signal booth


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 5,531

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving) fingering, this is PWP

Prompt: Sam meets up with the reader at a bar, and neither of them want to go home alone. Both their jobs require them to move around a lot, and sometimes, they get a little antsy and crave the affection of another person. That leads them to Sam’s motel room for one night of pure fun.

You didn’t want, or even need a partner to settle down with. You had grown used to being alone and working alone and doing just about everything alone. But, a girl gets antsy from time to time.

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That there’s not such thing as objectivity. That we’re all just interpreting signals from the universe and trying to make sense of them. Dim, shaky, weak, staticky, little signals that only hint at the complexity of a universe that we cannot begin to comprehend.
—  Micah Leggat. “The Doctor In The Photo - Bones. Season 6 episode 9
bad first dates | hwang minhyun

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sungwoon | jaehwan | minhyun

(contains alcohol consumption and drunken shenanigans.)

  • you’ve got high hopes for tonight’s date
  • after all, there’s a good reason why everyone at the office has got a crush on hwang minhyun
  • he’s a beautiful flower prince in everyone’s eyes, but they’re all afraid of him because he’s quite the perfectionist
  • minhyun doesn’t yell but god he’s scary when he’s mad
  • you don’t work directly with him, so it’s through your drinking buddy and minhyun’s close friend kang dongho that you’re set up on a date with minhyun
  • dongho guarantees you’ll have an entertaining time, texting you while you’re dressing up at home
  • be prepared for the rest of the night ;)
  • so you pack a small overnight kit in your bag, just to be sure—toiletries, spare set of underwear (because hey, you’re allowed to dream, yea?)
  • you arrive at the fusion cuisine / karaoke bar a couple of minutes early, and you’re starting to think that minhyun is more like dongho than you thought
  • when he arrives right on time, he compliments you on what you’re wearing because that’s the kind of boy minhyun is
  • he’s smiling as you both order different dishes, and when the food comes, it’s a pleasure to see him light up when he tastes it
  • “here, have a bite,” he says, lifting his chopsticks to your mouth 
  • and for some reason all you can think about is that grade school myth about sharing food being like a first kiss
  • you offer him some of your food because it’s good, and you’re mesmerized by his tongue darting out to lick the sauce that’s been left on his lips
  • he blinks up at you and smiles, thanking you for agreeing to go out with him
  • “i don’t really go out much,” minhyun says 
  • he’s busy with work, and it’s hard for him to get close to people at the office because everyone has such high expectations of him
  • and your heart melts even more 
  • the live band starts up and you’re almost done with your meal, so you ask for the drinks menu
  • “beer?” you say, and he makes a face
  • “you’re right,” and you flip the page, “it’s not the right kind of night for that”
  • there you spot a promotion for the brand-new addition to the menu: a bunch of delicious-sounding cocktails for a low price, provided you give the bartender feedback
  • “we can split these and try them all!!”
  • an odd look flickers over minhyun’s face but he nods, watching you closely as you make the order
  • dongho puts the alcohol away like nobody’s business and he grew up with minhyun, so you assume minhyun’s got the same tolerance
  • how wrong he’ll prove you tonight
  • you ask for the first drink to be a cute lil tropical fruit blend because you see the candy he keeps in an airtight container on his desk
  • minhyun looks so happy sipping from the drink while poking the umbrella
  • “this is juice!!” he says, and you sample the drink with your straw before gesturing for the next one 
  • minhyun gets livelier and livelier and you’re starting to have trouble writing down his reviews of the drinks 
  • he liked the chocolate one best and he reaches around you to tug the pen from your fingers 
  • and he draws a cute little ice cream cone on the page while nuzzling into your neck
  • you barely feel anything but
  • oh god
  • minhyun’s drunk
  • his ears are red and at first you’re worried he’s angry
  • so you text dongho like
  • hey so minhyun??? drinks like we do doesn’t he????
  • and he replies right after
  • keep him hydrated and get him to a bathroom after three hours and ull be fine xoxo
  • minhyun pulls you up to the open mic and
  • y’all sing a sad love song together
  • and at first you’re feeling soft because his voice is beautiful
  • then when it gets to the last chorus he screamS OUT THE WORDS
  • so you signal to the tech booth to cut his mic and you finish the song to loud applause
  • you both sit down for approximately half a minute before he gets up and pulls you by the arm to the open space
  • when he finally lets you go he starts to shake his butt like
  • you have absolutely zero clue whether to laugh or to document it or to be mortified
  • he grips lightly at your hip and you realize he wants you to join him so you do it once and he smiles blissfully, making kissy faces at you
  • your co-workers would drop dead if they saw him like this tbh
  • you get him a glass of water and make him drink it before you go outside to call him a cab
  • but surprise he pulls you in and asks you to stay
  • so you do
  • and you take the elevator with him, supporting him with an arm around his waist
  • minhyun takes your hand and firmly places it on his butt and your eyes go wide
  • “butt pat,” he says, closing his eyes with a grin
  • by the time the elevator dings on his floor, he’s trying to take off his shirt
  • and you’re pulling the hem down 
  • “no no no let’s get to your room first” 
  • surprisingly he doesn’t leave a trail of clothing behind
  • instead he removes his socks and his shirt and folds them before placing them in his hamper 
  • he plods to the shower and turns it on but he’s still wearing…his pants…
  • “i’ll look through your closet for a pajama set, okay, minhyunnie?”
  • and he’s nodding, which you take as a good sign
  • “i’ll leave them here on the sink for you” 
  • and you get the last word out beFORE hE STARTS TO DRAG HIS PANTS OFF
  • and you skedaddle the fuck out of there but not before glimpsing the glorious minbooty
  • you tuck him into bed after helping him dry his hair
  • (today you learned hwang minhyun sleeps shirtless the more you know)
  • and his brow furrows
  • “let’s snuggle tonight…but shower first” 
  • and his tone is suddenly so serious that you laugh 
  • thank the gods you packed a spare set of underwear
  • you’ve just finished your night routine when you realize you haven’t got clean clothes to wear
  • so your eyes dart to the matching pajama top minhyun left behind
  • it’s soft and smells freshly laundered, though it doesn’t really do much for your modesty
  • you go to minhyun’s bed and he pulls you into a hug, breathing in deeply
  • “you smell like me,” he murmurs
  • “i ran out of soap,” you say, and he squeezes you tight before falling asleep
  • the next day you wake up to the glorious smell of beef broth
  • you open your eyes and you see a red-eared minhyun holding a tray out for you
  • your first reaction is to stand up and help him but you forget you’re not wearing pants
  • and you blush to your roots before wrapping the blanket around your waist
  • you follow him back to his kitchen table and you both sit down to eat
  • “let’s start over?” he says, pouring out a bowl of soup for you
  • “only if you let me see your dance again”
  • and he smiles at you and 
  • going on two dates in a row is unexpected but not bad
  • especially if it means seeing a shirtless emperor ceo hwang minhyun shake his butt in his kitchen at nine in the morning

Hey everyone! So recently I have decided to take a pretty hefty paycut to pursue what I enjoy most - art.
Because of this, I’m a bit nervous for the future of my living expenses which is a very new, very difficult thought to have. To prepare for this large cut I’ve decided to open an etsy store to sell prints and eventually other things like charms, stickers, etc.
I have also contemplated the idea of a Patreon but I’m not sure I’m at the level where people would be willing to support my art that way, so for now that’s up in the air.
Lastly, I’d like to make this an open call post to artist currently looking for a partner to booth with at ANY up coming conventions. Preferably Texas based but hey, I’m willing to travel if need be! I know how much easier it is to have someone there to split the cost of expenses and to have someone manning the booth while you take a break to eat or enjoy the con yourself. If you have already purchase a booth but wouldn’t mind letting me share, I’d be grateful! I have experience in booths, sales, and talking to people so I’d be a very valuable asset for you to have!
If you know anyone looking for a con partner, please message me!

If you have any other suggestions that could help me, I’d be very happy to hear them!

Thanks all.

This Is Heaven in Hiding (Chapter 9)

“Well, well, well, look what the cat finally dragged in.” A familiar voice says right next to her, setting a drink in front of Clarke at the bar.

“Oh my god, Niylah?” Clarke swings her arms around Niylah and pulls her in for a hug. “What are you doing here?”

“Had a case in town, thought I’d drop by the old haunts. I was hoping I’d get to see you.”

Clarke can’t keep the grin off her face at seeing her old friend. “I’m glad! How’s Philly treating you? Why didn’t you text me?”

“It’s alright. I’m not used to the new city yet, but the job is fantastic. And I wanted to surprise you!”

“Yes, you up and left us to become a suit, I can’t even believe it.”

Niylah laughs and Clarke realizes she’s missed it. “Griffin, you’re probably doing just fine without me. Do you have time to catch up?” She puts an arm around Clarke’s shoulders and signals to the booth that just emptied and Clarke nods, picking up her bag and her glass and following her lead.

Except she almost trips over her own feet when Lexa chooses that exact moment to walk in.

Clarke stops, knees shaking at the sight of her.



 #ThankYouBones Week: Day 2  11 Temperance Brennan character growth moments

I wish I had a beautiful gifset for this day but, again, I don’t have enough material to do it  😭 That’s why instead I decided to collect my favorite quotes/dialogue that for me represents Brennan’s character growth. You can find it after the ‘keep reading’. Enjoy. 

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Upside Down

Author’s note: Sooooo here’s the first part to my series, and my first Dean oneshot!! idk, but I’m really excited. This is Dean and the reader meeting, I really like this part - even though it took me like a week to write it - oops. Also, I’ve started to do summaries on oneshots bc i know some people like to know what it is before reading it! As always, feedback is much appreciated!

Warnings: Mentions of death, bullying, and blood.

Summary: Reader’s dad died a year ago, and with her mother struggling money-wise she doesn’t bother making friends at school, and slowly becomes very unpopular. So when Dean Winchester and his brother arrive in your small town, your life gets turned upside down - maybe for the better.

Part One || Part Two || Part Three

Teen!Dean Winchester x Teen!Reader

“Y/N…” You mother sighs, leaning against the kitchen counter as you brush past her, grabbing your schoolbooks off the table and an apple. “Don’t.” You warn, not wanting to deal with her ‘motivational speeches’ first thing in the morning. She sighs, but obeys, stepping to the side to give you passage to the door, and you can feel her eyes training on your back as you leave the house. Your boots make satisfying stomping sounds on the porch steps as the door slams behind you, and you catch sight of the school bus pulling in at the corner causing you to turn your walk into a jog.

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Depth over distance pt.1

[A/N: Hi friends! This is a little story i had been thinking about doing for some time now and I decided that i just needed to start somewhere, so i did. Not sure how many parts it’ll have, but lets say 5 for now! This story takes place in modern times, 2009 to be specific. Rae and Chloe are scottish, they’re childhood friends and live in Glasgow. Then they meet two lovely lads on a night out and then things start to change for our Rae.

Just want to say a quick and big thank you to Kathleen storey-time your help has been amazing, looking forward to writing this thanks to you! x

If you want, listen to this song while you’re reading, it might set the mood for you.

Part 1 2 3 4


It was a typical Friday night and Rae and Chloe were heading out for a night on the town. They didn’t even have to talk about the place they were going, it was the same place they could be found every Friday night. It was the same place where they would dance all night, where they would be pushed in all different directions, where they would have beer spilt all over them. Sometimes it would get so crowded that they would stop dancing and simply try to hold on to each so not to fall down, all while laughing so hard that they felt like their insides would burst into a million pieces. It was always going to be Ace for Friday night shenanigans and it was there, that euphoric Friday night at Ace, that fate stepped in.

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You Meet Him a Little Too Late

So for some reason part 1 deleted itself -.- so here’s part 1 again and 2 & 3  


 Zayn : “Yes Lydia I know…yes ok! Yes! The pink one…right, ok bye.” I sighed and ran a hand through my hair as I scoped out the different dresses, pink…pink…what the hell was light thulian? I shook my head and continued to browse until I heard, 

      “Do you need some help?” I looked up and saw a girl, she didn’t look like she worked in a place like Windsor but once I saw her name tag there was no doubt left. Her mouth was pierced, she had arms of tattoos and had more of an alternative vibe. 

         "Erm…sure, my girlfriend wants this dress.“ I handed her my phone with the picture of the dress Lydia had sent me earlier. 

     "Ah, the weird pink one, right I think we have that in stock, dress size?” She asked, I checked my messages, 

        “Size six,” I replied, she hummed while she rummaged through the dresses and thrust it in my direction before walking over to the register, 

       "Special occasion?“ she asked as she rung up my purchase, 

    "Uh, not really, she just kind of wants it.” I admitted while subconsciously running a hand through my hair, her fingers stopped and she opened her mouth to say something when Lydia called, 

       "Hello?“ I answered, 

    "Remember to get me those shoes as well! I’m a size seven in shoes, the black ones with the diamonds.” I was about to reply when the dial tone interjected and I was left with the cashier. 

         "I’m assuming you heard that,“ I muttered, 

     "Shoes?” she answered and I nodded. 

      “Listen…I know I don’t know you very well- er at all. But you don’t look very happy. I’m not trying to be unprofessional…I just- er, it seems like you’re too nice for your own good.” 

I sighed. I couldn’t reply, I didn’t know how- instead, I found myself leaving the bags on the counter. 

“Here’s the deal…(Y/N). I think I could use someone like you, telling me good things, letting me know when I’ve gone soft and all. I’ll leave my number with you and maybe we can sit down for some tea or a pint.” 

I quickly grabbed a pen and a receipt paper and wrote down my number before sliding it across the counter top.

“Think about it.” 

Harry: My girlfriend didn’t want to come out tonight with Niall, Andy and I so I decided to take a night for myself with my boys. We decided to meet at Funky Buddha at eight PM. 

          When I arrived, Niall and Andy were standing by the bar, Niall chatting up some girl while Andy talked to a girl next to him, his girlfriend I presumed. 

      "Harry!!” Niall and Andy chorused simultaneously, 

      “Hey guys,” I smiled, 

       "Where’s Jasmine?“ Niall asked as he surveyed the room, I shrugged, 

     "Wasn’t in the mood for partying tonight,” I replied, he smiled and handed me a drink before Andy towed me away to the bar, 

   "There’s someone I want you to meet,“ he yelled over the music. 

      "Harry this is (Y/N), (Y/N) this is my friend Harry,” he introduced me to a beautiful girl in a wine-red dress, her hair flowing freely about her face and one of the most amazing and contagious smiles I’d seen in a while. 

        “Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you,” she smiled and shook my hand, 

     "Really? I haven’t heard anything about you,“ I smiled back, 

      "Well take a seat and get to know her!” Andy said as he gave up his seat and went to go find Niall. 

        “So…what brings you to London?" 

       We chatted for a while, almost the entire night, it was good getting to be around someone who wasn’t constantly nagging or yelling, nice to be around…friends. Jasmine and mine’s relationship had been very tense lately, I wanted some more spark, something to do and somewhere to go with her but lately it seemed that she was uninterested in doing anything that had to do with me.

      "Harry c'mon we’ve gotta go!” Niall said before midnight, 

     "Here’s my number, feel free to text or call me sometime,“ she smiled and handed me a napkin, I grabbed it and put it into my pocket before Niall pulled me away and into the night, making me hope that I’d see her again. 

   Louis: I was drunk. I was a little beyond drunk at this point, I’d never been much for drinking up until now, I was out with my friends, and naturally we thought it would be a good idea to see who could do the most shots. Naturally…I won.

       "Ashliee…I’m homeee,” I smiled as I barged into the flat, only to be greeted by (Y/N), Ashliee’s best friend. 

      “Hey where’s Ash-” I felt like I was going to be sick, (Y/N)’s eyes widened as she wrapped an arm around my torso lightly and walked me into the toilet. 

      “It’s ok Lou…I’m here, it’s ok.” she kept repeating as she rubbed slow circles into my back and held my hair away from my forehead. I just couldn’t help but wonder…where was Ashliee? 

   Niall: “Fine Karyn are you insane? Colin and I are leaving, we’ll be back when you’ve got a brain again.” I rolled my eyes as Karyn continued to scream profanities at me and I rolled my eyes, strapping Colin into his car seat. 

      “You hungry little man?” I asked as we pulled up to a diner, he smiled as we walked into the restaurant and I put him into a booth. 

      I signaled for a waitress and she made her way over to us, I turned around to look at Colin when the sound of a book falling to the ground caught my attention. My eye caught the woman she was now bending down to retrieve her book, she was…well she was gorgeous. She had books all around her, reading glasses on the bridge of her nose and her hair pulled back, she was stunning and simple all in one. 

      I turned back around to talk to Colin when I looked to his seat, he was gone. I started to panic, I looked under the table, around the restaurant when finally I heard a familiar giggle. 

      “Pretty!” he smiled and clapped his hands while tugging on the boot of the bookworm, she smiled down at him and looked around, presumably for his parents before scooping him up into her arms and setting him on her lap. 

     Colin clapped again and I sighed and walked over to him,

 "Sorry about him…this is my son, Colin.“ I smiled and reached out to his head, ruffling his hair up and she smiled back. 

     "I can see the resemblance, well hello Colin, my name is (Y/N). How old are you?” she smiled, 

“He’s a year and 6 months,” I smiled.  

 “It’s funny…Colin isn’t much of a talker, in fact he’s very introverted. Pretty…well it seems like Colin’s first word was quite fitting.” 

What as I doing? I couldn’t do this to Karyn, she was my wife. I cleared my throat and shook my head before feeling my face turn beet red. 

         “Well, if you ever need me here’s my number, I specialize in child therapy and actually am studying it at Uni.” She handed me a card and I nodded. I wasn’t too sure about this. 

    Liam: “Liam! Liam is it true Mikayla is pregnant? Are you getting married? What’s this about-” I sighed as I closed the door to the private restaurant behind me. 

“Liam..where have you been?” Louis asked as I sat down, 

     "I was choosing floor tiles with Mikayla,“ I muttered as I ordered a drink. 

    "Oh…right you’re moving in together?” Zayn asked, I nodded and sighed again. 

     "You don’t sound very happy,“ Niall interjected, I shrugged and excused myself before walking to the bar. 

I wasn’t too keen on talking today.

       "Tough day, I know the feeling.” the girl next to me smiled as she took a sip of her Jack Daniels. 

      “How did you know?” I asked, she smirked, 

    “Loose tie, messed up hair, and it’s 11:30 in the morning,” I laughed, 

      “Right well why are you here then?” I asked, she smiled,  

   "I just finished med school, needed something to take the pressure off,“ my eyes widened. 

      "Well congratulations, why med school?” I asked, she shrugged and waved the bartender over for another, 

      “I like the idea of being someone’s hero, it’s the closest to a cape as I could get,” I smiled, 

       "Interesting, “ she brushed her hair to the side and sighed before standing up revealing her black dress and heels, she wrapped a coat around her body before smiling once more at me, shaking my hand and sliding a napkin with a drink on it towards me. 

        (Y/N) -(xxx)-xxx-xxxx :) 

      I smiled and looked up but, she was gone. 

The ‘GotJ’ AU Pt 15

Previously on…

Steve waits for Bucky to slide into the booth before him, taking his place beside his friend as the woman, Natasha she’d said, slides in across from them. A waiter swings by their table to drop off plastic menus and a fork, says he’ll be right back with them, and darts off with a tray to another table.

The diner isn’t too busy. Natasha had said they shouldn’t meet somewhere crowded. Tony doesn’t do well in crowds yet, even after a year. 


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