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Barefoot Gen for Schools and Libraries
Spread Barefoot Gen's message of peace! Help print and deliver the cartoon story of Hiroshima to schools and libraries across America

Last Gasp has launched a new Kickstarter for new omnibus volumes of Barefoot Gen, the classic 70s manga depicting the story of the Hiroshima bombing. The focus is to help get copies of the manga in English to schools as an educational learning tool, and you can help! Your donations towards the goal can be spent for brand-new hard cover copies of the books to go to either yourself, or to donate to a school! $75 will get you the entire series, or will send a set to a library on your behalf. Check out the link for all the different donation tiers and more info.

*ahem* hey hey

need new blogs to follow so rebog if any applies to you:
x otherkin (esp. spacekin/celestialkin, angelkin/divine, plantkin, or fictionkin)
x not a troll blog (i will know and probably block you tbh)
x mentally ill (esp. adhd/add)
x earthbound lover
x kirby fan
x just generally loves nintendo bc <3
x wanna talk about otherkin experiences
x if all these things apply to you get me a ring and we’ll get married ouo (actually message me if you like/are all these things bc then we can be cool mutuals and stuff)

anyway thanks! (if you aren’t otherkin you can signal bost this, just say so in the tags)


Hey hey guys! You’re doing really great job rebloging my fanart and I really appreciate that and I’m seriously very glad that you find my sense of humor funny \o/

Reasuming, since you like my art so much, how about having something SPECIFICALLY DRAWN FOR YOU! 8D I’m jobless at the moment and I kinda really need money so commission me maybe? Every dollar counts, because it has really good exchange for pln.

I can draw almost everything, OC’s, fandom stuff, ships, people, animals, furry, aliens, monsters, more or less complicated backgrounds, both traditionally and digitally.

I will not draw porn, rasist, homophobic, transphobic or offensive in any way material. I also reserve right to refuse to take commisshion if I will feel uncomfortable with idea.

Hack me Once...

We hate to be adding to this “I’ve been hacked, does it mean I matter?” paranoia, because if you are not stupid about your security (as in, your email address is not publicized and you aren’t using it to converse with potential ‘enemy’ (which if you do, kinda makes you a bit silly anyway) and only then there’s the issue of how compromised your password can be) we are now obliged to inform the public that we’ve just had multiple attempts. The suspicious IP we’ve been tracking for a while, trying to gain access to our tumblr. So only this evening I got about eleven of these on my phone:

But that wasn’t all. This person actually went one step further with us, and also tried to gain access to one of our online backup databases (which, yes–we have multiple blog-export spots, ever since since we were targeted by certain multishippy “people who know people”) which was, why–because we don’t do Twitter? *rolls eyes* So, yes. If you’re reading this, you pathetic little dirtbag–did you really think we wouldn’t be notified by our database provider?

Did you?

So, what did you think you’d accomplish? Did you think we’d weep into our cocaine laced Cheerio snacks over your backwoods internet hacking ‘skillz’? You have to do more than grunt and punch a keyboard. Go on then, we dare you. Try again. Try harder. Make friends with us. Tell us how hard it is being a Killy Willy (rapist to the stars!) fan-bot. Tell us how tears hurt your robot wires. Tell us all about that time some mean les-beans told you they wouldn’t sleep with you, and so you went home and had anger thinking touching time into your pillow time and then bought a computer.


People like you probably need to watch less television. Get some therapy. Stop trying to hack the original hackers. We are everywhere. You are nowhere. You will never find us. We will always be smarter than you.

Better luck next time.

Hey guys! Just like it says right up there, I’m caught in paycheck limbo! I need at the very least $200 to make rent this month.  At my last job, I wasn’t making enough to build up savings, and my new job has me on a completely different pay schedule!

If you’re not able to help financially, signal bosting is greatly appreciated!

To commission me, please drop me a line at sporkbot (@) 

If for some weird reason, you just want to help out, my paypal is the same as above, and donations are graciously appreciated. If you include your address, I might even mail you out a goodie in the mail!

Thanks for all your support, everyone.