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During Operation “Bushmaster”, a member of Company “L” (Ranger), 75th Infantry, wearing camouflage makeup sits alone with his thoughts while waiting to participate in an assault mission against North Vietnamese Army forces in Vietnam in August of 1971. Photo by SP4 John L. Hennesey, 221st Sig Co.

Splendour- Murphy Imagine

Where on earth have I been all weekend? I’m so so sorry for leaving you lots of empty promises (I promised like, a million ship requests and about 3 one-shots oh my). I kinda hibernated all weekend, so uh, oops? Anyway, I’ll try to be better I promise! (I should really stop with the whole promise thing omg) Have a good day/night! Xxxx

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John Murphy x Reader

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Sitting at my throne, I was discussing plans for Polis with an advisor when I heard a noise. I looked up to see Indra at the door. She gestured behind her, signalling that we had company. When I nodded, she walked into the room, standing at my side as the visitors followed, a figure I couldn’t quite make out, and an old, strong-looking man. He walked solemnly into the room, pulling along a dirty boy, tied up at the wrists.

Heda,” he immediately bowed at his words, dragging the boy down with him. I gave him a slight smile, nodding to him as he rose.

Ogeda hef souda badan op- “I cut the warrior off, raising my hand to quiet him.

“Please,” I smiled. “Speak English. We have a guest.”

The man glared at the boy upon processing my request, but continued, abiding by my wishes.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook took a look at secretive billion-dollar startup Magic Leap

(Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz (left) and Apple CEO Tim CookReuters/Getty)
Here’s one big sign that Apple is serious about developing a pair of smartglasses: CEO Tim Cook visited Magic Leap’s offices last summer to check out their augmented reality technology, former Magic Leap employees said. 

Cook has been signaling that the company is working on AR, and eventually a pair of smartglasses as Apple’s “next big thing.” AR, an emerging technology, integrates computer graphics into the real world.

Magic Leap is a secretive billion-dollar startup working on a headset and the company is widely seen as one of the leaders in the burgeoning field.

Bloomberg first reported the Magic Leap meeting with Cook in a in-depth look at Apple’s AR plans. 

Cook isn’t the only VIP to check out Magic Leap’s secretive headset. Google CEO Sundar Pichai is on Magic Leap’s board of directors, and the people said that Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz loves to give demos to investors, entertainers, and other important figures. 

For example, Beyoncé has tried the Magic Leap headset, Business Insider previously reported. Apart from celebrities, “everyone in the valley has tried Magic Leap,” one of the people said. Nearly everyone who tries the headset is asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, although its unclear if Cook received a full demo. 

Magic Leap declined to comment. Apple did not respond to a request for more information.

Magic Leap was put in touch with Apple through Allen & Co, a boutique investment bank, one person said. Abovitz and Cook both attended Allen & Co’s Sun Valley conference last year. Magic Leap has raised $1.4 billion from investors, valuing the company at $4.5 billion. 

Magic Leap gives demos all the time. Since a board meeting presentation seen as a major milestone in February, the company has shown its secretive technology demo to investors and potential content partners, such as the PGA Tour and other sports leagues. 

So, a while ago I said that seeing Magic Leap was the coolest thing I’d seen since the iPhone.

It’s now much cooler than that.

— Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans)

March 16, 2017

Know anything about Magic Leap and its relationship with Apple (or Google)? Email the author at

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Guys, always be wary of food and products that you might want to buy for your bird(s). While a bunch of it looks enticing and you want to spoil your bird, always look for cues that might signal, “this company doesn’t know what they’re doing.” There’ve been a lot of horror stories about pet products killing their pets, so I thought a PSA would be important.

For example, here, the label reads, “For cockatiels, conures, parrots and macaws!”

Now, anyone who has any experience with birds knows that cockatiels, conures, and macaws are all parrots. Parrots are members of the  Psittaciformes, which includes more than 350 bird species. To be classified as a parrot, the bird must have a curved beak, and its feet must be zygodactyl.

I’m not claiming that this product is unsafe (I’ve never used it), but I wouldn’t even consider buying it if the company doesn’t even know what a parrot is. Keep your babies safe!

'BTS take the K-pop world by storm with high album sales'

Hip-hop boy group BTS is taking the K-Pop world by storm with its increasing number of album sales!

The group’s EP, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 1,’ which dropped this past April, has already sold 180,000 copies according the Signal Entertainment, the company that invested in the idol group. The number of album copies sold is a clear indication of the group’s growing popularity. The EP has held its place at #7 on the Gaon Chart from May 24 to May 30, and album sales are continuing to remain steady. BTS’s album sales have reached new heights considering the fact that album sales of big names such as EXO and Big Bang sell around 200,000 copies on average.

BTS’ popularity has swept over to Japan, too! According to Tower Records, the group’s DVD and photo book 'BTS Memories of 2014,’ which contains footage of their live performance, placed 1~3 on regular and single album charts.

For this EP, every BTS member participated in the composition process. An agency rep explained that there is a great possibility each member will be pursuing solo activities.


In the early morning hours of 26 March 1945, the 21st Fighter Group Officers’ tent area was hit by a Japanese “Banzai” attack on Iwo Jima, Bonin Islands - this would be remembered as the infamous “final charge”. The remaining Japanese troops launched a 3 prong attack on marine positions, breaking through in many places, and causing much confusion. As reported by an eyewitness: “Soon, members of many other nearby units were involved, including a Signal Air Warning Company, a Negro Aviation Squadron, a Nightfighter Squadron, a Navy Construction Battalion, and a Marine Pioneer Unit. It is estimated that approximately 300 Japanese, the remnants of 3 units, participated in this charge, attacking the different areas simultaneously. The Marines closed in on them from behind with flame throwers, tommy guns and grenades until the last Jap was exterminated.” The scene that remained caused many a sleepless night for those who looked upon the results.

This wearable wants to replace your energy drink

We have seen a number of brain wearables hit the market over the past few years. Most of these devices measure your brainwaves in order to provide feedback for you to use. Thync goes beyond this. This neurosignaling wearable doesn’t want to measure your mind, it wants to change it. 

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i did a cooperation with them for a one week trial based on notes. there was also the option to do pay per click. the trial ended 8/18. I emailed my contact on 8/19 saying that the trial had ended and sent a link to show all of my posts for their company. no response. i emailed them again on 8/23, a few days later. still, no response. i was starting to get worried because this has happened to me before where i would work with a company and then they would ignore my emails. i talked to some other people that i knew were working with them and they said they have heard back from them and that they got paid. so i emailed them again on 8/25. apparently they missed my email. i sent 2 previous ones so i’m not really sure how that happened, but whatever.

they said the ppc and notes based promotions did not work for them so they wanted to change the cooperation to a commission based program. that’s fine and all, but it seemed like they were unwilling to pay me. we went back and forth for over a day because they still seemed like they didn’t want to pay me. i also contacted them on facebook because they still seemed like they didn’t want to pay. i held up my end of the bargain by making the posts, and they should hold up theirs, that’s only good business right?

apparently my contact “forgot my case” because they didn’t give me a tracking code. if my cooperation is based on notes, why does it matter if i have a tracking code or not? they then wanted me to go back and add the tracking code to ALL OF THE POSTS I ALREADY MADE. like are you serious? i did my part. i’m not going back to add the code. i just want my money and be done. then they asked to see my posts, which i already provided for them when i first emailed them on 8/19. 

they finally paid me after going back and forth for 15 emails. it shouldn’t take that long to get paid. i never experienced anything like this in my life.

i told them i didn’t want to work with them anymore, but apparently they didn’t understand because they gave me the same offer they did when they first responded to me. i had to tell them again that i am not interested in working with them.

why would i want to work with a company that is so disorganized? maybe the rest of the company isn’t like this, but my contact was horrible. and i know i’m not the only one who has experienced trouble with them. i reached out to a lot of people to ask if they got paid or not and basically half said they did and half said they didn’t. how do you work like that? only paying half of your affiliates? how is that fair or good business?

tldr; omgnb sucks please don’t work with them. save your time and energy and work with a different company that you know is going to actually pay you and won’t give you a hard time about it.

if you could please reblog this so more people are aware to avoid working with this company that would be great.

So my hours got cut these past two weeks, so I’m a little short on rent+ medical bills (and by a little, I mean a lot), on top of having to get two new tires for my car. 

We’re going to be short by $110 for rent this month, and my dysthymia is making it really hard to open my commissions up again. And any blood donations I would make wouldn’t go into my banking account, but on a prepaid card so I can’t reroute it into bills. 

Any donation or reblogs would be super helpful for our household! 

PVT John Elk US Army Signal Corps.  Company D, 139TH Infantry REG, 35TH ID.  WWI veteran.

Sioux warrior and American fighting man.

April 25th, 1915 - Gallipoli Landings

Pictured - Unidentified men from the 1st Divisional Signal Company being towed towards Anzac Cove on the morning of 25 April 1915.

On April 25th British, French, Australian, and New Zealand troops landing on the peninsulas on each side of the Dardanelles Straights.  Their goal was to eliminate the Ottoman artillery positions guarding the narrows so that minesweepers could sail in.  Five divisions of the Ottoman Fifth Army were present to oppose them.  The Ottomans could only guess at the date of the Entente disembarkation, the Allies had not planned for any strenuous Turkish opposition.  The following fiasco was one of the war’s most crucial days.

The Allies landed on three different areas - The French made a diversionary attack at Kum Kale, on the Asian side of the Straights, before reembarking. The British landed on the southern tip of the Gallipoli peninsula at Cape Helles, and the Anzacs landed to to the north on a tiny strip of beach surrounded by hills that soon earned the moniker “Anzac Cove”.  

The largest set of landings on April 25th occurred at Cape Helles, which formed the southern tip of the Gallipoli peninsula.  Cape Helles was divided into five landing beaches, named going east to west as “S” “V” “W” “X” and “Y” beaches.  Two battalions of the Ottoman 26th Regiment were the only forces available right on the beaches, the rest were spread around the peninsula in a state of some disorganization.  In total the Ottoman commanders and their German advisor Otto Liman von Sanders had around 20,000 troops at their disposal with which to resist the landings.

Image Source: Australian War Memorial
NYTimes: Net Neutrality Rules Upheld by Federal Court

“The court’s decision upholds the F.C.C. on the declaration of broadband as a utility, the most significant aspect of the rules. That has broad-reaching implications for web and telecommunications companies and signals a shift in the government’s view of broadband as a service that should be equally accessible to all Americans, rather than a luxury that does not need close government supervision.”