started for the ladder.

Bodhi Rook heard the ring of metal once, twice, in the cabin, and then the soft clatter of something rolling across the deck. He turned in time to glimpse the detonator. He heard nothing as the cabin flared impossibly bright.

Like a pilot should, he died with his ship.

–Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, novelization written by Alexander Freed

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Questionable art night continues ft. ideas from both my coworker and the bae… 8′)


This was one of my favorite scenes from Undertale, so since I’m in a creative slump, I decided to rip the dialogue straight from the game and make a comic out of it to get back into an art groove. There are spoilers.

anthropomorphic font talks to door.jpg

Things to Remember and Look Forward to After the Election Positivity Post

* The Release of Pokemon Sun and Moon
* Finishing your NaNoWriMo wordcount & novel ((for my nano challenger followers))
* The Holiday Season
* Hiveswap being released in January 2017 ((for all my Homestuck followers))
* The Nintendo NX coming out of spring of 2017
* Dank new memes to giggle over
* The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 in August
* Many new and wonderful times to share with your family, friends, and loved ones!
* Chances to keep our country safe, free and just by standing for what is right!

* And many more!!

The future may seem bleak right now, but please do not consider suicide. You may not be able to see tomorrow because tonight is jet black with hate. But you will all wake up to a morning of new opportunity and happiness if we all work together and stay positive!

It will be a challenge but I have faith in every single one of you. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. 

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Josh dances better than me

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