All right my wonderful people, these two gorgeous babes desperately need our help.
These are the two from a reblog the other day located in Leesburg, Fl 34748. They are in need of homes!

Some background information about them that we’ve seen so far:

Ruby (black) :
This once mother is a very sweet girl who can’t be much more than 5 years old at the very most. (based solely on my own personal experience with pits and dogs in general.) She’s eager to learn and please and has a thing for toys. She can be a little rowdy once you first get home, but soon settles and is happy to just lay next to you and sleep.
With the right amount of love and dedication to training she could make an amazing family member.

Delilah (brindle) :
This little girl seems to be a few years younger than Ruby, possibly in the 1-2 year range but is just as eager to please and learn. She doesn’t jump like Ruby does but does have some shyness and skiddish tendencies from what we assume was physical abuse.
She is an adorable sweetheart who just wants to love and be loved. She also seems to be the quieter of the two.

Ideally we’d hate to see this pair separated because they’ve so clearly bonded and are showing some separation anxiety from one another, but if the right homes for both of them are with two different families then arrangements can be made.

I’m sorry this post is so long but please, if you’ve made it this far share this with everyone and let’s get these two their furever homes.
Also, if you’re in the area and would like to meet them or know of someone who would take good care of them give a shout to myself or @promisesofamazing and we’ll make things happen!

I will be sharing updates as the pair gets checked out by a vet and temperaments are tested.
As of right now we see potential for them to be good with children and potential to be good with other dogs given the right introductions and handling, as Ruby has shown what could be aggression to at least one of the smaller dogs in the home.
Updates will happen hopefully every two/three days.

Thank you! 💛

Hello friends! Long story short I need some help. Because of the stupid way the financial aid is set up for U.S. schools I’m not going to be getting enough to help pay for tuition/rent/car insurance/or any of my bills. So I need to ask for help, which is something I don’t normally do. Even if it’s a spare couple of dollars any amount will help. Anyone who donates above 20 dollars can request a drawing of something you want. I really need help.

My paypal email is mcculloch.336@gmail.com

Literally anything will be appreciated. Thanks.

What is this month’s theme?
The 12th round of WWC has a theme based around Richard Siken. For those of you that don’t know him, he’s a poet that is often used in Wincest circles. His poetry echoes feelings of young and forbidden love and an open road with a beautiful boy. You can expect prompts that are lines from his poetry for your prompts this month.

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need some new friends out there

sooooo i feel like my feed is empty or always filled with the same things, if you are a b&w/pale blog and you post/reblog some of these pls reblog this and i’ll check out your blog with great pleasure 💗

  • star wars
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  • space
  • maybe a safe place for lgbt muslims too

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EDIT :: Provided some proof of what I’m dealing with


I’m gonna have to ask for donations or commissions again I’m so sorry that I’m struggling to get a job (I’m tried SO hard to get this vet job) I’ve been a failure every month and never have enough for groceries and rent and fucking tater is crapping blood again and not eating a lot.. I’m about to lose my mind,, seriously haven’t felt this depressed … I am trying my best to progress on commissions by at last drawing them out on paper for y'all. Im so sorry for the wait.

Donation / email /paypal: kaitecrowe@hotmail.com Patreon : pistachiozombie Commissions: under #commissions tag (I’m on mobile sorry) Thank you so much,,please signal boost

What is it?
A creations challenge (which includes fics, art, vidding, giffing, and any other form of art used for fan creations) just for the Rare Ships (“rare” is anything that isn’t the two main ships). So come and show your love for the ships that never get enough!

What is this month’s theme?
This month’s theme is gemstones/crystals! You can expect prompts like tiger’s eye, amethyst, quartz, etc. As always, you’re welcome to interpret the prompt as you see fit. You can use the meaning of the stone (which will be provided for you), or the stone itself!
Special thanks to @purgatoan for helping me come up with the theme for this month!

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So I apparently owe my biological mother $1600 and I just recently lost my job (for emotional reasons) and I don’t know for sure how soon I can get another job
So I will be doing commissions!
They will be based off of difficulty/complexity, and how big the piece is!

I do have 4x6 photography prints available for $5 flat- (with no shipping charge)

I am also going to be doing some digital/traditional art commissions!

Sketches( both digital and traditional) will be $5
Half body drawings (digital and traditional) will be $10
And full body drawings will be $20!

Again I do have photography prints that can be mailed out, but drawing commissions will be just sent as digital files, though I could do prints for possibly an additional cost

This would really really help me out, because I have no idea how I’m going to get the money other than putting myself into debt, and I’d rather not go that route…

anonymous asked:

I just want you to know I rly rly rly like your Bloodstained Heros of Humanity Fic! Like I just found your Fic like this morning and Ive finished all the chaps already and I cannot wait for more! Vamp Izu is just so adorable! Keep up the amazing work!!

Thank you so muchhhh! I’m so happy that you enjoyed my ongoing Vampire Midoriya Izuku fic so much that you binge read it! I am definitely going to update with chapter 9 soon, so thank you for the love here by reaching out to me, anon! I appreciate it! <3

More cutie adorable Vampire Izuku coming up along with the accompanying drama and thanks again! I shall continue to fight to do my best!! -Unoutan

Hey guys! long time no see. Sorry to climb on in here and ask for a favor like this but it would really mean a lot if you guys could donate to my ko-fi or commission me. I am trying to save up money for my service dog application process. Any bit helps. If you can’t spare any money, that’s ok! but please signal boost! if you want more info about me or my illnesses please look at my blog @basilservicedog

Hey guys

So I’ve seen many of these before. I’ve reblogged many posts such as this. Ive tried helping others by rebooting their stories. But now I need help. I don’t usually ask for help, not until well..now. I’m in a not so great situation and really need your help.

I’m currently stuck in an emotional abusive situation with my ex. Only a small amount of people know this and now you do as well. They have locked me out of the apt for hours just so they could have a date over, used the wrong pronouns on purpose to try and make me come out fully before I’m ready, stole money from me, let others use my stuff without asking, have made me believe I’m the worst person on this planet and it’s my fault. There’s a bit more to it than that but I’d really rather not go into detail. Also if you know my ex please for the love of everything do not let them know of this. The more hidden I have it the easier it is to escape this hell.

I didn’t realize some of these actions or the words they have used were not normal. After two years I had I guess gotten used to it. It has gotten to the point that I had two friends talk me out of suicide. I thought if I just disappeared it would make other people’s lives easier.

I have been trying to sell my stuff but have either had no luck or have made maybe just a few bucks. I just need enough to be able to leave this place, hopefully get out of Texas. I have an idea of where I’d like to go that’s safe but I’m still researching it. If you guys could reblog this or hopefully donate even a dollar it would help a lot. I can even do a small drawing to make up for donations. If you want to help here’s my PayPal link.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Opening up 3 slots for $20 bust commissions of your character.I do a lot of ffxiv ones as of late. If interested be sure to do the following:

1. Have a nice screenshot of your character.

2. Does your character have anything extra that’s not seen or couldn’t be placed in game like such as scars for example.

Preferred to be paid first but can go half if you feel uncomfortable.Thank you for your interest.

Would anyone be willing to donate a couple dollars so we can afford to pay for groceries this week? We have no money for any food and I’m so sick from stressing out that I can’t eat but I have two dogs that need to eat.

My Paypal is ambersou@yahoo.com if you can spare a couple of dollars. Thank you.

signal boost about VENEZUELA!


Ok guys, they won. they won with 8 millions of votes. but don’t be fooled. Today the polling places were empty, and at 3pm only 1 million of people voted (less than the 2%) My cousin told me that they use information of DEATH PEOPLEto gain votes.

Ten countries don’t recognize this election. Was a fraud election. And the only thing that need matter is the fact that 15 PEOPLE WERE KILLED TODAY, and two of them were just TEENAGERS (13 and 17 years old)

one woman was FIRED of her work for doesn’t go to vote (according to her family, she was an amazing employed). People have crossed the border with Colombia to not stay here

The president is talking now, he’s saying that “the socialism won” that “no one motherfucker (talking about the people who are opposed to this) is going to rule here”. Things are going to be worse.

If you want to help, pray for us. go to the embassies of Venezuela in your countries and don’t recognize this government, this election




A friendly reminder to my gentile friends re: Charlottesville

There are a bunch of posts going around about donating to local Charlottesville charities in the face of the hate march, and I think this is a great idea.

Do you wanna know an even better idea?

Donate in multiples of $18.

Here, I’ll explain!

Hebrew is a numeric language. That is, all of its words have a numeric value. If you’ve ever seen the movie π, by Darren Aronofsky, there’s a great scene with a Chasidic Jew who explains a little about this and shares a word problem that hinges on it. So there are lots of puns and things that don’t translate, because, well, even if English had numeric values, we can’t guarantee they’d be the same, you know?

So, let’s take a second and talk about chai. Not the tea, the Hebrew word: חי. Those of you who followed my conversion may know this is also (part of) my Hebrew name, in its feminine form: חייה. It means “life.” Chai, you can imagine, is a great word! Lots of kids named Chaim (male) or Chaya (female). “L’chaim,” or “to life,” is the traditional Jewish toast. Our most important holiday, Yom Kippur, features a greeting that translates to “may you be inscribed in the Book of Life.” We talk a lot about chai.

And chai, as you may have guessed, has a numeric value of 18.

It’s a very common Jewish practice to give cash gifts in multiples of $18. For Chanukkah last year I donated $36 to my nieces’ Hebrew school, $18 for each of them, without even a moment’s thought to sync up “what I can afford” with “what’s appropriate and meaningful.” My temple does their donation forms in multiples of $18, with a couple of nominally-normal numbers like $50. It’s one of those cool little cultural things. And I promise you, if Charlottesville gets flooded with $18 donations, the white supremacists and Nazis setting up camp there will notice, and they will know what it means.

Fight the 1488 with the 18.

Fight hate with life.

(Non-Jews, feel free to reblog and share this to other platforms. In fact I genuinely and unironically hope you do, because I’d love to see this take off among gentile donators who want a great, nonviolent way to offer a one-two punch.)